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Full text of "The Whole book of Psalms : with the usual hymns and spiritual songs ; together with all the ancient and proper tunes sung in churches, with some of later use"

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Endowed by the Reverend 

Louis Fitzgerald Benson, d.d. 




GlHri'^a m Excel/is DEO, in Excelp DEO, 

g lii . 
S i"" 

i !M ! 
5 III I 



' !!!!! 



\\r\\ 2 


Ciifof'^ '.Oommc CantuuXouvnx ?sal 

» Hilt'-'' 

imf! A.4.V0C. 4 ^ ^ 





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rrTTT ^ 

Q i <«l 1 I t 
rrl I I ! 1 

11)11 I 





Ufual Htmns and Spirijtual Songs. 


With all xht Ancient and Profer Tunes fung 
in Churchesy with fome of Later Vfe. 

•Corapofed in THREE PARTS, 


In a more Plain and Ufeful Method than hath 
ibeen formqi^ly Publifhed. 


1 tCDe SetonD Station, CoirectcH anD ^ImcnDeD. 

j ~^ PSAL. xlvii. Verf. 7. f 

God is King of aU the,Eanh,Jing ye Praifes with Underjlanding. 
j EPHES. V. Verf.ip. 

j Spei!ih?ig to your /elves in Pfnlms and Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, 
' finging and makijig melody in pur hearts unto the Lord. 

In the S yi F 6 Ty 

Printed hy Mw. Jones, for the Company of S TAT TONERS. 
And are, to be fold hy tiettry playford at his Shop near the T>^mple 
Churchj and at his Houfe \ti ArwidcUStrczt in the Strand: 1(395. 




Antiquity of Singing Psalms and Hymns 5 
With an Account of ^usBook, and the Ule thereof. 

TH E Praifing of G O D by Pfahns and Hymns, as It feems a 
•part of Natural Religion owned and iifed by all Mankind, 
io we find the Practice of it very early in the Church of 
God. There cam be no juft caufe to doubt, but that it 
was at leali contemporary with Inftrumental Mufick ; a 
thing as ancient as the Times of Adam^ invented by '''jxibd^ who was tlvi 
Father ef all fuc'o as handle th: Harp aiui Organ ^ Gen. 4, 2 ( . But we need 
not build upon Conjectures, where we have clear Evidence. After the 
famous Deliverance which God gave the Ifradites at the Red-Sea^ they 
celebrated the Mercy with a Song of Triumph ; and Jofphns fiys^They 
fpent the whole night in Hymns and Mirth ; Jh:-!i jang Mofs and the chiU 
dren of Jjrsel this Jong vrto the Lord, E.xod. 15. i. which is there upon 
Record, compofed ( as Jcfiphu^ adds; in Hexam'erer Verfe; and that it 
was conjoyned with Inftrumental Muikk is plain, wr/. 20, 21. A;:d 
Hiriayn tks prof>hit£Js^ the fijler of Aarcnt, took a thnbrcl in h:r h/^nd, and till 
the womsn wo?>t cut after her with timbrels a7:d -with dances: And Miriain 
an\-fpircd them^ Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath trimnphed glorioi:/ly, &:c. 
But thQ fiifi: that efi-ablilhed fmging Pfalms and i^ymns, as a fix'd •:av1 
conftant part of God's publick Woiihip in ihe folemn AiFsmblies of zhi: 
JewijhChuich, wa5 King iJ.'^v.W; whofe zeal ibr Gods G'ory (before the 
Houfe of God was builc) fet himfelf to cornpore div<4i'S Pf.'.lms for that 
fervice, a<; we read in i Chron. 16. j. and ch.i<^. o. (5, 7. and to chufe out 
M^n skilful in Song to perlbrm the lanie to the praifeof Almighty God. 
When his Son Salcrmn hail finifhed the Temple, at tJie Dx-dicaricn there- 
rf, yen may read in 2 Chron. 5. 12, 13, r^. how the Praifes of rhe Lord 
Were founded foith v/irh Voices and liiiTrument<;,and alfo hciv acc^prnble 
h was to the Lord. This b:-ing eftabalhed, thi Piiefrs and livit.'scon^ 

A tmued 

The Preface. 

tmuc?d this folemn WorfKip during the time of the Firfl and Second 
Temple, even till the Deftruftion thereof, foretold by our blefled Sa- 
viour, who faw the Glory thereof, and frequented that place, as he 
acknowledgeth, Luke 22. 53. I was daily with you in the Temple. And (as 
a Learned Divine obfervesj it is not credible, that our bleflfed Saviour, 
who fo often quoted David's Pfalms for the confirmation of his Doftrine, 
would negleft that part of Worfhip then in force, and who did himfelf 
fay, That it became him to ftdfil all righteoufmfs ; which he further tcfti- 
:fied, when together with his Difciples he fung a Vfalm ov Hymn at the end 
of the Celebration of his Laft Supper. After his Afcenfion, his Difci- 
ples gave teilimony of their Approbation, ^cfj 2.46,47. They were daily 
yoith one accord in the temple praijing God, Sec. And jicfs^. i. mentions, 
that Peter and John went up together into the tejnple nt the hour of prayer i 
which was tht fet time for the Celebration of publick Worlhip. 

The \j{(i of Singing Pfdms and Hymns was continued with great Re- 
vertnce and Devotion among the Primitive Chriftians; thofe \^lio con- 
fult the Writings of the Primitive Fathers, fhall fcarce meet with one 
that makes not mention thereof An account hereof I find learnedly 
•lifcourfcd by Dr. Cave in his Primitinje Chriflinnity, Part r. p. lyiJ, 277^ 
where, fjeaking of reading the appointed LelTons, he hath thcfe words : 
^oiit this p-irt of the Service it that th.j fmg Hymns and V'(i\mSt n 
ionfiderahle part of the Divijie JVorJlip, {as it had ever been accounted both 
m,nmgft }<t\YS and Gentiles ) and more immediately ferviceable for Celebrstin^ 
the Hojicur tf Gcd, and lifting up the Minds of Men to Divine and Heavenly 

But ro come nearer our Times .- In our late Forefathers days, (upon 
the Refiauration of our Church to its Primitive Purity and Difciplinej 
it was, Thiit feme holy and godly Men brought the prefent ufe and man- 
ner of hnging Pfilms into the Publick Service of our Church,following 
herein the Examples of the Reforjncd Chnrches in France zndGermany: But 
Time and long Uic hath much abated the wonted Reverence and Efti^ 
ination it had ibr about 100 Years after this Eilabliihmcnt. It Was the 
^'aying of a Learned Divine in his Sermon on this Subjeft, That Prayer 
foali ceafe, mid Preaching jhall ceafe, but Praifing of GOD jhall never 
Cfaf, neither in this world, nor in that whtsh is to come. To ling Fraifes to 
God, is an Angelic Oifice; it is a tafle of the Firft Fruits of Heaven 
^vhile we are on Earth. MUSIC K (the Learned fay) is the Handmaid 
toDlvinicy ; and there is no Science, except That, admitted into the 
S'^rvice of the Church. 

To conclude ; I have made it my Endeavour fo to perfeft andfinifli this 
Work, that notiiing lliould be wanting to render it ufefulto the End it 
is delignecl,The Glory of GOD, and the Publick Service of the Church: 
And fc r tl\ar reafon, ( with the Judgment of fome of the beft skilfd in 
Jvlufuk ) I have Compofed all rhe Mufical Tunes into Three Parts, 
<;/.t,. (,am-uf, M.r'tftij and B.^rfihs: The Church Tune is placed in the Treble 


The Preface 

Part, (which is the Cantw,) with the fi/»/> under it, as niofl: proper to 
joyn Voice and Inftmment together, according to holy David's pre- 
Icription, Pfal. I44. 9. And fincc many of our Churches are lately fur- 
niflicd with Organs, it will alfo be yfeful for the Organift ; and likewife 
for fuch Students in the Univerfitics as fhall praftife Song, to fing to a 
Lute or Viol. The M«?^/r// Part is compofed fas is proper) not to tife 
above the Church Tune, to cloud or obfcure the Ayre thsreor', except 
in fuch places as it could not be well avoided. The Bafs is compof«;d in 
fuch a compafs of Notes, as will fute an indifferent Voice both below 
and above. All I'hree Parts may as properly be fung by Men, as by 
Boys or Women : And to that end, the two Upper Parts are conftant in 
t\\Q. G fil re ut CWW, and the Bafs in the Ff^mt: (its proper) CiifF; al/ 
Three Parts moving together in Solemn way of Counterpoint, audalic 
every Ttine' put in fuph Keys as is moft furable to the Ayre thereof, 
Laftiy, you will find every Pjalm fitted to Tunes futable and proper ta 
the Matter : Pfalms of Prayer and Confeffion, to folemn grave Flat: 
Times ] Pfalms of Thankfgiving and Praile, to lively chearfuli'^/7rj>T«;/fj- 
Likewife all fuch Pfalms and Hymns whofe Tunes are long,and mayf^en^ 
difficult to ibme, have Dircfl:ions over them to be fung to other 
Common Tunes. Alfo there is affixed before the Book, a Table of the 
firft Line of the Treble-Tunes of all the Pfalms, with the Names alphabeti- 
cally fet over each Tuncj and under,what Pfalms are fung to them: And 
a Table of Hymns in a Page by themfelves. As for l/ijlmSfions to ths 
Singing of them, I refer you to my IntroduBion to the Skill of Mjcfick, in 8*^. 

I have no more to add, but as the Glory of G O D , the Service of 
his Church, was my fole End and Aim; fo I fliall account myl.abour 
and Pains herein fufficicitly recompenfed, if it prove Ufeful to fuch as 
fo endeavour to fmg the Praifes of their Creator here on Earth in Pfahns 
and Hymns ^ that hereafter they may eternally {in^^Halldnjahs amoQg the 
l)lefled Choir of Saints and Angels. Which js the hearty Prayer of 

Your Faithful Servant, 


A 2 r 

Of the Virtue apd Efficacy of the TSA LMS. 

IN the Pfalms are defcribed .the rewards of good, the punijhments of evil 
men, the ruMments of beginners, the progrefs of proficients, and cm- 
junimation of perfe£i: men. 

The Singing of Pfalms comforteth the fbrrawful, f/acifieth the angry, 
ftrmgthtiteth the weak, hiimbleth the prond, gladdeth x.\it\\umh\e, jlirreth up 
the flow, recomileth enemies, lifteth up the heart to heavenly things, and 
vniteth the Creature to his Creator; for whatfoever is in the Pfalms, con- 
duceth to the edif cation ^ benefit^ and wtfelation of mankind. 

If thou would'ft make a confejjion, and repent thee of thy fins ; then with 
Temorfe and humility fmg the 7 Penitential Pfalms of David, viz.. Pfal.^, 
32,38, 51, 102, 130,143. and thou (halt feel the fweet mercies of God, 
and thy mind refrefhed with fpiritual joy. 

If thou would ft pray ; then pour forth thy foul in Pfal. 25, 54, ^7,70, 
72,86,143. for the Ibulof man cannot either feelingly exprefs irsmiifery, 
tribulation, and anguifh of temptation, or more powerfully call upon 
the mercy of God, than in thefe Pfalms. 

If thou would'ft praife the Majefty of God, or give him thanks for all 
l)is benefits; then fmg Pfal. 103,104:, 105, 106. 107, 108, iii, 113, 144, 

If thou art fo far afflicted with outward and inward temptations, that 
thou feemeft to be forfaken ; then iing heartily Pfal. 22, 64, 69, 

If this prefent life be tedious unto thee, and that with an ardent defire 
thou waiteft to fee God ; then fmg Pfal. 42, 63, 84. 

If thou find thy felf quite dejeSed, and fas it were) forlorn in trouble; 
then with compunftion of heart nng Pfal. 13,3 1, 44, '54, 56. And if 
thou haft found eafe and reft unto thy foul, then ling to the praife of God 
^fal. 30, 34, 103, 104. Ai'id always fwhether in "time of advet-Jity or 
profpsrity) fmg out the So-;g of the ^ holy Children^ wherein every creature 
is iavited to praife God. 

If thou defireft toexercife thy {elfin God's divine praifes and precepts; 
then fing Pfal. 119. wherein if thou fearch even all thoii canft,yet thou" 
wilt never perfectly underftand thet;/WM^jand excellmcies^ or reach to the 
heights and depths cbmpiehe'nded in it ; for hardly is there a Verfe,wherein 
is not mention made of God's Layt\Qommandinints^Tefir'noniespT Precepts. 

In a word, he that gives thefe heavenly Hymns their due,had need to com- 
pofe a Pfalm in praife of the Pfalms, that fo the devout and joyful foul 
inight, with looking up toGod,refle(St upon its own work,and tranfport it 
felf unto the Choir of Angels and Saints, whofe perpetual task is to Ung 
their concording Parts without paufe, redoubling and defcanting, Holy^ 
Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hojh. And if Focal Mufick be not enough, let the /;?- 
jirtiwsntal be added, Rev. 1$. 2,3. Tf:^}' have in their hnv.ds the harps of God^ 
and f tig th:fing of Mofes^and ihjjong ofthj Lamb yfftyhigjGr eat and rNarvellon^f^ 
ȴe thy Ts^orks, Lord God Almighty. Arr.en. A Tabic 

A Table ofthejirft Line of the Trebles efalt the PSALMS, 

•with the Names Alphabetically fet vvcr each Tune j and under , 
what Plalms are fung to them. 

Cantus. London Tune 

Canrus. Briftol Tune. 

Piiiliiiiiliii ii:iiiliiiii!iil 

% SALM6, 60,83. JPi'alm 5, j6, i^iMetreof Pfal,23» 

Cambridge Tune. ^^^"^ 4^> 57,<^<5, lor, up, 128. 


Pfalm 2,io,36,49,2«* Metre of Pfji, 
Pfaim 62, 80, 117. 

Canterbury Tune. 


Pfalm 12, 23, 105:, 1^6. 

St. David's Tune. 


Pfalm 43, 95, 106, 147. 
Exeter Tune. 



Glajienbury Tune. 


Pfalm 11, 5*4, 69. 

Glocejicr Tune. 

Pfalm9, 73", 140. 

Hereford Time. 

Pfalm 20, 35, 87. 

Lichfield Tune. 


Pfalm 31, 52. 

London neso Tune. 

Pfalm 47, 93, 150. 

Magnificat Tune. 




Pfalm 33. 

Manchefier Tune. 


Pfalm 55, 88. 102, 145. 

St. Mary's Tune. 


Pfalm 8, 32, 91, 142. 
Martyrs Tune. 

Pfalm 15, 34, 63, 92,108,11 8.138,149. 
Norwich Tmre. 


Pialm 27, 29, 58, 109, 129. 

N:!vc Di mitt is Tune. 


Pfalm 46, 

Oxford Tune. 

Pfalm 4. 



Cant. Peterhrough Tune. 

Ffalm 44, 94. 

St. FetevsTtine. 

Pfalm 45'. 

Proper Twte. 


Pfalm I. 

Proper Tune. 

PikJmj. ^ 

Tisfm "isT ^' 

Proper Tnns. 


Pfalm 21. 

Proper Tune. 


Pfalm 30. 

Proper Turn. 

^""Pfafm 38-" ^ 

Proper Tu7tc 

Cantus. Proper Tunt. 

pfalm 71. 

77 pfalm Tunt. 

Pfalm 77, 141. 

8 1 pfalm Tune. 


Pfalm 81,98, 13 J. 

Proper Tune. 


' PiklirrSdr "" 

100 /»/}r/«i r«»^. 


Pfalm 100, 136. 

P>'<)/>5r Tuns. 

Pfalm 103. 

Proper Tune. 


pfalm 104. 
Proper Tune. 

Pfalm III. 

1 1 a Pfalm Tune. 

^^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

Pfalm 50. 

Proper Tune. 


Pfalm 51. 

Proper Time. 


Pfalm 112, 127. 

Proper Tone, 


Pfalm 113. 

Proper Tune. 

■ pjaimTr^.' """"""' * 


Pfalm^jj 89, 119, H^ 

Proper Tune. 

Plalm 120. 

Proper Tune, _ 


Pfalm 121. 

Proper Tune. 

Pfalm 122. 

Proper Tune. 


Pfaira 124. 

Cantus. Salisbury Turn. 

Pfalm Z2, 56,64, 79. 
Smthroel Tune. 

Pfalm 25, 2d Metre of Pfal. 50, 
Pfalm 6']y 70, 134. 

TV D<'(/7W T«»^. 


Pfalm 41. 

Tin Commandment Tune, 

2«* Metre of Pfalm 125. 

Ff?;/ Creator Tune. 

iifSliUliiiilli ^^'''"'^~''' '^' '^' ""'■ 

-"- - - ^ IVirjcheJierTune. 


Pfalm84,9(>, 107, 153. 
Whidfir Tune. 


pfalm 17, :^^,39,74;Sj,90;i23, 131. 
iViirccliir Tune. 

Pialm7, 7 5, ii4' 

Pfalm 126. 

Pfalm 130. 

Proper Tune. 


Pfalm 137- 

148 Pf,nm Tunc. 


2^ Metre of Pf 136, Pfil 148. 

Rochi'fl'-r Tv:m. 

York Tme. 

i iliiipiiiif ii | IliiPiiiiiiiili 

Pfslmi;,!^, 3 7,8a,ii9. | FftimH.ij,', 28, 55,65, 73,144. 

^ Tabh 



A Table ofthefirft Line of the TreMes of all the HYMNS 
ia this Book J and in what Page jou may find them. 

CantUS. Proper Tune. ^ 

Hymn atConfecr.of Priefts^p^j.i^j . 
Proper Tune. 


Veni Creator, p. 264. 

Proper Tune. 

Te Deum, p. 166. 

proper Tme^ ^ _ 

Beaedi£cus, p. 268. 
Proper Tune. 

Magnificat, p. 270. 
Proper Tunc. 

Nunc Dimittis, p. 272. 
1 1 2 Pfalm Tune. 


The LORD'S Prayer, ^ 273. 
St. Marys Tune. 


Thfe Creed, p. 27^. 
Proper Tune. 

CantUS. Proper Tune. 


Song of the 3 H. Children, />. 277. 
3 8 pfalm Tune. 


Humble Suit of a Sinner, p. 279. 

Martyrs Tune. 

Lamentation of a Sinner, />. 281. 

Proper Tune. 

A Penitential Hymn, p. 282. 

Proper Tune.^ 
Hymn after H. Communion,^. 284. 

Proper T^ne. 


An Hymn for Sunday, p. 285^ 
100 pfalm Time. 


A Morning Hymn, p. 286, 
Proper Twi?. 

iiEil^E^^lifEiHlEilFl^i^ii ~a7i Hyn7n inThe DiVine'ufe'oV' 

Ths 10 Commandment.^, ?• 275- I M U S I G K , p. 2^7. 


(I ) 

The P s A 1 M 8 of D A V I D in Metre. 

Cantm & Bajp/s. PsjILM 1. Or to Tork Tune. 

He man is bleft that hath not bent, to ill advife his ear : 


Nor led his life as finners do , nor fate ia fcorners chair. 


But m the law of God theLord,doth fet his whde delight : 

And in that law doth excrcife himfelf both day arid night. 

Ffalm T, ^li'T^f: 

xHe man is blefi that hath not bent, to ill advife his ear.* 


Nor led his life as finners do , nor fate in fcorners chair. 


But in the law of God the Lord, doth fet his whole delight; 
Afid in that; law doth exercile himfelf both^iay and nigHc< . , 

X Pfalm i, ii. 

Ba(Jm:_ ^^L^^'J .« A.'i,,Voe, 

THc man is bleft that hath not bent, to ill advife his ear ; 
Nor led his life as finners do, nor fate in fcorners *chair. 

But in the law of God theLord,doth fct his whole delight ; 
And in that law doth exercife himfelf both day and night. 

3 He {hall be I ike the tree that grows 

fan- by the river fide ; 
Wh'ch bringeth forth moft pleafant 

in her due rime and tide. (fruit 
Whof^ leif ftiall never fade nor fall, 

bur flourilh ftill and ftand : 
Ev'n fo all things fliall profper well, 

that this man takes in hand. 

4 So fhill not the Ungodly men, 
they ftiall be nothing fo : 

"But as the duft which from the earth 
the wind drives to and fro. 

5 Therefore fhall not the wicked men 

in judgment ftand upright : 

Nor yet the finners with the juft 

ftiall come in place or fight. 

6 For why ? the way of godly men 

unto the Lord is known : 
And eke the way of wicked men 
ftiall quite be overthrown. 

To Father, Sm^ and Holy Ghofl^ 

all glory be therefore : 
As m beginning waf, is mvp, 

and jhall he evermore. 

Cantffs & Bajpfs, Psalm IL CamhridgeTune, 

Hy did thsGentiles tumults raifePwhat rage was in their brain? 


Why did thejewifli people mnfe, feeing all is but vain. 


~ •'"' ""■■ ' ' Why 

Pfalm ii. ^ 

Mediui. Pfalm 2. ^. ^. V^d 

WHy did the Gentiles tumults raife ? what rage was in their brain ? 

Why did thejewiih people mufe, feeing all is but vain ? 

BaJJiis, Ffalrn ii J.'^.Foc^ 

WHy did the Gentiles tumults raife ? what rage was in their brain? 


Why did the Jewifh people mufe, feeing all is but vain? 

1 The Kings and Rulers of the earth 
confpire, and ire all bent 

Againft the Lord and Chrift his Son, 
which he among us fent. 

3Shill we be bound to them, fay they? 

let all their bonds be broke ; 
And of their doQ:rine and their law 

Jet us rejeft the yoke. 

4 But he that In the heaven dwells, 
their doings will deride : 

I And make them all as mocking ftocks 
throughout the World £b wide. 

7 For in this wife the Lord himfelf* 

did fay to me I wor. 
Thou art my dear and orily Sort, 
to day I thee begot. 

8 All people I will give to thee^ 
as heirs at rhy requefl : 

The ends and coafts of all tlie eartfe 
by thee Ihall be poiieft. 

9 And thou (halt break tliem mig^« 
as with an iron rod : (^i^ti 

And as a Potters veitel rhoii 
ihalt dafli them all abroad. 

5 For in his wrath the Lord will fay i o Now ye, O Kings and Rulcf s al/^ 

to them upon a day : 
And iri his fury trouble them,- 
and then the Lord will fay : 

6 I have aftoifited him my King 

upon my holy hill: 
I Will therefcfre,Lof d,pf-tfach thy law, 

«ii4 els^ ^3?ckre thy •^'t\l 

be wife therefore, and learn'd, 
By whom the rriatrersof the world 
be judged and difcern'd^ 

f ! See that ye ferve the tord afcovd 
in trembling and in fear: 

See that wirh re/'rence' ye tcjoyc^ 
to- him in like marin^i'. 

P{alm ii, iii. 

1 2 See tliAtye fcifs, and eke embrace 

HisblefiedSon, I lay, 
Left in his wra'th ye fuddealy 

peiifli in the mid-way. 

1 3 If once his wrath never Co fmall., 
fliall kindle in his breaft : 

O then all they that trufl: in Chrift, 
fhall happy be, and bleft. 

Canrm &- Bajfrs. Ps/fLM III. Or to Wefiminfier Tune. 

^ JB Lordjhow are my foes inC|:easM,w^^ vex me more and more ! 


They kill my heart when as they fay, God can him not reftor^. 
But thou, O Lord, art my defence, when I am hard beftead : 

My worftiip and mine honour both, and thou hold'fl: up my head. 

Medlus, Pfalm ^, A.T^.VoC' 

O Lord, how are my foes increas'd^which vex me more and more I 

They kill my heart when as they fiy, God can him not reftore. | 
But thou, O Lord, art my defence, when I am hard beftead : 

My v^'orfiiip and mine honour bothy and thou hold ft up my head. 

Pfalm iii, iv. ^ 

Bajfus. Pfalm 3. X 5. Voc, 


O Lord, how are my foes increasM, which vex me more and more ! 
They kill ray heart when as they fay , God can him not reflore. 
But thou, O Lord, art my defence, when I am hard beftead: 


My woriliip and mine honour both, and thou holdTt up my head. 

4Then with my voice upon the Lord 

I did bo h call and cry: 
And he out of his holy hill 
_did hear me fpeedily. 

5 I laid me down, and quietly 
I flept, and role again : 

For why ? I know affuredly 
j^ the Lord will me fuftain. 

6 If ten thoufand had hemM me in, 

I could not be afraid : 
For thou art ftill my Lord and God, 
my Saviour and mine aid. 

7 Rife up therefore,fave me,my God, 

for now to thee I call : (teeth 
For thou haft broke the chseks and 
of thefe wicked men all. 

8 Salvation only doth belong 

to thee, O Lord, above : 
Thou doft beftow upon thy folk 

thy blefling and thy love. 
To Father^ Son, and Holy Ghofv^ 

all glory be therefore : 
As in bsgimting roaSy is mw, 

andjhall hs evermore. 

Ca7itus & BaJJlts, T SALM lY* . Oxford Tune, 

God that art my right'oufnefs,Lord,hear me when I call : 


Thcu haft fct me at li-ber-ty, when I was bound and thrall. 

B 3 OGod 

iS Pfalm iv, % 

Me Mas. Tfalm 4. X J. Voe^ 

O God that art my righteoufnefs, Lord, hear me when I call: 

Thou haft fet nie at li-ber-ty, when I was boun4 and thrall. 
B^jjiis. Vfalm 4. J.%. Voc, 


O God that art my righteoufnefs, lord,hear me when I call: 
Thpu haft {tt me at li-.-ber-ty , when I was bound and thrall. 

tHave mercy, Lord, therefore on me, 
and grant me my requeft : 

for unto thee uncefTantly, 
to cry I will not reft. 

3 O mortal men, how long will ye 
my glory thus defpi(e ? 

^hy wander ye jn vanity, 
^nd follow after lies ? 

4 Know ye that good and godly men 

the Lord doth take and chufe : 
And when to him I make my plaint, 
he doth me not refufe. 

5 Sin not, but ftand in awe therefore, 

examine well your heart: 
And in your chamber quietly, 
fee you your felves convert. 

6 Offer to God the facrifice 
of righteoufnefs, I fay : 

And look that in the living Lord 
you put your truft alway. 

7 The greater fort crave worldly 
and riches do embrace : (goods, 

But,Lord,grant us thy countenance, 
thy favour and thy grace. 

8 For thou thereby fhall make my 
more joyful and more glad, (heart 

Than they that of their corn & win© 
fiill great increafe have had. 

5> In peace therefore lie down will I, 
taking my reft and fleep : 

For thou on^y wilt me, O Lord, 
alone in fafety keep. 

Cantus & Bjfjm. V SALM V. London Tune, 


B NcUne thine ears unto my words, O Lord, my plaint confid'r ; 



Pfalm V. 7 

. And hear my voice,my King, my God, to thee I make my prayer. 

Meilius. Pfalm ^. A^-^.Vot, 

iNcline thine ears un — to my words, O Lord,my plaint confid'r: 

And hearmyvoice,myKing,iny God, to thee I make my pray'r. 
Bajfus. Vfalm 5-. J, 3. Voc 


iNcline thine ears un-to my words, O lord, my plaint confid'r; 
And hear my voice,my King,my God, to thee I make my pray'r. 

3 Hear me betime, Lord, tarry not, 

for I will have refpe^l 
My prayer early in the morn 
to thee for to direft, 

4 Aad I will truft through patience 
in thee my God alone : (nefs, 

Thou art not pleas'd with wicked- 
and ill with thee dwells none. 

5 And in thy fight fhall never (land 
thefe cruel men, O Lord : 

VaiH workers of ini(juity 
thou haft always abhorr'd. 

6 The Hers and the flatterers 

thou fhalt deftroy them than : 
And God will hate the blood-tiuifty, 
and ;he deceitful nian. 

7 Therefore will I come to thin* 
trufting upon thy grace : (houf^, 

And reverently will worfhip thee 
toward thine holy place. 

8 Lord,leadme in thy righteoufnefsi, 

for to confound my foes : 
And eke the way that I ihall walk, 
before my face difclofe. 


9 For in their mouths there is no 
their heart is foul and vain : 

Their throat an open fepulchre, 
their tongues do glofe and fain. 

10 Defl:roy their falfe ccnfpiracies, 
that they may come to nought: 

Subvert them in their heaps of fin, 
which have rebcHica wrought. 

II Pat 


1 1 But thofe that put their tr nil In 
let them be glad always : (thee, 

And render thanks for thy defence, 
and give thy name the praife. 

Pfalm r, ti. 

I aFor thou with favour wik incr«aft 
the juft and righteous ftill ; 

And with thy grace, as with a fliield, 
defend him from all ill. 

Camus & Bajpis. VsALM VI. BrifiolTune 

T i^liiliiiiiiiiiiliiSiilili 

Ord, in thy wrath reprove me not, tho I deferve thine ire : 
Ne yet correal me in thy rage, O Lord, I thee defire. 


'Jl^eJms. Pfalm 6. A.*^, Voc, 

LOrd, in thy wrath reprove me not , tho I deferve thine ire : 


Ne yet correal me in thy rage, O Lord, I thee defire. 
'Ba[fm, Vfalm 6. y^. ;. Voc. 


LOrd, in thy wrath reprove me not , tho I deferve thine ire ' 
Ne yet correal me in thy rage, O Lord, I thee defire. 

% Fot I am weak, therefore,© Lord, 
of mercy me forbear, f know'ft 

%Xi^ heal me, Lord, for why ? thou 
my bones do quake for fear. 

My foul is troubled very fore, 
""i^d, vesred veh'mendy^ 

But, Lord, how long wilt thou delay 
to cure my mifery ! 

^ Lord, turn thee to thy wonted 

my-filly foul up take : Cgracc^ 
O fave me nor for my deferts, 

but for thy mercies fake. 
■ " 5 For 

Pfalm vi» vii. 

5 For why ? no man among the dead 
remembreth thee one whit : 

Or who (hall worlhip thee,0 Lord, 
in the infernal pit? 

6So grievous is my plaint and moan, 
that I wax wondrous faint, 

All the night long I wafh my bed 
with tears of my complaint. 

7 My fight IS dim, and waxeth old 
with anguifh of my heart: 

For fear of rhofe that be my foes, 
and would my foul fubvert. 

8 But now away from me, all ye 
that work iniquity : 

For why ? the Lord hath heard the 
of my complaint and cry. {voic« 

9 He heard not only the requeft 
and piayer of my heart. 

But it received at my hands, 
and took it in good part. 

10 And now my foes that vexed me 
the Lord will foon defame. 

And fuddenly confound them all, 
to their rebuke and fhame. 

Cantus&Baffm. VsAl.M VIL IVorcefierTme. 

Lord, my God,I put my truft andconfidence-in thee • 


Save me from them that me purfue , and eke dc— li«ver me. 
Medius, Tfalm 7. X J. Voc, 


O Lord, my God, I put my truft and con -fi-dence in thee : 

Save me from them that me purfue , and eke de~H-ver me. 
Bajjus. Tfalm J. A.'^.Voc, 

O Lord, my God, I put my truft and con— fi— dence in thee; 

Save me from them th^it me purfue, and eke de-li-vet me. 


lo Pfalm vii. 

2 Left Ufee a Lion he m« tear, 

and rend in pieces fmall : 
While there is none to fuccour me, 

and rid me out of thralJ. 

5 O Lord, my God, if I have done 

the thing that is not right; 
Or elCQ if I be found in fault, 

or guilty in thy fight : 

4 Or to my fiiend rewarded ill, 
or left him in diftrefs, 

Which me purfu'd moft cruelly, 
and hated me caufelefs : 

5 Then let my foes purfue my foul, 

and eke my life down thruft 
Unto the earth, and alfo lay 
mine honour in the duft. 

<JSrartup,0 Lord,now in thy wrath, 

ftnd put my foss to pain : 
Perform the kingdom promifed 

to me, which wrong fuftain. 

7 Then {ball great nations come to 

and know thee by this thing, 
If thou declare for love of them, 

thy felf as Lord and King. 

i And as thou art cf all men judge, 

O Lord, now judge thou me 
According to my righteoufiiefs, 

and mine integrity. 

The fecmd part, 
9 LordjCeafc the hate of wIcM men, 

and be the jufi m^n's guide : 
By whom the fecsets of all hearts 

are fear died and defcri'd. 

I o I take my help to come of God, 
in all my pain and fmart ; 

That doth preferve all thofe that bt 
of pure and perfeft heart. 


I I The juft man and the wicked 
God judgeth by his powV : 

So that he feels his mighty hand, 
ev'n ev'ry day and hour. 

1 2 Except he change his mind, I die ; 
for ev'n as he fhould fmite, 

He whets his fword, his bow he bends, 
aiming where he may hit: 


13 And doth prepare his mortal 
his arrows keen and iharp, 

For them that dome perf-cute, 
while he doth mifchief warp. 

14 But lo ! tho he in travel ba 
of his dev*lifh forecaft, 

And of his mifchief once conceivM, 
yet brings forth nought at laft. 

15 He digs a ditch,and delves it deep, 
in hope to hurt his brother: 

But he ftiall fall into the pit 
that he digg'd up for other. 

1 6Thus wrong rcturneth to the hurt 
of him in whom it bred : 

And all the mifchief that he wrought 
Ihall fall upon his head. 

17 I will give thanks to God there- 
that judgeth righteoufly: Tfore, 

And with my fong will praife the 
of him that is moft high. CName 

P S A L U 



Cantus & Baffifs. P s^ L M VIII. St. Mar/s Tutte. 

4 W God our L^, how wonderful are thy works ev*ry where ; 

iiliili^ii^iilliiillliilipilii • 

VVhofe fame furmounts in dignity above the heavens clear ! 


tdedius^ Tfalm 8, A.^ 5 . Voc. 

O God our Lord, how wonderful are thy works ev'ry where ; 

Whofe fame furmoimts in dignity above the heavens clear ! 

Bajfuf, Tfalm Z. A.^.Foc: 

\J God our Lord, how wonderful are thy works ev'ry where ; 

Whofe fame furmounts in dignity above the heavens clear ! 

aEv^n by the mouth of fucking babes 

thou wilt confound thy foes; 
For in thofe babes thy might is feen, 

thy graces they difdofe. 

3 And when I fee the heavens high, 
the works of thine own hand : 

The fun, themoon,and all the ftars, 
in order as they ftand ; 


4 What thing is man, Lord, think.1 And at his fset hail fet all things 
that thou doll him remember ? I that he IhouW keep them under. 

7 As 

Or what is man's pofterity, 
that thou doft it confider ? 

5 For thou hail made him little leS 

than angels in degree : 
And thou haft crowned him alio 

with glory and dignity. 

6Thou haft preferred him to be lord 
of all thy works of wonder 

7 As fheep and neat,an<3 all beads elfe, 

khat in the fields do feed : 

8 Fowls of the au-,fifli in thefea, 

and all that therein breed. 

Pfalm viii, ix. 

9 Therefore muft I fay Oftce again, 
O God that art our Lord: 

How famous, and how wonderful, 
are thy works through the world ! 

Cantus dff Bajp'fs. PsJL M IX. 

Glocefn Tune. 
\f\f ^iES=iEiEl:i5Efe|E|:i=EEi!E2=l=:*i|:|Et:=§:i^ 

w ^ Irh heart 6«: mou^ un- o the Lord, will I Tmg laud and praife ; 
Andfpeak of all thy wondrous works,and them declare always. 

Medius. Tfalm^. A./^.Voc. 

With heart and mouth un— to the Lord, will I fing laud and praife: 


And fpeak of all thy wondrous wor ks,and them declare always . 



Tfalm 9. 

A, 3. Voc, 


With heart ."<nd mouth un — to the Lord, will I fmg laud and praife ; 
And fpeak of all thy wondrous wor k -jSnd them declare always. 

2 1 will b« glad, and much rejoyce 
in thee, O God moft high : 

And make my fongs extol! thy Name 
above the ilarry sky. 

3. por rhat my foe;; nre diiven back, 
and turaed unto flight : 

They lali down fiat,and are deftroy'd 
by thy great pow'rand might. 

4 Thou ha:fl: revenged all my wrong, 

my gri:^f, and all my grndg^i : 
Thou dofi with JuffiGeh.-army caufe, 
mO't liiie a righ'ceaasjudge,-. 

5 Thou 

Pfalm ix. 


5 Thou dofl rebuke the heathen foif, 

and wicked fo confound : 
That afterward the memory 
of them cannot be found. 


6 My foes thou haft made good dif- 
and all their towns deflroy'd : 

Thou haft their fame with them de- 
thro all the world fo wide. Cfac'd 

^Know thou, that he which is above, 
for evermore fliall reign : 

And in the feat of equity 
true judgment will maintain. 

8 With juftice he will keep 8c guide 

the world and ev ry wight : 
And fo will yield with equity 
toev'ry man his right. 

9 He is pfoteftor of the poor, 

what time they beoppreft : 
He is in all adverlity 

their refuge and their reft. 


10 And they that know thy holy 
therefore lliall truft in thee : 

For thou forfakeft not their fuit 
in their neceflity. 

The fcco72fl pari. 

1 1 Sing Pfalm s therefore unto the 
that dwells in Sion hill : (Lord, 

Publifli among all Nations 
his noble a6b and will. 

1 2 For be is mindful of the blood 
of thofe that be oppreft : 

Forgetting not th' afflicted heart, 
that feeks to him for rsft. 

1 3 Have mercy L«^ on me poor wretch 
whofe en mies ftiil remain : 

Which from the gates of death are 
to raife me up again. (wont 

14 In Sion that I might fet forth 
thy praife with heart and voices 

And that in thy falvation. Lord, 
my foul might ftill re Joyce. 

15 The heathen ftick faft in the pic 
that they themfelves prepared : 

And in the net that they did fet, 
their own feet faft are ihar'd. 

('were good, 

16 God ftiews his judgments whick 
for ev'ry man to mark: 

When as ye fee the wicked man 
lie trapt in his own wark. 

1 7 The wicked and deceitful men 
go down to hell for ever : 

And a!l the people of the world 
that will not God remember. 

1 8 But fure the Lord will not forget 
the poor man's grief and pain : 

The patient people never look 
for help of God in vain. 

19 O Lord, arifej left men prevail 
that be of worldly might: 

And let the heathen folk receive 
their judgment in thy light. 

20 Lord, ftrlke fuch terror, fear and 
into the hearts of them : (dread. 

That they may know aiTuredly,. 
they be but mortal men. 

P S J L M 


Pfalm 3C. 

Cant us & Baffhs, Tsalm X. Cambridge Tune. , 

Hat is the caufe that thou,0 L*,art now fo far from tkine: 



And keepeft clofe thy countenance from us this troublous time? 
Mediuf, Tfalm lo. A.'i^.Voc. 


WHftt is the caufe that thou,0 Lord, art now fo far from thine : 

And kcepefl: clofe thy countenance from us this troublous time ? 
Baffus, Tf 4m 10, A, 2. Foci 


WHat IS the caufe that thou, O Lord, art now fo far from thine: 
And keepeft clofe thy countenance from us this troublous time ? 

a The poor do perifh by the proud 
and wicked men's defire : 

Let them be taken in the craft 
that they themfelves confpire. 

3 For in the luft of his own heart 
th'ungodJy doth delight: 

So doth the wieked praife himfelf, 
and doth the Lord defplghc. 

^ He is fb proud, that fight & wrong 
ks fectech all apart ; 

Nay,nay, there is no God , faith hci 
for thus he thinks in heart. 

5 Becaufe his ways ao profper ftilf, 

he doth thy laws n'-'gkd ; 
And with a blaftdoth pufFagairell 
fuch as would him correct. 

6 Tufhjtufh, faith he^ t have no dre*l 

left mine eftare Ihould change i 
And why ? for *1j sdvodity 
t^ him h nty ^un^, 

Pfalm X, xi. 


7 His moiltli IS full of curfednefs, I 1 3 What blafphemy is this to thee, 

of fraud, deceit, and guile : | Lord, doft thou not abhor't ? 

Under his tongue doch mifchief fit, I To hear the wicked in their heart 

and travel all the while. 

S Ho lieth hid in ways and holes, 

to flay the innocent : 
Agalnft the poor that pafs him by, 

his cruel eyes are bent. 

And, like a lion, privily 

lies lurking in his den: 
If he may fnare them in his net, 

to (poil poor fimple men. 

10 And for the nonce full craftily 

he coucheth down, I fay : 
^o arc great heaps of poor men made 

by his ftrong pow*r his prey. 

The f:cond part. 

llTufli,God forgetteththis,faith he, 

therefore I may be bold : 
His countenance is caft afide, 

he doth it not behold. 

fay,Tufii, thou car'ft not for't ? 

i4But thou feeft all their wickednefs, 
and well doft underftand, 

That friendlels and poor fatherle^ 
are left into thy hand. 

1 5 Of wicked and malicious men, 
then break the pow'r for ev'r : 

That they with their iniquity 
may perifh altogether. 

i^Thc Lord (hall reign for evermore 

as King and God alone : 
And he will chafe the heathen folk 

out of the land each one. 

1 7Thou hear ft,0 L^ ,the poor men's 

their prayers and requeft : 
Their hearts thou wilt confirm ,untj4 

thine ears to hear be preft. 

1 a Arife, O Lord, O God, in whom 1 8T0 judge the poor and fatherlefs^ 
the poor man's hope doth reft : and help them to their right : 

Lift up thine hand, forget not,Lord, That they may be no more opprcft 
the poor that be opprtfl. I by men of worldly might. 

CantJfs & Bajpts, FSyiLM XI. Glaftenhury Tune. 

I Truft in God, how dare ye then fay thus my foul until : 

Fly hence as fafl: as a— ny fowl, and hide you in your hill? 


I truit 

1 6 Pfalmxi, xii. 

Meditis. Vfalm ii. ^. j, Voe, 

I Truft in God, how dare ye then fay thus my foul un-til : 


Fly hence as fall: as a-ny fowl,and hide you in your hill ? 
ha^fs, Vfalm ii. A, i. Voc, 

I Truft in God, how dare ye then fay thus my foul un-til : 

Fly hence as faft as a-ny fowl, and hide you in your hill? 

aBehold the wicked bend their bows, 
and make their arrows preft : 

To flioot in fecret, and to hurt 
the found arid harmlefs breaft. 


3 Of worldly hope all ftays were 
and clearly brought to nought : 

Alas, the juft'and righteous man, 
what evil hath he wrought ? 

4 But he Aat in his Temple is 

moft holy and moft high : 
And in the heavens hath his fe^t 
of Royal Majefty. 

The poor and flmple man's eftate 
confid'reth in his mind : 

And fcarcheth out full narrowly 
the manners of mankind. 

J And with a chearful countenanc* 
the righteous man will ufe : 

But in his heart he doth abhor 
all fuch as mifchief mufe. 

$ And on the finners cafteth fhares, 

as thick as any rain: 
Fire and brimftone, and whirlwinds 

appointed for f heir pain, (thick/ 

7 Yee fee then how a righteous God 
doth righteoufnefs embrace : 

And to the juft and upright men 
fhews forth his pleafant face. 

Cantm&BaJJlts, TsALM XII. CanterhuryTum^ 


EJpjLordjfor good ^rtd godly men do perifli and decay ; 


P/alm xifi if 


And faith and truth from worldly men is parted clean aWay. 


Medias, Tfalm 12. ji,^,Foc„ 

J-jEIp, Lord, for good and goodly men do pe— irifh and decay t 

And faith and truth from worldly men is parted clean away. 
Baffiis, Pfalm i ± 'A}^ ; . Vov^ 


jflElpj Lord, for good and godly men do periih and decsiy : 


And faith and truth from worldly men is parted clean away. 

a Whofo doth with his neighbour ' 
his talk is all but vain : (talk, 

For ev'ry man bethinketh how 
to flattft, lie, and fain. 

3 But flattering and deceitful lips, 
Zc tongues that be £o ftout : (brags, 

To Ipeak proud words, & make groat 
the Lord foon cuts them out. 

^ For they fay ftill,We will prevail, 
our tongues iiiall us extol : (fpeak, 

Our tongues are ours, we ought to 
what Lord fliall us control ? 

5 But for the great complaint and cry 
of poor and m^n oppreil ; 

Arife will 1 now, faith the Lord, 
and them reftore to tefl. 

6 God's Word is like the filver pufe^ 
that from the earth is tri'd : 

Aftd hath no lefs than feveh tiriieS 
ia firs beeti pHrifiM, 

7 Now {Ith thy promife is to hel^, 
Lord, keep thy promife then: 

And fave Us now, and evermore^ 
from this ill kind of men. 

8 Foi- nasff tfiewicked w'orld is fuli 

of mifchisfs manifold : 
When vanity with worldly ri^rX 
fo highly i$ extoird. 

F S J L M 


Pfalm xiii. 

Ca?im & Bajjus. P SA l m XIII. Rochefier Tune, 

Ow long wilt thou forget me,Lord,fhall I ne'er be remembred? 

How long wilt thou thy vifage hide, as tho thou wert offended? 

Me dim. Tfalm i ;. y^. 5. Voc^ 

Jt.O;v long wilt thou forget me, Lord, fhall I ne'er be remembred? 

How long wilt thou thy vifage hide , as tho thou were oifended? 
BaJJm. Tfalm 1:5. X 3 . Voc] 

{^Ow long wilt thou forget me, Lord, Ihall I ne'er be remembred ? 
How long wilt thou thy vifage hide , as tho thou wert oifended? 

2 In heart and mmd how long fiiall I 

with care tormented be ? 
How long eke fhall my deadly foes 
thus triumph over me? 

3 Behold nie,now,my Lord, my God, 

and hear me fore oppreft : 
Lighten nime eyes, left that I fleep f 
as one by death pofTefV. 

^Lefl: that mine en'mies fsy tci m«, 
jg^:koUi,Ido prevail; 

Led they alfo that hate my foul, 
rejoyce to fee me fail. 

5 But from thy mercy, and goodnefs, 
my hope fhall never flart : 

In thy relief and faving health 
right glad lliall be my heart. 

6 1 will give thank? urtro the Lordj> 

and praifes to him ling : 
B^caufe he hath heard my requefr, 

and granted my v;ilhing. 


Pfalm xiv. 


Canm & Bajfiis. TsA L M XIV. Tork Tune. 

Here is no God, as foolilh ttien affirm and do conclude: 



Their drifts are all corrupt and vain, not one of them doth good. 



Tfalm 14. A. %. Foe. 

THere is no God, as foolifh men affirm and do conclude r 

Their drifts ate all corrupt and vain, not one of thetii doth good* 

Bajfu^, Tfalm t^. , "J.^.Voc, 

TpHere is no God, as foolifh men affirm and do conclude: 
Their drifts are all corrupt and vain, not ona of them doth gbcd. 

aThe Lord beheld from heaven high 
the whole race of mankind ; 

And faw not one that fought indeed 
the living God to find, 

^ They went all wide,and were cor- 
and truly there was non& Tr^pt, 

That in the World did any good^ * 
I fay, (here was not one. 

4 Is all their judgment io fir JoH:, 
Shftt ^\i ^'ork milchief ftiU ^ 

Eatkig my people ev'n as breads 
not one to feek God's V/ill ? 

5 When they thus rage,thenfuddenl/ 
great fear on them fhall fall : 

For God doth love the righteous meil^ 
and will maintain them all. 

^ Ye mock the doing9 of the poof^ 
to their reproach and Ihame : 

Becaufe rhey put their truft in God , 
aiid call iipon hisN^xjis. 

€ ^ 7 Swt 


7 But who fhall give thy people 
and when wilt thou fuliil (health. 

Thy promife made to Ifrael, 
from out of Sion hill ? 

Pfalm xiv, 5tv. 

8 EvQ when thou fiialt r edore again 
fuch as were captive led ; 

Then Jacob fhall therein rejoyc^, 
and Ifrael ftiall be glad. 

Cantm&BaJJm, •■ TsJLM XV. Martyrs Tune. 

Lord, in thy Tabernacle , ^\\o fhall in-ha-bit ftilf ? 


Or whom wilt thou receive to dwell in thy moft holy hill ? 
Mcd'm-:. Ffakv i y- A, % . Voc. 

O Lor^ > i^ ^hy Ta-ber-na-cle , who fhall in-ha~bit ftill ? 
Or whom wilt thou receive to dwell in thy moft holy Iiill ? 


Q lord , in thy Ta— ber-na— cle, who fhall in-ha-bit ftill ? 
Or whom wilt thou receive to dwell In thy mofl holy hill? 

2 The nlan whofe Vt^Q is uncorrupt, 
whoft; works are juft and icraight : 

Whof heart doth thinkthe very trutb| 
whofe, tongue fpea'ks no deceit. 

5 Nor to his neighbour doth none ill, 
ia body ^ goods, or nam« : 

Nor willingly doth move falfe tales, 
which might impair the fame. 

4 That in his heart regardeth not 

malicious wicked men ; 
But thole that \ovq and fear the Lord, 

he maketh mu&h of them. 

Pfalm XV, xvi. 


5 His oath, and all his ptomifes, 
that keepeth faithfully : 

Altho he make his covenant {o 
that he doth lofc thereby. 

6 Tkat putteth not to ufury 

his money and his coin : 

Nor for to hurt the mnoceftt 
doth bribe, or elfe purloin. 

7 Wholb doth all things as you fed, 

that here is to be done, 
Shall never perilh in this world, 

nor in the world to come. 

Cantm&BaJpfs. Ps^LM XVI. LondonTune, 

Ord, keep me, for I truft in thee, and do confefs indeed, 


Thou art my God, and of my goods, O Lordj diouhafl: no need. 


Vfalm 1 6. A.^. Vgc^ 

jL,Ord, keep me, for I truft in thee , and do confefs indeed, 

Thou art my God, and of my goods, O Lord,thou haft no w^q^., 
BaJJus. ' TfaJm J 6, A. %.Vo^, 

LOrd, keep me, for I truft in thee, and do confefs indeed, 
Thoq^-»fei»..^J5^ and of my goods, O Lord, thou haft no need. 

2 I give my goods unto the faints '; 

that in the world do dwell : 
And namely, to the faithful iiock 

Jn virtue that exceli. 

3 Their forrows fhall be multipU'd, 
that vex th^mfelves in viin : 

And to make hafre to other Go^h^ 
iij blind zeal take gciiic pain. 

. C 3 /t A: 

Pfalm xvi, xvii. 


4 As for their Moody facrifice, 

and off'tings of that fort, 
I will not touch, nor yet thereof 
my lips Ihall make report, 

5 For why ? the Lord the portion is 

of mine inheritance : 
And thou art he that doft maintain 
my rent, my lot, my chance. 

6 The place wherein my lot did fall, 
in beauty did excel 1 : 

Mine heritage affign'd to me, 
doth pleaft me wondrous well, 

7 T thank the Lord th^t caufed me 

to underftand the right : , 
for by his means my fecret thoughts 
dorh teach me ev'ry night. 

8 I fet the Lord ftlll in my fight, 
and truft him over all : 

For he dothftand on my right hand, 
therefore I fhall not fall. 

9 Wherefore my heart and tongue 

do both rejoyce together : (alCa 
My flefh and body reft in hope, 
When I this thing confider. 


10 Thou wilt not leave my foul in 
for, Lord, thou loveft me: 

Nor yet wilt give thy holy One 
corruption for to fee. 

1 1 But wilt me teach the way to life, 
for all treafure and ftore 

Of perfeft joy are in thy face, 
and pow'r for evermore. 

Cantm & Bapf. TsJLM XVII. mmlfir June,, . 

&^ Jf Lord, give ear to my juft caufe, attend when I complain : 

And hear the pray'r that I put forth, with lips that do not feign. 


'Medim. T^dm 17. A, ^. Foe, 

() Lord, give ear to my juft caufe, attend when I complain: 
^^nd ksar the pray'r that I ^iit forth, with lips that do. not feign. 

O Lor^J, 

fPfalm xvii. 23 

J?#^^ Tfalm 17. A. 5, Ti'f. 


O Lord, give ear to my juft caufe , attend when I complain : 
And hear the pray'r that I put forth, with lips that do not feign. 

2 And let the judgment of my caufe 
proceed always from thee : 

And let thine eyes behold,and clear 
this my fimplicity. 


3 Thou hafl well tri'd me In the 
and yet could'ft nothing fijjd 

That I have fpoken with my tongue, 
that was not in my mind. 

4 As for the works of wicked men, 

and paths perverfe and ill : 
For love of thy moft holy Name, 
I have refrained ftill. 


5 Then in thy paths that be moll 

{lay me, Lord, and preferve : 
That frc m the way wherein I walk, 
my fteps may never fwerve. 

^For I do call to thee, O Lord, 
{iirely thou wilt me aid : (well 

Then hear my pray'r,& weigh right 
the words that I have faid. 

7 O thou the Saviour of all them 
that put their truft in thee, 

Declare rliy ftrength on them that 
againft thy Majefty. (kick 

The fccond part. 

9 From wicked men that trouble m^, 

and daily me annoy ; 
And from my foes that go about 
my foul for to deflroy. 


10 Which wallow in their worldly 
fo full and eke fo faC : 

That in their pride they do not (pare 
to fpeak they care, not what. 


1 1 They He in wait where I Ihould 
with craft me to confound : 

And mufmg mifchief in their minds, 
to caft me to the ground. 

1 2 Much like a lion greedily 
that Would his prey embrace : 

Or lurking like a liqn's whelp, 
within fome fecret place. 

1 3 UpjLord,In halle prevent my £oe, 
and caft him at tby feet : 

Save rhou my foul from the ill man, 
and with thy fvvoid him fmite. 

14 Deliver me, Lord, by thy pow'r, 
out of thele tyrants hands: 

Which now fo Jong rime reigned 
and kept us in their bands, fha v j. 

8 O keep me as thouwouldeft keep ' i5lmeanfroniwor:dly men,to whom 
the apple of thine eye ; 1 all y/orjdiy goods are rife : 

And under covert of thy wings That have no hope,riO'- part of joy, 

defend me fecretly. \ but in this prdliit life. 


Pfaini »Vii, XViii. 

i^Thou of thy flofCtfieirbelUesfiirft 
with pleafure to their mind : 

Their Children have enough, and 
to theirs the reft behind . (leave 

17 But I fhall with pufc confciencc 
behold thy gracious face : 

So when I wake, I fliall be full 
of thine image and grace. 

€am^ & BaJJm, FsJLM XVIII. Or to Windfor Tune^ 

BL W God, my ftrength aad fortitude, of force I muft love thee : 


Thou art my ca--ftle and defence in my ne—cef— fi — ^ty. 


My God, my Rock, in whom I truft, the worker of my wealth: 

My refuge, buckler, and my fhield, preferver of my health. 

%ledim, ' Tfalm 18. -^. g. Voc^ 

O God, my firength and fortitude , of force I muft love thee : 
Thou art' ray ca— ftle and defence in my ne— cef--fi~ty. 
My God, my Rock, in wh<|m I trml, the worktr of my wealth: 

'-^y ?efiige, "buckler; 4nd ray il^ield, prelerver cf my hsalth: ' """ '' 

Pfalm xviii* 2j 

Bafflis, P/f/^ i8_^ ^^ ^. ;.^^ 

O God, my ftrength and for^ti-tude , of force I muft love thee : 

Thou art my ca— ftle and defence in my ne— cef-^fi — ry. 


My God, my rock, in whom I trufl:, the worker of my wealth : 
My refuge, buckle j:, and my Ihield, prefcrver of my health. 

3 When I fing laud unto the Lord, 

mod worthy to be ferv'd ; 
Then from my foes I am right flire 

that I fliall be preferv'd. 
^The pangs of death did eompafsme, 

and bound me ev'ry where : 
The flowing waves of wickednefs 

did put me in great fear. 

5 The fly and fubtle fnares of hell 

were round about me fet : 
And for my death ,there was prepared 

a deadly trapping net. 
5 1 thus befet with pain and grief, 

did pray to God for grace : 
And he forthwith did heat my plaint 

out of his holy place. 

7 Such is his pow'r,that in his wrath 
he made the earth to quake ; 

5fea, the foundation of the mount 
of Bafan for to fliake. 

8 Andfiom his nofl:rilscame a fmoke, 

when kindled was his ire : 
And from his mouth came kindled 
p£.ijot confimaing lire, fcQals 

pThe Lord delcended from above, 
and bow'd the heavens high : 

And underneath his feet he caft 
the darknefs of tht sky. 

10 On Cherubs, and on Cherubins, 
full royally he rode: 

And on the wings of all the winds 
came flying all abroad. 
The fecoiid part. 

11 AndIikeadenmofl:darkhemide 
his hid and fecret place : 

With waters black, and airy clouds, 

environed he was. 
1 1 But when the prefence of his face 

in brightnefs ihall appear : 
Then clouds confume,6ciQrheirflead 

come hail and coals of fire. 

13 The fiery darts and thunderbolts 

difperle them here and there : 
And with his often lightenings, 

he puts them in great fear. 
i4Lord,at thy wrath & threatenings, 

and a" thy chiding chear, 
The fprings and the foundations 

of ail the woild appear. 

15 A:ii 

a<J Pfalm 

1 5 And from above the Lord fent 

to fetch me from below ; (down 
And pluck'd me ou t of waters great, 

that would me overflow. 
1 5 And me delivered from my foes 

that would have made me thrall : 
Yea,from fuch foes as were too ftrong 

for me to deal withal. 

1 7 They did prevent me to opprefs 

in time of my great grief; 
But yet the Lord was my defence, 

my fuccour aiad relief 
iSHe brought me forth in open place, 

whereas I might be free : 
And kept me fafe, becaufe he had 

a favour unto me. 

19 And as I was an innocent, 
fo did heme regard: 

And to the cleannefs of my hands 
he gave me my reward. 

20 For that I walked in his ways, 
and in his paths have trod ; 

And have not waverM wickedly 

againft my Lord and God. 
The third part. 
II But evermore I have refpeO: 

to his law and decree : 
His flatutes and commandements 

I caft not out from me. 
iiButpure, and clean, Sc uncorrupt, 

appeared before his face : 
And did refrain from wickednefs 

and fm in any cafe. 

13 The L<^rd will therefore me re- 

as I have done aright: fward, 
And to rhe cleannefs of my hands, 

appearing in his fight. 
24 For, Lord, with him that holy is, 

wilt thou be holy too : 
And with the good and virtuous men 

lig'.it viitiiouily wilt d<5. 


1$ And to the loving and eleCt, 
thy love thou wilt referve : 

And thou wilt ufe the wicked men, 
as wicked men defcrve. 

2 6 For thou doft fave the fimple folk 
in trouble when they lie : 

And doft bring down the countenance 

. of them that look full high. 

2 7 The Lord will light my candle {q, 

that it Ihall fhine full bris^ht : 
The Lord my God will make alfb 

my darknefs to be light. 
1 8 For by thy help an hoft of men 

difcomfit,Lord, I fhall : 
By thee I fcale and over-leap 

the ftrength of any wall. 

29 Unlpof ted are the v/ays of God, 

his word is purely tri'd : 
He is a fure defence to fuch 

as in his faith abide. 

3 o For who is God except the Lord ? 

for other there is none ; 
Or qKq, v/ho is omnipotent 

faving our God alone ? 
The fourth pari-. 
3 r The God that girdeth me with 

is he that 1 do mean : (ftrength, 
That all the ways wherein I walk, 

did evermore keep clean. 
3 2 That made my feet like to the 

in fwiftnefs of my pace : Charrs, 
And for my furety brought me forth 

into an open place. 

33 He did in order put my hands 
to battel and to fight : 

To break in funder bars of brafs, 
he gave mine arms the might. 

34 Thou teacheft me rhy faving 
thy right hand is my tow'r : (health. 
Thy Jove and familiarity 

doth ftiil increafe my pow V.. 

3 5 And 


5 s And under me thou makeft plain 

the way enlarged by thee : 
So I go fafely, and my feet 

are kept from fliding free. 
$6 And fiercely I purfue, and take 

my foes that me annoy'd : 
And from the field do not return, 

till they be all deftroy'd. 

3 7 So I fiipprels and wound my foes, 
that they can rife no more : 

For at my feet they fall down flat, 
I ftrike them all fo fore. 

3 8 For thou doft gird me with thy 

to war in fuch a wile, fftrength 
Tliat they be all fcatter d abroad 
that up againft me rife. 

39 Lordjthou haft put into my hands 

my mortal en'mies yoke : 
And all my foes thou doft divide 

in funder with thy ftroke. fear, 
i|.oThey caird for help,but none gave 

nor help them with relief; 
Yea, to the Lord they call'd for help, 

yet heard he not their grief. 
The fifth fart. 

4 T And ftill like duft before the wind, 

I drive them under feet : 
A.nd fweep them out like filthy clay 

that fticketh in the ftreet. ffolk, 
4a Thou keepeft me from f^ditious 

that ftill in ftrife are led : 
And thou doft of the heathen folk 

appoint me to be head. 

XViii. zj 

43 A peopk ftrange,to me unknown, 
and yet they fliall me ferve : 

And at the firft obey my word, 
whereas mine own will fwerve. 

44 I fhall be irkfom to mine own, 
they will not fee my light ; 

But wander wide out of the way, 
and hide them out of fight. 

45 But blefted be the living Lord, 
moft worthy of all praife ; 

That is my rock and faving health, 
praifed be he always. 

46 For God it is that gave me pow'r 
revenged for to be : 

And with his holy word fubdu'd 
the people unto me. 

47 And from my foes delivered ms, 
and fet me above thofe 

That cruel and ungodly were, 

and up againft me rofe. 

to thee give thanks I Ihall : 
And fing out praifes to thy Name 

among the Gentiles all. 

49 Thou gaveft great prolperlty 

unto the King, I fay: 
To David thine anointed King, 

and to his feed for aye. 
To Father J Son, and Holy Ghofij 

all glory be therefore : 
As in beginning wasy is mm, 

and jhall bs evermore. 



Pfalm xix. 

Ca7itifs & Bajpts. Tsalm XIX. York Tune, 

He heavens, and the firmament , do wondroufly declare 

The glory of €od om-ni—po-tent, his works, and what they are. 

MerJius, Pfalm 1 9. X 3. Vbc, 

'^He heavens, and the fir~ma-ment , do v^rondroufiy declare 

The glory of God om—ni— po-tent, his works,and what they are. 
Bajp/f. ^ Tfalm 19. A, 1^. Foe, 

^He heavens, and the fir— ma— ment, do wondroufly declare 
The glory of God om-ni-po-tent, his works,and what they are. 

2 The wondrous works of God ap- 

by ev Vy day's fuccefs : (pear 

The nights likewifc; which their race 

zliQ felf-fame thi ng ex p r efs . (run , 


3 There Is no language, tongue, or 

where rh^ir found is not heard: 
In all the earth, and coafls thereof, 
thc;ir knowledge is confirr'd. 

4 In them the Lord made for the fun 

a p'ac';: of gr'jat renown: 

Who like a hFldegroom ready ti im'd, 
doth from his chamber come. 

5 And as a valiant champion, 

who for to get a prize, 
With joy doth hafte to take in hand 

fome noble enterprife. 

5 And all the sky from end. to end 

he compaileth abour : 
Nothing c?.n hide it fro u his hear, 

but he will iiiid it cut. - 

7 JiOVf 

Pfalm xix, XX. 


7 How perfeft Is the law of God, 

how is his covenant fure : 
Converting fouls, and making wife 

the fimple and obfcuie ! 

SJufl: are the Lord's commande- 

and glad both heart and mind : 
His precepts pure, and giveth light 

to eyes that be full blind. 

9 The fear of God is excellent, 

and doth endure for ever : 
The judgments of the Lord are true, 
and righteous altogether. 

10 And more to be embraced alway 
than fined gold, I fay : 

The hony, and the hony-comb, 
are not fo fweet as they. 

1 1 By them thy fervant Is forewarn'd 

to have God in regard : 
And in performance of the fame, 

there ihall be great reward. 

1 1 ButjLord, what earthly man doth 
the errors of his life ? Cknow 

Then cleanfe me from my lecret fins, 
which are in me moll rife. 

1 3 And keep me that prsfumptuous 
prevail not over me : (lins 

And fo Ihall I be innocent, 
and great offences flee. 

14 Accept my mouth ,& eke my heart, 
my words and thoughts each one : 

For my redeemer and my flrength, 
O Lord, thou art alone. 

Cantus & BaJJks.- Tsalm XX. Hereford Tune, 

■ N trouble and ad-ver-ll-ty , the Lord God hear thee fVill; 

The Ma-je-Hy of Jacob's God defend thee from all ill. 

Me dim, Tfalm 20, . ^. ^ ^cc, 

JN trouble and ad— ver— fi—ty, the Lord God hear thee ftill : 
The Ma-je-fly of Jacob's God defend thee fiom all ill. 




Pfalm XX, xxL 

Tfalm 20. 



JM trouble and ad--ver — fi-^ty, the Lord God hear thee ftill : 
The Ma- je-fty of Jacob's God defend thee from all ill. 

2 And fend thee from his holy place 

his help at ev'ry need : 
And fo in Sion ftablifh thee, 
and make thee ftrong indeed. 

3 Remembring well the facrifice 

that now to him is done, 
And fo receive right thankfully 
thy burnt-off 'rings each one. 

4 According to thy heart's defire, 
the Lord grant unto thee : 

And all thy councel and advice 
full well perform may he. 


5 We fliall rejoyce when thou us 
and our banners difplay .- 

Unto the Lord, which thy requefts 
fulfilled hath alway. 

tf The Lord will his anointed fave, 
I know well by his grace *. 

And fend him help by his right hand j 
out of his holy place. 

7 In chariots fome put confidence, 
and fome in horfes truft : 

But we remember God our Lord, 
that keepeth promife juft. 

8 They fall down flat,but we do rife, 
and ftand up ftedfaftly : (King, 

9 Now fave and help us, Lord and; 
on thee when we do cry. 

Caiitus & Bap/s. TsALM XXI. Or to St, D avid* s Tune. 

^L S Lordjhow joyful is the King in thy firength and thy pow'r ? 


How vehemently doth he re-joyce in thee his Sa^-vi—our? 


Pfalm xxL ^ t 

For thou hail gi— ven un— to him his god-ly heart's defire. 

To him nothing thou haft deni'd of that he did require. 

Medius, Pfalm 21. ' ^."^.Vcc^ 

O Lord, how joyful is the King in thy ftrength andthy pow'r? 
How veh'mently doth he re Joyce in thee his Sa—vi—our? 


For thou haft gi— ven un— to him his godly heart's defire : 

To him nothing thou haft deni'd of that he did require. 
Bajp^.s. Tfalm 2r. X J. Foe, 

(3 Lord, how joyful is the King in thy ftrength andthypow'r? 

How vehVnently doth he rejoycc in thee' his Sa— vi— out? 

For thou haft gi-ven un— to him his godly heart's dtfirc ; 

To him nothing thou haft d^rad of that hs did require, 

3 T;.:G\i 


3 Thou didft prevent him with thy 
and bleflings manifold : fgifts, 

And thou haft fet upon his head 
a crown of perfeft gold, 

4 And when he asked life of thee, 

thereof thou mad'ft him lure: 
To have long life, yea fuch a life 
as ever fhall endure. 

5 Great is his glory by thy help, 
thy benefit and aid : 

Great worfliip and great honor both, 
thou haft upon him laid. 

6 Thou wilt give him felicity 
that never fhall decay : 

And with thy chearful countenance, 
v/ilc comfort him alway. 

7 For why ? the King doth ftrongly 

in God for to prevail : Ctruft 

Wherefore his goodnefs & his grace 

will not that he fliall fail. 
B But let thy enemies feel thy force, 

and thofe that thee withftand ; 
Find out thy foes, and let them feel 

the pow'r of thy right hand. 

Pfalm xxi, xxii. 

9 And like an oven burn them,tor^, 
in fiery flame and fiime ; 

Thine anger ftiall deftroy them all, 
and fire lliall them confume. (earth 

10 And thou fhalt root out of the 
their fruit that ftiould increafe : 

And from the number of thy folk^ 
their feed Jfhall end and ceafe. 

1 1 For why? much mifchief did they 
againft thy holy Name : (mufe 

Yet did they fail,andhad nopowV 
for to perform the fame. 

1 2 But as a mark thou fhalt them fet 
in a moft open place : 

And charge thy bow-ftrings readily 
againft chine en'mies face. 

1 3 Be thou exalted. Lord, therefore^ 
in thy ftrength ev'ry hour : 

So fhall we fing right folemnly, 
praifing thy might and pow'r. 

To Father^ Son^ and Holy Ghofi, 
immartal Glory be ; 

As -was J is ?toy(fy and JhaU he jliUf 
to all Etentitie, 


TsALM xyjt 


-<*-isz:5r ^ — - - + t_r- -X _ ft ^- 

Salishury Tune, 
. God,my God, wherefore doft thou forfake me utterly: 

And helpeft not when I do make my great complaint ^nd cry ? 


Pfalm xxiL 3^ 

Medius. Tfalm 22. ^.5. Vgc, 

(3 God,my God, wherefore doft thou foirfake me ut — ter—ly: 

'And heJpeft not when I dottiake my great complaint and cry ? 
Bajfus, Tfalm 22» A, ^. Foe, 

"O" God, my God, wherefore doll: thou forfake me ut— ter-*ly: 


And helpeft not when I do make my great complaint and cry ? 

2 To thee my God, ev'n all day long 

I do both cry and call : ;.'**" 
I ceafc not all the night, and yet , 
thoii heareft not at all. 

3 Ev n-thou that in thy fan£luaj:y 
and holy place doft dwell : . ' 

•Thou art the comfort, and the joy, 
*"' and gloiy of Ifrael 

4 And he, in whom our fathers old 
had all their hoge for ever : Cthee, 

And when they put their tmft in 
thou didft them aye deliver. 

5 They were delivered ever when 
they called on thy Name : 

And for the faith they had in. thee^ 
' they were not put to Ih^me. 

6 But I am now become a worm, 
more like than any man : 

Anout-caft, whom the people fcorn; 
with all the fpite they c*n. , 

7 All men defpife, as they behold 
me walking on the way : 

They ihoot the Up,8v fhake the head, 
and on thi^ wife they fay : 

8 This man did. glory in the Lord, 

his'favour and liis love : 
Let him redeem and help him now, 
his pow*r if he will prove, 

9 But ffom the prifon of the womb 
I v.- as'by thee released : 

Thou didft preferve me ftillin hope, 
wiiilt.i did fuck thebreafl. 

ID I was committed from my birth, 

with thee to have abode ; 
Since I was in my mother's womb, 

thou haft been e'er my God. 
Ths pcQndfart. 
1 1, Then, Lord, depart not now from 

in this my prefent grief: (me 
Since I have none to be my help, 

my fuccour and relief. 




Pfalm xxii. 

1 2 So many bulls do compafs me , 
that be full ftrong of head : 

Yea, bulls fo fat, astho they had 
in Bafan field been fed. 

1 3 They gape upon me greedily, 
as fho they would me llay ; 

Much like a lion roaring out, 
and ramping for his prey, 

14 But I drop down like water Ihed, 
my joynts in funder break , 

My heart doth in my body melt 
like wax, I am fo weak. 


1 5 My ftrength doth like a potfherd 
my tongue it cleaveth faft 

Unto my jaws, and I am brought 
to dull of death at laft. 

16 And many dogs do compafs me, 
in council, they do meet : 

Confpiring ftill againfl: my life, 
piercing my hands and feet. 

17 I was tormented, Co that I 
might all my bones have told : 

Yet ftill upon me they, do look, 
and ftill they me behold. " 

18 My garments they divided Jiave 
in parts among them all : 

And for my "coat they did caft lots, 
to whom it might befall. 

19 Therefore, I pray thee, be not far 
from me at my great need : 

But rather, lith thou art my ftrength, 
to help me, Lord, make fpeed. 


20 And from the fword fave thou my 
by thy might and thy pow'r : 

And ever keep my darling dear 
from dogs tkat would devour. 

2 1 And from the lion's mouth, that 
me all in funder fliiver : (would 

And from the horns of unicorns, 
Lord, fafely me deliver. 

22 Then Ihall I to my brethren all 
thy Majefty record : (Name 

And in thy Church Iball praife the 
of thee the living Lord. 
The third part, 

23 All ye that fear him, praife the 
thou Jacob, honour him t (Lord, 

And all ye feed of Ifrael, 
with rev'rence worfhip him. 

24 For he defplfeth not the poor, 
he hidethnot away 

His countenance when they do Call, 
but hears them when they pray. 

2 5 Among the folk that fear the Lord 
I will therefore proclaim 

Thy praife, and keep my promifc 
for fetting forth thy Name. Cmade 

26TKe poorfliall eat and be fuffic'^d, 

and thofe that do endeavour 
To knowtheL^, Ihall praife hisname, 

their hearts Ihall live for ever. 

27 The coafts of^all the earth ftiall ' 

the Lord, and feek his grace : > 
The heathen folk Ihall worlhiip him 

before his bielled face. 

aSThe kingdom of the heathen folk 
the Lord Iball have therefore : 

And he {ball be their Governor 
and King for evermore. 

29The rich men of his goodly gifts 
ftiall feed and tafte alfo : 

And in his prefence worfliip him, 
and bow their knees full low. 


Pfalm kxii^ xkiiiJ 

3 6 And all that fiiall go down to duft> 
of life by him ihall tafte : 

A feed fhall ferve and worfliip him, 
wliile any world ihall laft. 


3 iThey Ihall declate & plainly Ihev^ 
his truth and righteoufnefsj 

Unto a people yet unborn, ; 
who fliall his Name cbnfefj. 

Cantus & BaJJus, Tsalm XXIIL Canterbury Tmik 

1 HE Lord is only my fupport,and he that doth irie feed s 


How can 1 then lack a— -ny thing whereof I ftand in need ? 
*^Hq Lord is dn-ly my fupport , and he that doth me feed i 


How can I then lack a--ny thing whereof I ftand in lieed ? 
BaJJm. Pfalm 25. , ^.j^.Voil 

^, '~[Hq Lord is on— ly rny liippiort , and he that doth ms feed ; 


How can i then kek a— rty thing whereof I ftand in need ? 

a He doth me fold in cotes mbft fafe 
. the tender grafs fall by ; 
And.afcei drives, me to the ftr^aiUs 
which run moft pleafantly. 

3 And When i feel my felf near ioft, 
then doth he me hom« take s 

Gonduairig me in hi§ right pith5^ 
evM for his own Names IkkC/i 

4 And tho I were ev'n at death's ivot^ 
yet would 1 fear none ill : 

For with thy rod & fliepherds tr6ok 
I ani comforted ftill. 



^6 Plalm xxiii, xxiv 

i Thou had my taSIe tlchly deck^d^ 

in defpite of my foe : 
Thou haft my head with balm re- 

my cup doth overflow, (frefli'd, 

(aim 2 J. 

My Ihepherd Is the living Lord, 
nothing therefore I need : 
In paftures fair, with waters calm, 
he fets me forth to feed. 

6 And finally, while breath doth laft, 
thy grace fliall me defend: 

And in the houfe of God will I 
my life for ever fpend. 

Or to London Tune, 

By another Author, 

Thy rod, thy ftafF, doth comfort me, 
and thou art with me ftill. 

a He did convert and glad my foul, 
_ and brought my mind in frame, 
To walk in paths of righteouliiels 
for his moll holy Name. 

3 Yea, tho I walk in vale of death, 
yet will I fear n©ne ill : 

4 And in the prefence of my foes, 
my table thou Ihalt fpread : 

Thou fhalt,0 Lord, fill full my cup, 
and eke anoint my head. 

5 Though all my life thy favour is 
{6 frankly fliewM to me. 

That in thf^j^^Q for evermore 
my dwelling place Ihall be. 

Cantus & Bajpfs. Tsalm XXIV. Rochefier Tune. 

I He earth is all the Lords,with all her (lore and furniture : 

Yea, his is all the world, and all that therein doth endure. 



Pfalm 24. 


iHe Earth is all the Lords, with all her ftore and fur— ni--ture : 

Yea, his is all the world, and all that therein doth eadure. 


P&lm xxiv, xxvi 37 

BaJJus, Vfalm 24. ^ [^.3. ^r. 

XHe Earth is all the Lords, with 'all her ftore and fur-ni-ture : 
Yea, his is all the world, and all that therein doth endure. 

2 For he hath faftly founded it 
above the leas to ftand : 

And kid alow the liquid floods, 
to flow beneath the land . 

3 For who IS he, O Lord, that fhall 

afcend into thy hill ? 
Or pafs into thy holy place, 

there to continue ftill ? 

'I (heart 
^Whofe hands are harmlefs,8c whofe 

no fpot there doth defile ; 
His foul not iet on vanity, 

who hath not fworn to guile. 

5 Him that is fuch a one, the Lord 
fliall place in blifsfiil plight ; 

And God, his God and Saviour, 
fhall yield to him his right; 

6 This is the brood of travellers, 

in feeking of his grace : 

As Jacob did the Ifraelite. 
in that time of his race. 

7 YePrinces,ope your gates,ftand ope 

the everlafting gate : 
For there fliall enter in thereby, 
the King of glorious ftate. 

8 Who is the King of glorious ftate ? 
The fl:rong and mighty Lord : 

The mighty Lord, in battle fl:out, 
and trial of the fword. 

^YePrinceSjOpe your gates,ftand ope 

the everlafting gate : 
For there fliall enter in thereby 

the King of glorious ftate. 

10 Who is the King of glorious ftate ? 

The Lord of hofts it is ; 
The kingdom and the royalty 

of glorious ftate is his. 

Cantus &Baffiis. Ps^L,M^'K.V. Southi^elTum, 

I Lift my heart to thee , my God and guide moft juft : 

Now fufFer me to take no fliame, for in thee do I truft. 

38 Pfalm xxv^ 

Idedlus. Pfalm 2^, ji, ^.Voc, 

J Lift my heart to thee,*' my God andi guide moft juft: 


Nowfuffer me to take n6fliame,fbr m thee do I truft. 
Baffus. Pfalm 2^ » A, ^,Vqc. 


J Lift my heart to thee, my God and guide moft juft: 

Now fuSr me to take no fhame, for in thee do I truft. 

i Let not my foes rejoyce, 
nor make a fcorn of me : 
And let them not be overthrown, 
' that put their truft in thee. 

5 But fhame fiiall them befall 
which harm them wrongfiilly : 

Therefore thy paths and thy right 
unto me, Lord, defcry. Cways 

4 DIre£t me in thy truth, 

. and teach me I thee pray : 
Thou art my God and Saviour, 
'. on thee I wait alway. 

5 Thy mercies manifold 
remember, Lord, I pray ; 

Alft thy pity plentiful, 

/ for they have been alway, 

6 Remember not the faults 
and fraiky of my youth s 

Remember not how ignorant 
i I have been of thy truth. • 

Nor after my deferts 

let me thy mercy find : 
But of thine own benignity, 

Lord, have me in thy mind. 

7 His mercy is fiill fweet, 
his truth a perfeft guide s 

Therefore the Lord will (inners 
and fuch as go afide. (teach, 

8 The humble he will teach 
his precepts to obey : 

He will direfl: in all his paths 
the lowly man alway. 

9 For all the ways of God 

both truth and mercy are. 

To them that do his covenant 

• and ftatutes keep with care 

The fecond part. 
JO Now for thy holy Name, 

O Lord, I thee intreat. 
To grant me pardon for my fin, 
' for it is wondrous great. 

J I Wh<7« 

Pfalm XXV, xxvi. 


1 1 Whofo doth fear the Lord, 
by him he fliall be kept, 

To lead his life in (iich a way 
as he doth befl: accept. 

1 2 His foul ihall evermore 

in goodnefs dwell and ftand. 
His feed and his pofterity 
inherit ihall the land. 

13 All thofe that fear the Lord, 
know his fecret intent: 

And unto them he doth declare 
hi$ will and teftament. 

1 4 Mine eyes and thankful heart 
to him I will advance, 

That pluck'd my feet out of the (hare 
of fin and ignorance. 

15 With mercy me behold, 
to thee I make my moan 2 

For I am poor and defolate, 
and comfortlefs alone. 

1 5 The troubles of my heart 
are multipli'd indeed : 

Bring me out of this mlfery, 
necelllty and need, 

17 Behold my poverty, 
mine anguifli and my pain : 

Remit my fin and mine offence, 
and make me clean again. 

18 O Lord, behold my foes, 
how they do ftill increafe : 

Puriuing me with deadly hare, 
that fain would live in peace. 

19 Preferve and keep my foul, 
and ftill deliver me : 

And let me not be overthrown, 
becaufe I truft in thee. 

20 Let mine integrity 
and uprightness ftill be 

My fure proteftion and defence, 
becaufe I wait on thee, 

21 Deliver, Lord, thy folk, 
and (end them fome relief, 

I mean thy chofen Ifrael, 
from all their pain and grief. 

Cantm & BaJJui, TsJL M XXVI. mnJfor Tum^ 

Ord, be my judge,and thou (halt fee my paths be right and plain - 
I truft in Go J, and hope that he will ftrength me to remaiji, 

D 4 l^dW4, 

40 Pialm xxvi, ' 

Me dim. Pfalfn 26. u/4. ^. Voc. 

J^Ord^bs my judge, and thou flialt fee my paths be right and plain: 

I truil in God, and hope that he willftrengthme to remain. 
Ba[ Pfalm 26. J, ;. Voc,' 

LOrd, be my judge, and thou fhalt fee my paths be right and plain: 
I truft in God, and hope that he will ftrength me to remain. 

tL Prove me, my God, I thee deiire, 
my ways to fearch and try : 

As nisn do prove their gold with fire, 
my reins and heart efpy. 

3 Thy goodnefs laid before my face, 

I do behold always : 
For of thy truth I tread the path, 

and will do all my days. 

4 1 do not lufl to haunt or ufe, 
with m.en whofe deeds are vain : 

To come in houfe I do refufe 
with the deceitful train. 

5 I much abhor the wicked fort, 
their deeds I do delpife : 

I do not once to them refort, 
that wicked works dev'ife. 

6 My handsl wafh, and do proceed 

in works to walk upright ; 
Then to thine altar I makefpeed, 
• to offer there in fight ; ^^ 


7 That I may fpeak and preach the 

that dotli belong to thee j 

And fo declare how wondrous ways 
thou haft been good to me. 

8 O God,thy houfe I love moft dear, 
to me it doth excel] : 

I have delight, and would be near 
whereas thy grace doth dwell. 

9 O fhut not up my fpul with them 
in fin that take their fill : 

Nor yet my life among thofe men 
that feek much blood to fpill. 


10 Whofe hands and heart is fiill of 
much mifchief there is found: 

Corrupting Juftice in itscourfe, 
in bribes they do abound, 

1 1 But I in righteoufnefs intend 
my time and days to ferve : 

Have mercy, Lord, and me defend ^ 
fo that I do not fwerve. 

1 2 My foot is ftaid for all afiaysp 
it'ftandeth well and right: 

Wherefore to Godwin I grvepraifCj, 
' in ail the peoples fight. 

P S J L M 

Pfalm xxvii. 


Cantus & Baffifs. TsALm XXVII. NormcbTwte: 

■ He Lord is both my health & light,ihalJ man make me difmay'd? 

Sith God doth give me ftrength and might.why fliould I be afraid ? 

Medius, Tfidm 27. -^.5. Voc, 

JpHe Lord is both my health and light, Ihall man make me difmay'd ? 
Sith God doth give me ftrength and might, why fhould I be afraid ? 


Tfalm 27 


THc Lord is both my health and light, Ihall man make me difmayM ? 
Sith God doth give me ftrength andmight,why fhould I be afraid ? 

a While that my foes with all their 
came on me to devour, (ftrength 

And thought to eat me up, at length 
they fell with all their pow'r. 

3 Tho they m camp againft m€ lie, 

my heart is not afraid : 
In battle ftrong if they will try, 
I truft in God for aid. 

4 One thing of God I do require, 
|.bat he will not deny : 

For which I pray, and will defire^ 
till he to me apply : 

$ That I within his holy place 
my life throughout may dwell, 

To fee the beauty of his face, 
and view his Temple well. 

6 In time of dread he fliall me hide 
within his place moft pure ; 

And keep mefecret by his fide, 
as on a rock moft fure. 

7 At 


Pfalm 30CVii, xxviiL 

7 At length I know thcL'sgood grace 

fliall make me ftrong and flout, 
My foes to foil, and clean deface, 
that compais me aboup. 

8 Therefore within his houfe will I 
give facrifice of praife : 

With pfalms and fongs I will ?pply 
to laud the Lord always. 
The fecond part. 

9 Lordjhear the voice of my requeft, 
for which to thee I cry : 

flaye mercy ,Lord, on rae opprcfs*d, 
and help me ipeedily. 

JO My heart confefleth unto thee, 

I fue to have thy grace : 
Thenfeek my face,faid*ft thou to me, 

|;.ord, I will feek thy face. 

1 1 In wrath turn not thy face aw^iy , 

nor fuifer me to Aide : 
Thou art my h?lp ftill to this day, 

be flill my God and guide. 

i2My parents both their (on forfbofc, 

and caft me off at large : 
Yet then the Lord himfelf did take 
. of me the care and charge, 

i3Teach me,OLord,the way t© thee, 
and lead me on forth right, 

For fear of fuch as watch for me, 
to trap me if they might. 

14 O leave me not unto the will 
o€ them that be my foes : 

For they furmife againft me ftiU 
falfe witnefs to depofe. 

1 5 I utterly fhould faint, but that 
this hope fiipporteth me, 

That in the land wherein I live, 
God's goodnefs I fhall fee. 

f thou art, 

i6Truft ftill in God, whofe whole 
his will abide thou muft : 

He will fupport and eafc thy heart, 
if thou in him do trull. 

Cantus & Baps, VsA L M XXVIIL Tork Tune. 

Hou art,0 Lord,my ftrength & flay,tl^e fuccour which I crave ; 


Negleft me not, left I be like to- them that go to grave. 




Pfalm xxviii. '45 

Tfahn 28. A, 5. Voc. 


*][* Hou art, O Lord, my ftrength and ftay, the fuccour which I crave ; 

Negleft mc not, left I be like to them that go to grave, 
BaJJus. Tfalm 28. A, ^,Foc. 

THou art, O Lord, my ftrength and ftay, the fuccour which I crave : 


Negle£l mc not, left I be like to them that go to grave. 

2 My voice and fuppllcations hear, 
when unto thee I cry , 

When I lift up my hands unto 
thy holy ark moft high, " 

3 Repute me not among thofe men 
in fin that take their fill : 

That Ipeak right fair unto their 
but think in heart ^11 ill. ("friends, 

4 According to thofe wicked deeds 
which they did moft regard : 

And after their inventions 
let them receive reward. 

5 Becaufe they nevermind the words 
of God, he will therefore, 

|n ftead of building of them Up, 
deftroy them evermore. 

6 To render thanks unto the Lord, 

how great a caufe have I, 
My voice, my pray'r, and my com- 
that heard fb willingly ! (plaintij 

7 He is my flileld and fortitude, 
my buckler in diftrefs : 

My hope,my help,my heart's reliefi 
my fong mail him confefs. 

8He is our ftrength and our defence, 

our foes for to refift : 
The health and the falvation 

of his elea be Chrift. 

9 Thy people and thine heritage. 
Lord, blefs, guide, and preferve : 

Increafe them,L«^,& rule their hearts 
that they may never fwcrve. 

r Sj^ L M 


Plalm xxi5r. 

Cantm & Baffin. V sal hi XXIX. Norwich Tune, 

Ive to the Lord, ye Potentates, ye Rulers of the world : 



Give ye all praife, honour, and ftrength, unto the living Lord. 





Meditis. Tfalm 2^, A.'^.Voc 

(^Ive to the Lord, ye Po-ten-tates , ye Rulers of the world 

Givz ye all praife, honour, and ftrength, unto the living Lord. 

Bajfuf: Tfalm 29. -^.3. Voc. 

(Jive to the Lord, ye Po-ten-tates, ye Rulers of the world : 


QivQ ye all praife, honour, and ftrength, unto the living Lord. 

a Give glory to his holy Name, 

and honour him alone: 
Worftip him In his Majefty, 

with|| his holy throne. 

3 His voice doth rule the waters all, 

ev*n as himfelf doth pleafe ; 
He doth prepare the thunder-claps, 
id governs all the feas. 

4 Tl^l voice of God is of great force, 
^nd wondrous excellent : ' 

It is rnofl: mighty in effe£t, 
and moft magnificent. 

5 The voice of God doth rend anc 
the Gedar-trees lb long .* (break 

The Cedar-trees of Lebanon, 
which are moft high and ftrong. 

6 And makes them leap like as a calf, 

or elfe the unicorn : 
Not only trees,but mountains great, 
whereon the trees are born. 


P{almxxix, xxx. 


7 His veice divides the flames of fire, 
and fhakes the wildernefs : 

i It makes the defert quake for fear, 
that called is Cades. 

pit makes the hinds for fear to calve, 
and makes the coverts plain : 

Then in his Temple ev ry man 
his glory doth proclaim. 

loThe Lord was (kt above the floods, 

ruling the raging fea : 
So fliall he reign as Lord and King 

for ever and for aye. 

1 1 The Lord will give his people 

in virtue to increafe : 
The Lord will blefs his chofen flock 

with everlafting peace. 

Cantm & BaJJ'us. . Ps^lm XXX. Or to Roche ft er Tune. 
LL laud & praife with heart & voice, O Lord, I give to thee : 


Which didft not make my foes rejoyce, but haft ex— al—ted me : 


O Lord, my God, to thee I cry'd in all my pain and grief: 


Thou gav'ft an ear, and didft provide to eafe me with relief. 


All laud and praife with heart and voice, OLord, I give to thee : 

Which didft not make my foes rejoyce, but haft ex— al— ted me. 


Tfalm 20. A,'^. Voc, 


4* PGLlrtiKxt. 

O Lord, my God, to thee I cry'd in all my paiit and grief* 

Thou gaV'fl: an ear,and didft provide to eafe me with relief. 

Baffm; Vfalm go. .A -^- ?• ^^^' 

^VL laud and praife with heart and voice, O Lord, I give to thee: 
Which didft not make my foes rejoyce, but haft ex— al— ted me: 



O Lord, my God, to thee I cry'd in all my pain and griefi 

Sr— zE':i~l5EK?:El2fzEizzz 




Thou gav'ft ah eat,and didft provide to eafe me with relief. 

3 Of thy good will thou haftcaPd back 

my foul from hell to fave : (lack, 
Thou didft revive when ftrength did 

and kept'ft rhe from the grave. 
4Sing prai{e,ye faints,that prove and 

the goodnefs of the Lord: (fee 
tn memory of his Majefty 

rejoyce with one accord. 

5 For why ? his anger but a (pace 

doth laft and flack again i 
6ut in his favour and his grace 

always doth life remain. 
Tho gripes of grief & pangs full fore 

abide with us all night, 
The Lord to joy fiiall us reftore 

before the day be light. 

^When I enjoy'd the world at will, 
thus would I boaft and fay, 

Tufh, I am fure to feel none ill, 
my wealth fliall not decay. 

yFor thou,0 Lord,of thy good grace 
didft fend me ftrength and aid : 

But whentho' t turh'dft away thy face; 
my mind w^s lore difihay'd. 

8 Wherefore again then did I cry 

to thee, O Lord of might : 
And my complaints did multiply^ 
praying both day and night. 

9 What gain is in thy blood, faid y 
. if death deftroy my days ? 
Can duft declare thy Majefty, 

or give thy truth its praife ? 

I oWherfore,myGod,fome pity take^ 

O Lord, I thee defire : 
Do not this iimple foul forfake, 
of thee help I require. (woe 

I I Then didft thou turn my grief and 
in a cheerful voice : (fro, 

The mourning weed rhou took'ft m« 
and mcd'ft me to rejoyce. 

1 2 Where=: 

Pfalm XXX, xxxi. 

12 Wherefore my foul mceflfantly 
fhall fing unto thy praife : 

My Lord, my God, to thee will I 
give laud aiid thanks always. 

To Father, Sm, and Holy Ghofli 
all glory be therefore : 

jis in beginning vfasy is novf, 
and jhall be e'verrnore. * 


Cantm & Bapff. Fsalm XXXI. UcbfieldTttne. 

Lord, I put my trull m thee, let nothing work me Ihame s 

As thou art juft, de — li«ver me, and fet me free from blame. 


Medlus, Tfalm gi. A.^.Voc, 


O Lord , I put my truft in thee, let nothing work me ihame : 

As thou art juft:, de— li«ver me, and fet me free from blame. 
BafTus: Tfalm 'IT. J.i.Voc, 

Q Lord, I put my truft in thee , let nothing work me fliame r 

n^^ ^^ ^m^^^^ ^ m. 


As thou art juft, de — li-ver me , and fet me free from blame. 

a Hear me, O Lord, and that anon, 
to help me make good fpeed : 

Be thou my rock and houfe of flone, 
my fence in time of need. 


5 For why ? as ftones thy ftrength is 
tbou art my fort and towV : 

For thyNames fake be thou my guide, 
and lead me in thy pow'r. 

4 Pluck thou my feet out of the fnare 
which they for me have laid : 

Thou art my ftrength,& all my care 
is for my might and aid. 

5 Into 

Pfalm xxxi. 

5 Into thy hands, Lord, I commit 
my fpirit, which is thy due : 

For why ?. thou haft redeemed it, 
O Lord my God moft true. 

eirhzts fach folk as will not part 
from things to be abhorr'd : 

When they on trifles fet their heart, 
xny truft is in the Lord. 

7 Vpt I will in thy mercy joy, 

i fee it doth excel!: (annoy, 

Thou feeft when ought would me 
, .and knoAj'ft my loul full well. 

SThou haft not left me in their hand, 

that would me over-charge : 
But thou haft fet me out of band, 

ta walk abroad at large. 
The fscond part. 
9 Gre^t gtief,0 Lof 3,doth me aflail, 

fome pity on me take : Cfail, 
Mine €yes wax dim, my light doth 

my womb for woe doth ake. 

loMy life is worn with grief & pain, 
my years in woe are paft : (dain 

My ftrength is gone,& through dif- 
my bones corrupt and wafte. 

1 1 Among my foes I am a fcorn, 
my friends are all difmay'd : 

My neighbours and my kinfmen 
to fee me are afraid. ( born, 

1 2 As men once dead are out of mind, 
fo am I now forgot ; 

As fmall efFefl: in ftie they find, 
as in a brokenpot* 1 • 

1 3 I heard the brags of all the rout, 
tkeir threats my mind did fray : 

How they confpirM,and went about 
to take my life ftway. 

14 But, Lord, I truft in thee for aid, 

not to be over-trod ; 
For I confefs, and ftill have faid, 

thou art my Lord and God. 

i jThe length of all my life and age, - 

O Lord, is in thy hand : 
Defend me from the wrath and rage 

of them that me withftand. 

16'Vomt thy fervant, Lord, exprefs 
and fliew thy joyful face : ' 

And faveme,Lord,forthy goodnels, 
thy mercy, and thy grace. 
The third part. 

1 7 Lord , let me not be put to blame, 
for that on thee I call : 

But let the wicked bear the ftiamr,; ' 
and in the grave to fall. 

18 O Lord,make dumb their lips out- 
which are addift to lies : (right. 

And cruelly with pride and Q)ight,v 
againft i he juft deviie, > 

19 O how great good haft thou in 
laid up full fafe for them (ftore. 

That fear and truft in thee therefore, \ 

before the fons of men ! 

Cguide I 
2oThy prefence fliall them fenceand 

from all proud brags and wrongs : 

from all the ftrife of tongues. 

2 1 Thanks to the Lord that hath de- 
on me his grace fo far : (clar'd 

Me to defend with watch and ward, 
as in a town of war. 

22 Thus did I fay both day Zc night, 
when I was fore oppreft : 

Lo, I was clean caft out of fight, 
yet heard'ft thou my requeft. 


Pfalm xlcxi, xlxxiu 

t3 Ve faints,!ove ye the Lord alway, 
the faithfiil he doth guide : 

And to the proud he doth repay 
according to their pride. 


24 Be of good courage evfittftore, 
on God your ftrength depend ; 

For thofe that put their truft in him^ 
he ever will defend. 

Coitus & Baffus. Ts^LM XXXIL St. Marys tunei 


I He man is bleft whofe wickednefs the Lord doth clean pafs by : 

And he whofe fin is likewife hid, and covered (e-cret-ly. 

}aim 52. A. %. Vocl 

jf He man is blefi:, whofe wickednefs the Lord d«th clean pafs by : 

And he whofe fm is likewife hid, an4 cover'd leeretly^ 


XHe man is bleft, whofe Wickednefs the Lord doth clean pafs by : 

And he whofe fm is likewife hid, and cover'd fecretly. 

My bones did wear and wafte awa^ 
with daily moan and platinr. 

4 For night and day iky hand oh me' 
fo grievous Was and fmarty 

That all my blood and humors flnoift 
to drinefs did c-©nvei;, ^ . . 

2 And blefl: is he to whom the Lord 

imputeth not his fin : 
Which in his heait hath hid no guile, 

nor fraud is found therein. 

I For whilft that I kept clofe my fin 
hi fil^nCQ m<X coiiftr^int. 


Pfalm xxxii, xxxiii. 

5 I did theiefore confefs my fault, 

and all my fuis difcover : 
Then thou,0 Lord,didft me forgive, 
and all my fms pafs over. 


6 The humble man fliall pray there- 

and feek thee in due time ; 
So that the floods of waters great 
fliall have no povv'r on him. 

7 When trouble and adveriity 

do compafs me about, , . 
Thou art my refuge and my joy, 
and thou doft rid me out. 

8 Come hither,andl will thee teach 
how thou ihalt walk aright ; 

I will thee guide as I my jfelf 

have learnM by proof and fight. 

^ Be not fo rude and ignorant 
as is the horfe and mule, 

Whofe mouth without a rein or bit 
from harm thou canft not rule. 

10 The wicked man fhall manifold 
forrows and griefs fuftain : 

But unto him that trulls in God, 
his goodnefs fhall remain. 

I I Be merry therefore in the Lord, 
ye juft lift up your voice: 

And ye of pure and perfect heart 
with chearfulnefs rejoyce. 

Cantm &Baj]m. TsALM XXXIII. Or toSt^David'^sTme, 

W E ri£^ht*ous in the Lord rejoyce , it is a feemly fight, 


That upright men with thankful voice fliould praife the Lord of might. 
Praife ye the Lord with harp and fong, in pfalms and pleafant things : | 
With lut« and Inflrument al-fo that foundeth with un. firings. 


Pfalm xxxiii* y t 

Me dim. Tfalm 55. ^.^.Voc, 


Ye righteous in the Lord rejoyce, it is a feem-ly fight, 

That upright men with thankful voice fliould praife the Lord of might, 

Praife ye the Lord with harp and long, in pfalms and pleafant things: 

With lute and inftrument aUfo that Ibundeth with ten firings. 
Bajfm. '^ Tfalm 5;. A. 3. Vocl 

\E right'ous in the Lord rejoyce , it is a feem— ly fight , 
That upright men with thankful voice ihould praile the Lord of might, 
Praife ye the Lord with harp and long, in pfalms and pleafant things ? 


With lute and inftrument al-fo that foundeth with ten llrings. 

3 Sing to the Lord a fong moft new, 

with courage give him praife : 

4 For why ? his word is ever true, 

his works and all his ways. 
% To judgment, equity, and right, 

he hath a great good will : 
And v/ith his gifts he doth delight 

the earth throughput to fiW, 

6 For by the word of God alone 
the heav*ns above were wrought: 

Xheir hoftsaad powers ey'ry one 
hh Ibf^ath %9 pafs hath brpught 

7The waters great gathered hath h© 
on heaps within the IKore : 

And hid them in the depth to be, 
as in a houfe of llore, 

8 All men on earth both fmall & grea^ 

fear God and keep his lav/ : 
Ye that inhabit in each coaft, 
dread him and ftand in awe. 

9 What he commanded: wrought \t 

at once with prefenC fpeed • (wa$ 
What he doth wijll is biought to pfs 
with full efte^i; indeed. 

£ 3 19Tb 


10 Thecounfclsof the nations rude 
rlie Lord doth bring to nought : 

He doth defeat the multitude 
of their device and thought. 

1 1 But his decrees continue lliH, 
they never flack nor fwage : 

The motions of his mind and will 
take place in ev'ry age. 
The fecond part. 

12 And bleftare they to whom the L*^ 
as God and guide is known : 

' VVhom he doth chufe of meer accord 
to take them as his own. (fight 

1 3 The Lord from heav'n did caft his 
on men mortal by birth : 

14 Beholding from his feat of might 
the dwellers on the earth. 


1 5 The Lord, I fay,whofe hand hath 
man's hearr,and doth it frame : 

For he alone doth know the thought, 
and working of the fame. 

j6 A king that trufteth in his hofl-, 
(hall nought prevail at length : 

The man that of his might dothboaft, 
ihall fall from all his ftrength. 

Pfalm xxxiii, xxxiv. 

lyThe troops of horCnen all fhall fail, 

their fcurdy deeds fliall fwerve : 
The ftrength of horfe fliall not pre- 

the rider to preferve. (vail 

1 8 But lo, the eyes of God intend 

and watch to aid the juft : 
With fuch as fear him to offend, 

and on his goodnefs truft. 

ipThat he of death and great diftrefs 

may fet their fouls from dread ; 
Andifthat dearth their land opprefs, 

in hunger them to feed. (pend 
2oWherfore our foul doth whole de- 

on God our fl:rength and flay; 
He is our fliield us to defend, 

and drive all d|rts away. 

21 Our joyful fouls always proclaifli 

his power and his might : 
For why ? in his moft holy Name 

we hope and much delight. 
2 2Therforeletthy goodnefs,OLord, 

ftill prefent with us be : 
As we always with one accord 

do only truft in thee. 

Cantm & BaJJus. TsALU XXXIV. Martyrs Tune. 


B Will give laud and honours both unto the Lord always, 

Al— fo my mouth for evermore fliall fpeak unto his praife. 



Pfalm 5{xxiv. 

Vfalm 3-1. 


I Will give laud and honour both un—to the Lord always, 


Al-fo my mouth for evermore fliall fpeak unto his praile. 

J Will give laud and honour both un--to the Lord always, '^-v 

Al-fo my mouth for evermore fhall fpeak unto his praife. 

8 Tafte and coufider well therefore, 
that God is good and juft : 

O ha^py man that maketh him 
his only ftay and truft. 

2 I do delight to laud the Lord 

in foul , in heart, and voice ; 
That humble men and mortified 
may hear, and fo rejoyce. 

3 Therefore fee that ye magnifie 

with me the living Lord, 
Let us exalt his holy Name 
always with one accord. 

4 For I my felf befought the Lord, 
he anfwer'd me again. 

And me delivered inftantly 
from all my fear and pain. 

5 Whofo they be that him behold, 

fliall fee his light moft clear ; 
Their countenance fliallnoc be dafht, 
they need it not to fear. 

6 This poor diftrefled man for help 

unto the Lord did call : 
Who did him hear without delay, 
and rid him out of thrall. 

7 The angel of the Lord doth pitch 

his tents in ev'ry place, 
To fave ail fuch as do him fear, 
that nothing them deface. 

9 Fear ye the Lord, ye holy ones, 
above all earthly thing ; ^ 

For they that fear the living Lord, 
are fure to Jack nothing. 

10 The Lions ihall be hunger-bif, 
and pin'd with famine much : 

But as for them that fear the Lord, 
no lack fliall be to fuch. 
The fccond part. 

11 Come near to me,my children dear, 

and to my words give ear : 
i I will you teach the perfe£l way, 
how ye the Lord Ihouid fear. 

12 Who is the man that would live 
and lead a godly life? (long, 

1 3 See thou refrain thy tongue I'c lips 
from all deceit and ftrife. 

i^Turn back thy face from dolngill, 

and do the godly deed : 
Enquire for peace and quietnefs, 

an^ follow it wich Ipeed. 

E 3 15 Fo^ 


J 5 For \^hy ? the eye»of God above 

upon the juft are bent : 
His ears likewile to hear the cry 

of the poor innocent. 


16 But he doth frown and bend his 
upon the wicked train : 

And cuts away the memory 
that fliould of them remain » 

1 7 But when the juft do call and cry, 
the Lord doth hear them fo, 

^hat out of pain and milery 
forthwith he lets them go. 

J 8 The Lor^ is ever nigh to them 
that broken-hearted are : 

And for the contrite fpirit he 
falvation doth prepare. 

Pfalm xxxiv, xxxv. 

1 9 Full many be the miferles 
that righteous men endure .* 

But of deliverance from them all 
the Lord doth them fccure. 

2oThe Lord doth fo preferve Sc keep 

their very bones alway, 
That not fo much as one of them 

do perifh or decay. 

2 1 The fin fliall fiay the wicked man, 
whicli he himfelf hath wrought : 

And fuch as hate the righteous man, 
Ihall foon be brought to nought. 

2 iBut they that fear the living Lord, 

are ever fafe and found : 
And as for thofe that truft in him, 

nothing fliall them confound. 

Cantm & Bajpfs, T sjlm XXXV. Hereford Tune. 



Ordjplead my caufe againft my foes,confound their force & might: 


And take my part againft all thofe that feek with me to fight. 

Medius, Pfalm ^^, yl, '^,Voc. 

j[V,Ord.p]esd my caufe againfl my foes, confound their force and might ; 

And take my pare againfl all thofe that feelc with me to fight.- 

Pfalm XXXV- Ys 

BaJJus] Pfalm ^<), 'A,^.Voc, 

LOrd,plead my caufe againft my foes, confound their force and might : 
And take my part againft all thofe that feek with me to fight. 

aLay hand upon the fpear and fhield, 
thy felf in armour drefs : 

Stand up for me and fight the field, 
to help me from diflrefs. 

3 Gird on thy fword,& flop the way, 

mine enemies withftand : 
That thou unto my foul may'ft fay, 
I am thy help at hand, 

{ blame 

4 Confound them with rebuke and 
that feek my foul to fpill; 

Let them turn back and flee with 
that feek to work me ill, Cfhame, 

5 Let them difperfe and flee abroad, 

as wind doth drive the dufl : 
That fb the angel of our God 
their might away may thrufl:. 

^Let all their ways be void of light, 
and flipp'ry like to fall : 

And fend thine angel with thy might; 
to perfecute them all. 


7 For why ? without my fault they 
in fecret fet their gin : 

And for no caufe have digg'd a pit 
to take my foul therein. 


8 When they think leafl,and have no 

O Lord, deftroy them all ; 
Let them be trapt in their own Ihare, 
and in their mifchief fall. 

9 And let my foul,my heart 8c voice, 
in God have joy and wealth: 

That in the Lord I may rejoyce, 
and in his faving health. 


I oThen all my bones fhall fpeak and 

my parts fhail all agree : 
O thou great God of heaven & earth, 
what man is like to thee ? 

The fecovd fart. (them 

I I Thou difl defend the weak from 
that are both flout and fl:rong : 

And rid the poor from wicked men 
that fpoil and do them wrong. 

1 2 My cruel foes againft me rife, 
to witnefs things untrue : 

And to accufe me they devife 
of things I never knew. 


1 3 Where I to them did fhew good 
they quit me with difdain : ('ill. 

That they fhoukl pay my good wirlv 
my foul doth fore complain. 


14 When they were lick I mourn d 
my felf in fackcloth clad : 

With fafting did I faint full fore, 
and pray d with heart moft fad. 

15 As they had been my brethren dea,' 

I did my f«If behave ; 
As one that mourneth hea/ily 
about his mothsrs grave. 


1 5 But 

J 5 But they m mine adverfity 

did gather in a rout : 
Yea, abjeft flaves reproachfully 

at me did mock and flout. 

s 7The belly-gods,8c flattVing train, 
that all good things deride: 

At me do grin with great difdain, 
and pluck their mouths afide. 

1 8L^,when wilt thoufot me appeat ? 

why doll: thpu ftay and paufe ? 
O rid my foul, mine only dear, 

out of thefe lions claws. 

sf And then will I give thanks to 
before the Church always : (thee 

A.nd where moft of the people be, 
there will I Ihew thy praiie. 

^p Let not my foes prevail on me, 

which hate me for no fault .- 
Kor let them wink or turn their eye, 

(hat c^ufelefs me aflault. 
The third par p, 
siDf{>eace no word they thinkor fay, 

their talk is all untrue : 
^hey dill confult,and would betray 

all thofe that peace enfue. 

% a With open mouth they run at me, 

their fiiry is like fire: 
Welljwell/ay they, our eye doth fee 

the thing that we defire. 

Cthey take, 

Pfelm KXKVi XXXVl. 

Be not far off, nor me forfake, 
as men that fail their friend. 

14 Awake, arife, and ftir abroad, 
defend me in my right ; 

Revenge my caufe,0 Lord my God, 
and aid me with thy might. 

15 According to thy righteouGiefs, 
my Lord God, fet me free : 

And let them not their pride exprefs, 
nor triumph over me. 

a6Let not their hearts re Joyce Sc cry, 
Ev'n fo we would it have: 

Nor give them caufe to fay on high, 
He's funk into the grave. 


27 Confound them with rebnke and 
that joy when I do mourn : 

And pay them home with fpite and 
that brag at me with fcorn. (blamq 

28 Let them moft heartily re Joyce, 
which love mine upright way; 

Let them all times with heart 6c voica 
ftiU praife the Lord, and fay, 

ap Great is the Lord,and doth excell, 
and he doth much delight 

To fee his fervants profper well, 
it is his pleafant fight. 

3 oWherfore my tongue I will apply 
thy rightecufhefs to praife : 

a 3 But, Lord, thou feeft what ways To thee the Lord my God, will J 

and what they do intend 5 | give laud and thanks always. 

*. ■ , , 

Cantm &BajJks. Ps^^LAi XXXVI. CamhridgeTune^ 

He wicked by his works unjuft, doth thus perfwade my heart. 

Pfalm xxxvi. 


Tiiat in xhQ Lord he hath no truft, his fear is fet apart. 

Me dm, Pfalm 36. -^, 5. ^c. 


T^e wicked by his works unjuft, doth thus perfwade my heart, 


that ia the Lord he hath no truft, his fear is fet apart. 
Baffus. Tfalm 56, A. 3. Voc. 

jf He wicked by his works unjuft, doth thus perfwade my heart: 

That in the Lord he hath no trull, his fear is fet apart. 

a Yet doth he joy In his eftate, 

to walk as he began : 
So long till he deferve the hate 

of God as well as man. 

3Hiswords are Wicked,vile8cnaiight, 
his tongue no truth doth tell : 

Yet at no hand will he be taught 
which way he may do well. 

4Whenhe Ihould fleep, then doth he 
his mifchief to fulfill ? fmufe, 

No wicked ways doth he refufe, 
nor any thing that's ill. 

5 But,L^, thy goodnefs doth afcend 
above the heav'ns moft high ; 

So dorh thy truth it felf extend 
unco the cloudy sky. 

6 Much more than hills Co high and 

thy juftice is expreft : ffteep, 
thou fav'ft both man and beaft. 

7 Thy mercy is above all things, 

O God, it doth excell: 
In truft whereof, as in thy wings, 
the Ions of men lliall dwell. 

8 Within thy houfe (hall they be fed 

with plenty at their will : 
Of all delights they ihall be fped, 
and take thereof their fill. 

^ Becaufe the will of life moft pure 
doth ever ftow from thee, 

And in thy light we are full fure 
tiie lafting light to fee. 

J g From 


Pfalm xxxvi, scxxvii. 

I o From fuch as thee defire to know, 
let not thy grace depart : 

Thy righteoiifnefs declare and lliow 
to men of upright heart. 

I J Let not the proud on me prevail, 
O Lord, of thy good grace : 

Nor let the wicked me a/Iaif, 
to throw me out of place. 

1 2 But they in their device fhall fall 
that wicked works main'ain : 

They fliall be certainly caft down, 
and never rife again. 


Cmti^^ & Baffm. Psalm XXXVIL Rochefier Tune 

Rudge not to fee the wicked men in wealth to flourifh ftill: 

Nor yet envy fuch as to ill have bent and fet their will. 

Med'ms. Pfalm ^y. A,'^.Voc, 

^Rudge not to fee the wicked men in wealth to flourifh ftill 

Nor yet envy fuch as to ill have bent and fet their will. 

Bajfus. Tfalm 37. A. ^. Voc 

yjKxi^g^ not to fee the wicked men in wealth to flourifh flilJ ; 

Nor yet envy fuch as to ill have bent and fet their will. 

aFor as green grafs & the green herbs 3 Trufl: thou therefore in God alone 

are cue and wither away : t© do well give thy mind : 

So fh ^\\ their great profperity So fhalt thou have the land as thine; 

foon pafs, fade and decay. 

and there fure food Ihalt find. 


Pfaltti xxxvih 

4 In God fet all tliy heart's delight, 

and look what thou wouldft have, 
Or el[e canft wifh in all the world 
thou need'ft it not to crave. 

5 Caft both thy felf and thine afTairs 
on God with perfeft truft, 

And thou flialt fee with patience 
th* eifeft both fure and juft. 

6 Thy perfefl: Hfe and godly Name 
he will clear as the light : 

So that the fun ev'n at noon-day 
Ihall not fliine half fo bright. 

7 Be ftill therefore, and ftedfaftly 
on God fee thou wait then, 

Nor Ihrinking for the profp'rous 
of lewd and wicked men. (ftate 

B Shake off delpite, envy, and hate, 

let not thine anger rife : 
That thou may'ft not be drawn into 

ibme wicked enterprife. 

9 For ev'ry wicked man Will God 
deftroy both more and lefs ; 

But fuch as truft in him are fure 
the land for to poflefs. 

oWait but a while,& thou Ihalt fee 
no more the wicked train, 
^o not (b much as houfe or place 
where once he did remain. 
The fecond part. 
1 1 But merciful and humble men 

enjoy ftiall fea and land : 
la reft and peace they fhall rejoyce, 
for nought Ihall them withftand. 

J z The lewd men and malicious 
againft the juft confpire : 

They gnafli their teeth at him ,as men 
V^liich do his bane defure. 


1 3 But while ungodly men thus think, 
the Lord laughs them to fcorn : 

For he doth fee their term approach, 
when they fhall figh and mourn. 

i4The wicked have their fword out 

their bow alfb is bent, (drawn, 
To overflow and kill the poor, 

whofe life is innocent. 

(their heart 
1 5; But the fame fword ihall pierce 

which was to kill the juft : 
So fliall the bow in Ihivers break 

wherein they put their truft. 

nDoubtlefs the juft man's poor eftate 

is to be valu'd more 
Than all the lewd and wicked man's 

rich pomp and heaped ftore. 

lyFor th6 their power be moft ftrong, 

God will it overthrow ; 
Where contrary he doth preferve 

the humble men and low. 

1 8 He fees by his great providence 
the good man's trade and way : 

And will give them inheritance 
which never fhall decay. 

19 They fhall not be difcouraged, 
when fbmc are hard beftcd : 

When others fhall be hunger-bit, 
they fhall be clad and fed. 

20 For whofbver wicked is, 
and enemy to God, 

Shall like the fat of lambs confume, 
or fmoak that flies abroad. 
The third part. 

2 1 Behold the wicked borrows much, 
and never pays again : 

Whereas the juft by lib'ral gifts 
the needy 4oth fuftain. 



Pfalm xxxvil. 

22 For they whom God doth bkfs, 
the land for heritage: (Ihallhave 

And they whom hedothcurfe, like- 
fhall perifli in his rage. (wife 

» 3 The Lord the jujl mans fteps doth 
and all his works doth blefs:( guide. 

To evVy thing he takes in hand 
he giveth good fuccefs. 

24Th6 he do fall, yet is he fure 

not utterly to fink: 
For God upholds him with his hand, 

and from him will not jQirink. 

a 5lhave beenyoung,but now am old, 

yet did I never fee 
The juft man left, nor yet his (bed 

to beg for mifery; 

a 6 He gives always moft liberally, 
and lends where there is need : 

By which he doth from God fecure 
a bleffing to his feed. 

27 Flee vice therefore & wickednefs, 

and virtue do embrace : 
So God fhall grant thee long to have 

on earth a dwelling-place. 

a 8 For God fo loveth equity, 
and Ihews to his fuch grace. 

That he pref^rveth them, but doth 
cut off the wicked race, 

25) Whereas the goo j and godly men 

inherit fliall the land, 
Having as lords all things therein 

in their own pow'r and hand. 

ffpeak I 
30 The jufl man's mouth doth ever ' 

of matters wife and high : 
Hisrongue doch talk of judgment, $c 

of truth and equity. 

3 1 For in his heart the law of Goi 
his Lord doth ftill abide : 

So that wherever he doth go, 
his foot fliall never Hide. 

3 2 The wicked like a greedy wolf 

the jufl: man doth befet. 
By aU means feeking him to kill, 

and take him in his net. 
r/-'^ fourth part. 
33 But tho befall into his hands, 

yet God willfuccour fend : 
Tho men againfl: him lentencegive 

God will him yet defend. 


he fliall preferve thee then 
The earth to rule, and thou flialt fe< 

deft^roy'd thefe wicked men. 

3 5 The wicked have I feen mofl: 

and plac'd in high degree, 
Flourifliing in all wealth and flore 

as doth the laurel-tree. 

3 6 But fuddenly he pafs'd away, 
and lo he was quite gone : (find 

Then I him founght, but could nol 
the place where dwelt fuch one. 

3 7 Mark and behold the perfeft man 
his God doth him increafe : 

For the jufr man fliall have at lengtfi 
great joy with reft and peace. 

3 8 As for tranfgreflbrs, wo to themj 
deftroy'd they all fliall be : 

God will cut off their budding race^ 
and rich pofterity. 

39 But the falvarlon of the juil 
doth come from God above; 

Who in their trouble lends them aid 
of his meer grace and love. 

40 God 

Pfalm xxxvii, xxxviii. 


God evermore delivers them | And ftill will fave them, whilft that 
from lewd men and un jult : | in him do put their trufl:. Cthey 

— — . — . — u 

'antm & BaJJ'm. P sj L M XXXVIII. Or to Wmdjor Tune. 

1 U T me not to rebuke, O Lord, in thy provoked ire : 

And in thy wrath cor— reft me not , I humbly thee deflre. 
Thine ar-rows do ftick faft in me , thy hand doth prefs me fore : 


And in my ilefli no health at all appeareth any more. 


Me dim: Vfalm ;8,. A, 3. Voc, 

Put me not to rebuke, O Lord, in chy pro*-vo-ked ire? 

And in thy wrath cor~re£t me not , I humbly thee defire. 
Thine ar-rows do ftick faft in me, thy hand doth prefs me fore ; 
And in my fttiii no health at all appeareth a.-ny mor«?. 



6x Pfalm xxxviii. 

Baffus. Pfalm ^S. ui.'^.Foc, 

pUT me not to rebuke, O Lord, ia thy pro-vo— ked ire; 

And in thy wrath cor— re£t me not , I humbly thee dellre. 

Thine ar-rows do fliek faft in me , thy hand doth prefs me fore : 

And in my flefli no health at all appeareth any more. 

3 And all this is by reaion of ' 

thy wrath that I am in : 
Nor any reft is in my bones, 

by reafon of my Hn. 
4. For lo, my wicked doings, Lord, 

above my head are gone : 
A greater load than I can bear, 

they lie me fore upor>, 

5 My wounds do ft ink, & are corrupt, 

and loathfom are to fee : (nefs 
Whichall through mine own foolifh- 
doth happen unto me. 

6 And I in careful wife am brought 
into fuch great diftrefs, 

That I go wailing all the day 
in doleful heavinefs. 

7My loyns are fiird with (bredifeafe, 

my flefli hath no whole part ; 
$ I feeble am and broken fore, 

and roar for grief of heart. Cgrones 
^ Thou know'ft ,Lord , my deftre, my 

are open in thy Hght : (doth fail^ 
^o My heart doch pant^my ftrength 

mm eye? Iiave icil thdr light* 

f I My lovers and my wonted friends ; 

ftand looking on my wo : 
Alfo my kinlmen far away 

are me departed fro. ffnares,, 
I z They that do feek my life, lay 

and they that go the way 
To do me hurt, fpeak lies,and thinl; 

on mifchief all the day. 
The fee ond part, 

13 But as a deaf man I became, 
that cannot hear at all : 

14 And as one dumb, that opens mot* 
his mouth to fpeak withal. 

1 5 For all my confidence, Lord, 
is wholly fet on thee : 

Therefore,0 Lord, that art my God, 
do thou give ear to me, 

I $ This do I crave, that they my £be$ 

triumph not over me : 
For when my foot doth flip^thenth^y, 

rejoyce my fall to fee. 
1 7 And I am ready for to halt^ 

I cannot ftand upright ; 
AUb my grievous heavinef* 

is ever In my figh,?; 


Pfalm Kxxviii, xxxix. 

r8 For while that I my wickednefs 

in humble wife confefs, 
\nd while I for my finful deeds 

my forrows do exprefs : 
9 My foes do ftill remain alive, 

and mighty are alfo : 
\nd they that hare me wrongfully, 

in number hugely grow. 


20 They ftand agaiaft me, that my 
with evil do repay : fo^ood, 

Becaufe that good and honeft things 
I do enfue alvvay. 

2 1 Forfake me not, O Lord my God ^ 
be thou not far away : 

22 Hafte me to help, my Lord my 
my fafety and my ftay. (God, 

'antm & Baffops. V sal M XXXIX. IVmdfor Tune. 

I Said, I will look to my ways, for fear I Ihould go wrong: 

I will take heed all times, that I offend not with my tongue. 

Medius. Pfalm :^^, A- '^.Voc. 

J Said, I will look to my ways, for fear I Ihould go wrong ; 

I will take heed all times, that \ offend not with my tongue. 

'Bajjli.':. Tfalm 1^0, A.i.Vcc. 

\ Said, I will look to my u-ays, for fear I Ihould go wrong : 
I will take heed all times, that I offend not with my tongue. 

1 As with a bit I will keep fail: | I^ot once t*-) whifper all the while 
fijy mouth with fprce 4nd might ; I the wicked are in fight. 

5 I h€l4 


Pfalm xxxix, xl. 

3 1 held my tongue,S: fpake no word, 
but kept me clofe and flilJ : 

Yea, from good talk I did refrain, 
but fore againft my will. 


4 My heart wax'd hot within my 

with muring,thoiTght,and doubt , 
Which did increafs and ftir the fire: 
at laft thefe words burfl out; 

5 Lord,number out my life and days 

which yet I have not paft, 
So that I may be certifi'd 
how long my life fhall lafl. 


6 Lord, thou haft pointed out my 

in length much like a fpan : 
Mine age is nothing unto thee, 
fo vain is ev'ry man. 

7 Man walketh like a fliade,and doth 

in vain himfelf annoy, 
In gettting goods, and cannot tell 
who (hall the fame enjoy. 


8 Therefore now,Lord,whatwaitI 
v^'hat help do I deiire ? 

Of truth my help depends <3n thee, 
I nothing elfe require. 

The fecond part. 
9 From all the fins that I have done, 

Lord, quit me out of hand, 
And make me not a fcorn to fools 

that nothing underftand. 

I o I was as dumb, and to complain 

no trouble might me move : 
Becaufe I knew it was thy work, 

my patience for to prove. 

iiLord,take from me thy ftourge and 

I can them not withftand : 
I faint and pine away for fear 

of thy moft heavy hand. 


1 2 When thou for fin doft man re. 
he waxeth woe and wan, 

As doth a cloth that moths havefret^ 
fo vain a thing is man. 


1 3 Lord, hear my fuit,and give good 
regard my tears that fall: 

I fojourn like a ftranger here, 
as did my fathers all. 

14 O fpare a little^ give mefpace 
my llrength for to reftore. 

Before I go away from hence, 
and fliall be feen no more. 

Cantm &Baj]m, VsALM XL. WeftminfierTune 

Waited long, and fought the Lord J and patiently did bear 


At length to me he did aecord my voice and Cfy to bear. 

Pfalm xL 6$ 

Medtiss. Ffalm 40. A. %. Voc, 

I Waited long, and fought the Lord, and patiently did bear: 

At length to me he did accord my voice and cry to hear. 
Baffus, Vfalm Ap, ^j, A. j^.Voc. 

J Waited long, and fought the Lord, and patiently did bear : 

* At length to me he did accord my voice and cry to hear. 

«He pluck'd me from the lake fo deep 
out of the mire and clay : 

Upon a rock he ^tt my feet, 
and he did guide my way. 

3 To me he taught a pfalm of praife, 
which I muft fhew abroad : 

And fmg new fongs of thanks always 
unto the Lord our God.- 

4When all the folk thefe things fliall 
as people much afraid , (fee, 

Then they unto the Lord' will flee, 
and truil upon his aid. 

5O bleft is he whofe hope and heart 
doth in the Lord remain, 

That with the proud doth take no 
nor fuch as lies maintam. (part, 

l^otJJ- my God jthy wondrous deeds 
in greatnefs far do pafs : 

Thy favour towards us exceeds 
all things that ever was. 

7 When I intend and do devife 

thy works abroad to fhow, 
^To fuch a reckning they do riie^ 
I thereof m eud I kucrW, 

SBurnt-off'rings thou delight'ft not 
I know thy whole defire, (in^ 

With facrifice to purge his Hn 
thou man recjuire. 

9 Meat-offerings and facrifice 
thou would' ft not have at all : 

But thou, O Lord, haft open made 
mine ears to hear withal. 

I o But then faid I, Behold and look^ 

I come with heart moft free : 
For in the volume of thy book 
thus it is faid of me. 

iiThat I,OGod,lhould do thy mind, 
which thing doth pleafemewelh 

For in my heart thy law I find 
faft placed there to dwell. 

I I Thy righteoufnefs and juftice I 
in great alTemblies tell r 


O Lord, thou know'it full well. 
The Jkond farf. 
1 3 1 have not hid within my breaii 

thy goodnefs as by fteaJth : 
But I declare and have expreft 

thy truth and fiving health. 


Pfalm XI, xli. 

14 1 kept iiotcioiethy lovins^mind, 
that no man jflioultl it know ; 

The tnif} that in thy truth I find, 
to all the Church I fhow. 

1 5 Thy tender mercy, Lord, from me 
withdraw thou not away ; 

But let thy love and verity 
preserve me ev'ry day. 

16 For I with many troubles_am 
ers com paiFed abou t : '^! , "^-^ 

My fins ^o greatly do incs^le, 
I cannot fpy them out. .hr 

1 7 For why ? in number they exceed 
the hairs upon my head : 

My heart doth faint for very fear, 
that I am almoft dead. 

1 8 With fpeed fend help, and fet me 
O Lord, I thee require: (free, 

Make hafte with aid to fuccour me, 
O Lord, at my defire. 

19 Confound them with rebuke and 
that leek my foul to fpill : (ftiame 

Drive back my foes,Sc them defame, 
that wifh mc any ill. 

20 For their ill feats do them defcry 
that would deface my name : 

Always at me they rail and cry. 
Fie on him, fie for fliame. 

iiLet them in thee have joy 8c wealth 

the feek to thee always : 
That thofe that lovethyfavinghealth 

may fay, To God be praile. 

22 But as for me, I am but poor, 
opprefi: and brought full low : ; 

Yet thou, O Lord, wilt me reftore 
to health, full well I know. 

23 For why ? thou art my hope and 
my refuge, help and ftay : (truft, 

Wherefore,my God,asthou art juft, 
with me no time delay. 

Cantus & Bajp'fs, TsALM XLI. Or to St. Mary*s Tune, 

I He man is bleft that doth provide for fuch as needy be : 

^ ipiiiliiiiiiiiiiigiiiilil 

For in the feafon pe— ri— Ions the Lord will fet him free. 

The Lord will keep him fafe, and make him hap—py in the land 


Pfalm xli, 6f 

And not de— li-ver him in.-to his e-ne-mies ftronff hand. 

Me^m, Tfahn 41. A. 3,. Voc, 

'X'He man is blefl: that doth provide for fuch as needy be : 


For in the feafoii pe— -ri — bus the Lord will fet him free : 

The Lord will keep him fafe, and make him happy in the land : 

And not de^li-ver him in«to his e— ne-mies ftrong hand. 
Bajfm, Tfalm 41. X 5. Voc, 

1 He man is bleft that doth provide for fuch as needy be : 

For in the feafon pe~ri— lous the Lord will fet him free. 

TheLord will keep him fafe, and make him happy in the land: 

And not de— U-ver him in-^to his e — ne^-mies flrong hand. 

f And from his bed of knguiflimg 
the Lord will him reftore ; 

For thou.O Lord jwik turn to health 
hs Ticfenefs 4iKd his xot^. 

4 Then in my ficknefs thus faid I^ 
have mercy, Lord, on me, 

And heal my foul which is full WoU 
that I oiFended thee. 

t? t 



Pfalm xli, xlii. 

5 My foes did wijfh mc 111 in heart, 
and thns of nie did fay, 

When Diall he die, that lb his name 
may perilh quite away ? 

6 And when they come to viHt me, 

they ask if I do well : f hatch, 
But in their hearts they mifchief 
and then abroad it tdl. 

7 All they that hate me do conlpife 
againft me craftily : 

And flill devife how to procure 
my mine fecretly. Chim to 

8 Some grievous fin hath brought 
this ficknefs, fay they plain : 

He is fo low^, that without doubt 
he cannot rife again. 

9 The man alfo that I did truf!:, 

with me did ufe deceit : 
Who at my table eat my bread, 
the fame for me laid wait. 

loHave mercy, Lord, on me therfore, 

and let me be preferv'd, 
That I may render unto them 

the things they have deferv'd. 

1 1 By this I know afliiredly 

to be belov'd of thee, 
Becaufe my foes no power have 

to triumph over me. 
iiBut in ri>y right thou haft me kept, 

and it maintained well : 
And in thy prefence place afUgfi'd 

where I Ihall ever dwell. 

1 3 The Lord the God of Ifrael 

be praifed evermore : 
Ev'n ih be it, Lord, will I fay, 

Praifi ye the Lord therefore. 
To Father, Son, and Udy Ghofl, 

i-mmorteil Glory he : 
As wJf^ is 7ioyi>^ and jhaU he fiill, 

to all Eternitie. 

Cantm & B^j]?^. ?5.-iLAfXLIL London Ttme, 

J iiiilSiSiiiiiiiliillii 

8 Ike as the hart doth pant and bray, the well-fprings to obtain : 

So doth my foul defire alway with thee, Lord, to remain. 
^ McMs, Ffalm 42. • J. ^. Voc. 


Like as the hart doth pant and bray, the well-fprings to obtain : 
Id doth my foul deilre alway with thee, Lord^ to renoain. 

Pfalm xlii. 69 

Baljus. Tfalm 4.2. '^A.'^.Voc, 

J^Ike as the hart doth pant and bray, the well-fprings to obtain : 

So doth my foul defire alway with thee, Lord, to remain. 

fdraw near 
a My foul doth thlift, and would 

the living God of might: 
Oh when fhall 1 come and appear 

in prefence of his fight. 

3 The tears all times are my repaft 
which from mine eyes do Aide : 

VVhilft wicked men cry out fo fafl, 
Where now is God thy guide? 

4 Alas, what grief is it to think 
what freedom once I had ! 

Therefore my foul, as at pit's brink, 
mofl: heavy is and fad. 

For I did march in good array, 

with joyful company : 
Unto the temple was our way, 

to praife the Lord moft High. 

5 My foul, why art thou fad always, 
and frett'ft thus in my breaft ? 

Truft ftill in God, for him to praife 
I hold it ever beft. 

By him I have fuccour at need, 
againft all pain and grief: 

He is my God,which with all Ipeed 
doth hafte to fend relief. 

6 My foul within me is cafl: down, 

therefore, O Lord, I will 
Remember thee from Jordan's land, 
and Hermon s little hiil. 


7 One grief ano*-her in doth call, 
as clouds burft out their voice : 

The floods of evil that do fall, 
run over me with nolle. 

8 Yet I by day felt his goodnefs, 
and help at all aflays : 

Likewifeby night I did not eeafs 
the living God to praife. 

9 1 am perfwadsd thus to fay 

to him with reverence, 
O Lord, thou art my guide andilay; 

my rock and fure defence. 

Why do I then in penfivenefs 

hanging the head thus walk, 

While that mine enemie;iopprefs, 

and vex me with their talk ? 

To For why? they pierce my inward 
with pains to be abhor'd, (ii-arts, 
When they crv out with ftubborn 
Where is thy God the Lord ? 

1 1 So foon, my foul, why doll: thou 

with pain and grief opprell: ? 
Why do fad thoughts without re- 
thus rage v/ichia my breail: ? (Uraint 

laTnifl: in the Lord thy God always?, 
and thou tlic time fnak lee 

To give him thanks with laud and 
for health reilor'd to thee. (pi;aife, 

P S yJ L M 


f falm xliii. 

Cantm & Bapts. VsJLM XLIII. St, David's Tune, 


Udge and revenge my caufe,0 Lord, from them that e-vil be : 
From wicked and deceitful men, O Lord, de — li— verme. 


Mcdius, Vfalm 4; 

TUdge and revenge my caufe, O Lord, from them that e— vil be : 

From wicked and deceitful men , O Lord, de — li— ver m^. 

JBaffm. Tfalm ^^. A.'^.Voc, 

|Udge and revenge my caufe, O Lord, from them that e— vil be : 
From wicked and deceitful men , O Lord, de— li-~ver me. 

2 For of my (Irength thou art the 

why am I put from thee ? (God, 
Why walk I heavily, whilft that 
my foe opprefTeth me ? 

3 O Lord, fend out thy light 8c tiuth, 

and lead me with thy grace, 
Which may conduct me to thy hilJ, 
and to thy dwelling-place. 

^ Then fhall I to thine altar gt) 
with joy to worfhip there : 

And on my harp give thanks to thee, 

God; my God mofl dear. 

5 Why art thou then fo fad, my foul, 

and frett'ft thus in my breaft ? 
StiJI truft in God : for him to praife 

1 hold it always h^^, 

6 By him I have deliverance 
againll: all pain and grief: 

He is my God, which doth alway 
at need fend me relief, 

■■' P S J L M 

Pfalm xliv. 


Cantm & Bajjus, VsaLM XLIV. VeterhoroHghTune, 

UR ears have heard our fathers tell, and reverently record 

The wondrous works that thou haft done in ancient time, O Lord. 
Me dim, T0m 44. -^. ;. J^oc, 


QU R ears have heard our fathers tell, and reverently record 
The wondrous works that thou haft done in ancient time, O Lord. 

Bajjtis, Pfalm 44. J. g. Foe. 

Our ears have heard our fathers tell, and reverently record 


The wondrous works that thou haft done in ancient time, O Lord, 


sHoWthoudidft drive theGentilsout 
with a moft pow'rfiil hand; 

Planting our fathers in their place, 
and gav'ft to them their land. 

3 They conquer d not by their own 
the land wherein they dwell:(fword 

But by thy hand,thy arm, and grace, 
becaufe thou lov'dft them well. 

4Thou art myKing,6 God,who fav'ft 

Jacob in fundry wife : 
5^,ed with thy pow'r we threw down 

as did againft us rife. (fucii 

6ltrufted not in bow nor fword, 
they could not fave me foimd : 

yThou kept'ft us from our toc<; great! 
thou didft them all confound, (ragc^, 

8And ftill weboaft of thee ourGod, 
and praife thy holy Name ; 

9 Yet now thou go'E' not wich our 
but leaveft us to flume. , f noil, 

loThou mv^d'ft us iiee before oaefbes, 

fo were we over-trod : 
They did usrob,andfpoi] our goods, 

we were difp ers'd . aBicad . 

F ^ II Thou 


Pfalm klfv, xh. 

11 ThoTi haft us given to our foes, 
. as fheep for to be ilain : 

Amongft the heathen ev'ry where 
fcaitter'd we do remain. 

1 2 Thy people thou hafl {bid like 
and as a thing of nought :(flaves, 

For profit none thou hadft thereby, , 
no gain at all was fought. 

1 3 And to our neighbours thou haft 
"of us a laughing-ftock: (made 

And i hofe that round about US dwell, 
•*at us do grin and mock. 
The fecondpart. 

14 Thus we ferve for no other ufe, 
brut for a common talk : (heads 

Theymock,theyfcorn,they nod their 
where-e'er they go or walk. 

J 5 With fliame and great confufion 

I am airlifted fore : 
Yea fo I blufli that all my face 

with red is covered o'er. 

16 For why ? we hear fach flandrous 
fach falfe reports & lies : (words, 

That death it is to fee their wrongs, 
their threatnings and their cries. 

1 7 For all this we forget not thee, 
nor yet thy covenant brake : 

1 8 We turn not back our hearts from- 
nor yet thy paths forfake. (thee^ 

19 Yet thou haft trodus down to duft, 
where dens of dragons be, 

And coverM us with ftiade of death, 
and great adverlity. 

2 olf we God's Name forgotten have, 
and help of idols fought, (our, 

2 1 Shall he not fearch and find this 
for he doth know our thought. 

2 iBut'tis for thyName'sfake,6Lord, 
we always are Jiain thus : 

As ftieep unto the fhambles fent, 
ev'n fo they deal with us. 

2 3 Up L'^ ,why fleepeft thou ? awake, 

for ever leave us not : 
24Why hideft thou thy countenance? 

our thrall thou haft forgot. 

25 For down to duft our foul is 
our troubles come fo faftiCbrought, 

Our belly, like as it were glu'd, 
unto the ground cleaves faft. 

26 Rife up therefore for our defence, 
and help us, Lord, at need ; 

We thee befeech for thy goodnefs, 
to refcue us with fpeed. 

Or^Ufs & Baps, ' Ps^LM XLV. Sp.PePer'sTune. 

I W g Y heart doth take in hand fome godly fong to fing : 


The praife that I iliall Ihew therein, pertaineth to the King. 

Med his. 

Pfalni xh\ ' 73 

jy[Y heart doth take in hand fome god— ly fong to fmg: 

The praife that I Ihall fhew therein , pertaineth to the King. 
Bajjtis. Ffalm 45*. J, ^, Voc 


J\1y heart doth take in hand fome god-ly fbng to Ung: 

The praife that I Ihall fliew therein , pertaineth to the King. 

My tongue (hall be as quick 
his honour to indite, 
As is the pen of any fcribe 
that ufeth fall: to write. 

3 O faireft of all men, 

thy fpeech is pleafant pure : 
For God hath bleffed thee with gifts, 
for ever to endure. 

4 About thee gird thy fword, 
O prince of might eled: : 

With honour, glory, and renown, 
thou art moft richly deckt. 

5 Go forth with godly fpeed, 
with meeknefs, truth and right : 

And thy right hand fliall thee inftruft 
in works of dreadful might. 

6 Thine arrows Iharp and keen 
their hearts fo fore ihall fting : 

That folk fhall fall and kneel to thee, 
yea, all thy foes, O king. 

7 Thy royal feat, O Lord, 
for ever fhall remain : 

Becaufe the fceptre of thy realm 
doth righteoufnefs maintain. 

8 Becaufe thou lov'ft the right, 
and doPt the ill detefl. 

Therefore hath God anointed thee 
with joy above the red. 

9 With mirth and favours £v7QQt 

thy cloaths are all befpread ; 
When thou doft from thy palace 
thereby to make thee glad . (pafs, 

10 Kings daughters do attend 

in fine and rich array ; (Hand 
At thy right hand the queen doth 
in gold and garments gay. 
The f£Co?id part. 

11 O daughter, take good heed, 
incline and give good ear : 

Thou muft forget thy kindred all, 
and fathers houfe moft dear. 

1 2 Then Ihall the king deflre 
thy beauty fair and trim : 

For why? he istheLord thy God, 
and thou muft worfhip him. 

1 3 The daughters then of Tyre, 
with gifts full rich to fee, 

And all the wealthy of the land 
ihaU make their fuit to thee. 


74 Pfalm xlv, xlvi 

14 The daughter of the king 

is glorious to behold : 
Within her clofet fhe doth fit 

all decked m beaten gold. 

15 In robes with needle Wrought, 
and many pleafant thing : 

With virgins fair on her to wait, 
Ihe Cometh to the king. 

16 Thus are they brought with joy 
and mirth on ev'ry fide, 

Into the palace of the kin^, 
and there they do abide. 

1 7 In ftead of parents left, 
(O queen, the cafe fo ftands) 

Thou ihak have fons whom thou 
as princes in all lands, (may'ft fet 

1 8 Wherefore thy holy Name 
all ages lliall record : 

The people fhall give thanks to thee 
for evermore, O Lord. 

Cantm & BaJJus. Psalm XLVI. Or to Canterbury Tum. 

He Lord is ourdefence and aid,the flrength whereby v/e ftand 

Wken we with wo are much difmay'd, he is our help at hand. 

Tho the earth move, we will not fear, tho mountains high and fteep 

Be thrull: and hurled here and there within the fea ^o deep. 

Medim. Pfalm 46. ^. 5. Vac, 

iHe Lord is our defence aud aid, the flrength whereby we ilaad ; 


Pfalm xlvL 7Sr 


When we with wo are much difmay'd, he is our help at hand. 


Tho the earth move, we will not fear, tho mountains high and fleep 

Be thruft and hurled here and there within the fea fo deep. 
BaJJlts. Pfalm 46. Jl, :^'. Voc. 

XHe Lord is our defence and aid , the ftrength whereby we ftand : 
When we with wo are much difmay'd, he is our help at hand. 


Tho the earth move, we will not fear, tho mountains high and fleep 
Be thruft and hurled here and there within the {ea fb deep. 

5 No, tho the fea do rage fb fore, 

that all the banks it fpills : 
A.nd tho it overflow the fhore, 

and beat down mighty hills. 
^ For one fair flood doth fend abroad 

his pleafant ftreams apace, 
To frefh the city of our God, 

and walh his holy place. 

5; In midfl of her theLord doth dwell, 

fhe can no whit decay : 
i^li things againft her that rebcll 

the Lord will furely flay. 
6The heathen folk 8c kingdoms fear, 

the people make a noife: 
The earth doth melt,and not appear 
■ when God puts forth his voice. 

yTheLord of hofts did take our part, 

to us he hath an eye : (heart 

Our hope of health with all our 

on Jacob's God doth lie. (thought 
8 Come here and fee with mind and 

the working of our God : 
What wonders he himfelf hath 

in all the world abroad, (wrought 

pBy him all wars are hufh'd & gone, 

tho countries did confpire : fone. 
Their bows and fpears he brake each 

their chariots burnt with fire. 
loBe flill therefore,and know thaj;I 

am God, and therefore will 
Among the heathen people be 

hi^Uly exalted ftiil. 

II The 


Pfalm xlvi, xlvii. 

1 1 Tlie Lord of hofts doth us defend, 
he is our ftrength and tow'r ; 

On Jacob's God we do depend, 
and on his might and pow'r. 

To Father, Son^ and Holy Ghofi, 

all glory be therefore : 
As in beginning Tvaf, is mWj 

and jhall be evermore. 

Cantm & Bapis, P^y^LM XLVII. London new Tm 



E people all with one accord clap hands and much rejoyce : 

Be glad and fing unto the Lord with fweet and pleafant voice. 

Medlm, Tfalm 47. A,i.Vo 

Ye people all with one accord clap hands and much .rejoyce ; 

Be glad and fing unto the Lord with fweet and pleafanc voice. 
Bajfm. Vflilm^y. A.'^.Vo 

Ye people all with one accord clap hands and much rejoyce: 
Be glad and fmg unto the Lord u'lth fweet and pleafant voice. 

St For high the Lord and dreadful is, 

his wonders manifold : 
A mighty King he is truly, 

in ail the earth extoird. 

3 The people fhall he make to be 
unto our bondage thrall: 

And underneath our feet ihall hs 
the nations make to fall, 

4. For us the heritage he chofe ' 
which we poiii;fs alone, 

The excellency of Jacob, 
his well-beloved one. 

5 Ok 

Our God afcended up on high 
with joy and pleafanc noife, 
'he Lord goes up above rhe sky , 
with trumpets royal voice. 

Sing praifes to our God, fing praife, 
ling praifes to our King : 
: or God is King of alJ the earth, 
all skilful praifes fuig. 

antus & Bajjhs, Tsalm XLVIII. Exeter Tune. 

r^ iiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiillilii 

LT^ ReatistheLord.and with great praife to be advanced ftill 

Pfalm xlvii, xlviii. 


7 God on the heathen reigns, and fits 
upon his holy throne : , 

The princes of the people have '■-^" 
them joyned ev'ry one 

8 To Abraham's people : for our God 

which is exalted high. 
As with a buckler doth defend 
the earth continually,- 


"Within the Ci-ty of our God , upon his holy hill. 

Idedius. Tfalm 48. -^.3, Vac, 

GRcat is the Lord, aitd with great praife to be ad-van-ced ftilj 

:! Within the City of our God, upon his holy hill. 
..///f. Tfalm ^%. J.^.Foc, 

G^^at is the Lord, and with great praife to bs ad— van--ced ftill 


Within the City cf our God , upon his holy hill. 

M Hi-.. 

2 Mount 


Pfalm xlviii, xlix. 

2 Mount Sion is a plealant place, 
it gladdeth all the land : 

The City of the mighty King 
on her north-fide doth ftand. 

3 Within the palaces thereof 

God is a refuge known : 
For lo, the kings are gathered, and 
together they are gone. . 

4 But when they did behold it fb, 
they wondred, and they were 

Aftonifh'd much, and fuddenly 
were driven back with fear. 

5 Great terror there on them did fall, 

for very wo they cry, 
As doth a woman when {he fhall 
go travail inftantly. 

6 As thou with eaftern wind the Ihlps 

upon the fea doft break, 
They were deftroy'd : and ev'n as we 

have heard our fathers fpeak ; 

7 So in the city of our Lord 

we faw as it was told, 
Yea, in the city which our God 

for ever will uphold. 

8 O Lord, we Wait and do depend 

on thy good help and grace : 
For which we do all times attend 
within thy holy place. 

9 O Lord, according to thy Name 
for ever is thy praife : 

And thy right hand, O Lord, is full 
of righteoufnefs always. 

ioLet,for thy judgments,Sion mouat 

fulfilled be with joys : 
Alfo of Judah grant, O Lord, • 

the daughters to rejoyce. 

1 1 Go walk about all Sion hill, 
yea, round about her go ; 

And tell the towers that thereon 
. are builded on a row. 

12 And mark ye well her bulwarks all. 
behold hers towers there : 

That ye may tell thereof to them 
that after fhall be here, 

13 For this mofl mighty God,our God 
for evermore is he : 

Yea, and unto the death alfb 
our guider Ihall he be. 

Cantm &Baffiis. Psalm XLIX. CamhridgeTune. 

LL people hearken and give ear to that which I Ihall telJ, 

Both high and low,both rich and poor, that in the world do d\velL j 

Pfalm x!ix. 79 

MeJiuf. Vfalm 49. \A. 2. Voc. 


y\^LL people hearken and give ear to that which I Ihall tell 

Both high and low,both rich and poor, that in the world do dwell. 
Bjffffs. Vfalm 49. J, 2. Vbc, 


^L L people hearken and give ear to that which I Ihall toU : 

Both high and lovu^both rich and poor, that in the world do dwell, 

9 They fee wife men,as wqU as fool5, 
fab je61: unto death's bands : 

And being dead, ftrangers pollels 
their houfes, goods and lands. 

3 For why? my mouth fhall make dif- 

of many thnigs right wifecfcourfe 
la underflanding ihall mine heart 
itsfludy exercife. 

4 I will incline mine ear to know 
the parable fo dark: 

And open all my doubtful fpeech 
in metre on my harp. 

5 Why fhould I fear afflitTon, 
or any careful toyl : 

Or elfe my foes which at my heels 
are preft my life to fpoil ? 

6 For as for fuch as riches have, 
\vherein their truft is moft ; 

And they which of their trealiires 
themfelves do brag 8c boaft. (great 

7 There is not one of them that can 

his brother's life redeem, 
Or give a ranfom unto God 
fufficient for him. 

8 It is too great a price to pay, 
,, none can thereto attain : 

' So that he might his life prolong, 
or not in grave remaiw. 

I o Their care is to build houfes fair, 

and {o determine fure 
To make their names upon the earth 
for ever to endure. 

I I Yet fhall no man always enjoy 
high honour, wealth and reft ; 

1 2 But fhall at length tafte of death's 
as well as the brute beaft. (cup, 

The fecond part. 

1 3 And tho they find their foolifh 
to bemofl: lewd & vain : (thoughts 

Their children yet approve their 
and in like fm remain. (talk, 

14 As fheep into the fold are brought, 
they ihall be laid in grave ; 

Death fhall themeat,and in that day 
the juft fhall lordibip have. 

15 Their beauty and their royal port 
fliall fade and quite dcciy, 

When from their houfe unto the pic 
with wo they pafs away. 



Pfalm xlix, 1. 

1 6 But God will furely me preferve 
from death and endlefs pain, 

Becaufe he will of his good grace 
my foul receive again. 

1 7 If any man grow wondrous rich, 
be not afraid therefore : 

Altho the glory of his houfe 
increafeth more and more. 

i8For when he dies,ofalIthefe things 
nothing (hall he receive : 

His glory will not follow him, 
his pomp will take her leave. 

19 Yet in this life he counts himfelf 
the happrft under fun : 

And others likewife flatter him, 
faying, All is well done. 

20 But yet if he fhould live as long 
as did his fathers old : Cplace, 

Yet mull he needs at length give 
and be brought to death's fold. 

2iMan that in honour lives,and doth 

not underftand, may be 
Compared unto the very bealls, 

that perilh utterly. ^ 


Cantus & BaJJks. 

I He mighty God, th'Ecernal hath thus fpoke, and all the 

Proper Tune. 

iiliiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiliiSii ^ 

world he will call and provoke , ev'n from the eaft,and fo forth to the weft. 
Fromtov%rardsSion, which place he likcth bell, God will appear in 


beauty moft excellent. Our God will come before that long time be ipent. 

Me dins. Pfalm ^o. X g. Voc, 

XHe mighty God, th'Eternal hath thus fpoke , and all th& 
world he wiii cajl and provoke^ cvV* from rf^ eailv^nd fo htth to cKe vveft. 

efalni h it 

From towards Sion, which place he liketh befl, Qod will appear Iii 


beauty moft excellent. Our God will come before diat long time be fpent. 


Tfalm 5*0, 

A. j. Vod. 

THe mighty God, th'Eternal hath thus fpoke , and alL the 
world he will call and pre^^oke, ev- n frbm the ea{l:,and fo forth to the weft; 

From towards Sion, which place he liketh beft^ God will appear in 
beauty ilioft excellent. Our God vvill come before that'lcng time be fpent; 

fievouring ilre 

ihall go before his face j 
A great tempeft • j. . 

Ihall round about him traae. 
allien fliallhecall 

the earth and heaven? bright/ 
To judge his folk 
^wifh equity and tight : . 
5 Saying, Go to, 
- and now my faints sffemble ; 
My paft they keep, 

th^ir gifts do not diiTembb, 

4 The (leavens fhall 
. declare his righteeufnefs : 
I For God is jadge 

of all thit?gs more and lefj. 

7 Hear;my jpeopk; • 

. fel MU ai/v^ ieY§*i V 

Lifllfrael, -, . 

ril from thee nought conceal. 
Thy God, thy God 

am I, and will not blame thee 
8 For giving not 

all manner offerings to tri^i 

9 1 have no need 

to take Of thee at all 
Goats of thy fold, 

or calf out of thy Sal] i 
I o For 2II the beafts 

are miiie within the wodds : 
On thoufand hills 
\ caltel arc mine own goodg i 

ill I know for mine 
, all birds that are on lAouJitain^ : 
I All bciifts.are mine , " (tains, 

I i^-(i.if;h ^(jaii'nt the fields an^ fouR--^ 


? WMi 



4-2 Hungry if I were, 
:~.:I would not thee it telJ : 
For all is mine ; ^ '. ,, 

that in the world doth dwell. 
XpEatl theflefli 

■ ' of great bulls, or bullocks ? 
Ot drink the blood 

oP goats, or of the flocks ? 

14 Offer to God 

praife and hearty thankfgiving, 
And pay thy vows 
unto God everlafting. 

1 5 Call upon me 

when troubled thou fhalt be : 
Then will I help, 

and thou fhalt honour me. 

16 To the wicked 

thus faith th'eternal God ; 
Why doft thou preach 
my laws and hefts abroad, 

1 7 Seeing thou haft 

■ them with thy mouth abufed, 
Ahd.har'ft to be 

by difcipline reformed? 

My words, I fay, ^ 

rhou doft reject and hate : 

18 If that thou fee 

a thief, as with thy mate, 
Thou run'ft with him, 
and fo your prey feek out ; 

And art all on« 

with the adult'rous rout. 
19 Thou giv'ft thy felf 

to back-bite, and to flander: 
And how thy tongue 

deceives, it is a wonder, 
io Thou fitt'ft mufmg 

thy brother how to blame, 
And how to put 

thy mothers (on to fliame. 
2 1 Thefe things thou didft, 

and whilft I held my tongue, 
Thou didft me judge 

becaufe I ftay'd lb long, 
Like to thy felf : 

yet tho I keep long filence, 
Once flxalt thou feel 

of thy wrongs juft recompence. 

iiConfider this 

ye that forget the Lord, 
And f^ar not when 

"he threatneth with his word : 
Left without help 

I fpoil you as a prey. 
23 But he that thanks 

offereth, praifeth me aye, 
Saith the Lord God : 

and he that walketh thi^trace^; 
I will him teach - '^ * .' 

God's" faving health to ettrbrac*. 

CaJitm & Bajpis. Another of the fame. Somhvel Tune* 


I HE God of gods, the Lord, hath call'd the earth by nam<3 : 

From whence the fun doth rife, un->-to the fetting cf the fime. 


PfalmL ^ " gy 

X'HE God of gods, the- Lord, hith call'd the earth by name i 




From whence the fun doth rife, un-to the feCting of the fame. 


Tfalm yo 

A. 3. Voc\ 

XHE God of gods, the Lord, hath calfd the earth by ilame : 

Prom whence the fua doth rife, un--to the fetting of the fame. 

2 From Sion his fair place, 
his glory bright and clear, 

The perfect beauty of his grace, 
from thence it did appear. 

3 Our God Ihall come in hafte, 
to {peak he fliall not doubt : 

Before him Ihall the fire wafte, 
and tempeft round abeut. 

4 The heavens from on high j 

the earth below likewife 
He will call forth to judge and try 
the people that are his. ' 

5 Bring forth my faints, faith he, 

my faithful flock fo dear : 
Which are in band 6c league with ine, 
my law to love and fear, 

6 And when thefe things aretri'd, 
then fhall the heav'ns record, 

-That God is juft ; and all muft'bide 
the judgment of the Lord, 

^ My people, O give heed ! 

Ifrael to thee I cry ; 
i am thy God, thy help at need, 

thou Gan'ft it not desy. 

8 I do not fay to thee, 

thy facrifice is (lack : 
Thou offer*ft daily unto m6 
much more than I do lack. 

9 Think^ft thou that I do neecj 

thy cattel young or old ? 

Or elfe fo much defire to ^qq^ 

on goats out of thy fold? 

JO Nay, all the beafts are mine 
in woods that eat their fills : 

And thoufands more of neat & kin^ 
that run wild on the hills. 
The fecond ^art. 

I r The birds that build on high, 

in hills and out of fight : 
And beafts that in the fields do lie^ 
are fubjeft to my might. 

II Then th6 1 hungred fore j 
what need I ©ught of thine, 

Since that the earth with her gre^' 
and all therein is mine? (ftdre^ 

i 3 To bulls fielh have I mind 
to eat it doft tiiou think ? 

Or fuch a fvveetnefs do t find 
the blood of goats to drink? 

€ « 



Pfalm 1, li. 


X4 Give to the t^ord his piaife, 
with thanks to him app y • 

And lee thou pay thy vows always 
unto the God moH high. 

15 Then feek and call to me, 
♦u'hen ought would work thee 

And I wilj lure deliver thee^ (blame : 
that thou may'pL praifemyName. 

16 But to the wicked train, 
which talk of God each day : 

And yet their works are fowl S: vain, 
to them the Lord will fay, 

1 7 With what face darcft thou 
my word once fpeak or name ? 

Why doth thy talk my law allow, 
thy deeds deny the fame ? 

1 8 Whereas for to amend 
thy life thou art fo flack : 

My word the which thou doll pre- 
is caft behind thy back. (tend, 
The third part. 

19 When thou a thief dofi: fee 
by theft to live in wealth, 

With him thou runn ft & doft agree 
likewife to thrive hj Health. 

20 Wlien thou doll: them behold 
that wives and maids defile ; 

Thou lik^ft it well, and waxeft Bold 
to ufe that life moft vile. 

2 1 Thy lips thou doft apply 

to flander and defame : (li^^ 

Thy tongue doth teach to cheat aiid 
and ftill doth ufe the fame. 

12 Thou ftudi'ft to revile 
thy friends to thee fo near : 

With flander thou wouldft needs de- 
thy mothers fon moft dear. (fil« 

2 3 Hereat while I do wink, 
asthol did not fee, ^* 

Thou go'il: on ftili, and fo dofl thiftfe- 
that I am like to thee. 

24 But fure I will not let 
to Itrike, when I begin : 

Thy faults in order I will fet^ 
and open all thy fm. 

25 Mark this I you require, 
that have not God in mind ; 

Left when L plague you in mine irie^- 
your help be far to findi 

26 He that doth give to* me 
the facrifice of praile, 

I Doth pleafe me well j and he flidl fe« 
[ to walk in godly ways. 



Lord.confider my diftrefs,S| now with IJjeed fbme pity take; 


My iins deface,my faults redrefs.good L'Sfor thy great mercies fake. 

Pfalm ii. 8y 


Walh me, O Lord, and make me clean from this unjuft and finful aft, 

And pu-ri--fie me' once again from this foul crime and bloody fa£l. 

Medm. Vfalm ^i. ^,^,Foc. 

O Lord,con— {I— der my di{Vrefs,and now with fpeed fome pity take : 

My fins deface^^my faults redrefs,goodLord/or thy great mercies fake. 

Wafli me, O Lord, and make me clean from this unjuft and fmful aft, 

. And pu— ri-fie me once again from this foul crime and bloody faft. 
Baffus. Tfalm ^i. A. ^. Voc, 

O Lord,con— fi— der my diflrefs,and now with fpeed fome pity take : 
My fms deface, my faults redrefs,good Lord,far thy great mercies Wk^. 
W<»fh me, O Lord, and make me clean from this unjuft and liaful aft, 


And pu.-ri-^fie me once again from this foul crime and bloody faft. 

G 3 3 Re- 


Pfalm li. 

3 Remorfe and fbffow do conflrain 

me to acknowledge mine excefs : 
My fm, alas ! doth jftill remain 
before my face without releafe. 

4 Againft thee only I have fmnM, 

committing evil in thy fight : 
And if Ifhould no mercy find, 
yet were thy judgments juft Scright . 

5 It IS too manifefi:, alas, 

that fixft I was conceived in fin : 
Yea, of my mother (b born was, 
and yetjVile wretch, remain therein. 
<5 Alfo behold, Lord, thou doft love 

the inward truth of a pure heart: 
Therefore thy wifdomfrom above 

thou haft reveal'dme to convert. 

^Tf thou with hyflbp purge this blot, 
I fhall be cleaner than the glafs : 
And if thou wafii away my fpot, 

the fnow in whitenefs fliall I pafs. 

8Therfore,0 Lord,fuch joy meftnd, 

that I may praife thee with my voice: 

And that my ftrenth may now amend , 

and broken bones alfo rejoyce. 

^Turnback thy face Sc frowning ire, 
for I have felt enough thy hand : 

And purge my fins I thee defire, 
which ao in number pafs the fand. 

I o Make new my heart within my 
&: frame it to thy holy will : (breaft, 

And let thy fpirit in me reft, 
w h may my foul with comfort fill. 
The fecond part. 

I I Caft me not,L^, out from thy fight, 
but ipeedily my torments end : 

Take not from me thy holy fpirit, 
w^h may from dangers me defend. 

1 2 Reftote me to thofe Joys again 
which I was wont in thee to find : 

Let me thy free Spirit retain, 
W^h unto thee may ftir my mmdl 

13 Thus when I fhall thy mercies : 
I fhall inftruft others therein : (low, 

And men that are likewifc brought, 
by mine example fhall flee fin. j 

14O God, that of my health art Lord!, 
forgive me this my bloody vice z 

My heart & tongue fhall then accord 

to fing thy mercies and juftice, ' 


I jTouch thou my lips, my tongue 

Lord, which art the only key : 
And then my mouth fhall teftifie 

thy wondrous works &praifealway. 
16 And as for outward facrifice, 

1 would have offered many one : 
But thou efteem'ft them of no price, 

and therein pleafure takeft none. 

lyThe heavy heartjthe mind oppreft, 
O Lord, thou never doft re j eft : 

Becaufe in truth, it is the beft, 
and of all facrifice th* effeft. 

1 8 Lord, unto Sion turn thy face, 
pour out thy mercies on thy hill, 

Andon Jerufalem thy grace, 
build up the walls,and love it ftilL 

19 Thou fhalt accept then our 

of peace and right'oufnefs alway. 
Yea, calves, and many other things, 

upon thine altar will we lay. 
To Father^ Son, and Holy Ghofly 

aU praife and glory be therefore : 
As in beginning roas, is now, 

fimijhall be e'vermore. Amen, 


Pfalmli. ^ §7 

€afitm& Bajpfs. Another of the fawc» . . , Cambridge Tune. 

B B Ave mercy on me, Lord, after thy great abounding grace : 


After thy mercies mul— tU-tude, do thou my fihs deface. 
Medim, Tfalm 5-1. ^.3. P'oc. 


j[\\vQmQtcy on me, Lord, after thy great abounding gr^ce: 

After thy mercies mul— ti-tude, do thou my fins deface. 
Bajfm, Vfalm 5-1. ^.5. Foe, 

ItJAvc mercy on me, Lord, afcej- thy great abounding grace : 


After thy mercies mul — ti— tude, do thou niy i\ns deface. 

2 Yea, wafli me clean from mine of- 

and mine iniquity : Cfence, 

For I do own my faults, and ftiJl 
my fin is in mine eye. 

3 Againfl: thee, thee alone I have 
offended in this cafe : 

And evil have I done before 
the prefence of thy face. 


4That in the things which thou haft 
ppright thou may'il appear : 

And when thou judged, all may {ee 
that thou art very clear. 

5 Behold; in wickednrfsmy kind 

and Ihape I did receive : 

My fiiiful mother at the firft 

in fin did me conceive. 

6 But JO, truth in the inward part5 

is pleafant unto thee ; 
And fecrets of thy wifdom thou 
revealed haiV to m;. 

G 4 7 Wit I 


Pfalmli, lii. 

(me,\ The fecond part. m 

7 With hyfTop ,' Lord , befprinkle 1 13 O God,that art God of my health, 
I Ihall be cleanfed £01 1 from blood deliver me : 

Yea, wafh thou me, and fb I Ihall 
be whiter than the fnow. 

8 Of joy and gladnefs make thou me 
to hear the pleafant voice : 

tThat fo the bones w^^ thou,0 Lord, 
haft broken, may rejoyce. 

^ From the beholding of iny Cins^ 
Lord, turn away thy face : 

And all my deeds of wickedneis 
do utterly deface. 

10 O God, create in me a heart 

unlpotred in thy light : 
Within my bowels, Lord, renew 
a firm and ftable j^irit. 

11 Call me not from thy fight, nor 
thy holy fpirit away : ('take 

The comfort of thy faving health 
give me again, I pray. 

a[ 2 With thy free fpirit ftabliflf me, 
and I will teach therefore 

Sinners thy ways, that fo they may 
turn to thej evermore. 

That praifes of thy righteoufhefs 
my tongue may fmg to thee. 

14 My lips that yet faft clofedbe, 
do thou, O Lord, unloofe : 

The praifes of thy Majefty 
my mouth iiiall then difclofe. 

1 5 I would have ofFer'd facrifice, 
if that had pleafed thee : 

But pleafed with burnt-offerings 
I know thou wilt not be. 

i^ A troubled fpirit is facrlfice 
delightful in God's eyes : 

A broken and an humble heart, 
Lord, thou wilt not defpife. 

i7ln thy good will deal gently , Lord, 

to SiOn, arid withall. 
Grant that of thy Jerufalem 

uprear'd may be the wall. 

18 Bur nt-off 'rings, gifts, and facrffice 

of juftice, in that day 
Thou ihalt accept^ and calves they 

upon thine altar lay. (fhall 

Cantus &' BafJiM. VsALM LII. ' LichjiclclTu?;e^ 

Hy dolf thou tyrant bcaft abroad thy wicked works to praife ?. 

Doft thou not know there is a Godjwhofe mercies laft ahvays ? 


Pfalm lii, liii. - S9 

Medius. Pfalm ^2. ^. ^. l^oc, 

VvHy doft thou tyrant boaft abroad thy wicked works to praife ? 

Dofl thou not know there is a God, whofe mercies lafl: always ? 
Bafm: Pfalm ^2. J. ^. Vhc. 

Vv Hy dofl: thou tyrant boaft abroad thy wicked works to praife 


Ooft thou not know there is a God, whofe mercies laft always ? 

Why doth thy mind yet ftill devife 

flich wicked wiles to warp ? 
Thy tongue untrue in forging lies 

is like a razor iharp. 

) On mifchief why fett'ft thou thy 

and wilt not walk upright ? 
TKou haft more luftfalfe tales to find, 

than bring the truth to light. 

i-Thou doft delight in fraud & guile, 

in mifcliief, blood, and wrong : 
Thy lips have learn'd the flatt'ring 

O falfe deceitful tongue ! (ftyle, 


5: Therefore the Lord Ihall thee con- 

and pluck thee from thy place : 
yhy feed root out from off the 

f nd utterly deface . ( ground. 

6The juftjWhen they behold thy fall, 
with fear will praife the Lord, 

And in reproach of thee withal 
cry out with one accord, 

yBehold the man that would not take 
the Lord for his defence : 

But of his goods his God did make, 
and truft his corrupt fenfe. 

8 But I as olive frefli and green 
fliall ipring and fpread abroad : 

For why •? my truft all rimes hath 
upon the living God. (been 

5>]Jor this therefore will I give praile 
to th«# with heart and voice : 

I will advance thy Name always, '. 
wherein thy faints rejoyce. 

^ SJ L M 


PCzlm liiL 

Cantm & Bajjhs, TsALM LIII. TorkTun 

He foolifli man within his heart bkfphemoufly hath Aid 


There is not a — ny God at all, why fhould we be afraid ? 


Vfalm f^l. A.rt^.Vo 

XHe foolifh man within his heart blafphemoufly hath faid, 

There is not a— ny God at all, why fliould we bei afraid ? 
BaJJiis. Tfalm fj^T^, A, i.Vo 

XHe fooJifh man within his heart blafpemoully hath faid. 
There is not a— ny God at all, why fhould we be afraid ? 

2 They are corrupt, and they alfo 

a hainous work have wrought : 
Among them all there is not one 
of good that worketh ought. 

3 The Lord look'd down from heav'n 

the fbns of men below, ^ (u^n 
To fee if any were that fought 
the living God to know. 

4 They are all gone out of the way, 
they are corrupted all : 

There is not any that doth good, 
there is not one at all. 

5 Do not all wicked workers know, 
that they do feed upon 

My people, as they fed on bread ? 
The Lord they call not on. 

6Ev'n there they were afraid,& ftdc 
with trembling all difmay'd, 

Whereas there was no caule at all 
why th'ry fhould be afraid. 

yForGod his bones that the/6 beiicg't 
hath fcatter'd all abroad : 

He hath confounded them, for the 
rejefted are of God. 

80Lord,give thou thy people healtl 
and thou, O Lord, f iJfill 

Thy promife made to Ifrael 
from out of Sion hill. 

pWhen God his people fhall reftore 
that once wer'^ captive led, 

Then Jacob fhall thei'ein rejoyce, 
and Ifrael be siad. 


P S A L h 

Pfalm liv. 


Cantm & Bajfus, VsALM LIV. • GhfienhuryTune, 

O D, fave me for thy holy Name,and for thy goodnefs fake: 

Unto the ftrengthjLord, of the fame I do my caufe betake. 

^ -.« , ._- _^_ 

Me^tm. Pfalm ^/\, ji, 5. Voc, 

V 5S- 

God, fave me for thy ho-ly Name, and for thy goodnefs fake : 

Unto the ftrength,Lord, of the fame I do my caufe betake. 
Bajfus. Tfalm ^^, A. 'i^,Voc, 


(^OD, fave me for thy ho-Iy Name, and for thy goodnefs fake : 


Unto the ftrength,Lord, of the fame I do my caufe betake. 

2 Regard, O Lord, and give an ear 

to me when I do pray : 
pow down thy felf to me, and hear 
^ the words that I do fay. 

3 For Grangers up againfl: me rife, 
and tyrants vex me ftill : 

W<^^ have not God befbi-e their eyes, 
they feek my foul to fpilJ. 

4 But lo, my God doth give me aid, 
the Lord is ilraight at hand ; 

With them by whom my foul isflaid, 
the Lord doth ever ftand. 

5 With plagues repay again all thofe 

for me that lie in wait : 
And in thy truth deftroy my foes 
with their own fnare and bait. 

6 An off 'ring of free heart and will 

then I to thee Ihall make, 
And praife thy Name,for therein dill 
great comfort I do take. 

7 ThouX*^ j^t length haft fet me free 
from them that craft confpire : 

And now mine eye with joy doth fee 
on them my heart's defire. 



Pfalm Iv. 

Ca?7tm & Bajjusl PsjLM LV. ManchefierTum 

^ Jf God, give ear, and do apply to hear me when I pray ; 



And when to thee I call and cry,hide not thy felf away. 

Medius, ^ T0ms;^, A.^.Fac 

O God, give ear, and do apply to hear ' me when I pray : 

And when to thee I call and cry, hide not thy felf away. 
Bajfus. Pfalm ^^. y^.^.Voc 

O God, give ear, and do apply to hear me when I pray : 
And when to thee I call and cry, hide not thy felf away. 

aTake heed to me ,grant my requeft, 

and anfwer me again : 
With grief I pray full. fore opprefl, 

forrow doth me conftrain. 


3 Becaufe my foul v/ith threats and 
opprefs me through defpight: 

And fo the wicked fort likevvife 
to vex me have delight. 

4 For they in counfel 6.0 confpire 
to charge me withjome ilJj 

And in their hafly wrath and ire \ 

they do purfue me ftilJ. 

$ My heart doth faint for want of 

it panreth in my breaft : 
The terrors,and the dread of death 

do work !ne much unreft. 

6 Such dreadful fear on me doth fall, 
that I therewith do quake : 

Such horror overwhelmeth me, - 
that I no Jhift can make. s 

7 Bui 

Pfalm Iv. 

7 But I did fay, Who will me give 
the fwift and pleafant wings 

Of fome fair dove, that I may flee, 
and reH me from thefe things ? 

8 Lo, then I would go far away> 
to fly I would not ceafe : 

And I would hide my felf, and ftay 
in ibme great wildernefs. 

^ I would be gone in all the liafle, 
and not abide behind , 

rill I were quit and overpaft 
thele blafts of boiflrous wind. 

'oDivide them,Lord ,and froni them 
their falfe Sc double tongue : fpivH 
For I- have fpi'd their city full 
: of rapine, fl:rife, and wrong. 

1 1 Which things both night and day 
inclofe her as a wall : (throughout 

[nmidft of her is mifchief Wrought, 
and forrow great withal. 

[2Her inward parts are wicked plain ,^ 

her deeds are much too vile : 
And in her fl:reets there doth remain 

nothing but fraud and guile. 
The fecmd part. 
i}l£ that my foes did leekmy Ihame, 

I might it well abide : 
Becaufe from all their check & blame 

fomewhere I could me hide. 

14 But thou it was my fellow dear, 
which friendfliip did pretend, 

And did my fecret counfel hear, 
as my familiar friend. 

1 5 With whom I had delight to talk 
in fecret and abroad, 

And we together oft did walk 
unto the houfeof God. 

l^Let death in hafte upon them fall, 
and fend them quick to hell ; 

tor mifchief doth abide in all 
the places where they dwell. 


1 7 But I unto my God will cty, 
to him for help I flee: 

The Lord will help me infl:antly, 
and he will fuccour me. 

18 At moi"ning,rioon,& ev'nlng-tide, 
unto the Lord I pray : 

When I fo conftantly have ctVd, 
he did not fay me nay. 

19 To peace he Ihall refl:ore me yet, 
tho war be now at hand: 

Altho the numijer be full great 
that would againfi me ftaad. 

20 TheL^ that firft & laft doth rejgrs 
both now and evermore, 

Will hear when I to liim complain, 
and punifli them full fore. 

21 For fure there is no hope that they 
to turn will once accord : 

For why ? they do not God obey^ 
nor yet do fear the Lord. 

laUpon their friends they laid theit 
well were in covenant knit: (hands/ 

Of friendfhip to negleft the bands, 
they do not care one whit. 

2 3 WhUe they have war within th^ir 
as butter are their words: fhearfs. 

And tho they were as foft as oyl, / 
they cut as Iharp as fwords. 

24Caft thou thy care upon the Lord, 
and he fliall nourilh thee : . 

For in no wife he will accord 
the juft in thrall to fee. 

2 jButGod fhall cafl: them deep in pit, 
that thirft for blood always : 

He will no guileful man permit 
to live our- half his days. ' . . 

26 Tho fuch be quite deflroy'd and 
on him is all my fl:ay : (gone, 

I will depend his grace upon 
with all my heart alway. 

P S J L M 


Pfalm Ivi. 

Cantks & Bajjm, VsalmINI, SaliihuryTme. 

B I Ave mercy, Lord;On me, I pray, for man would me devour : 

He fighteth with me day by day, and troubleth me each hour. 

Medius. •■•.^^>' •■ pj'alm ^6. A. j^.Voc^ 

J-jAve mercy, Lord, on me, I pray, for man would me devour ; 

He fighteth with me day by day, and troubleth me each hour. 


A. 7,.Voc: 

J^Ave mercy,- Lprd, on me , I pray, for man would me devour : 

He fighteth with me day by day, and troubleth me each houf. 

2 My fo5s do daily ejiterprife 

to fwallow me out-right : 
To fight againH: me many rife, 
O thou moft High of might, (fi-^id 

3 When they would make me moft a- 

with beafts and brags of pride,- 
I truft in thee alone for aid, 
jby thee I will abide. 

4 God's promife I do mind 8c praife, 

O Lord, I ftick to thee : ' 
I do not care at all eiTays 
what fitlh cm do ro me. 

5 What things I either did or fpake 

they wreft them at their will : 
And all the counfel that they take, 

is hov7 to work me ill. 
6They all confent themfelvestohide; 

clofe watch for me to lay : (tri' 
They fpy my paths,and fiiares h2V( 

to take my life away. 

thou, God, on them wilt frown 
For in thy wrath thou doft not let 

to throw whole kingdoms down 

Thou fee^ft how oft they made me 

and on my tears deft look : (flee, 
eferve them in a glafs by thee, 

and write them in thy book. 
When I do call upon thy Name, 

my foes away do ftart ; 
well perceive it by the fame, 

that God doth take my part. 

D I glory in the word of God, 

to praife it I accord : 
^ith joy I will declare abroad 

the promife of the Lord . 

Pfalm Ivi, Ivii. ^y 

1 1 1 truil in God the Lord, and fay, 

as I before began, 
The Lord he is my help and (lay, , : 

I do not care for man. 

12I will perform with heart moft fre« 
my vows to God always : 

And I, O Lord, all times to thee 
will offer thanks and praife. 

1 3 My foul from death thou doflrde- 
and keep'ft my feet upright :(fend, 

That I before thee may afcend 
with fuch as live in light. 

antm & BaJJ'm, ' ^ " VsALM LVIL London Tune, 

Ake pi-ty for thy promife fake, have mercy, Lord, on met " 


?or why ? my foul doth hef betake unto' the help of thee.- ' ' '■''■'' 

iedius, Pfalm ^ -J. A. '^,V<)s,' 

^Ake pi — ty for thy promife fake, have mercy, Lord, on me : 

For why ? my foul doth .her betake unto the help of thee. 

jpAke pi — ty for thy promife fake, have mercy. Lord, on me : 

For why ? my foul doth her betake unto the help yf thee. ' 

a Within, 



Pfalm Ivii, iviii. 

2 Within the Ihadow of thy wings 

I fet my felf full fad, 
Till tnirchief,malice.and like dilngs' 
be gone and o\ erpaft. 

3 I call upon the God moll high, 

to whom I ftick and ft^nd : 
I mean, the God that will ftand by 
the caufe I have in hand. 

4 For he from heav'n hath fent his aid 

to fave me from their fpite. 

That to devour me have eflay'd 

his mercy , truth , and might. 

5 I lead my life with lions fell, 
all fet on wrath and ire : 

And with fuch wicked men I dwell, 
that fret like flames of fire. 


6 Their teetb are fpeafs arid arrows 
as fharp as I hav^e feen : (tongue 

They wound & cut with their quick 
like fwbrds and weapons keen. 

7 Set up and fliew thy felf, O God, 

above the heav'ns moft bright : 
Exalt thy praife on earth abroad, 
thy Majefty and might. 

8 They laid theirnetj'and did prepare 

a privy cave and pit : 
Wherein they thought my' fdul to 
but they are fall'n in it. (fnare, 

9 My heart is fet. to laud the Lord, 
in him to joy always : 

My heart doth ever well accord 
to fmg his laud and praife. 

10 Awake my foul, awake, I fay, 
my lute, my harp, and firing : 

And I my felf, before the day, • 
will'rife" rcjoyce, and fmg. 

1 1 Among the people 1 will tell 
the goodnefs of my God, 

And Ihew his praife that.doth excel 
in heathen lands abroad. 

1 2 His iliefcy doth exte'njas lar 
as the heavens all are high ; 

His truth as high as any ftar 
that ftiine th in the sky . 

13 Set forth and fliew thy felf, OtJod 
above the heav'ns moft bright 5 

Extol thy felf on earth abroad, 
thy Majefty and might. 

Canm& PaJJus. VsALM LVIIT: NorivtcbTunt 

JL E rulers that are put in truft to judge of wrong and right 1 

Be all your judgments true and juft, regarding no man'siaght. 



Pfaltn Iviii 

VJalm ^8. 

A. J. Voc. 


JE rulers that are put in truft to judge of wrong and rights 

Be all your judgments true and juft, regarding no man's might, 
Baffifs, Tfalm ^ 8. A.% . Foe. 

Ye rulers that are put in truft to judge of wrong and right : 

Be all your judgments true and juft, regarding no matf s might. 

iNay,iri your hearts ye mark & mufe 

in mifchief to conient : 
And where ye Ihould true juftice life, 

your hands to bribes are bent. 

J The wicked fort from their Hrth- 
! have erred on this wife : (day 
knd from their mothers womb al- 
have ufed craft and lies. (way 

J In them the poyfon and the breath 

of ferpents do appears 
Yea, like the adder that is deaf, 

and faft doth ftop his ear. 

jBecaufe Ihe will not heir the voice 
^ of one that charmeth welh 
^Ojtho he were the chief of choice, 
and did therein excel. 

i^The teeth, O Lord, which faft ara 
in their mouth round about : 

The lions teeth that are fo great, 
do thou, Lcrd, break them out- 

7Let them confume away and wafte^' 
as water runs Ibrth-righr : (hafte. 

The Ihafts that they do flidot in 
let them be broke in flight. 

8 As fiiails do wafte within the ihtll^ 

and unto llime do run : 
As one before his time that felJ^ 

and never faw the fun. 

p Before the tliorris that now are 

to bufiies big ihall grow • 
The ftorms of anger waxing {tr^ng, 

fliall take them ere they know. 

ro The juft fliall joy, it doth them 

that God doth Vengeance take • 
And they Iball waih their feet iri 

of them that him fbrlake. (blood 

i I Then Ihaill the world ihew forth & 
. that good men have reward : frellj 
And that a God on earth d«thdWeU^ 
that juliice dotJi regard- 


f SM i, M 


Pfalm lix. 

Cantm & Bapis. Vs.^LM LIX. Exeter Tune. 


I End iid, and fave me from my foes, O Lord,I pray to thee : 



:___--_ 1+;-- 

Defend and keep me from all thofe that rife and ftrive with me. 

Medluh Pfalm 99. ^. ?. ^oc. 

SEnd aid, and fave me from my foes, O Lord, I pray to thee; 

Defend and keep me from all thofe that rife and ftrive with me. 
BajTuf. Tfalm <:q. ^ A.'^.Voc. 


^End aid, and fave me from my foes, O Lord, I pray to thee: 
Defend and keep me from all thofe that rife and ftrive with me. 

2 O L*^ , preferve me from thofe men, 

whofe doings are not good; 
And fet me fure and fafe from them 
that thirft ftill after blood. 

3 For lo, they wait my foul to take, 
they rage againft me fliJl: 

Yea, for no fault that I did make, 
I never did chem ill. 

4 They run and do themfelves pre- 
whea I no whit ojfFend ; Cpare, 

Arife and five me from their fnare, 
and fee what they intend. 

5 Arife, O God of Ifrael, 

fmite ev'ry heathen land : 
And pity none that do rebel, 
and in their mifchief ftand. 

6 At night they ftir and feek about, 

like dogs they howl alfo ; I 

And all the city clean throughout,! 

from place to place they go. | 

7 They fpeak of me w ^'^ mouth alway 

but in thdr lips are fwords : (f?y 

They have contriv'd my death, anc 

what ? none dorh hear Qur words 

Pitalm lix* Ix* 

i But,L^,thou haft their ways efpi'd, 

and thou fhalt them difgrace : 
rhe heathen folk thou dolt deride, 

and mock them to their face. 

) The flrength that doth our foes 

O Lord, doth come from thee : 
My God, he is r^ help at hand, 

a fort and fence to me. 

ro The Lord to me doth fliew his 

in great abundarice ftill 5 
That I may fee my foes in cale, 

fuch as my heart doth will. 
The fecond part. 
iiDeftroy them not at once,0 Lord, 

left it from mind do fall : (broad. 
But with thy ftrength drive them a- 

and fo confume them all. 

li For their ill words and truthlefs 

confound them in their pride : 
Their wicked oaths with lies and 

let all the world deride, (wrong 


ijConfume them mthy wmh,6Lord, 

that nought of them remaiil: - 

That men may know throug! out the 

that Jacob's God dothreigh. (world 

14 At evening they return apace, 
as dogs they grin and cry : 

Throughout the ftreets in ev'ry place 
they ruil about and fpy. 

1 5 They leek about for meat always 
but let them not be fed : 

Nor find a houfe wherein they may 
be bold to put their head. 


1 5 But i will fhew thy ftrength a- 
thy goodnefs I will praife : 

For thou art my defence and God 
at need in all effays. 

lyThou art my ftrength ,thoil haft me 

O Lord, I fing to thee : 
Thou a;rt my fort,my feiice,a(ld ald> 

a loving God to me. 

Cantm & BaJJhs. VsALM LX. Brifiol Tune, 

Lord,th6u didft us clean forfake, and fcatter all abroad: 

Such gre^t dif^leafure thou didft take i Returit to' us , O God, 



100 Pfalm Ix. 

Medius. Tfdm 60. A,i^,Voc, 

(3 Lord, thou didft us dean forfake, and fcatter all abroad, 

Such great difpleafure thou didft fake : Return to us , ID God. 
BaJJlis. ' V [aim 60. A.^^Voc, 


Q Lord, thou didft us clean forfake, and fcatter all abroad. 
Such great difpleafure thou didft take: Return to us, O God. 

2 Thy might did move the Land £0 ' 

that it in funder brake : (fore, 
The hurt thereof, O Lord, reftore, 
for it doth bow and quake. 

3 With heavy things thou plagueft 

the people that are thine : (thus 
And rhou haft given unto us 
a drink of deadly wine. 

4 But yet to fuch as fear thy Name, 

a banner thou doft- Ihew : 
That they may triumph in the fame, 
becaufe thy Word is true. 

5 So that thy might may keep and 
thy folk that favour thee : (fave 

That rhey ihy help at hand may have, 
O Lord, grant this to mtf. 

^ I'he Lord did fpeatc from his own 
this was his joyful tale, ('place, 

I will divide Sichem by pace, 
and mete put Succoch's vaJe. 

7 Gilead is given to my hand, 
Maiiafle's mine befide; 

Ephraimtheftrengthofallmy land, 
my law doth Judah guide. 

8 In Moab I will wafh my feet, 
o'er Edom throw my flioe : 

And thou Paleftine ought'ft to keep 
for favour me unto. 

9 But who will bring me at this tidflr 

unto this city ftrong ? 
Or who to Edom will me guide, 
fo that I go not wrong ?^ 


10 LordAVilt not thou,which did'ft 
thy folk, their land, and coafts ? 

Our wars in hand thou wouldft not 
nor walk among our hofts. ('take, 

1 1 Give aid, O Lord, and us relieve 
from them that us difdain : 

The lielp that hofts of men can give,' 
is all but weak and vain. 

(have might 

1 1 But through our God we iliali 
to take great tilings in hand : 

He will tread down and put to flight 
all rhofs that us vvithftand. 

P $ J L M 

P{alm Ixi. 


Cantus & Bapfs. Psjlm LXI. Or to Martyrs Tune, 

Egard, O Lord, for I complain,and make my fuic to thee: 


Let not my words return in vain, but give an ear to me. 
From out the coafts and utmoft paits of all the earth abroad, 

In grief and anguilh of my heart I cry to thee, O God. 

Medium. ■ Pfalm 6i. A. 3. Vqc. 

_|^Egard, O Lord, for I complain, and make my fuir to thee: 


Let not my words return in vain, but give an ear to me: 
From out the coafts and utmofi: parts of all the earth abroad, 


In grief and anguilliof my heart I cry to thee, O God. 

H 3 Bafut, 

sotf Pfalm Ixi, Ixii. 

Baffus. Pfalm 6l, A. ;. Voi:, 

'R^Eg^rdf O Lord, for I complain, and make my fuit to thee : 

Let not my words return in vain, but give an ear to me. 
From out the coafts and utmofl: parts o^ all the earth abroad, 


In grief and anguifh of my heart I cry to thee, O God, 

3 Upon the rock of thy great pow'r 

my woful mind repofe : 
Thou art my hope, my fort,& tow'r, 
my fence a:gainft my foes. 

4 Within thy tent I long to dwell, 

for ever to endure : 
Under thy wings I know right well 
I fhall be fafe and fure. 

5 The Lord doth my defire regard, 

and doth fulfil the fame : 
With riches great will he reward 
all thofe that fear his Name. 

6 The king fliall he in health main. 

and fo prolong his days : Ctain, 
That he from age to age fliall reiga 

with honour great always. 

7That he may have a dwelling-place 

before the Lord alway : 
O let thy mercy, troth, and grace, 

defend him from decay. 
8 Then fhall I fmg for ever ftlll 

with praife unto thy Name : 
That all my vows I may fulfil, 

and daily pay the fame. 

Cantm &BajJks. Ps/^LM LXII. CamhridgeTune, 

Y foul to God fhall give good heed,and him alone attend 

For why ? my health and hope toipeed doth whole on him depend 


Pfalm IxiL 103 

Me dm, Pfalm 62. -^. ;. Foe. 

^^Y foul toGodlhallgivegoodheedjand him a--lone attend: 


For why ? my health and hope to fpeed doth whole on him depend. 
Baffuf. ■ Pfalm 62. ^. 3. Foe, 

JVIy" foul to God fhall give good heed, and him a-lone attend ; 

For why ? my health and hope to fpeed doth whole on him depend. 

He ismy{lrength,myftay,my wealth, 
and ftill doth me defend. 

2 For he alone is my defence, 
my rock, my health, and aid : 

He is my ftay, that no pretence 
ihall make me much difmayM. 

3 O Wicked folk, how long will ye 
ufe craft ? fure ye mufl: fall : 

For as a rotten hedge ye be, 
and like a tott'ring wall. 


4 Whom God doth love, ye feek al- 

to put him to the worfe : 
Ye -love to lie,wirh mouth ye praife, 
and yet your heart doth curfe. 

5 Yet ftill my foul doth whole depend 

on God my chief delire ; 
From all ill feats me to defend, 
none but him I require. 

6 He is my rock, my fort, and tow'r, 

my health is of his grace : 
He doth fupport me, that no pow'r 
can move me out of place. 

7 My glory and falvacion dgth 
en him alon^ depend ; 

8 O have your trufl: in him alway, 
ye folk with one accord ; 

Pour out your hearts to him, and fay, 
Our trull is in the Lord. 

9 The fons of men deceitful are, 
on balance but a {l^ighr : (pare, 

With things moft vain do them com- 
for they can hold no weight. 

loTrufl: not in wrong and/robbery, 

let vain delighrs be gone : 
Tho riches flow in fuddenJy, 

fet not your hearts thereon, 

II The Lord long fmce one thing did 

which here to mind I cali : 
He fpake it off, I heard it well, 

that he alone doth all : 

I lAnd that thou,Lorc[,art good apd 

tby mercy doth exce:."d : 
So that all forts with tiiee fliall fiad 

according to their de<^d. 


P S A ^ iM 


Pfalm Ixiii. 

Cantus &Baj}m. Ps^LM LXIII. Martyrs Tune. 

God,my God,I watch betime to come to thee in hafte : 

For why ? my foul and body both do thirft of thee to tafte. 

Me dins. _ Tfalm 65. A. It,. Voc. 

(3 God, my God, I watch betime to come to thee In hafte: 

For why ? my foul and body both do thirft of thee to tafte. Tfalm 6'),. A.'^.Foc, 

Q God, my God, I watch betime to come to thee in hafte: 
for why? my foul and body both do thirft of thee to tafte. 

j^nd in this barren wildernefs, 
where waters there are none, 

My iiefti is parch'd for thought of 
for thee I wifh alone. (thee, 

% This I might fee yet once again 
thy glory, ftrength, and might, 

As I was wont it to behold 
within thy temple bright. 

^For why ? thy mercies far furmount 
this life and wretched days : 

My lips therefore fhall give to thee 
due honour, laud, and praife, 

4 And whilft' I live, I will not faO 
to worlhip thee alway : 

And in thy Naaie I will lift up 
my hands when I do pray. 

5 My foul is fiird as with marrow, 

which is both fat and fweet: 
My mouth therefore fiiall fing fuch 
as are for thee moft meet. ( fongs 
6 When 

Pfalm Ixiii, Ixiv. 

( When in my bed I think on thee, 

and in the wakeful night ; 
7 And under covert of thy wings, 

rejoyce with great delight: 
? My foul doth furely ftick to thee, 

thy right hand is my pow'r : 
)And thofe that feek my foul to flay, 

death fhall them foon devour. 

10 jf 

I oThe fword fliall them devour each 

their carcaifes lliall feed Tone, 
The hungry foxes, which do run 
their prey to feek at need. 

I I The king & all men fliall rejoyce, 
that do profefs God's word ; 

For liars mouths fhall then be ftopt, 
and all their ways abhorrM. 

'antm&Bajj'm, P^y^L Ai LXIV. SaUshury Tum^ 

I W Lord,unto my voice give ear when I complain and pray \ 

And rid my life and foul from fear of foes that threat to flay. 

\dedius, Vfalm 64. A. ^r Yoc. 

O Lord, un— to my voice give ear when I complain and pra^' : 

And rid my life and foul from fear of foes that threat to ilay. 
"^ajpis. Pfalm 6 /\., J.l^.Voc: 

O Lord, un— to my voice give ear when I complain and pray; 

And rid my life and foul from fear of fo2s that threat to flay. 

3Who whet their tongue? as we have 

Defend me from that fort of men 
which in deceit do lurk; 
^nd from the frowning face of them 
;hat all ill feats do work. 

men wher snd (harp their fvvords: 
They flioot abroad their arrows keen, 
I mean, moft bitter words. 



Pfalm Ixiv, Ixv. 

^With privy fleights fhoot they their 
the upright man to hit : (fhaft, 

The innocent to ftrike by craft, 
they care or fear no whit. 

5 A wicked work they have decreed, 

in council thus they cry, 

To ufe deceit let us not dread, 

what ? who can it efpy ? 


6 What way to hurt they talk and 
aJl times within their heart : 

They all confult what feats to ufe, 
each doth invent his part. 

7 But yet all this fhall not prevail ; 

when they think leaft upon, 

God with his dart fliall fur e aflail 
and wound them evVy one. 


8 Their crafts and their ill tongue 
fliall work themfelves fuch blame 

That they which then behold thei 

Ihall Wonder at the fame, ffall 


9 And all that fee fhall know righ 
that God the thing hath wrought 

And praife his wondrous works,&te] 
what he to pafs hath brought. 

loYet fhall the jufl in God re Joyce 
flill trufling in his might : 

So fhall they joy with mind & voice 
whofe hearts are pure and right. 

Camus & BaJJhs. TsALM LXV. Tork Turn 

I H Y praife alone, O Lord, doth reign in Sion,thine own hilJ: 


Their vows to thee they do maintain, and evermore fulfil. 


Vfalm 6^. .. A, 5. Vo 


Thy praife a-.-lone, O Lord, doth reign in Sion, thine own hill 
Theirvows to thee they do maintain, and evermore fulfil. 

Pfalm Ixv. 107 

XH Y praife, a-lone, O Lord, doth reign in Sion, thine own hill: 
Their vows to thee they do maintain, and evermore fulfil. 

2 For that thou doft their prayers 
and doft thereto agree ; (hear, 

The people all both far and near 
with truft Ihall come to thee. 

3 Our wicked life Co far exceeds, 
that we fhall fall therein ; (deeds, 

But, Lord, forgive our great mif^ 
and,purge us from our lin, 


14 The man is blefl whom thou doft 
within thy courts to dwell : 

Thy houfe and temple he Ihall ufe 
with pleafures that excel. 

5 Of thy great juftice hear, O God, 
our health of thee doth rife : 

The hope of all the earth abroad, 
and the fea-coafts likewife. 

6With ftrength thou art befet about, 
and compafs'd with thy pow'r : 

Thou mak'ft the mountains ftrong & 
to ftand in evVy fliow'r. (ftout, 

7The fwelling leas thou doft afTwage, 

making them very ftill : 
Thou doftreftrain the people's rage, 

and rule them at thy will. 

(the earth 
t The folk that dwell throughout 

Hull dread thy figns to fee : 

Morning and evening in great mirth 
fend praifes up to thee. 

9 When that the earth is chapt and 

and thirfteth more and more, 
Then with thy drops thou doft fjp- 
and much increafe her ftore. fply, 

10 The flood of God doth overflow, 
and fo doth caufe to Ipring 

The feed & corn which men do low, 
for he doth guide the thing. 

iiWith wet thou doft her furrows fill, 
whereby her clods do fall : 

Thy drops on her thou doft diftil, 
and blefs her fruit withal. 

(good grace 

12 Thou deck*ft the earth of thy 
with fair and pleafant crop : 

Thy clouds diftill their dew apace^ 
great plenty do they drop. 

13 Whereby the defart fhall begin 
full great increafe to bring , 

The little hills fliall joy therein, 
much fruit in them fhall fpring. 

i4Tn places plain the flocks fiiall feed, 

and cover all the earth : 
The vales with corn fhall lb exceed, 

that men fhall ilng for mirth. 

P S^ L 


Pfalm Ixvi. 

Cantm & BaJJhs. VsALM LXVI. London Tune 

jj E men on earthjin God rejoycejwithpraifefct forth his Name; 


Extol his might with heart and voice, give glory to the fame. 

MeMus, Pfalm 66. J. ; Voc 

Ye nien on eartli, in God rejoyce,with praife fet forth hiS Name : 

Extol his might with heart and voice, give glory to the fame. 


Tfalm 66, 

A. ^. Voc. 

Ye men on tarth,in God rejO)«ce, with praile fet forth his Name; 
Extol his might with heart 3.nd voice, give glory to the fame. 

2 How wonderful, O Lord, fay ye, 

in all thy v.'orks thou art ! 
Thy foes for fear fhall feek to thee 

full fore againft their heart. 
5 All men that dwell the earth thro- 

lliall praife the Name of God : (out 
The laud thereof the world about 

is Ihew'd and fet abroad. 
4AII folk come forth, behold and fee 

what things the L"^ hath wrought ! 

Mark well the wondrous works, that 

_ for man to pafs hath, brought, (he 

5 He laid the fea like heaps on high 

therein a way they had 
On foot to pafs both fair and dry,. 

whereof their hearts were glad. 
(5Hisrriight doth rule the world al- 

his eyes all things behold: (way 
All fuch as fhall him difobey, 

by him fhall be controlfd. 
7 Ye people, give unto-our God 

due laud and thanks always : 
With joyful voice declare abroad, 

and fmg unto his praife: 

8 Which! 

Pfalm Ixvi, ixvix. 


! Whicli doth endue our foul with 

and it preferve withal : (lik, 
He ft ays our feet, fo that noftrife 

can malce us flip, or fall. 
>TheLord doth prove our deeds with 

if that they will abide : (fire, 
\s workmen do, when they defire 

to have their metals tri'd. 

10 Altho thou fuffer uis fo long 
in prifon to be caft, 

\nd there with chains and fetters 
to lie in bondage faft. Cftrong 
ihe feiond fart . 

1 1 Altho, I fay, thou fuffer men 
on us to ride and reign ; 

rho we through fire and water run 
with very grief and pain: 

f 2 Yet fure thou doft of thy good 
difpofe it to the beft:, (grace 

\nd bring us out into a place 
to live in wealth and reft. 

f 3 Unto thy houfe refort will I 

to offer and to pray, 
5 \nd there I will my felf apply 

my vows to thee to pay : 
f 4The vows that with my mouth I 

in all my grief and fmart : (Ipake 

The vows, I fay, which I did make 
in dolor of my heart. 

1 5 Burnt oif'rings I will give totfeec 

of oxen fat, and rams : 
Yea, this my facrifice fliall be 

of bullocks, goats, and iambs. 

16 Come forth and hearken here foil 
all ye that fear the Lord : (foon. 

What he for my poor foul hath done 
to you I will record. 

17 Full oft I call to mind his^ce, 
this mouth to him doth cry : 

And thou my tongue make fpeed a- 
to praife him inftantly. (pace 

1 8 But if I feel niy heart within 
in wicked works rejoyce : 

Or if I have delight to iin, 
God will not hear my voice. 

19 But furely God my voice hath 
and what I do require : (heard. 

My pray'r alfo he doth regard, 
and granteth my delire. 

20 All praife to him that hath not 
nor caft me out of ir ind : (pat 

Nor yet his mercy from me fhut, 
which I do ever find. 

l^anms & BaJJlfs, ' P^^^LAi LXVII. . SouthwelTune. 


|l , I Ave mer— cy on us. Lord, and granrit to us thy grace: 


To fiiew to us do thou accord the brightnefs of thy face. 

no Pfalm Ixvii, Ixviii. 

Medim, Vfalm 67. A, ^. Vod 

J-J Ave mer— cy on us , Lord , and grant to lis thy grace : 

To fliew to us do thou accord the brightriefs of thy face. 
Bajfm. Pfalm 67. v^. 3. ^oc, 

J-jAve mer— cy on us, Lord , and grant to us thy grace : 
To ihew to us do thou accord the brightnefs of thy face. 

t That all the earth may know 
the way to godly wealth : 

And all the nations here below 
may fee thy faving health. 

3 Let all the world, O God, 

give praife unto thy Name : 
And let the people all abroad 
extol and laud the fame. 

4 Throughout the world Co wide 
let all rejoyce with mirth : 

For thou with truth and right doft 
the nations of the earth. Cguide 

5 Let all the world, O God, 
give praife unto thy Name ; 

And let the people all abroad 
extol and laud the fame. 

6 Then fliall the earth inCreafe, 

great ftore of fruit fliall fall ; 
And then our God,the God of peace, 

fliall ever blefs us all. 
*j God fliall us gteatly blefs; 

and then both far and near. 
The folk, which all the earthpoflefs, 

of him fliall ftand in fear. 

Cantus & Bajfm, f^ALM LXVIII. Or to St, David's Tune 

T iipilipiiiipiipiiiilii^ 

£ T God arife,and then his foes will turn themfelVes to flight 



His e — ne— mies for fear fliall run , and (batter out of %ht. 



Pfalm lxv8i. iit 

And as the fire doth melt the wax, and wind blows Imoak away : 


So in the pretence of the Lord, the wicked fhall decay. 


Medm» Pfalm 6S, A, 3. Voe. 


LEt God arife, and then his foes will turn themfelves to flight : 
[^ — 

His e — ne— mies for fear lliall run , and fcatter out of fight. 

And as the fire doth melt the wax, and wind blows fmoak away : 


So in the prefence of the Lord, the wielded fhall decay. 
Bajfm. V[dm6%. A.%,Voc, 

LEt God arife, and then his foes will turn themfelves to flight : 

His e— ne— mies for fear fhall run , and fcatter out of fight. 

And as the fire doth melt the wax, and wind blows fmoak away ; 

So ill the prefence of the Lord the wicked ihall d^cay. 

J But 

Kii Pralm 

3 But righteous meii before the Lord 

ihall heartily rejoyce : 
They {hall be glad and merry all, 

and chearful in their voice. 

4 Sing praife, fing praife unto the 

who rideth on the sky : CLord, 
Extol the great Jehovah's Name, 
and him do magnifie. 

5 The fame is he that is above 
within his holy place, 

That Father is of fatherlefs, 
and judge of widows cafe. 
^Houfes he gives, and iffue both, 

. unto the comfortlefs; 
He bringeth bondmen out of thrall, 
and rebels to diftrefs. 

7 When thou didft march before thy 

th'Egyptiarts from among, (nefs 
And brought'ft them thro the wilder- 

w<^i^ was both wide Sc long : (down, 
SThe earth did quake,the rain pour'd 

heard were great claps of thunder ; 
Mount Sinai lliook in fuch a fort, 

as if 'twould break in funder. 

^Thine heritage with drops of rain 
abundantly was wafh'd ; 

And if Co be it barren wax'd, 
by thee it was refrelh'd. (main, 

10 Thy chofen flock doth there re- 
thou haft prepar'd that place : 

And for the poor thou doft provide 
of thine efpecial grace. 
The fecond part. 

1 1 God will give women caufes juft 
to magnifie his Name, 

When as his people triumphs make, 
and purchafe mighty fame. 

1 2 Puillant kings for all their pov/r 
lliall flee and take the foil, 

And women which remaifi at home 
ihall help to part the fpoilo 


13 And tho ye were as black as pots> 
your hue Ihall pafs the dove, 

W hofe wings & feathers feem to have 
filver and gold above. (umph 

14 When in this land God fiiall tri- 
o'er kings both high and low : 

Then Ihall it be like Salmon hilT> 
as white as any fnow; 

1 5 Tho Bafan be a fruitful hill, 
and in height others pafs : 

Yet Sion, God's moft holy hill, 
doth far excel in grace. (highi 

16 Why leap ye thus, ye hills moft 
and thus with pride do fwell ? 

The hill of Sion God doth love, 
and there will ever dwell. ; 

1 7 God's army is two millions 
of warriours great and firong : 

The Lord alfo in Sinai 

is prelent them among. (high^ 

18 Thou didfl:, O Lord, afcend on 
and captive led'ft them all, 

Which in times pafl: thy chofen flock 
in bondage did inthrall. 

Thou mad'ft them tribute for to pay ^ 

and fuch as did repine, (dwell 
Thou didft fubdue, that they might 

in thy temple divine. 
19N0W praifed be the Lord, for thaC' 

he pours on us fuch grace t 
From day to day he is the God 

of our health and folace. 
The third part. 
26 He is the God from whom alone 

falvation cometh plain ; 
He is the God by whom we fcaps 

all dangers, death, and pain. 
2 1 But he will wound his en'mies 

and break the hairy fcalp (head, 
Of thofe that in their wickednefs 

continue ftill to v/slk^ 

3 J From- 

1?. Froni Bafan will I bring, faid 

my people and my flieep : 
And all mine own, as I h^vfe done, 

from dangers of the deep. 
i} And make them dip their feet in 
of thofe that hate my Name : (blood 
And dogs iiiall have their tongues 
with licking of the famc.(embrew'd 

a^Thy goings they have (eert,6 God, 

unto their oWn difgrace : 
How thou my God and King doft go 

within thy holy place, 
ft 5 The fingers go before with joy, 

the minftrels make no ft ay : 
And ill the mldft the damfels do 

with timbrels fweetly play. 

a5 Now in the congregation, 

O Ifrael praife the Lord : 
And Jacob's whole pofterity, 

give thanks with one accord. 
ay Their chief was Httle Benjamin, 

but Judah made their hofl, 
With Zebulon and Nephthalim, 

which dwelt about their coaft. 

2 8 As God hath given pow'r to thee, 

fo, Lord, make firm and fure 
The thing that thou haft wrought in 

for ever to endure. (us, 

IpTlien in thy temple,glfrs will we 

offer to thee, O Lord : 
And in thine own Jerufalem 

praife chct^with^oiie ?.ccord. 

Pfalm Ixvflx. tjtj 

Ths fourth part. , , 
Yea,and ftrange kings by us fuMu'd 

fliall do like in thofe days : 
For unto thee they fliall prefent 
their gifts of laud &: praife. (ranks, 
3 o He lliall deftroy the fpear-men's 

the calves and bulls of might : 
And make them tribute pay ,& daunt 
all fuch as love to fight. 

3 iTheiiftiall the lords of Egypt come 
and prefcnts with them bring : 

The Moors moft black fliall ftretcfj 
toGod their L'* ScKing. (their hands 

3 2Therforeye kingdoms of the earth 
give praife untO the Lord : 

Sing pfalms to God with one cpii« 
thereto let all accord, ffenf. 

3 3 For he doth ride, and ever did 

above the heavens bright : . 
And by hi5 fearful thunder-claps 

men may well know his mighr,^ 
34. Therefore the ftrerigth dflfriel 

afcribe to God on higH, 
Whofe might and pow'r dotli far ejf-. J|t 

above the cloudy sky, (tend 

3 5 O God, thy ,holinefs jand ptow't 

is dread for evermore ; ^ 
The God of lirael gives us ftiengthj 

praifed be God therefore. 

To Father^ Son^ and Hmlj Gh90^ - 

immhrtal Glorj hei 
As wyjii now J and fiiflU H fliUj 

p li t it 

1 14 

'Pfalm Ixix/ 

Cantm & Bajjm, .Psalm LXIX. . Ghftenhury Tune. 

Ave me,0 God,and that with fpeed,the waters flow full faft ; 

So nigh my foul do they proceed, that I am fore agafi:. 
Medm. Pfalm 69. ^. 5. Foe, 

§Ave me, O God, and that with Ipeed, the waters flow full faft; 

So nigh my foul do they proceed, that I am fore agaft. 
Bajfus, Pfalm 69. v^. 5. Vbc, 

SAvc me, O God, and that with fpeed, the waters flow full fall: 

So nigh my foul do they proceed, that I am fore agaft. 

a I fmk fulHeep in mire and clay, 
where I can feel no ground : 

And in deep waters, where I may 
mofl: fuddenly be drown'd. 

3 With crying oft I weary am, 
my throat is hoarfe and dry : 

My fight doth fail with looking up 
for help to God on high. 

4 My foes that guiltlefs do opprefs 
my foul, with hate are led : 

In number fure they are no hCs 
than hairs upon my head. 

5Th6 for no caufe they vex me {ore, 
they profper and are glad : 

They do compel me to refl:ore 
the things I never had. 

6 What I have done for want of wit, 

thou, Lord , all times can'ft tell : 
And all the faults that I commit, 
to thee are known full well. 

7 O God of hofl:s, defend andftay 
all thofe that truft in thee : ^ 

Let no man doubt or flirink away 
for ought that chanceth me. 

8 It is for thee and for thy fake 

that I do bear this blame : 
In fpite to thee they would me make 
to hide my face for fhame. 

pMy mother's fons,my brethren aU 

reje£t me with difgrace : 
And as a ftranger they me call, 

they will not know my face. 



10 Unto thy houfe fuch zeal I bear, 

that it doth vex me much : 
Their checks and taunts at thee to 

my very heart doth grutch. (hear, 
The fecondpart. 
1 iTho I do faft my flefh to chaft^ 

yea, if I weep and moan, 
This in my teeth likewife is cad 

by fcorners ev*ry one. 

1 2 If I for grief and pain of heart 
in fackcloth ufe to walk, 

Then they anon will it pervert, 
thereof they jeft and talk. 

13 Both high ScIow,& all the throng 
that fit within the gate, 

They have me ever in their tongue, 
of me they talk and prate. 

l4The drunkards which in wine de- 
it is their chief paftime, (light, 

To feek w«:h -yyay to work me fpite, 
of me they fing and rhi^ie. 

i 5 But unto thee, O Lord, I pray, 
that when it pleafeth thee, 

t'or thy great truth thou wilt alway 
fend down thine aid to me. 

t6Pluck thou my feet out of the mire, 
from drowning do me keep : 

From fuch as owe me wrath and ire, 
and from the waters deep. 

i 7 Left with the waves I Jhould be 
& depth my Ibul devour; f drown'd, 

And that the pit ftiould me confound, 
and Ihut me in her povv'r. 

1 8 O Lord of hofts, to rhe give ear, 

as thou art good and kind : 

.And as thy mercy is moft dear, 

■ Lord, have me in thy mind. 

<9 And do not from thy fervant Mde, 

nor turn thy face away : 
1 am oppreft on ev'ry fide, 

isi hiifte give eat, I pray,- 

Ixix. iiy 

ao O Lord,unto my foul draw nigh^ 

the fame with aid repole : 
Becaufe of their great tyranny, 

acquit me from my foes. 
The tpjird part, 
21 That I abide rebuke and iliame^ 

thou know'ft and thou canft tell : 
For thofe that feek Zc work the fame^ 

thou fee'ft them all full well. 
2 2WJ^nthey with bragsdo breakmy 

fome help I fain would fee : fhearc 
But find no friends to eafe my fmarr^ 

not one to comfort me. 

2 3 But in my meat they gave me gall, 

too cruel for to think ; 
And gave me in my thirft withal 

ftrong vinegar to drink. 
24 Lord, turn their table to a fhare'** 

to take themfelves therein : 
And when they think full well tofare, 

then trap them in their gin i 
2 $ And let their eyes be dark h bliild, 

that they may nothing fee : 
Bow down their backs,and do therii 

in thraldom for to be. fbind, "^ 

2^ Pour out thy wrath as hot as fire^ 

that it on them may fall : 
Let thy difpleafure in tiiine ire 

take hold upon them all. 

2 7 As delarts dry their houfe difgrace^ 

their feed do thou expel: 
That none thereof polTefs their place,' 

nor in their tents e'er dwell. 

28Ifthou doft ftrike tlie man to tame,' 
, on him they lay full fore : 
And if that thou do wound the farAe, 
they feek to hurt him more. 

29 Then let them he?^p up mifchief 
fince they are all pervert, (^ciW^ 

That of thy fa:vour and goo^ will 
they never have a part. 

I i 



3 o And rafe therrt Clean out of thy 

of life, of hope, and truft ; (book 
That for their names they never look 

in number of the jufl. 
The fourth fart. 
3 iThoI, O Lord, with wo and grief 

have been full fore opprefsM : 
Thy help fhall give me fuch relief, 

that all fhall be redrefs'd. , 

Pfalrti Ixix, Ixx. 

All ye that feek the Lord, your life 

for ever fliall endilre. 

3 5 For why ? the Lord of hofts doth 

the poor when they complain : 
His pris'ners ai-e to hini full dear, 

he doth them not difdain. 

3 2 That I may give thy name the 
that doth to thee belong : (praife 

I will extol the fame always 
with a thankfgiving fong. 

3 3 Which is more pleafantunto thee, 
fuch mind thy grace hcith born, 
\ Than either ox or calf can be, 
that hath both hoof and hotn. 

34 When fimple folk do this behold, 
it Ihail fejoyce them fiite .- 

3 6 Wherfore the sky & earth below, 
the fea, with flood and ftream, 

His praife they Ihall declare & Ihow, 
with all that live in them. 

3 7 For fure our God will Sion fave, 
an^ Judah's cities build: (have, 

3 8 Much folk pofTefiion there ihall 
her ftreets fliall all be filfd. 

His fervants feed fhall keep the fam€ 
all ages out of mind : (Name, 

39 And there all they that love his 
a dwelling-place fhall find. 

Cantm & Bajp^s. P^^lm LXX. SottthwelTune, 


God , to me take heed , of help I thee require : 


O Lord of hoftsjwith hafle and fpeed help m^, I thee delire. 

Medhi'S, Vfalm 70. Ai 3 . V^c, 

Q God , to me take heed , of help I thee require : 

OLord of hof^s,with hafte and fpeed help me, I thee defire. 


Pfalm IxXj IxxL 117 

BaJJus. Vfalm 70. A. r Voc 

Q God , to me take heed , of help I thee require : 

O Lord of hofts, with hafte and fpeed h^^Ip me, I thee deilre. 

Which only rrufl and feck to thee, 
and to thy faving health. 

5 llpl they may fay always 
in mirth and one accord, 

a With fhame confound them all, 
that feek my foul to fpill : (fall 

Rebuke them back with blame to 
that think and wifh me ill. 

3 Confound them that apply 
and feek to work me lliaine : 

And at my harm do laugh, and cry, 
So, fo, there goes the game. 

4 But let them joyful be )i: 

in thee with joy and wealth, 

All glory, honour, laud, and pralie, 
be giv'n to thee, O L^- 

<^But I am weak and poor, 
come. Lord, tiiine aid I lack: 

Thou art my ftay and he]p,therefore 
make fpeed, and be noc flack. 

Cantm & Bapts. Fs^ l M LXXL Or to Wind for Tune, 

I ^f 8 ^ l.ord,my8bd,in all diftrefs my hope is whole in thee: 

- #; 

Then let no fhame my foul opprefs, nor once take hold oji me. 


As thou art juil , defend me, Lord , and rid me out of dread ; 

Give ear, and to my fuit accord, and (^nd mc help at need, 

' I 3 ' Mcdhis. 

ii8 Pfalm Ixx!, 

Mcdim. TJalm 71. ^ J.%. Foe, 

J\^Y Lord, my God, in all diftrefs my hope is whole in thee : 
Then let no lliame my foul opprefs , nor once take hold on me. 
As thou art juft , defen#me, Lord, and rid me out of dread : 

Give e^and to my fuit accord, and fend me help at need. ' 
Baps. "^ ^^ _ Pfalmyj. ^ A,%.roc. 

j^Y Lord, my God, in all djftrefs my hope is whole in thee : 
Then let no ihame my foul opprefs, nor once take hold on me. 

Ai thou art juft, defend me. Lord, and rid me out of dread: 
SivQ ear, and to my fuit accord, and fend me help at need. 

; B2 thou my rock, to whom I may 

for aid all times refort : 
Thy promife is to help alway, 

thou art my fence and fort. 
4Save me,myGod,from wicked men, 

and from their ftrength & pow'r : 
From folk unjuft, and alfo them 

that cruelly devour. 

^Thou art the ftay whereon I reft, 

thou Lord of hofts art he: 
Yea, from my youth I thought it beft 
'* gill to depend on thfee. 

6 Thou haft me kept ev'n from my 
and I thro thee was born : Cbirth, 

Wherefore I will thee praife with 
bothev'ning Sc at morn, (mirth, 

7 As te a monfter feldom Icen, 
much folk about me throng: 

But thou art now, and ftill haft h^tti 
my fence and aid moft ftrong. 

S Wherfore my mouth for ever fhall 
be filled with thy praife : 

Alfo my tongue fhall never fail 
CO teour thee always. 

Pfalm Ixxi. 

9 Refufe me not, O Loi-d, I pray, 

when age my limbs doth take : 
And when my ftrength doth wafte 
do not my foul forfake. (away, 

10 Among themfelves my foes inquire 
to take me through deceit: 

And they againft me do conlpire, 
that for my foul lay wait. 
The fecond -part. 

liLayhand,& take him now,they fay, 
for God from him is gone ; 

Diipatch him quite, for to his aid 
moft fure there cometh none. 

12 Do not abfent thy felf away, 

Lord, when need Ihall be : 
But that in time of grief I may 

in hafte have help from thee. 

13 W^h fhame confound & overthrow 
all thofe that feek my life: 

Supprefs them with rebuke alfb 
that fain would work me ftrife. 

14 But I will patiently aljfide 

thy help at all eflays : 4? (tide, 
Still more and more, each time and 

1 will fet forth thy praife. 

1 jMy mouth thy juftice fliall record, 

that daily help doth fend : 
For thy great benefits, O Lord, 

no numbers have, nor end. * 

1 6 Yet will I go and feek forth one, 

with thy good help, O God, 
The faving health of thee alone 

to fhew and fet abroad. 


18 And as In youth from wanton rage 

thou didfi me keep and ftay : 
Forfake me not in mine old age, 

and when my head is gray. 
The third part. 
I pThat I thy flrength & might may 

to them that now be here : ({how 
And that our feed thy pow'r may 

hereafter many year. (know 

20 O Lord, thy juftice doth exceed 

thy doings, all may fee ; 
Thy%orks are wonderful indeed. 

Oh, who is like to thee ! 

2iThou mad'fl me feel affliftion fore, 
and yet thou didfl me five : 

Yea, thou didfl help, and me reilore, 
and took'fl: me from the grave. 

22 And thou mine honour dofl in- 
my dignity maintain : (creafe, 

Yea,thou doft make all grief to ceafe, 
and comfort'ft me again. 

23 Therfbre thy faithfulnefs to praise 
I will with viol fing : 

My harp fhall found thy laud always, 
O Ifr'els holy King. 

24 My mouth will joy with pleafanC 
when I fhall fmg to thee : (voice 

Alio my foul fhall much re Joyce, 
for thou hafl made me free. 

25 My tongue thy uprightnefs fhall 
and fpeak it daily ilili : ( found, 
For grief & fliame do them confound 
that feek to work me ill. 
1 5 For of my youth thou took'fl the } To Father, Son, and Holy Ghojf, 
"'"and doft infl:ru6fc me ftill : ('care, j all glory he therefore : 
Therefore thy wonders to declare i ^s in kgijim'ng was, is novif, 
I have great mind and will 1 tind Jball be evermnre. 

? SJ L M 


Pfalm Ixxii. 

Cantm & Bajjm. Vsalm LXXIL Exeter Tune. 

Ord,give thy judgments to the kmg,therein inftruft them well : 
,- . .-,». « - «^. - — — — — .— ^- """"*" "^ 

And with his fon,that princely thing, Lord,let thy juftice dwell. 

Medlar. Tfalm 72. A. 5. Voc. « 


LOrd, give thy judgments to the king, therein inftruft him well : 

And with his fon, that princely thing,Lor4, let thy juftice dwell, 
'^ajfm. Tfalm 72. ' A, ;,. Voc, 

LOrd,give thy judgments to the king, therein inftru^ him well: 
And with his fon,that princely thing, Lord,let thy juftice dwell. 

% That he may govern uprightly, 

and rule thy folk aright : 
And ib defend through equij;y 

the poor that have no might- 

3 And let the mountains that are 

unto thy folk give peace ^ 
Let litde hiils alfo apply 

in juftice to increaie. 

4T!iat he may help the weak and 

\vkh aid^ and make chlsn ftrong : 

And fo deftroy for evermore 
all thoie that do them wrong, 

5 And then from age to agefliall 
regard & fear thy might : (they 

So long as fun doth Ihine by day, 
or elfe the moon by night. 

6 Lord, make the king unto the juft 
like rain to fields new mown : 

And like to drops that lay the duft-, 
refrefliing land new fown, 


Pfalm Ixxii. 


tThe jufl fhall flourifli in his 

and all fhall be at peace, 
yntilthe moon fliall leave to wafte, 
t Xo change^, and to increafe. 
' (mand 

S He fhall be Lord, and have com- 

from Ihore to fhore throughout: 
And from the floods within the land, 

through all the earth about. 

pThe people that In defarts dwell, 
fliall kneel to him full thick : 

And all his foes that do rebel,^ 
the e^rth and dull Ihall lick. 

10 The lords of all the Ifles thereby 

great gifts to him fhall bring » 
Arabia and Saba's kings 

give many a coftly tiling. 
The fecpudpart. 
'1.1 All kings fhall feek with one ac- 

in his good grace to ftand: (cord 
And all the people of the world 

obey at his command. 

12 For he the needy fort doth fave, 
that unto him do call : 

Alfo the (imple folk that have 
no help of man at all. 

1 3 He taketh pity on the poor 
that are with fpeed opprefs'd : 

lie doth preferve them evermore, 
and briQg their fouls to reft. 

14 He fhall redeem their lives from 

from fraudjfrom wrong,& might : 
Alfo the blood that they fhall bleed 

is previous in his fight. 

I $ But he fhall live, and they fhall 
to him of Saba's gold : (bring 

He fhall be honoured as a king, 
and daily be extoll'd. 

x6The mighty mountains of his land 
of corn fhall bear fuch throng, 

That it like cedar-trees fliall fland. 
in Libanus full long. 

17 Their cities alfo well fhall fpeed ^ 
the fruits thereof furpafs : 

In plenty it fliall far exceed, 
and fpring as green as grafs. 

iSFor ever they fhall praife hisName, 
while that the fun is light : Cfame, 

And think them happy through the 
all folk fhall bkfs his might. 

ipPraifeyetheLordof hofl:s, Sc fmg 

to Ifr'els God each one : 
For he doth ev'ry wondrous thing, 

yea, he himfelf alone. 

20 And blefled be his holy Name 

all times eternally : 
Let all the earth flill praife the fame, 

Amen, Amen, I fay. 

F S A L M 


Pfalm Ixxiii, 

Cantm&BaJJm. TsALM LXXIII. GlocefierTum 

% i Owe*er it Tbe, yet God is good and kind to If— ra — el : 


And to all fuch as fafely keep their confcience pure and well. 
'Medius. Pfalm jj. A.'S^.Voc 


J^Ovve'er it be, yet God is good and kind to If — ra— -el: 

And to all fuch as fafely keep their confcience pure and well. 
Bajpif. Vfalm 75. -^.3. Voc, 

f^Owe'er it be, yet God is good and kind to If—- ra — -el; 
And to all fuch as fafely keep their confcience pure and well. 

a But as for me, I almoft dipt, 

my feet began to Aide : 
Before that I was well aware, 

my fteps did turn afide. 

3 For when I faw fuch foolilh men, 
I griidg'd with great difdain, 

That wicked men all things Ihould 
without turmoil or pain, (have 

4 They never fuffer pangs nor grief, 
as if death Ihould them fmite : 

Their bodies areboth flout 8c llrong, 
and ever in good plight : 

5 Always free from adverfity, 
and ev'ry fad event : 

With other men they take/io part 
of plague or puniihment. 


6 Therefore prellimption doth em« 
their necks as doth a chain : 

They are ev'n wrapt as in a robe 
with rapine and difdain. 

7 They 

7They are fo fed, that ev'n with fat 
their eyes oft-times out ftart : 

And as for worldly goods, they have 
more than can wifh their heart. 

8 Their life is moft licentious, 
boafting much with their tongue, 

How they the poor and fimple have 
opprefTed with great wrong. 

9 They fet their mouth againft the 
and do theL^ blafpheme : (heav'ns, 

They proudly fpeak of worldly 
no one they do efteem. (things, 

I oGod's people oftentimes turn back 

to fee their profp'rous ftate ; 
And almoft drink the felf-fame cup, 
and follow the fame rate. 
The fecond part. 

I I How can it be that God, fay they, 
ihould know or underftand 

Thefe worldly things, fince wicked 
be lords of fea and land ? (men 

I iFer we may lee how wicked men 

in riches ftill increafe, 
Rewarded well with worldly goods, 

and live in reft and peace. 

1 3 Then why do I fb carefully 
from wickednefs refrain ? 

And wafh my hands in innocence, 
and cleanfe my heart in vain ? 

14 And fufFer fcourges ev'ry day, 
as fub jefl: to all blame : 

And ev'ry morning from my youth 
fuftain rebuke and fliame ? 

15 And I had almoft faid as they, 
mifliking mine eftate : 

But then I Ihould thy children judge 
as folk unfortunate. 

1 6Then I bethought me how I might 

this matter underftand : 
5ut yet this labour was too great 
' for me to take in hand ; 

Pfalm Ixxiii. 123 

1 7 Until the time I went into 

thine holy place, and then 

1 underftood right perfectly 

the end of all thefe men. 

i8Namely,howthat thoufetteft them 

upon a flipp'ry place : 
And at thy pleafure and thy wil} 

thou doft them foon deface. 

ipThen all menmufe at that ftrange 
to fee how fuddenly (Cight, 

They are deftroyed, and confum'd 
to death fb horribly. 

20 Much like a dream when one a- 
fo ihall their wealth decay: (wakes, 

Their famous names in all men's 
Ihall fail and pafs away. (fighc 
The third part. 

21 Yet thus my heart was grieved 
my mind was much oppreft : (then, 

22 So fond was I and ignorant, 
and in this point a beaft. 

23 Neverthelefs by my right hand 
thou hold'ft me always faft ; 

24 And w^^i thy counfel doft me guide 
to glory at the laft. ^ 

2 5 What thing is therethat I can wlfh 

but thee in heav'n above ? 
And in the earth there is nothing 
like thee that I can love. 

26 My flefli and fpirit both do failj 
but God doth fail me never ; 

For of my health he is the ftrength 
and portion ev'n for ever. 

27 But lo, all fuch as thee forfake 
thou fhalt deftroy each one : 

And thofe that truft in any thing, 

faving in thee alone. 
28Therfore will I draw neat to God, 

and ever with him dwell : 
In God alone I put me truft, 

his wonders i will tell. 

P S^ L M 

. 114 

Pfalm Ixxiv, 

Cantus&BajJhs. P^^LM LXXIV. W'mdfor Tune 

HY art th6u,Lord,fo long from us in all this danger deep i 

Why doth thine anger kindle thus at thine own pafture-Sieep? 


Medius. Pfalm 74, . j4. ^ , Voc\ 

W'Hy art thou, Lord, ^o long from us in all this danger deep ? 


Why doth thine anger kindle thus at thine own pafture-fheep ? 
BajfMSl ^ Tfalm 74. ^ __ ^. 5. Vot; 

W/^HY art thou, Lord, fo long from us in all this danger deep ? 
Why doth thine anger kindle thus at thine own paflure-fheep ? 

aLordjCall the people to thy thought 
which have been thine fo long, 

Th« w^i^thou hail redeemed Scbrogiit 
from bondage fore and ftrong. 

sHave mindtherfore & think upon, 

remember it full well , 
Thy pleafant place ,thy mount Sion, 

vvhere thou wall wont to dwell. 

4). Lift up thy feet and come in h^fte, 
and aUthy foes deface; 

Which now at pleafure rob & wafte 
within thy holy place. 

5 Amidft thy congregations all 
thy foes do rore, O God ; 

They fet as figns on ev'ry wall 
banners difplay'd abroad. 

6 As men with axes hew down trees 

that on the hills do grow : 
So Ihine the bills and fwords of thefe 
within thy temple now. 

, 7 The 

Pfalm Ixxiv, 


The* cieling faw'd, the carved 

the goodly graven ftones : 
^ith axes,hanimers, bills, ^ fwords, 

they beat them down at oncef. 

J Thy places they confume with 

their rage doth fo abound ; 
The hoiife appointed to thy Name 

rhey rafe down to the ground. 

^ And thus they fay within their 

Difpatch them out of hand : 
Then bum they up in ev'ry part 

God's houfes through the land. 
• /■ 
I o Yet thou no fign of help doft fend, 

our prophets all are gone : 
To tell when this our plague Ihall end 

among us there is none. 

|!flHowlong,Lord5fliall thine enemies 
' thus boldly thee defaiHe ? 
pShall they for evermore blafpheme 
thy great and holy Name ? 

12 Why doft thou thy right hand 
from Us fo long away ? 
i Out of thy bofom pluck it forth 
with fpeed thy foes tO Hay. 
1 13 O Godjthouart our King & Lord, 
and evermore haft been : (world 
Yea, thy good grace throughout the 
for our good help is feen. 

"■ (to rile 

i5Thou mad'ft a fprlng with ftreams 
ftom rocks both hard and high : 
Thy mighty hand hath made like- 
deep rivlrs to be dry. (wile 

17 Both day and night ate alio thine, 
by thee they were begun : 

And thou like wife prepared haft 
the light of moon and fun. 

18 Thou dldft appoint the ends and 
of all the earth about : (coafts 

Both fummer-heats, & winter-frofts, 
thy hand hath found them out, 

19 Think on, O Lord;,- no time forget 
thy foes that thee defame : 

And how the foolifh folk are fee 
to rail upon thy Name. 

20 O let no cruel beafts devour 
thy turtle that is triie : 

And always leave not in their powV 
the poor that much do rue. 

21 Regarii, O Lord, thy covenant^ 
behold our mifery : 

All the dark places of the eafth 
are full of cruelty. 

22 Let not the fimple man therefore 
be turned back with Ihame ; 

But let the needy evermore 
give praife unto thy Name. 

J4The feas that are fo deep an^ dead, 
thy might did make them dry : 

And thoii didft break the ferpent's 
that he therein did die. (head, 

i 5 Yea,thoia didft break the heads ^o 
of whales that are moft fell : (great 

And gav'ft them to the folk tO'eaf; 
that in the defarts dwell. 

23 Arlfe,(5 Lord, and plead the catjfe 

againft thine enemies, 
Who daily do reject thy lawSj 

and thee with fcorn defpife. 

l^The "vToice forget riot of thy foes, 
for the prefumption high 

Is more, and more increased of thole 
that hate thee fpitefully. 

P $J L hi 


Pfalm Ixxv. 

Cantus & Baffifs. PSv^lwLXXV. Worcefier Tune, 

O thee,OGod;jWilI we give thanks,we will give thanks to thee • 


Since thy Name is fo near, declare thy wondrous works will we. 
Me dim, Tfalmy^, "^ A^^.Vbc^ 


X O thee, O God, will we give thanks, we will give thanks to thee ; 


Since thy Name is fo near, declare thy wondrous works Will we. 
Baffkf, Tfalmyj. & ^' ^' ^^^' 


'J'O thee,0 God,will we give thanks, we will give thanks to thee 5 - 


Since thy Name is (b near, declare thy wondrous works will we. 

i 1 Will uprightly judge when get 
convenient time I may : 

The earth is weak, and all therein, 
but I her pillars ftay. 

3 I did to the mad people fay, 

Deal not fo furiouily : 
And unto the ungodly ones, 

Set not your horns on high j 

4 1 fald unto them^ Set not up^ 
your raifed horns on high j 

And fee that you do with fliff necl 
not fpeak prefumptuoufly. 

5 For neither from the eaftern part^ 

nor from the weft like wife,' 
Nor from forfaken wilderneis 
promotion doth arife. 


6 But God who rules hotfi heav'n & 

that righteous judge alone 2 
It's he that puts down one, and fets . 
another m th^ throiie. 

Pfalm Ixxv, Ixxvi, 


-7 Fof tvhy ? a cup of mighty winQ 

is in ths hand of God : 
And all the mixture of the fame 

himfelf doth pour abroad. 

J8 As for the lees and filthy dregs 

that do remain of it, 
The wicked of the earth fhall drink 
< and fuck them ev'ry whit. 

9 But I will talk of God alway, 
and his great Name adore : 

And will not ceale to celebrate 
his praife for evermore. 

I o In funder break the horns of all 

ungodly men irill I : 
But then the horns of right'ous men 

(hall be exalted high. 
Gloria Patri. 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoji^ 

aU glory be therefore : 
As in beginning -was, is now, 

and {ball be enjermore. 

Cantus & BaJJks. Tsj L M LXXVI. Wefiminfier Tune. 

O all that now in Jewry dwell,the Lord is clearly known 5 

His Name is great in If-ra-el , a people of his own. 


"jfO all that now in Jewry dwell, the Lord is clearly known : 

L His Name is great in If— ra-el , a people of his own. 

Bajjus. Tfalmj'^' J. 3. Foe. 

I'd all that now in Jewry dwell, the Lord is clearly known ; 

Hr5 Name is great in If— ra~el , a. people of his own. 

1 At 

P(alm Ixxvi, Ixxvii. 


a At Salem tie hath pitch'd his tent, 

to tarry there a fpace ; 
In Sion alfo he is bent 

to fix his dwelling-place. 

^ Cbow, 

3 And there he brake both fliafc and 

the fword, the fpear, and fhield: 
His enemies did overthrow. 
in battel in the field. 


4 Thou art mote worthy honour, 
more might in thee doth lie, 

Than in the ftrongeft of the world, 
that rob on mountains high. 

Cchrough thee, 

$ But now the proud are IpoiPd 
and they are fall'n afleep : 

Through men of war no help can be, 
tliemfelves they coxild not kee^. 

€ At thy rebuke, O Jacob's God, 
when thou didft them reprove , 

As half'afleep their chariots flood, 
no horfeman once did move. 

-yFor thou art dreadful ,-Lord,indeed; 
what man the courage hath 

To 'bide my right,& doth not dread 

when thou art in thy wrath ? 

(ments heard 
8 When thou dofi: make thy judg- 

from heav'a unto the ground. 
Then all the earth full fore afraid 

in (Ilence Ihall be found. 

^ And that when thou, O God, defi: 

in judgment for to fpeak, 
To fave th' afflifted of thfe land, 
. on earth that are full weak. 

I oThe fiiry that in man doth reigri> 
fliall turn unto thy praifc : 

Hereafter, Lord, do thou reftrain 
their wrath and threats always. 

-' V •■♦^,: ■ 

iiMake vows,& pay thein to ouirGod, 

ye folk that nigh him be : 
Bring gifts,all ye that dwell abroad, 

for dreadful fure is he. 

1 2 For he doth take both life and 

from princes great of birth : 
And full of terrour is hisiight 

to all the kings on earth. 

Cant us & Baffits, VsALM LXX VIL Or to Martyrs funii 

I With my voice to God did cry, who lent a gracious ear : 

My \roice I lift-ed up on high , and he my fuit did hear 


Pfalm Ixxvif. 

I In time of grief I foug(it to God, by night no rcfl I took : 
But ftretch'd my hands to him abroad, my foul comfort forfook. 

Medm. Vfdm q^. ' -A, 3.. Voc. 

X With my voice to God did cry, who lent a gracious ear : 
My voice I lifted up on high, and he my fuit did hear. 
In time of grief I fought to God, by night no reft I took ; 


But ftretchM my hands to him abroad, my foul comfort foribok. 
Baffus, Tfalm 77. A. 5. Voc, 

\ With my voice to God did cry , who lent a gracious ear : 

My voice I lifted up on high, and he my fuit did hear. 

In time of grief I fought to God , by night no reft I took : 

gut ilretch'd my hands to him abroad, my foul comfort forfook. 

K 3 ^^^^^ 

130 Pfalm kxvii. 

3 When I to think on God in- 

my trouble then is more i 
I ipake, but could not make an end, 

my breath was ftopt fo fore. 
4Thou doft mine eyes fo hold from 

that I always awake : (reft, 

With fear I am fo fore oppreft, 

my fpeech doth me forfake. 

5 The days of old in mind I caft, 

and oft do think upon 
The times and ages that are pafl 
full many years agone. 

6 By night my longs I call to mind, 
once made thy praife to fhow : 

And with my heart much talk I find, 
my fpirits fearch to know. 

7 Will God, faid I, at once for all 
caft off his people thus, 

So that henceforth no time he fliall 
be friendly unto us ? 

8 What ? is his goodnefs quite de- 

and paffed clean away ? (cay'd, 
Or is his promife now delayed, 
and doth his truth decay ? 

cf And will the Lord our God forget 

his n^rcies manifold ? 
Or fhall his wrath increafe fb hot, 

his mercies to withhold ? 
10 At laft I faid, This furely is 

mine own infirmity : 
But his right hand can help all this, 

and change itfpeedily. 
The fecQiid Part. 
n I Will regard and think upon 

clie working of the Lord : 
And all his wonders paft and gone 

I gladly will record. 
12 Yea, all his works I will declare, 

and x^'hat he did devife : 
To teli his fa^s I will not fpare, 

^iid all his counfcl wife," 

13 Thy works, O Lord, are all up- 
?n4 holy all abroad : (might 

What one hathftrength to matchthe 
of thee, O Lord our God ? 

14 Thou art a God that doft forth 
thy wonders ev'ry hour : (ftiow 

And fo doft make the people know 
thy virtue and thy pow'r. 


1 5 And thine own folk thou doft de- 
with ftrength and ftretched arm, 

Thofe that from Jacob did defcend, 
and Jofeph's feed from harm. 

1 6 The waters, Lordjperceived thee, 
the waters faw thee well : 

And they for fear away did flee, 
the depths on trembling fell. 

(and black, 

1 7 The clouds that were both thick 
did rain full plenteoufty : 

The thunder in the air did crack, 
thy ftiafts abroad did fly. 

1 8Thy thunder in the air was heard, 
thy lightnings from above, 

Withflafties great made men afraid, 
the earth did quake and move. 

ipThy ways within the fea do He, 

thy paths in waters deep: 
Yet none can there thy fteps elpy, 

nor know thy paths to keep. 
20 Thou ledd'ft thy folk upon the 

as fheep on ev'ry fide : . (land 
By Mofes and by Aaron's hand 

thou didft them fafely guide, 
Gloria Patri. 
Glory to God the Father be, 

Glory to God the Son^ 
Glory to God the Holy Ghofl, 

myjlerioiif Three in One: 
As at the firji it awi-, is novCj 

and Jhau for ever be; 
Whe7i t h:s World e?ids , mdthe next Worl 

pat! on Et€r?h'fii\ 

B S A L h 

Pfalm Ixxviii. 


Cant us & BaJJm, TsALM LXXVIII. Tork Tune. 

Ttend my people to my law, and to my words incline : 

My mouth fliall fpeak ftrange pa — ra— bles, and fentences divine. 

Medius, TfalmyS, A.'^.Vod^ 

AXtend my people to my law , and to my words incline : 
My mouth fhall fpeak ftrange pa — ra-bles, and fentences divine* 

Bajfui^ 'PJ^^^l^' s -^..^^^^^ 

^Ttend my people to my law, and to my words incline; 

My mouth fhall fpeak ftrange pa— ra-bles, and fentences divine. 

3 Which we ourfelves have heard & 
ev'n of our fathers old , Clearn'd 

And which for our inftrudion 
our fathers have us told. 

4 Becaufe we fliould not keep it clofe 
from r hem that after came : (clare, 

Who ftiould God's mighty pow'r de- 
and wondrous works proclaim. 

5 To Jacob he commandment gave 

how Ifrael ihould live, 

Willing our fathers Ihould thefaniQ 
unto their children give. 

6 That they and their poUerity . 
that were not fprung up then, 

Should have the knowledg of thelal^i^^ 
and teach it their children. 

7 That they might hatre the bettei| 
in God that is above : ^ (hop0 

And not forget to keep his kws 
and his precepts in love. 

K 3 8 N^t 


Pfalm Ixxviii. 

8 Not being as their fathers, who 

rebelled in God's fight : (hearts 
A ad would not frame their wicked 

to know their God aright. 
5) How went the fons of Ephraim 

their neighbours for to ipoil : 
Shooting their darts in day of war, 

and yet receivM the foil ? 

I o For why ? they did not keep with 
the cov'nant that was made, CGod 

Nor yet would walk or lead their 
according as he faid : Clives 

I I But put into oblivion 
his counfel and his will, 

And all his works magnificent 

which he declared ftill. 
The fecond part. 
I iWhat wonders to our forefathers 

did he himfelf difclofe 
In Egypt land within the field 

that caird is Thaneos"? 

13 He did divide and part thefea, 
through which he made a way 

For them to pafs, and on a heap 
the waters made to ftay. 

14 He led them fecret in a cloud 
by day when it was bright : 

And in the night when dark it was, 
with fire he gave them light. 

15 He brake the rocks in wildernefs, 
and gave the people drink : 

As plentiful as when the deeps 
do flow up to the brink. 

1 6 He drew forth rivers out of rocks 
, that were both dry and hard, 

Of fuch al)undance, that no floods 
to them might be compar'd. 

1 7^ Yet for all this againfl: the Lord 
their ini they did increafe: 

And fliirr'd up him that is ruofl high 
to wrath ia wildernefs. 

1 8 They tempted God withm their 

like people of miflirufl: ; (hearts, 
Requiring fuch a kind of meat 

as ferved to their luft : 
ipThey fpake againfl:him,& thusfaid 

in their unfaithful nefs, 
What [ can this God prepare for us 

a feafl: in wildernefs ? 

20 Behold, he flrake the ftony rock, 
and floods forthwith did flow : 

But can he now give to his folk 
both bread and flelh alfo ? 

2 1 When God heard this, he waxed 
with Jacob and his feed : (wroth 

So did his Indignation 
• 'gainfl: Ifrael proceed. 
The third part. 
2 2 Becaufe they did not faithfully 

believe, and hope that he 
Could always help and fuccour them 

in their neceflity. (clouds, 

23 Wherefore he did command the 

forthwith they brake in funder , 
24And rain'd down mannafor to eat,' 

a food of mighty wonder. 

25 When earthly men with angels 
were fed at their requefl:, (food 

26He bad the eaft-wind blow away, 
and brought in the fouth-wefl:. 

27 He rahi'd down flefli as thick as 
and fowls as thick as fand : (dull:, 

2 8 Which he did cafl amidft the place , 

W'here all their tents did fland. 

29 Then did they eat exceedingly, 
and all men had their fills : 

Yet more and more they did delire 
to ferve their lufls and wills. 

3 oBut as the meat was inthelrmouths, 

his wrath upon thernfell, 
3 1 And flew the flirength of all their 
and choice of ilhel. (youth, 

32 Yet 


3 2 Yet fell they to their wonted fin, 

and ftill they did him grieve : 
For all the wonders that he wrought, 

they would him not believe. 
33Their daystherfore hefliortened, 

and made their honour vain : 
Their years did wafte Sc pafs away, 

with terrour and with pain. 
34 But ever when he plagued them, 
they fought him infl:antly,Cftrength, 
3 5Remembring that he was their 

their help, and God moft high. 

36 Tho with their mouths they no- 

but flatter with the L^ : (thing did 
And with their tonguesjand in their 

diflembled ev'ry word. (hearts 
The fourth part. 
, 3 yForwhyPtheir hearts were nothing 

to him, nor why he faid : (bent 
Nor yet to keep or to perform 

the cov'nant that he made, 
3 8 Yet was he ftill fo merciful 

when they deferv'd to die, 
That he forgave them their mifdeeds, 

and- would not them deftrojc. 

Yea,many a time he turn'd his wrath, 

and did them not furprife : 
And would not fuffer all his whole 
[ ■ ,. difpleafure to ariife. 

, 3pConfidering they were but ilem, 
or like to wind and rain 
Palling away, and never doth 
return and come again. 

^o How oftentimes in wildernefs 

did they the Lord provoke ! 
How did they move Sc ftir the Lord 

to plague them with his ftroke ! 
41 Yet did they turn again to fin, 

and tempted him full loon ; 
Prefcribing to the mighty God 

what things they would have done 

IxxVii. 135 

42 Not thinking of his mighty hand , 
nor of the day when he. 

Delivered them out of the hands 
of the fierce enemy. 

43Norhow he wrought his miracles 
(as they themfeJves beheld) 

In Egypt, and the wonders that 
he did in Zoan field. 

44 Nor how he turned by his pow'r 
their waters into blood : 

That no man might receive his drink 
at river or at flood. (^cflj^^^ 

45 Nor how he fent them fwarms 
which did them (ore annoy : 

And fiird their country full of frogSj 

which did their land deftroy. 

The fifth part. 

46 Nor how he did their fruits unto 
the caterpilier give : 

And of the labour of their hands 
Iocufi:s did them deprive. 

47WithhaJ.Ifioneshe defiroy'd their 
fo that they all were loft : fvines, 

And alfo all their fycamores 
did he confume with froft. 

48Andyet with haililones once again 
the Lord their c.attel fmote, 

And all their 0ocks 6c herds likewife 
with thunderbolts full hot. 

49 He cafi: upon them his fierce 

and indignation 


Amongil them evil angels lent, 
which troubled them yet more. 

S oThen to his wrath he made a way, 
and fpjired not the leafi-, 

But gave unto the peflilence 
the man as well as bead. 

5 1 He ftrake alfo the niil-torn all 

that up in Egypt came : 
And all the chief of men and beads 

within the tents of Ha-n. 


5 2 But 

1^4 Pfalm Ixxviii 

5 2 But as for his own people dear, 

he did preferve and keep : 
And carri'd them thro wildernels 

ev'n ]ike a flock of fheep. 
5 3 Without all fear both fafe & found 

he brought them out of thrall: 
Whereas their foes with rageof feas 

were overwhelmed all. 

54 And brought them out into the 

of his own holy land, (coafts 
Ev'n to the mount which he had got 

by his ftrong arm and hand. 
5 5 And there cafl: out the heathen 

and did their land divide : (folk, 
And in their tents he fet the tribes 

of Ifr'el to abide. 
5 5Yet for all this,theirGod moft high 

they frirrM and tempted ftill, 
And would not keep his teftament, 

nor yet obey his wilJ^ 

5 7 But as their fathers turned back, 

ev'n fo they went aftray, 
Much like a bow that would not 
but flip and ftart away. (bend, 
The fixth part. 
5 8 And griev'd him with their hill- 
withoflf'rings&withjfire, (altars, 
And with their idols grievoufly 
provoked him to ire. 

39 For which his wrath began again 

to kindle in his breaft ; 
The wickednels of Ifrael 

he did fo much detefl. 

^0 The tabernacle he forfook 

of Shilo, where he was 
Right converfant with earthly men, 

ev'n as his dwelling-place. 

6 1 Then fuffer'd he his might and 
in bondage for to Hand, Cpow'r 

And gave the honour of his ark 
into his en'mies hand. 

62 And did commit them to the 
wroth with his heritage: (fword, 

^3 Their young men were devoured 
maids had no marriage, (with fire, 

64 And with the fword the priefts 
did perifh ev'ry one ; (alfo 

And not a widow left alive 
their death for to bemoan. 

6$ Then did the Lord awake as one 
whom fleep could not confine : 

And like a mighty giant that 
refr&lhed is with wine. 

66 With em'rods in the hinder patts 
his enemies he fmote : 

And put them unto fuch a fliame 
as ftiould not be forgot. 

67 The tent and tabernacle he 
of Jofeph did refule : 

Alfo the tribe of Ephraim 
he would in no wife chufe : 

68 But he the tribe of Judah chofe, 
that he therein might dwell: 

Ev'n the moft noble mount Sion, 
which he did love fo well. 

<^9 And there he did his temple build, 

both fumpt'oufly and fure : 
Like as the earth which he hath 
. for ever to endure. (made 

7 oThen chofe heDavid him to ferve, 

his people for to keep ; 
Whom he took up 8c brought away 

ev'n from the folds of ftieep. 

7 1 As he did follow th' ews with 
the L"^ did him advance (young, 

To feed his people Ifrael, 
and his inheritance. 

72Thus David with a faithful heart 
his flock and charge did feed, 

And prudently with all his pow'r 
did govern then) indeed. 

J* S4 L H 

Pfalni Ixxix] 


Cant^&BaJJm, P5>^LM LXXIX. SaUshuryTune. 

^L W God, the Gentiles do invade thine he—ri-tage to fpoil : 


Je— ru— fa— lem an heap is made, thy temple they defile. 

Medius. Pfalm 79. j4. ^. Foe. 

O God, the Gentiles do invade thine he--ri— tage to fpoil: 

Je— ru—fa— lem an heap is made, thy temple they de£!e. 
Bajfm. Tfalm 79. A. i^. VcC 

Q God, the Gentiles do invade thine he— ri— -rage to fpou : 
Je— ru — fa-lem an heap is made, thy temple they defile. 

2 The bodies of thy faints mod dear 

abroad to birds they cafl : 
The flefh of them that do thee fear, 
the beads devour and wafte. 

3 Their blood throughout Jerufalem 

as water fpilt they have : 
So that there is not one of them 
to lay their dead in grave. 


4 Thus are they made a laughing- 
almoft the world throughout : 

The enemies do jefl and mock 
which dwell our coaiis about. 


5' How long, O Lord, wilt thou le- 
thine anger and thy rage ? 

And fhall rhy wrath and jealoufie 
not any more alTwage } 

6 Upon thofe people pour the f!in-ic?, 
which did thee never know : 

All realms w<^'^ call not on rhy Name, 
confume and overthrow, 

K 4 7 Tor 


ftor they have got the upper hand, 
and Jacob's feed deftroy'd : 

Jiis habitation and his land 
they have laid wafte and void. 

8Bear not in mind our former faults, 

with fpeed fome pity fhow : 
And aid us, Lord, in all afTauIts, 

for we are weak and low. 
9 O God, that giv'ii all health and 

on us declare the fame : (grace, 
VV-igh not our workSjOurlins deface, 

for honour of thy Name. 

loWhy Ihall the wicked flill alway, 

to us as people dumb. 
In thy reproach rejoyce, and fay, 

VVlitre is their God become ? 

Require, O Lord, as thou fee'ft good 
before our eyes in fight, 

Pfalm Ixxk, Ixxx. 

Of all thefe folk thy fetvants blood 
which they fpilt in defpight. 

1 1 Receive into thy fight in hade 
the clamours, grief, and wrong, 

Of fuch as are in prifon caft, 
and bound in irons ftrong. 

Thy force and ftrength to celebrate, 
Lord, {Qt them out of band : 

Which unto death are deftinate, 
and in their en'mies hand. 

12 The nations w^^ have been fo bold 
as to blafpheme thy Name, 

Into their laps fev'n-fold do thou 
repay again the fame. 

13 So we thy flock and pafture-fheep 
will praife thee evermore, 

And teach all ages for to keep 
for thee like praife in ftore. 

Cantm &Baffm. Vsalm LXXX. CamhrUgeTum, 

Hou Shepherd that doil Ifr'el keep, give ear & take good heed j 


Which leadeO: Jofeph like a Iheep, and dofl him watch and feed. 

Me dim, Tfalm 80. A. 'i^. Voc, 

\r^<^ii Shepherd that dofl Ifr'el keep, give ear and take good heed; 


Vvlii^h le&defl Jore|)h like a iKeep^ and dofl him W^tch d.n,^ feed. 

Pfalm Ixxx. 137 

Baps: 'PM'^ So. 'A, 3. Voc^ 

THou Shepherd that doft Ifr'el keep, give ear and take good heed : 
Which leadeft Jofeph like a Iheep, and dofi: him v/atch and feed. 

2 And thou ,0 Lord ,whofe feat is fet 

on cherubims moft bright, 
Shew forth thy felf, and do not let, 
fend down thy beams of light. 

3 Before Ephr'im and Benjamin^ 
ManafTes in likewife, 

To Ihew thy pow'r do thou begin; 
come help us, Lord, arife. 

4Dire8: our hearts by thy good 
convert us unto thee ; (grace, 

Shew us the brighrnefs of thy face, 
and then full fafe are we. 

5 Lord God of hofts of Ifrael, 
how long wilt thou delay ? 

And 'gainft thy folk in anger fwell, 
& wilt not hear them pray? /^^^^ 

6 Thou doft them feed with forrows 
their bread with tears they eat ; 

And drink the tears that they do 
in meafure full & great. Cv/eep, 

7 Thou haft us made a very ftrife 

to thole that dwell about : 
W*^^ much doth pleafeour enemies, 
they laugh v^nd jeft' it out. 

8 O take us, Lord, unto thy grace, 
convert our hearts to thee : 

Shew forth to us thy joyful face, 
and we full fafe lliali be. 

^FromEgypt where it grew not well 
thou brought'ft a vine, full dear : 

The heathen folk thou didft expel, 
and thou didO; plant it there.'' 

loThou didft prepare for it a place,^ 

and fet its roots full faft : 
That it did grow and fpring apace, 

and fili'd the land at laft. 
The fecond part. 
nThe hills were cover'd round about 

with Ihade that from it came, 
Alfb the cedars ftrong and ftout, 

v/ith branches of the fame, ^j.^^ ^ 
iiWhy then didft thou her walls de- 

her hedge pluck'd up thou haft : 
That all the folk that pais thereby 

the fame do fpoil and wafte. 

1 3 The boar out of the wood Co wild 
doth dig and root it out : 

The furious beafts out of the field 
devour it all about. 

14 O Lord of hofts, return again, 
from heav'n do thou look down ; 

Behold, and with thy help fuftaii^ 
thy vineyard overthrown. 

r 5 Thy pleafant vine, thine IfraeT, 
which thy right hand hath let : 

The fame w*^'^ thou didft love fo well, 
O Lord, do not foi'get. 

1 5 They lop and cut it oiF apace, 
they burn it down with fire ; 

And through the frowning of thy 
we perilh in thine ire. (face 

17 Let thy right hand be with them 
whom thou haft keptfo long : (now. 

And with the Son of man whom thou 
to thes haft n^ade fo fti'ong. 

18 And 


1 8 And Co wlien thou haft fet us free, 
and faved us from fhame : 

Then will we never fall from thee, 
but call upon thy Name. 

tpO Lord of hofts,through thy good 
convert us unto thee : (grace 

Pfalm Ix5cx, Ixxxi. 

Behold us with a pleafant face, 
and then full fafe are we. 
Gloria Patri. 
y^// Glory f Honour ^ Povf^r, and Prflifff 

to the Myfterious Three : 
As at the fir ^ beginning i»aSf 
mtty now and ever be. 

Cantus & Bajjks. PsjLM LXXXI. Or to London new Tune, 



E light and glad,in Godrejoyce,w^h is our ftrength andftay ; 
Be joy— ful; and lift up your voice to Jacob's God alway. 
Prepare your Inftruments moft meet, fome joyful Pfalm to fing : 


Strike up with harp and lute moft fweer, on ev'ry pleafant ftring. 
Medlus, Pfalm Si. A.'^.Voc. 


£E light and glad, in God rejoyce,which is our ftrength and ftay 
Be joy*.->fu}^ and lift up your voice to Jacob's God alway. 


Pfalm Ixxxi. 



Prepare your Inftruments moft meet, fome joyful Pfalm to flng : 

Strike up with harp and lute moft fweet,on ev'ry pleafant ftring. 
BaJJm. Pfalm Si. A. 7, Voc, 

3E light and glad, in God rejoyce,which is our ftrengtii and ftay : 
Be joy-ful, and lift up your voice to Jacob's God alway. 


Prepare your Inftruments moft meet, fome joyful Pfalm to ling: 

Strike up with harp and lute moft fweet, on ev'ry pleafant ftring. 

3 Blow as it were in the new-moon, 

with trumpets of the beft ; 
As it is ufed to be done 
at any folemn feaft. 

4 For this is unto Ifrael 

a ftatute, which was made 
By Jacob's God, and muft full well 
be evermore obey'd. 


5 This claufe with Jofeph was de- 
when he from Egypt came. 

That as a witnefs all his feed 
fhould ftill obferve the fame. 

^When God himfelf had fo prepared, 
to bring him from the land ; 

Whereas the fpeech which he had 
he did not underftand . ( heard, 

7 1 from his Ihoulder took ffaith he) 
the burden clean away : 

And from the furnance itt him free 
from burning brick of day. 

8 When thou in grief didft cry & c^ll, 

I heip'd thee inftantly : 
And I did anfwer thee withal 
in thunder fecretly. 

9 Yea, at the waters of difcor J 

I did thee tempt and prove : 
Where thou the goodnefsof rheLord 
with murmering didft move. 

I o Hear, O my people Ifrael, 

and I'll alTure it thee ; 
Regard 8c mark my words full well, 
if thou wilt cleave to me. 
The fscond part. 

I I Thou Ihaltno god in thee referve, 
of any land abroad ; 

Nor in no wife bow to or ferve 
a ftrange or foreign god. 

12 I am the Lord thy God, and I 
from Egypt fet thee free : 

Then ask of me abundantly, 
and I will give it thee, 

13 But 


13 But yet my people ivould not hear 

my voice when that I fpake : 
And Ifrael would not obey, 

but did me quite forfake. (will, 

14 Then^id I.Live them to their 
in hardnefi ot^ their heart : 

To walk in their own counfels ftill 
themfelves they did pervert. 

Pfalm Ixxxi, Ixxxii. 

16 How foon would I confound their 
& bring them down full low : (foes. 

And turn my hand upon all thofe 
that would them overthrow. 

lyAnd they that at the Lord do rage, 

as liars fliould be found : 

But for his folk, their time and age 

ftiould with great joy be crown'd. 

15 O that my people would have j 1 8 I would have fed them with the 

the words that I did fay : (heard I and finsft of the wheat : (crop, 

And Ifrael with due reward And made the rock \^th hony drop, 

had walked in my way ! | that they their fills fhould eat. 

Canm & Baps. P sa l m LXXXII. Rocheficr Tune. 

/"'"'% —Mid the prefs with men of might the Lord himfeif doth fcand , 

To plead the caufe of truth and right with Judges of the land. 

Medim, Tfahn 82. A.?y V&c, 

^^MiA the prefs with men of might the Lord himfeif doth frand, 


To plead the caufe of truth and right with Judges of the land. 

Baj]h. ^ FfalmSz, ^J- ^^^' 

^Mid the prefs with, men of might the Lord himfeif doth iland: 

To plead the cav?fe of truth and right with Judges of the land. 

2 How 

Pfalm Ixxxii, Ixxxiii. 

2H0W Iong,faid!ie,V7lIl you proceed 
falfe judgment to award ? 

Wliy have you partially agreed 
the wicked to regard ? 

3 Whereas of due you fliould defend 
the father lefs and weak ; 

And when the poor man doth con- 
in judgment juftly fpeak. Ccend, 

4 If ye be wife, defend the caufe 
of poor men in their right: 

And rid the needy from the claws 
of tyrants force and might. 

5 But nothing will they know or 
in vain to them I talk : (learn, 

."They v/ill not fee or ought difcerR, 
but ftill in darknefs walk. 


6 For lo, ev'n now the time is come 
that all things fall to nought : 

And laws likewife by ev'ry one 
for gain are Ibid and bought. 

I had decreed it in my fight 

as gods to take you all : 
Children alfo of the moll High, 

for love I did you call. 

7 But notwithfcanding ye fhall die 
as men, and lb decay : 

O tyrants, I fliall you deftroy, 
and pluck you quite away. 


8 Up, Lord, and Ut thy flrength be 
and judge the world with might : 

For why ? all nations are thine own 
to take them as thy right. 

Canm & Baffifs.^ VsALM LXXXIIL Brifiol Time, 

P Jf O not, O God, refrain thy tongue, in filence do not flay : 

Withhold not,Lord,thy felf fo long, and make no more delay. 

Meclim. Pfalm 83. J.^. Fee, 

. Do not, O God, refrain thy tongue, in filence do nor (lay: 
Wiuihold not,Lord,thy felf {o long, aud make no more dej.iy. 

I4X Pfalm Ixxxiii. 

BaJ]Us. ^ ^/f^^lL. ^ ^ '^.^.Voc, 

J)0 not, O God, refrain thy tongue, in filence do notftay: 

Withhold notjLord, thy felf fo long, and make no more delay. 

a For why ? behold thy foes, and fee 
how they do rage and cry : 

And thofe that bear an hate to thee, 
hold up their heads on high. 

3 Againft thy folk they ufe deceit, 

and craftily enquire : 
For thine eleft to lie in wait, 
in council they conipire. 

4 Come on, fay they, let us expel 
and pluck thefe folk away : 

So that the name of Ifrael 
may utterly decay, 


5 They all confpire within their 
how they may thee withftand : 

Againft the Lord to take a part 
they are in league and band. 

6 The tents of all the Edomites, 
the Ifmaelites likewife : 

The Hagarenes and Moabites, 
their plots do ftill devife. 

7 Gebal and Ammon do likewife 
with Amalek confpire : 

The Philiftines againft thee rife, 
with them that dwell in Tyre. 

8 Aflur is alfo joyn'd to them 
in their conspiracy : 

And is become a fence and aid 
to Lot's pofterity. 

9 As thou didft to the Midianices, 

fo ferve them, Lor.d, each one ; 

As untoSifer andjabin, 
befide the brook Kiibn. 

10 Whom thou inEndor didft deftroy, 

6c wafte them through thy might : 
That they like dung on earth did lie, 
and that in open light. 
The fecond part. 

1 1 Make them now and their lords 
like Zeb and Oreb then : (appear 

As Zebah and Zalmana were, 
the kings of Midian. 

12 Which faid,Let us throughout the 
in all the coafts abroad, (land 

PofTefs and take into our hand 

the fair houfes of God, 

1 3Turnthem,0 God, with ftorms as 

as wheels that have no ftay : - 
Or like the chaiF which men do call 

with winds to flie away. 

14 Like as the fire with rage 6c fume ; 

the mighty forrefts fpills j 
And as the flame doth quite confume 

the mountains and the hills. 

14 So let the tempeft of thy wrath 
upon their necks be laid : 

And of thy ftormy wir^ and fhowre^ 
Lord, make them a^B afraid. 

16 Lord, bring them a^ I theedefire, 
to fuch rebuke^^^ ihame, 

That it may cati^them to enquire, 
and learn to feek thy Name. 

J 7 And 

Pfalm Ixxxiii, Ixxxiv. 

17 And let them daily more and more 
to ihame and flander fall : 

And in rebuke and obloquy 
confound and fmk them all. 


iSThat they may know 8cunderftan4 
thou art the God moft high ; 

And that thou dofl: with mighty hand 
the world rule conftantly. 

Cantus & BaJ]m, Tsalm LXXXIV. Winchefter Tune. 


OW pleafant is thy dwel]ing-place,OLordofhofts,tome! 

The ta-ber--na-cles of thy grace,how pleafant,Lord,they be ! 
Medim. Tfalm 84. A. ;. Voc. 


J^Ow pleafant is thy dwelling-place , O Lord of hofts, to me i 

The ta-ber-na-cles of thy grace,how pleafant;Lord, they be ! 
Bafju:, ^ Ffalm^S^, A. g. Voc. 

J-^Ow pleafant is thy dwelling-place , O Lord of holls, to me! 
The ta—ber-na-cles of thy grace, how pIeafant,Lord,they be ! 

ft My foul dorh long full fore to go 

into thy courts abroad ; 
My heart and flefh cry out alfb 
t for thef'the living God. 

3 The fparrows find a room to reft, 
andfave themfelves from wrong : 

Alfo the fwallow hath a neH 
wherein to keep her young. 

4 Thefe birds full nigh thine altar 
have place to Ht and fing : (may 

O Lord of hofls, thou art alway 
my only God and King, • , 



5 O they be blefled that may dwell 

within thy houfe always : 
For they all times thy fafts do tellj 

and ever give thee praife. 
^Yea,happy fure likewife are they, 

whofe ftay and ftrength thou art, 
W^^ to thy houfe do mind the way, 

and feek it in their heart.'. . 
As they go through the vale ^f tears, 

they dig up fountains ftill ; 
That as a fpring it all appears, 

and thou their pits dofl: fill. 
^From ftrength toftrength they walk 
no faintnefs there fhall be-, (full faft, 
And lb the God of gods at laft 

in Sion they do fee. 
8 O Lord of hofts, to me give heed, 

and hearken to my cry : 
And let it through thine earspro- 

O Jacob's God moll high, (ceed, 

Pfalm IxxKiV) Ixxxv. 

80God,our £hieId,ofthy good grace 
regard, and fo draw near: 

Regard, O Lord^ behold the face 
of thine anointed dear. 

I o For why ? within thy courts one 

is better to abide, (day 

Than other where to keep or ftay 

a thoufand days befide. 
Much rather had I keep a door 

within the houfe of God, 
Than in the tents of wickednefs^ 

to fettle mine abode. 

II For God the Lord, light Sc defence 
will grace and glory give; 

And no good thing will he withhold 
from them that purely live. 

12 O Lord of hofts, that man is beft, 

and happy fure is he. 
That is perfwaded in his breafi: 

to truft all times in thee. 

Cantus & BaJJhs, Ps^LM LXXX V. Windfor Tune, 

Hou haft been mer-ci — ful indeed , O Lord, unto thy land : 

^ iliiliiiiiiiiiiiiSiiliil 

For thou refrored'ft Jacob's feed from thraldom, and from band. 

Mdim, Vfalm 85-. X 3. Voc, 

jf Hou haft been mer-ci — ful indeed , O Lord, unto thy land : 


For thou reftoredTr Jacob's feed from tliraldom, and frQm band. 

Pfalm Ixxxv. 14 j 

Bajjusi Pfalm S^, ^^, '^. Fbc. 

TpHou haft been mer~ci — ful indeed , O Lord, unto thy land : 


For thou reflored'ft Jacobus feed from thraldom, and from band. 

aThe wicked ways that they were in, 
thou didft them clean remit: 

And thou didft hide thy people's fin, 
full clofe thou cover'dft it, 

3 And thou thine anger didft afRvage, 

that all thy wrath was gone : 
And fo didft turn thee from thy rage, 
with them to be at one. ^ 

4 O God our heaIth,do now convert 

thy people unto thee : 
t*ut all thy wrath from us apart, 
and angry ceafe to be. 

5 Shall thy fierce anger never end, 

but ftill be pour'd on us? 
And fliall thy wrath it felf extend 
upon all ages thus ? 

6 Wilt thou not rather turn again, 
and quicken us, that we 

And all thy folk may evermore 
be glad and joy in thee ? 

y; O Lord, on us do thou declare 
thy goodnefs to our wealth : 

Shew forth to us, and do not fpare, 
thine aid and laving health. 

8 ni hearken W^hat God faith to me, 
to his he fpeaketh peace, 

And to his faints, that never they 
return to fooliftinefs. 

2 For why ? his help is ftill at hand 

to fuch as do him fear : 
Whereby great glory in our land 

Ihall dwell and flourifti there. 

10 For truth and mercy there fliall 
in one to take their place : (meec 

And peace fliall juftice w^h i^ifj greet j 
and there they fliall embrace. 

1 1 Truth from the earth fliall fpring 
and flourifli pleafantly : (apace^ 

So right'oufnefs fliall fliew her face, 
and look from heav'n moft high. 

i2Yea,GodhimfeIf doth take in hand 
to give us each good thing : 

And through the coafts of all the land 
the earth her fruit fliall bring. 

1 3 Before his face fliall juftice g0 

much like a guide or ftay ; 
He fliall direO: his fteps alfo, 

and keep them in the way. 
Gloria Patri. 
To Father^ Son, and Holy Gboftj 

One God in Perfons Three : 
AU Honour f Prap, and Glory rmj^^ 

hdth mtf and r<jer h. 

p h4i ^'^ 

14^ Ffalni Ixxxvi. 

Cantm & BaJJm. P sa l m LXXX VI. Or to IVindforTune. 

Orc^, bow thine ear to my requeft, and hear me inftantly; 

For with great pain and grief opprefs'd, full poor and weak am I. 


Preferve my foul , becaufe my ways and doings ho — ly be : 
And fave thy fervant, O mvGod, that puts his trufl in thee. 


Med'iMS. Vfalm 8^. A. 3-,. Voc, 


LOrd, bow thine ear to my requell", and hear me inftantly: 


For with gre>it pain and giief opprefs'd, full' poor and weak am I. 


Preferve my foul, becaufe my u'ays and doings ho — ly be: 

And fave thy icrvant, O my God, that puts his truft in thee. 
Baffm. - Vf.ihn 86. A. 7,. Voc, 


LOrdj bow thine ear Xo my requeftj and hear me inftantly : 


Pfalm Ixxxvi. 


For with great pain and grief opprefs'djfull poor and weak 4m I. 


Preferve my foul , becaufe my ways and doings ho — ly be : 
And fave thy fervant, O my God, that puts his truft in thee. 

3 Thy mercy upon me expreis, 

and me defend alway : 
For through the day I do not ceafe 

to thee, O Lord, to pray. 
^ComfortjO Lord,thy fervant'sfbul 

that now with pain is pin'd : 
For unto thee I do exalt, 

and lift my foul and mind. 

5 For thou art good and bountiful, 

thy gifts ©f grace are free ; 
Alfo thy mercy plentiful 

to all that call on thee. 
5 O Lord, likewife when I do pray, 

regard and give an ear : 
Mark well the words that I do fay, 

all my petitions hear. 

7ln time when trouble doth me move, 

to thee I do complain : 
For why ? I know and well do prove 

thou anfwer'ft me again. 
8 Among the gods, O Lord, is none 

with thee to be compared : 
And none can do as thou haft done, 

the like hath not been heard. 
The fjcond part, 
$ The Gentiles and the people all 

which thou didft make and frame, 
Before thy face on knees Ihall fall, 

and glorific thy Name. 
I o For why ? thou art lb much of 

all power is thine own : (might, 
Thou workeft wonders ftill in fighr, 

for thou art God alone. 

1 1 teach me, Lord , the way, and I 
fliall in thy truth proceed ; 

O joyn my heart to theefonigh> 
that I thy Name may dread. 

12 To thee will I give thanks Scpraife, 
O LOrd> with all my heart; 

And glorifie thy Name always, 
becaufe my God thou art. 

13 For why ? thy mercy fliew'd to me 
is great, and doth excel : 

Thou fett'ft my foul at liberty 
out from the loweft hell. 

14 O Lord^the proud againft me ril^, 
and heaps of men of might .* 

They feek my foul, and in no wife 
will have thee in their fight. 

1 5 Thou ,Lord,art merciful and kind^ 

full flack and flow to wrath : 
Thy goodnefs is full great, I find 

thy truth no meafure hath. 
1 6 O turn to me, and mercy grant, 

thy ftrength to me apply : 
O help and fave thine own fervant, 

thy handmaid's fon am L 

1 7 On me fome lign of favour fhow^ 
that all my foes may fee 

And beafliamM,becaufe,Lord,tho'q 
doft help and comfort me. 

To Father^ Son, and Holy Ghoftj 

all glory be therefore : 
As in highmlng yoa^fy is novcf^ 

atjd faall be euirnme, 

L ;S P 5 J /' 'd 


Pfalm Ixxxvii. 

Cantm & Bajjus, ?SALM LXXXVII. Hereford Tune, 

THat city fhall full well endure,her ground work ftill doth ftay 

Upon the ho— ly hills full fure , it can no time decay. 

Medlm. Tfalm 87. ^. %. ^oc, 

THat city fhall fall well endure, her ground-work ftill doth ftay 

Upon the holy hills full fure, it can no time decay. 
B^ftis. Tfalm 87. A. %. Voc. 

'X'Hat city fhall full well endure, her ground-work ftill doth ftay 

Upon the holy hills full fure, it caii no time decay. 

A people old, full long ago 
were born, and there did rife. 

6 Of Sion they fhall fay abroad, 
thar divers men of fame , CGod 

Have there fprung up, and the high 
hath founded faft the fame. 

7 In their records to them it fhall 
by him be made appear. 

Of Sion, that the chief of all 
had his beginning there. 

8 The trumpeters with fuch as fing, 
there in great plenty be : 

My fountains and my pleafmt 
are compafs'd all in thee, (fprings 

i God loves the gates of Sion beft, 
his grace doth there abide ; 

He loves them more than all the reft 
of Jacob's tents befide. 

3 Full glorious things reported be 
in Sion, and abroad: 

Great things, I fay, are faid of thee, 
thou city of our God. 

4 On P.ahab I will caft an eye, 
N, and bear in mind the fame : 
To Esbyjon alfo ?pply, 

and them that know my Name. 

5 Lo, Paleftine, and Tyre alfb, 
with Ethiope likswile, 

Pfalm Ixxxviii. 


Cantm & Baffm. VsJLM LXXXVIII. ' Manchefler Tune. 

Old God of health, the hope and Hay thou art alone tome; 

I call and cry throughout the day, and all the night to thee. 

Medim, Tfalm 88. A.%.Voc. 

LOrd God of health, the hope and flay thou art alone to me; 

I call and cry throughout the day, and all ths night to thee. 

Tfalm 88. A. 3' ^^oc. 




LOrd God of health, the hope and ftay thou art alone to me; 
I call and cry throughout the day, and all the nighc to thee. 

2 O let my prayer foon afcend 

unto thy fight on high : 
Incline thine ear, O Lord, attend, 

and hearken to my cry. 

3 For why ?v,'irh wo my heart is filPd, 
and doth in rrouble dwell : 

My life £c breath dorh almoU yield, 
and draweth nigh to hell. 

4 1 am efteem'd as one of them 
, that in the pit do fall : 

And made as one among thofe men 
that have no Ih-ength at all. 

5 As one among the dead, and fi-ee 

from things that here remain : 
Ic were more eafe for me to be 
with them the which were iliin. 

6 As thofe that lie in grave, I fay, 
whom thou hall clean forgoi: 

The whicj) thy hand hath cue away, 
and thou rev^ard'jfl: them nor. 

L 3 7 Yea, 


7 Yea, like to one fhut up full fure 

within the lower pit, 
In places dark and all obfcure, 

and in the depth of it. 

Pfalm Ixxxviii, Ixxxix. 

Or there fhall they thy Juftice know 
where men all things forget ? 

SThine anger Sc thy wrath likewifc; 

full lore on me doth lie : 
And all thy ftorm againft me rile, 

my foul to vex and try. 

pThou put'll: my friends far off from 
Sc mak'H them hate me fore : (me, 

t am Ihut up in prifon faft, 
and can come forth no more. 

loMy fight doth fail thro grief & wo, 

I call to thee, O God : 
Throughout the day my hands alfo 

to thee I ftretch abroad. 
Ike fecQ7id part. 
1 1 Doft thou unto the dead declare 

thy Vv'ondrous works of fame ? 
Shall dead to life again repair, 

and praife thee for the fame ? 

liOr fhall thy loving kindnefs,Lord, 
be preached in the grave? 

Or fliall with them that are defloy'd 
thy truth her honour have ? 

13 Shall they that lie in dark full low 
fee all thy wonders great ? 

14 But I, O Lord, to thee always 
do cry and call apace : 

My pray'r alfo e're it be day 
fliall come before thy face. 

15 Why doft thou, Lord, abhor my 
in grief that feeketh thee : (foul. 

And now, O Lord, why doft thou 
thy face away from me ? (hide 

i^ I am affliaed, dying ftlll ; 

from youth many a year 
Thy terrors, which do work me ill, 

with troubled mind I bear. 

1 7 The furies of thy wrathful rage 
full fore upon me lie: 

Thy terrors they do not alTwage, 
but prefs me heavily. 

1 8 All day they compafs me about, 
as water at the tide : 

And all at once with ftreams full 
befet me on each fide. (great 

19 Thou fetteft far from me my 

and lovers ev'ry one : (friends 
Yea, and my old acquaintance all 
out of my light are gone. 

Cantus & Baffits^ VsALM LXXXIX. OrtoMartyrsTune, 


I O ling the mercies of the Lord ,my tongue fhall never fpare : 


And with my mouth from age to age thy truth I will declare. ' 


Pfalm Ixxxix. 15-1 

For I have faid, that mercy {hall for e— ver--more remain: 

In that thou deft the heav'ns fupport, thy truth appeareth plain. 

Medius. PJalm 89. J. 3. Foe. 

jf O ilng the mercies of the Lord, my tongue ftiall never fpare : 

And with my mouth from age to age thy truth I will declare. 

For I have faid , that mercy ihall for e— -ver— more remain : 

In that thou doft the heav'ns fupport, thy truth appeareth plain. 
Baps, FfalmSp. J.^.Vhc, 

T^O (ijig the mercies of the Lord, my tongue Dial 1 never fpare.- 

And with my mouth from age to age thy truth I will declare. 

For I have faid, that mercy lliall for e— ver-more remain : 

In that thou doft the heav'os fupport/thy truth appeareth plain. 

L ^ 3 To 


Pfalm Ixxxix. 

3 To mine ele£t, faitli God, I made 

a cov'nant and beheft : 
My fervanr David to perfwade, 
I fwore and did proteft , 

4 Thv feed for ever I will (lay, 

And ftill uphold thy throne alway 
from age to age to laft. 


5 The heav'nsdofhew with joy and 

thy wondrous works, O Lord : 
Thy faints within thy Church on 
thy faith and truth record, (earth 

6 Who with the Lord is equal then 
in all the clouds abroad ? 

Among the fons of all the gods, 
what one is like our God ? 

7 God in affembly of the faints 
is greatly to be dread : 

And over all that dwell about 
in terror to be had. 

8 Lord God of hofts, in all the world 

what one is like to thee ? 
On ev'ry fide,moft mighty Lord, 
thy truth is Den to be. 

c) The tage and fury of the fea 

thou ruleft at thy will : 
And when the waves thereof arife, 

thou mak'ft them calm and ftill. 
10 And Egypt, L^,thou haft fubdu'd, 

thou haft it quite deftroy'd : 
Yea, thou thy foes with mighty arm 

haft fcatter'd al] abroad. 
The fcond part. 
1 1 The heav^'ns are thine,& ftill have 

likewif:^ the earth 6c land : (been, 
The world and all that is therein, 

thou foundedft with thy hand, 
liBoth north & fouth ,w^^^ eaft & weft, 

thy felf didft make and frame : 
BochTabor mount ,and Hermon hill, 
',: arejoyce and praife thy Name. 

1 3 Thine arm is fttong, and full of 
all might therein doth lie : (pow'r, 

The ftrength of thy right hand each 
thou lifteft up on high, (hour 

14 In right'ouliiefs and equity 
thou haft thy feat and place : 

Mercy and truth are ftill with thee, 
and go before thy face. 

1 5: That folk is bleft that knows a- 

the joyful found, O God : (right 
For in the favour of thy light 

they walk full fafe abroad.' 
16 For in thy Name throughout the 

they greatly do rejoyce : (day 
And through thy right'oufnels have 

a pleafant fame and noife. (they ' 

i7For why ? their glory ,ftrength,and 

in thee alone doth lie: (aid, 

And thy goodnefs that hath usftaid,^ 

fhall life our horn on high. 
18 Our ftrength that doth defend us 

the Lord to us doth bring ; (well, 
The holy one of Ifrael, 

he is our Guide and King. 

i^Sometimes thy v;ill unto thy faints 
in vifions thou didft fliow : 

Andthus then didft thou fay to them, 
thy mind to make them know : 

20 A man of might I have erett, 
your king and guide to be : 

And fet him up whom I ele61; 
among the folk to me. 
The third part. 

2 1 My fervant David I have found ^ 
for he doth pleafe me well : 

And have anointed him King .of 
my people Ifrael. 

22 For why ? my hand is ready ftill 
with him for to remain : 

And with mine arm alfo I will 
hisn ftrengthen and fuftain. 

13 The 

Pfalm Ixxxix 

23 The enemies fhall not opprefs, 

they fliall him not devour : 
Nor fhall the fons of wickednefs 

on him have any pow'r. 
44 His foes likewife I will deflroy 

before his face in fight : 
And thofe that hate him I willplague 

and ftrike them with my 'might. 

25 My truth and mercy alfo Ihall 

upon him ever lie : 
And in my Name his horn fliall be 

exalted very high. 
a5 His kingdom I will fet to be 

upon the fea and land : 
Alfo the running floods fhall he 

embrace with his right hand. 

ayHe fhall depend with all his heart 

en me, and this fliall fay, 
My father and my God thou art, 

my rock of health and flay. 
a8 As my firfl-born I will him take 

of all on earth that fprings : 
His might and honour I will raife 

above all earthly kings. 

29 My mercy fhall be with him flill, 
as I my felf have told : 

My faithful covenant to fulfil, 
my mercy I will hold. 

30 Alfo his feed I willfuflain 
for ever flrong and fure r 

So that his feat fh^ll flill remain 
while heav'n and earth endure. 
The fourth ^ art. 

3 1 If that his fonsforfike my law, 
and fo begin to fwerve: 

And of my judgments have no aw, 
nor will not them obferve. 

3 a Or if they do not ufe aright 
my laws for them prepared : j 

But f^tall my commandments light, I 

^ and will them not regard. I 


3 3 Then with the rod will I begin 

their doings to amend, 
And fo will fcourge them for their 

whenever they offend. ffin 

34 But yet thy mercy and goodnels 

I will not take away 
From him, nor let thy faithfulnels 

in any wife decay. 

3 5 But fure my covenant I will hold, 
I with all that I have fpoke : 
No word the which my lips have 

fhall alter or be broke. Ctold, 
36 Once fware I by my holinefs, 

and that perform will I : 
With David I fhall keep promife, 

to him I will not lie. 

3 7 His feed for evermore fhall reign, 

alio his throne of might : 
As doth the fun, it fhall remain 

for ever in my light. 
3 8 And as the moon within the sk/ 

for ever flandeth fafl 
A faithful witnefs from on high, 

fo fhall his kingdom lafl. 

29 But,Lord, thou doll him now re- 
and put him in great fear : 

Yea,thou art wroth with thine ele£l:, 
thine own anointed dear, (made, 

40 The covenant with thy fsrvanc 
Lord, thou haft quite undone : 

And down upon the ground alfo 
hath caft his royal crown. 

The ffth part. (might, 

41 Thou pluck'fl his hedges up w^itfi 
his walls thou doft confound ; 

Thou beateft all his bulwarks down, . 
cafting them to the ground. 

42 That he is fore deftroy'd Sc torn 
of comers by throughout : 

And fo is made a mock and fcdrn 
to all that dwell about. 

43 Thou 


^3 Thou thfir right hand haft lifted 

that him fo fore annoy : (up, 
And all his foes that him devour, 

Io,thou haft made to joy. (way, 
44His fword's edge thou deft take a- 

that ftiould his foes withftand : 
-To him in war no victory 

thou giv'ft, nor upper hand, 

45 His glory thou doft alfo wafte, 
his throne, his joy, his mirth, 

By thee is overthrown and caft 
full low upon the earth. (fliort 

46 Thou haft cut off and made full 
his youth and joyful days : 

And rais'd of him an ill report, 
with ftiame and great difpraife. 

47H0W long away from me,0 Lord, 

for ever wilt thou turn ? 
And fliall thine anger ftill alway 

as fire confume and burn ? 
48 O call to mind, remember then 

my time confumeth faft ; 
Why haft thou made the fens of men 

as things in vain to wafte ? 

Pfalm Ixxxix, xc. 

49 What man is he that llveth here, 

and death Ihall never fee ? 
Or from the hand of hell, his foul 

fhall he deliver free ? (nefs 

5oWhereis,6Lord,thineown good- 

fo oft declared before, 
Which by thy truth ^ uprightnefs 

to David thou haft fwore ? 

5 1 The great rebukes to mmd I call 

that on thy fervants lie : 
The railings of the people all^ 

born in my breaft have I, 
$ 2Wherewith,6 Lord,thine enemies 

blafphemed have thy Name ; 
The fteps of thine anointed one 

they ceafe not to defame. 

5:3 All praife be given unto Thee, 

O God the Lord moft high. 
From this time forth for evermore 

Amen, Amen, fay I. 
y4l/ Glcry^ Honour, Pow'r, and Praife 

to the Myjierioiis Three : 
As at the fir fi heginning voaSy 

mei) now 0?id ever be. 

CantHs & Baffks. PsJLM XC. Windfor Tune 

Hou,Lord,haft been our fure defence,our place of eafe and reft, 


Li all times paft, yea fo long fmce as cannot be exprefs'd. 


P(alm xc. 1 5 J 

Aledhts. ^I^^^_^^i^ .,, "^:J-^^f: 

'J'Hou,X,ord,haft been our fure defence, our place of eafe and rellr, 
In all times paft, yea fo long fince as cannot be exprefs'd. 

Bajfm. Tfalmcio, A. 3. Voc, 


THoUj Lord, haft been our flire defence, our place of eafe and reft : 
In all times paft, yea fo long flace as cannot be exprefs'd. 

a E*re there was made mountain or 
the earth and world abroad : (hill. 

From age to age, and always ftill, 
for ever thou art God. 

(and pain 
3 Thou grindeft man through grief 

to duft or clay, and then 
Thou unto them again doft fay, 

Return ye fbns of men. 

The lafting of a thouland years, 
what is it in thy fight ? 
As yefterday it doth appear, 
or as a watch by night. 

5 So fbon as thou doft Icatter them, 
then is their life and trade 

Ev'n as a fleep, or like the grafs, 
whofe beauty foon doth fade : 

6Which in the morning fhines full 

but fadeth by and by ; 
And is cut down e*re it be night, 

d\\ v/ither'd, dead, and dry. 

7 For thro thine anger we confume, 

our might is much decay'd : 
And of thy fervent wrath, O Lord, 
we are full fore afraid. 


8 The wicked works that we have 

thou fett'ft before thine eye: 
Our privy faults,yea all our thoghts, 
thy countenance doth Ipy. 

9For through thy wrath our days do 

thereof doth nought remain r 
Our years confume as doth a blaft, 

and are not call'd again. 

1 3 The time of our abode on earth 
is threefcore years and ttn : 

But if we come to fourfcore years, 
our life is grievous then. 

The fecondpart. 
1 1 For of this tipie the ftrength and 

we dote lb much upon, ('chief 
Is nothing elfe but pain and grief, 

an^ we as blafts axe gone. 

1 2 What 

15 6 Pfalmxc, xcL 

3 2 What man doth know what power 
what might thine anger hath? (and 
Or in his heart who doth thee fear 
according to thy wrath ? 

i3lnn:ru£i: us,Lord,to know and try 

how long our days remain : 
That fo we may our hearts apply 

true wifdomvto attain. 


14 Return, O Lord,4iow long wilt 
in thy great wrath proceed ? 

Shew favour to thy fervants now, 
and help them at their need. 

1 5 Refrefli us with thy mercy foon, 
and then moft chearfully 

AH times fo long as life doth laft, 
in heart rejoyce will we. 

1 6 As thou haft plagued us before, 
now alfb make us glad : 

And for the years wherein full fore 
affliction we have had. 

17 O let thy work and pow'r appear 
and on thy fervants light : 

And Ihew unto thy children dear 
thy glory and thy might. 

iSLordjlet thy grace and glory ftand 

on us thy fervants thus : 
Confirm the works we take in hand, 

and projper them to us. 
Gloria Patri. 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghofi, 

immortal Glory be : 
/is TV Off is 7mv, and jhall biJiiUf 

to all Eternitie. 

Cantm & Bajjin. 

Psalm XCI. 


St, Mary*s Tune, 

E that within the Tec ret place of God moft high doth dwell 

In Ihadow of the mlghti'il grace, at r^ft iliall keep him well. 


Tfalm 91. A. '^. Voc 

JblE that within the fecret place of God moft high doth dwell: 
In ihadow of the mighti'ft grace, at reft lliall keep Iiira well. 

Pfalm xci. 157 

JPJE that within the fecret place of God moft high doth dwell: 
In lliadow of the mighti'ft grace, at reft fhall keep him well. 

Thou art my hope, and my ftrong 
I to the Lord will fay : (hold, 
My God is he, in him will I 
my whole affiance ftay. 

5 He fhall defend thee from the (hare 
the which the hunter laid : 

And from the deadly plague & care 
whereof thou art afraid. 

(^ And with his wings fliall cover 
and keep thee fafely there : Cthee, 

His faith 3c truth thy fence fhall be, 
as fure as Ihield and fpear. 

5 So that thou never fhalt have caufe 

to fear or be affright. 
For all the (hafts that fiie by day, 
or terrors of the night : 

6 Nor of the plague that privily 
'doth walk in dark fo faft ; 

Nor yet of that which doth deflroy, 
and at noon-day doth wafte. 

7 Yea , at thy fide as thou dofl: ftand , 
a thoufand dead fhall be : 

Ten thoufand more at thy right 
and yet fhalt thou be free.' (hand, 

8 Bur thou (halt fee it for thy part, 

thine eyes Ihall well regard, 
According unto their deiert 
the wicked have reward. 

9 For why, O Lord, I only reft 

and ftay my hope on thee : 

In the moft 
my fure 

hi putmy truft, 
ce is he. 

10 No evil thou fhalt need to fear, 
with thee it fhall go well: 

No plague fhall ever once come near 
the houfe where thou doft dwelL 

1 1 For why ? unto his angels all 
with charge commanded he, 

That ikUl in all thy ways they fhall 
preferve and profper thee. 

1 2 And in their hands fliall bear thee 
ftill waiting thee upon ; (up^ 

So that thy foot fhall never chanc« 
to dafh againft a ftone. 

13 Upon the lion thou fhalt go, 
the adder fell and long : 

And tread upon the lions young, 
with dragons ftout and ftrong. 

14 Becaufe he fets his love on me, 
ril fave him by my might, 

And him advance, becaufe that he 
doth know my Name aright. 

1 5 When he for help to me doth cry, 
an anfwer I will give: 

And from his grief take him WJJl I 
in glory for to live. 

i6Wirh length of years, and days of 
I will fu'iil his time : (wealth, 

The goodnefs of my faving health 
I will dijclare to him. 

P $ yi L M 


Pfalm xcii. 

Cantm & BaJJhs. PsjLM XCII. MartyrsTme.1 

I T is a thing both good and meet to praife the higheft Lotd : 


And to thy Name, O thou moft High, to fing with one accord : 

Me dim. Pfalm 92. A. It,. Voc, 

JT is a thing both good and meet to praife the higheft Lord : 

And to thy Name, O thou mofl High, to fmg with one accord ; 
JB^i7«^. Tfalm 92. A. %. Voc, 


It is a thing both good and meet to praife the higheft Lord : 

And to thy Name, O thou moft High, to fmg with one accord: 

2 To fliew the kindnefs of the Lord, 

berime e're day be light : 
And to declare his truth abroad, 
when it doth draw to night. 

3 Upon ten-ftringed inftrument, 
or lure and harp fb fweet : 

With all the mirth you can invent 
of inftruments moft meet. 

4 For thou haft made me to re Joyce 
in things fo wrought by th^e : 

That I have joy in heart, and voice 
thy handy-works to fee. 

5 O Lord, how glorious & now great 

are all thy works fo ftout ! 
So deeply are thycounfels fet, 
that none can find them out. 

6 The man unwife hath not the wlc 
this work to pafs to bring : 

And all fuch fools are nothing- fit 
to'underftand this thing. 

7 Wh§n 

Pfalm xcii, xciii 

7 When as the wicked at their will 
like grafs do fpiiilg full faft, 

And when they flourifli in their ill, 
they Ihall for ever wafte. 


8 But thou art mighty, Lord, moft 
and thou doft reign therefore 

[n ev'ry time eternally, 
both now and evermore. 

9 Behold, O Lord, thine enemies 
fliall be deftroy'd alway : 

A.nd all that work iniquity 
lliall perifli and decay. 

10 But thou, like as an unicorn, 
ihalliifc mine horn on high : 

With frelli and new prepared oyl 
anointed king am L 

1 1 And of my foes before mine eyes 
ihall fee the fall and fhame : 


Of all that up againft me rife, 
mine ears Ihall hear the fame. 

1 2 The juft fliall flourifli up on high 
as palm-trees bud and blow : 

And as the cedars multiply 
in Libanus that grow. 

1 3 For they are planted m the place 
and dwelling of our God ; 

Within his courts they fpring apace, 
and flourifli all abroad. 


14 And in their age much fruit fliall 
both fat and well befeen : 

And pleafantly both bud and fpring 
with boughs and branches green. 

I $ To fliew that God is good Sc jufl, 

and upright in his will : 
He is my rock, my hope, and trufl", 

in him there is none ill. 

Cantus & Baffm. VsALM XCIII. London new Tune. 

HE Lord doth reign, and cloathed is with majefl:y moft bright : 

And to declare his fl:rength likewife,hath girt himfelf with might. 
M.'Jlifs. Vfdm 9;. A. I. Voc, 


"X^H E Lord doth reign, and cloathed is wirh ma-je.-fty moft brighp 

And to dtclare his ftrength likevafe^hath girt himfdf witch might, 


1^0 Pfalm xciii, xflv. 

^H E Lord doth reign, and cloathed is with ma-je-fty moft bright: 
And to declare his fk ength likewife,hath girt himfelf with might. 

2 The Lord likewife the earth hath 

and fhaped it fo fure, Cmade, 
No might can make it move or fade, 
at ft ay ic doth endmre. 


3 E*re that the world was made or 

thy feat was fet before : 
Beyond all time that can be thought, 
thou haft been evermore. 


4 The floods, O Lord, the floods do 
they roar and make a noife : 

The floods, I fay, did enterprife, 
and lifted up their voicel. 

5; Yea tho the ftorms arife in fight, 
tho feas do rage and fwell: 

The Lord is ftrong & more of might, 
for he on high doth dwell. 

6 O Lot d, thy teftimonies great 
are very fure: therefore 

Doth holinefs right well become 
thy houfe for evermore. 

Cantus & Bajp4s, P^^LAfXCIV. Teterborough Tune, 

Lordjthou doft revenge all wrong,veng'ance belongs to thee: 

Since then it doth to thee belong, declare that all may fee. 

Meditts, Tfalm 94. -^. 3. Voc 

O Lord, thou doft revenge all wrong, veng'ance belongs to thee : 
SirAce then it doth to thee belong, declare that all may fee. 

PCklm xdv. t6i 

B/^ffm Fralm<pA. A.i.Vcc. 


Q Lordythou doft revenge all wrong, veng'ance belongs to thee : 
Siace then it doth to thee belong, declare that all may lee. 

2 Set forth thy felf, for thou of right 
the earth doft judge and guide ; 

Rev/ard the proud and men of might 
according to their pride. 


3 How long fliall wicked men bear 
with lifting up their voice ? 

Shall proud and wicked men alway 
thus criumph and rejoyce ? 

fburft out, 

4 How long fhall they with brags 

and proudly prate their lill ? 
Shall they rejoyce that be fo ft out, 
whofe Works are ever ill ? 

5 Thy flock, OLord, thine heritage 

they fpoil and vex fiillfore; 
Againft thy people they do rage 
ftill daily more and more. 

()The widows which are comfortlefs, 

and ftrangers they deftroy : 
They flay the children fatherlefs, 

and none doth put them by. 

fin hand, 
*i And when they take thefe things 

this talk they have of thee ; 
Can Jacob's God this underftand ? 

Tufli, no, he cannot fee, 

S O folk iinwifej and people rude^ 
feme knowledge now difcern : 

Ye fools among the multitude, 
at length begin to learn. 


5 The Lord which made the ear of 
he n'^eds of right muft hear : 

He madethe eye,all things riiuft then 

before his fight appear. 

1 oTlie Lord doch all the world cor- 

and make them underftand : 
Shall he not then your deeds detefl:? 

how can ye fcape his hand ? 
The fecond part. 
iiTheL^ doth know the thoughts of 

his heart he {tts full plain : fman, 
And he their very thoughs doth fcan^ 

and findeth them but vain. 

12 ButjLord, that man is happy fure 
whom thou doft keep in aw, 

And through correction doft procOrS 
to teach him in thy la\^. 

13 Whereby he fball in quiet fell 
in time of trouble fit : 

When wicked men Hiall be fuppreO:^ 
and fall into the pit. 

14 For fure the Lord will notiefufe 
his people for to take : 

His heritage whom he did cHufej,^ 
he will no time forfake. 

1 5 Until that judgment be decrfed 
to juftice to convert : 

That all may follow her with fpeed 
that are of upright heart. 

i6But who upon my part fbsll ftand 
againft the curfed train l ^ , 

Or who ffiall rid me from theif hati^ 
that wicked VvOik? maii^ai^ ? 
M i 7 Except 


Pfalm xciv, xcv. 

i7Except theLor J had been mine aid, 

mine enemies to quell : 
My foul and life had now been laid 

almofl as low as hell. 

18 When I did fay, My foot doth Aide, 

before that I could call : 
Thy mercy. Lord, moO ready was, 

to fave me from the fall. 

j^When with myfelf I mufed much, 
and could no comfort find : 

Then, Lord, thy goodnefs did me 
& that did eafe my mind. Ctouch, 

1 oWilt rhou accufl:om,Lord,thy felf 

with wicked men to fit, 
Who with pretence,in ftead of law, 

much mifchisf do commit ? 

21 For they confult againft the life 
of right'ous men and good ; 

And in their counfels they are rife 
to filed the guiltlefs blood. 

22 But yet the Lord is unto me 
a fure and fi:rong defence : 

To him I flee, becaufe he is 
my ftrength and confidence. 


25 And he fliall caufe their mifchiefs 

themfelves for to annoy : 
And ifi their malice they fliall fall, 

our God fliall them defl:roy. 
Gloria Patri. 
To Father, So?t, and Holy Ghoft, 

immortal Glory bei 
As "wasy is ?t0Wy and Jhal/ hi JiiUy 

to all Eternitie. 

Cant US & B^iJJhs, FsALM XCV. St, David's Tune*^ 

"^S. a Come let us lift up our voice, and fing unto the Lord: 

InJiim our rock of health re Joyce let us with one accord. 



Medlus. Tfalm 95'. X 3. Voc, 

O Come let us lift up our voice, and Cing unto the Lord : 


In him our r9ck of health rejoyce let us with on« accord. 



Pfalm xcv, xcvi. 

16 j 


O Come let us lift up our voice, and fmg unto the Lord : 
In him our rock of health rejoyce let Us with one accord; 

a Y^a, kt us come before his face 

to give him thanks a*nd ^raife : 
in finging Pfalms unto his grace, 

let us be glad always. 
i For why ? the Lord he Is no doubt 

a great and mighty God, 
A King above all gods throughout, 

in all th^ world abrdad. 
If The fecrets of the earth {o deep, 

and corners of the land, 
The tops of hills that are fo fleep, 

he hath them in his kand. 
y The fea and waters all are his, 

for he the fame hath wrought : 
The earth and all that therein is, 

his hand hath made of nought. 
5 Come let us bow & praife the Lord, 

before him let us fall ; 
And kneel to him with one accord, 

the which hath made us ail. 

7 Fdr why ? he is the Lord out: Go^,- 
for us he doth prtjvide t 

We are his flock, he doth us feed j 
his flieep, and he our GiSide. 

8 To day if ye his voice Vvill hear^ 
then harden not your heart : 

As ye with grudging many yeat 
provok'd me in defart. 

^Whereas your fathers tempted me,' 

rriy power for to prove : , (Teei 
My wondrous works when they did 

yet ftill they would me move^ 
I oTwice twenty years they did m^ 

and I to them did fay, (grievs^^ 
They err in heart, and not believe; 

they have not known my way. 
1 1 Wherefore I fware #hett that JtJy 

was kindled in my breall:, (wratli 
That they flio\jld never tread the 

to enter in my reft. (path,- 

'antm &BaJ]lis. VsALM XCVL WlnchejierTune, 

Ing ye with praife unto the Lord newfongs with joy and mirth % 

Sing unto him v;ith one accord all people on the earth. 

M 3 i-Mi^i 


1^4 Pfalm xcvi. 

Medrn^ ^ Tjalm 96. 

^ir\^ ye with praife un-to the Lord new fongs with joy and mirth: 

Sing un-to him with one accord all people oa the earth. ■ 
BaJJtis, . Tfalm 9.6. ■ A. i.Foc, ]| 

iifiiiilpiiiiiiilliiiiiliilli '' 

S^iiig ye with praife un--to the Lord new fongs with joy and mirth : 
Sing un-to him with one accord all people on the earth. 

2 Yea, fmg unto the Lord alway, 
praife ye his holy Name : 

Declare and fliew^ from day to day 
falvation by the fame. 

3 Among the heathen all declare 

bis honour round about : 
To fhew his wonders do not (pare 
in all the w^orld throughout. 

4'For \vhy?rheLord 15 much of might, 
and worthy of all praife : 

And he is to be dread of right, 
above all gods always. 

5. For all the gbds of heathen folk 

are idols that will fade : 
But yet our God he is the Lord 

that hath the heavens made. 

6 All praife aa^ipnour alio dwell 

ever before TiiTface •: 
Both pow'r and might likewile excel 
within his holy place. 

7 Afcribe unto the Lord r'herefore, 
all men with one accord ; 

All might and worfhip evermore 
afcribe unto the Lord. 

8 Alcrlbe uiito the Lord alfb 
the glory of his Name: 

Alfo into his courts do go 
with gifts unto the fame. 
The fecond part. 

9 Fall doW7i and worfhip ye the Lord ^ 

within his temple bright : 
Let all the people of the world 
be fearful at his fight. 

loTcll all the World, be not afraid, 
the Lord doth reign above : 

Yea, he the earth fo fail: hath ftay'd, 
that it can never move. 

I r And that it is the Lord alone ■ 
that rules with princely might, 

To judge; the nations ev'ry one 
with ec2uity and right. 

1 2 The heav'ns {hall joyfully begin, 
the earth likewife rejoyce: 

The fea, with all that is therein, 
ih^iU ihouc and makeanoife. 


Pfalm xcvi, xcvii 

i3ThefieldslliallJoy,8c ev'ry thing 
that Ipringeth on the earth : 

The wood and ev'ry tree fhaJI ling 
with gladnefs and with mirth. 


14 Before the prefence of the Lord, 
and coming of his might ; 

When he fhall juftly judg the world, 
and rule his folk with right. 

Cantm & BaJJks, TsALM XCVII. Wefimlnjier Tune, 

I HE L^ doth reign,whereat the earth may joy w^^^pleafant voice: 

Alfo the iles with joyful mirth may triumph and rejoyce. 

Medim. Pfalm 97. ^- ? • ^f^^- 

V- T^Hq Lord doth reign,whereat the earth may joy with pleafant voice : 

Alfo the iles with joyful mirth may triumph and rejoyce. 
BaJp4S. Pfalm 97. J. 3. Foe. 

^He Lord doth rtign,whereat the earth may joy v/ith pleafant voice : 
Alfo the iles with joyful mirth may triumph and rejoyce. 

i Both clouds and darknefs likewife 
and round about him beat: (fweli, 

Yea, right and julHce ever dwell 
and 'bide about his feat. 

3 Yea, fire and heat at once do run; 
and go before his face ; 

Which all his enemies fhall burn 
abroad in ev'ry place. 

4His lightnings great full bright did 

and to the world appear : 
Whereat the earth did look and gaze 
with dread and deadly fear, 

. M 3 5 The 


Pfalm xevfi, xcviii. 

5The hills Itke wax did melt in fight 

and prefence of the Lord : 
\rhey fled before that Ruler's might 

which guideth all the world. 

C The heav'hs likewife declare and 

his juftice forth abroad, 
That all the v/orld may fee & know 

the glory of our Gqd. 

7 Confufionfure fliall come to fuch 

as woilhip idols vain : 
^lib to tkofe that glory much 

dumb pidures to maintain. 

^ For all the idols of the world, 
which they their gods do call, 

Shall feel the power of the Lord, 
4nd dow|i tQ him fliall fall. 

9 With joy fliall Sion heaf this thing, 
^ and Judah fliall rejoyce : 

For at thy judgments they fliall fmg, 
with a moft chearful voice. 

I o For thou, O Lord, art fet on high i 

in all the earth abroad : 
And art exalted wondroufly 

above each other god. 


1 1 All ye that love the Lord, do this 
, Hate all things that are ill : 

For he doth keep the fouls of his i 
from fuch as would them fpill 

1 2 And light doth fpring up tQ the 
With pleafiire for his part; 

Gladnefs and joy likewife to them 
that are of upright heart. 

i3Ye right'ous,in the Lo^d rejoyce, 
his holinefs proclaim :|; 

And thankfully with heart 8c voice, 
be mindful of the fame. 

Qanttis & Bajfus, Vsalm XCVIII. Or to London new Tune. 

Sing ye now unto the Lord a new and pleafant fong : 

For he hath wrought throughout the world his wonders great and fl:rong. 

With his right hand full wor-thi — ly he doth his foes devour, 


Pfalm xcviii. 167 

And gees himfelf the vi— fto— -ry with his own arm and pow'r. 

Medlm. Pfalm ^S. J.^.Voc, 

I Q Sing ye now un— to the Lord a new and pleafant fong: 


For he hath wrought throughout the world his wonders great and ftrong. 

With his right hand full wor — thi—Iy he doth his foes devour , 

And gets himfelf the vi— £to— ry with his own armandpow'r. 
Baps, Pfalm 98. ^.5. Voc. 

(J Sing ye now un— to the Lord a new and pleafant fbng: 

For he hath wrought throughout the world his wonders great and ilrong. 

— >~^-u— 
With his right hand full wor-thi~ly he doth his foes devour, 

And gets himfelf the vi— 6:0 — ry with his own arm andpow'r. 
3TheL^ doth make the people know , 4 His grace and truth to Ifrasl 

his faving health and might : 
And alfo doth his juftice Ihow 
in all the heathens fight. 

in mind he doth record : 
And all the earth hath fQQn right well 
the goodnefs of the Lord, 

M 4 5 Be 


Pfalm xcviii, xcix. 

5 Be glad in him with joyful voice, 
all people of the earth : 

Gi^^e thanks to God,fing and rejoyce 
to him with joy and mirth. 

6 Upon the harp unto him fing, 
gip thanks to him always : 

Rejoyee before the Lord our King, 
with trumpets found his praife. 

7 Yea, ht the fea, with all therein, 

for joy both rore and fwell : 
The Q\nh likewife let it begin, 
with all that therein dwell. 

8 And let the floods rejoyce their fills- 

and clap their hands apace : 
Yea, let the mountains and the hill 
triumph before his face. 

9 For he fliall come to judge and try 
the world and ev'ry wight : 

And rule the people mightily 
with juft ice and with right. 

To Father^ Son, and Holy Ghoft, 

aU glory be therefore : 
As in begmiing was, is norc^ 

and jhaU be e^vermore. 

Cantm & Bajjhs. P5^L a/ XCIX. Exeter Tune. 

H E |.ord doth reign, altho at it the people rage full fore: 

Yea, he on cherubims doth lit , tho all the world do rore. 

Med'ms, Ffalm 99. " A. 2.. Voc 

'^He Lord doth reign, altho at it the people rage full fore : 


Yea, he on cherubims doth fit, tho dX\ th^ world dp rore. 
B^'^ffi^^. Tfalm 99. __, ,^ A. ^-. Voc, 

jpHe Lord dofh reign, altho at ft the people rage full ibre : 

Yea^ he on cherubims doth fxi., tho all the v/orld do rore. 

'" ■ "'"''' " ' ■ 3 The 


aThe Lord that doth inSion dwell, 

is high and wondrous great : 
Above all folk he doth excel, 
and he aloft is fet. 

I 3 Let all men pralfe thy mighty 
i for it is fearful flire : 
And let them magnifie the fame, 
that holy is and pure. 

I ^ The princely power of our King 
I doth love judgment and right : 
I Thou rightly ruleft evVy thing 
' in Jacob through thy might. 

5 To praife the Lord our God devife, 

all honour to him Ihew : 
I And at his footftool worfhip him 
that holy is, and true. 

xcix, c. 1 6^ 

6 Mofes, Aaron, and Samuel, 

as priefts on him did call : (well. 
When they did pray , he heard them 
and gave them anfwer all. 

7 Within the cloud to them he fpake, 

then did they labour flill 
To keep fuch laws as he did make, 

according to his will. 

2 O Lord our God, thou didflthem 

and anfwer'dft them again : 
But their inventions punilhed 

which foolilh were, and vain. 

9 O praife our God and Lord there- 

wirhia his holy hill : 
For why ? our God whom we adore 

is holy ever jftill. 

Cantm & BaJJus. V sjlm C. Troper Tune. 

A iiiiiiSiiiiiiliiilliiifiliii 

L L people that on earth do d well,fin g to the L"^ w ^ ^^ chearful voice ? 

Him ferve with fear,his praife forth tell, come ye before him and rejoyce. 

Me dim. Tfihn lOO. X ;. Voc. 

A.LL people that on earth do dwell,{ing to the L'' with chearful voice : 


Him ferve with f€ar,his praife fcrth tell,come ye before htm and rejoyce. 

tyo Pfalm c, ci. 

Saffus. Pf aim TOO, A^^.Voc, 

All people that on earth do dwell^fing to the L«^ with chearful voice : 

Him ferve with fear,his praife forth telI,come ye before him and rejoyce 

3 The Lord ye know is God indeed, 
without our aid he did us make : 

We are his flock, he doth us feed, 
and for hislheep he doth us take. 

4O enter then his gates with praife, 
approach with joy his courts unto: 

Praife,1aud,& blefs his Name always, 
for it is feemly fo to do. 

5 For why? the Lord our God is good, 
his mercy is for ever fure : 

His truth at all times firmly flood, 
and Ihall from age to age endure. 

Tfalm 100. Another of the fame, St, Mmys Tune 

IN God the Lord be glad & light, 
praife him throughout the earth: 
aServe him,and come before his fight 

with finging and with mirth, 

3 Know that the Lord our God he is, 
he did us make and keep, 

JJot we our felves : for we are his 
own flock and pafture-fheep. 

4 O go into his gates always, \ 

give thanks within the fame : 

Within his courts fet forth his praife, 
and laud his holy Name. 

% For why? the goodnefs of the lord 
for evermore doth reign : Cworld 

From age to age throughout the 
his truth doth ftill remain. 

Cantus & BajfMs. Tsalm CI, London Tune, 


Mercy will and judgment fing, O Lord God, unto thee ; 


O let me underftand the ways that good and ho -ly be. 



Pfalm ci. 171 

Medm. Tfalm ici. X 3. Voc. 

J Mercy will and judgment fing , O Lord God, unto thee : 

O let me underftand the ways that good and holy be, 
BaJJm, Vfalmioj. A.^,Voc, 

J Mercy will ar).d judgment fing, O Lord God, unto thee : 
O let me underftand the ways that good and holy be. 

Within my houfe I'll daily walk 
wkh heart pure and upright : 
And I no kind of wicked thing 
will fet before my fight. 

I hate their works that fall away, 
they ihall not cleave to me : 

4 From me (hall part the fro ward 

none evil will I fee. (heart, 

5 Him ril deftroy that flandereth 

his neighbour privily : 
The lofty heart 1 cannot bear, 
nor him that looketh high. 

6 Mine eyes fiiall be on them within 
the land that faithful be : 

In perfeft way who walketh, fhall 
be fervant unto me. 

7 I will no guileful perfon have 
within my houfe to dwell : 

And in my prefence he Ihall noc 
remain that lies doth tell. 

8 Betimes 1 will deftroy ev'n all 
the wicked of the land ; 

That I may from God's city cut 
the wicked worker's hand. 
Gloria Patri. 

To Father y Son^ and Holy Ghofi^ 
all glory be therefore : 

As in beginning wasy is mw, 
and jlaU be cuermore. 

P $ A L H 


Pfalm cii. 

Cantm & Bajjlts. FsJLM CII. Manchefier Tuner 

fi 9 Ear thou my pray'r,0 Lord,ahd ht my cry come unto thee : 

In time of trouble do not hide thy face away from me. 


Vfahn IG2. 



J^Ear thou my pray'r, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee : 16 

In time of trouble do not hide thy face away from me. 
B:tffi'fs. Pfalm 102. ^.3. Foe, 

J-jEar thou my pray'r, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee : 
In time of trouble do not hide thy face away from me. 

3 Incline thine ear to me, make hafte 

to hear me when I call : 
For as the fmoke doth fade, fb do 
my days confume and fall. 

4 And as an hearth my bones are 
my heart is fmitten dead, (burnt, 

And withers like; the grafs, that I 
forget to eat my bread. 

5 By reafon of my groaning voice 
my bones cleave to my skia : 

6 As pelican in wildernefs, 
luch cafe now am I ia. 

And as an Owl in defart is, 
lo, I am luch an one : 

7 I watch, and as a fparrow on 
the am alone. 

8 Lo, daily in reproachful wile 

my foes theyj.ifo me fcovn : 
And them that dG-agaiiifl: me rage, 
againil: me they have fworn. 

9 Surely with afnes as with bread, 

my hunger I have filFd : (tears 
And mingled have my drink with 
that from mine eyes diftiird. 

J o Be- 

oSecaule of thy dlfpleafurejLord, 

thy wrath and thy difdain : 
For thou haft lifted m? alofr, 

and caft me down again. 
[ I The days wherein I pafs my life, 

are like the fleeting fliade : 
^nd I am wither'd like the grafs 

that foon away doth fade* 

1 2 But thoU; O Lord, for ever doft 
remain in fteady place : 

Aind thy remembrance ever doth 
abide from race to race. 
7'he femid part. 

13 Thou wilt arife, and mercy thou 
to Sion wilt extend : 

The time of mercy, now the time 
forefet is come to end. 

14 For in the very ftones thereof 
thy fervants do delight : 

And on the duft thereof they have 
compafllon in their fight. 

5Then Ihall the heathen people fear 
the Lord's moft holy Name : 

And all the kings on earth Ihall 
thy glory and thy fame. (dread 

16 Then when the Lord,the mighty 
again fhall SiOn rear : (God, 

And then when he moft nobly in 
his glory fhall appear. 

27 To pray'r of the poor defolate 

when he himfelf Ihall bend : 
When he ftiall not difdain imto 

their pray'rs for to attend. 
18 This {hall be written for the age 

that after fliall fucceed : 
The people that are yet unborn, 

the Lord's rsnown Ihall fpread. 
s^ From his high fanftuary he 

hath looked down below : 
And out of heav'n moft high he hath 

beheld the earth alfo. 

Pfklm cii. X73 

loThat of the mourning captive he 
might hear the woful cry : 

And that he might deH\rer thofe 
that were condemn'd to diQ. 

21 That they in Sion may declare 

the Lord's moft holy Name : 
And in Jerufalem fet forth 

the praifes of the fame. 
2 2Then when the people of the land 

and kingdom with accord 
Shall be aftembled to perform 

their fervice to the Lord. 
The third par ^. 
24 My former force and ftrength he 

abated in the way: fhath 

.<And ftiorter he did cut my days j 

thus I therefore did fay, 

24 My God, in midft of aUmydays 

now take me not away : 
Thy years endure eternally, 

and never do decay. 

2 5 Thou the foundations of the earth 
before all time haft laid : 

The heav'ns alfo, they are the worfe 
w^h tjiine own hands have made.. 

26 They all fhall perifti and decay, 
but thou remaineft ftill ; 

And they fhall all in time wax old, 
ev'n as a garment will. 

27 Thou as a garment flialc them' 
& changed fhall they be: (change, 

But thou doft ftill abide the fame, 
thy years io never flee. 

28The children of thy fervants (hall 

continually endure : 
And in thy fight their happy feed 

for ever fhall fland fure. 

to Father, Son, and Holy Ghfl, 

One God in Perfons Three : 
j^ll Honour, Praip, and Glory rnQp^ 
; hth mw and ruer h. 

P 3 A 


Pfalm ciii. 

Cantus & Bajpfs. Tsalm CIII. Or toCanterhuryTune, 

1 ^/ I Y foul, give laud unto the Lord, my fplrit do the fame t 

^ flipiiiilPiiSl^iliiiiiii 

And all the fecrets of my heart, praife ye his ho-ly Name. 
Give thanks to God for all his gifts, fhew not thy felf unkind: 

And fuffer not his be— ne—fits to flip out of thy mind. 

Medius, Ff aim 10^. A. '},,Voc, 

JVJ[Y foul, give laud un--to the Lord, my fpi-rit do the fame : 



And all the fecrets of my heart, praife ye his ho-Iy Name. 
Give thanks to God for all his gifts, fhew not thy felf unkind : 


And fuffer not his be-ne-ntt to flip out of thy mind. 

Pfilm ciii* 1 75* 

us. Pfalm 103. ]/[, J, y-oc^ 


]^Y foul, give laud un-to the Lord, my fpirit do the fame : 
i And alJ the fecrets of my heart, praife ye his ho-ly Name. 
Give thanks to God for all his gifts, Ihew not thy felf unkind : 
And fufFer not his be— ne-fits to flip out of thy mind. 

3 That gave thee pardon for thy 

and thee reftor'd again : (faults, 
From all thy weak and frail difeafe, 

and heal'd thee of thy pain. 
i^,Thatdid redeem thylife from death 

from which thou couldft not flee : 
His mercy and compalTion both 

he did extend to thee. 

5Thatfiird with goodnefsthydefire, 

and did prolong thy youth : 
Like as the eagle cafl:s her bill, 

whereby her age renew'th. 
^ The Lord with juftice doth repay 

all fuch as be opprefs'd ; 
So that their fuff'ririgs and their 

are turned to the beft. Cwrongs 

7 His ways ^ his commandments all 

to, Mofes he did fliow : 
His counfels and his valiant afts 
the Ifra'lites did know. 

8 The Lord is kind and merciful 
when Tinners do him grieve : 

The (loweft to conceive a wrath, 
and readi'ft to forgive. 

9 He chides not us contimially, 

tho we be full of ftrife : 
Nor keeps our faults in memory , 
for all our finful life. 

10 Nor yet according to our fins 
the Lord doth us regard: 

And after our iniquities 
he doth us not reward. 

I r But as the (pace is wondpous great 
'twixt earth and heav'n above : 

So is his goodnefs much more large 
to them that do him love. 

12 God doth remove our fins firom us, 
and our offences all, 

As far as the fun-rifmg is 
full diftant from his fall. 
The fecond part. 

1 3 And look what pity parents dear 
unto their children bear : 

Like pity beareth God to fuch 
as worfhip him in fear. (ihape, 

14 The Lord that made us knows our 
our mould and fafhion juft : 

How weak and frail our nature is, 
and how we are but duft. 

IS And 


1 5 And ho\xf the time of mortal men 
is like the with' ring hay : - 

Or lilce the flow'r right fair in field, 
that fades full foon away. 

1 6 Whofe glofs and beauty l!ormy 

^ do utterly difgrace : ^ (winds 
And make that after their afTaults 
fuch bloflbms have no place. 

1 7 But yet the goodnefs of the Lord 
with his fhall ever ftand : 

Their childrens children do receive 
his right'oufnefs at hand. 

i8 Imean,which keep his covenant 
with all their whole defire: 

And not forget to do the thing 
that he doth them require. 

Pfalmciii, civ. 

ic)The heav'ns mofi: high are madeth« 

and footftool of the Lord : (feat 
And by his pow'r imperial 

lie governs all the world. 
2 o Ye angels w<^i^ are great in pow'r, . 

praife ye and blefs the the Lord : 
Which to obey and do his will 

immediately accord. 

2 1 Ye noble hoUs ^nd mmlfters, 

ceafe not to laud him ft ill : 
Which ready are to execute 

his picafure and his will, 
a 2 Yea, all his works in ev'ry place, 

praife ye his holy Name : ' 

My thankful heart,my mind 5c fouI,| 

praife ye alfo the fame. 

CanUfs & Bajpfs, TsAlM CIV. Proper Tune^ 


I ^r 1 ^ ^^"^» praife the Lord, fpeak good of his Name : 


O Lord , our great God , how dofi: thou ap—pear, 


So paf— ling in glo ry, that great is thy fame? 

Honour and ma— je-fty in thee fhine mofl: clear. 

Pfalm ciVi ty-f 

Ffalm 104.. '%2.Vbci 

Medius, ^^ F/alm 104. ' % ^. Vc 


]^Y foul , praife the Lord , Ipeak good of his Name, 
O Lord > our great God , how doft thou ap— -pear, 
So paf— fmg in glo-^-ry , that great is thy. fame ? ^ 


Honour and ma-je-fly ia thee Ihine moft clear. . 
Baffifs. Pfalm 104, A.^.Voc. 

jyjy foul , praife the Lord, fpeak good of his Name s 
O Lord , our great God , how dofl thou ap— pear^ 


So paf— fmg in gid—- ry, that great is thy fame? 
Honout and m^-je-fty in thee fhine mofl clear. 

a With ligtt as d robe, 

thou hafl thy felf clad, 
Whereby all the earth 

thy greatnefs may fee t 
The heavens in fuch fort 

thou alfo hafl fpreadj .. 
That it to a curtain 

compared may be, 

3 His chambet-beams He 
in the clouds full fufe, 

Which as his chariots, 
it^ iJiads hinl to bear % 

Arid there with much fwifcridi 
his courfd doth endure^ 

Upon the wings riding 
of winds in the air. 

)^ He maketh his Ipirits 

as h*efalds to go t 
And lightnings to ferV® 

we fee alfo preft : 
His will to accompiifh 

they run to and fro, ^ 
To fave or confunte thingj^ 

as feemeth him laeft. 


Pfalm civ. 

5 He groundeth the eaith 

Co firmly and faft, 
That it once to move 

none Ihall have fuch psw'r. 

6 The deep a fair covering 

for it made thou haft ; 
Which by its own nature 
the hills would devour. 

7 But at thy rebuke 
the waters do flee : 

'And lb give due place 

thy word to obey. 
At thy voice of thunder 

fo fearful they be, • 
That in their great raging 

they hafte foon away. 

S The mountains full high 

they then up afcend : 
If thou do but fpeak, 

thy word they fulfil. 
So likewife the valleys 

moft quickly defcend, 
Where thou them appointed 

remain they do ftill. 

^ Their bounds thou haft fet 

how far they Ihali run ;' 
So that in their rage 

not that pafs they can t 
For God hath appointed 

they fliall not return 
The earth to deftroy more, 

which made was for fnan. 
The fccojid part. 
lo He fendeth the fprings 

to ftrong ftreams or lakes, 
Which run do full fwifc . 

among the huge hills : 
r I Where both the wild alTes 

their thirft oft-times flakes, 
And beafts of the mountains 

rhgrcof drink their fills. 

1 2 By thefe pleafant fprings 
of fountains full fair, 

The fowls of the air 
-. abide fliall and dwell: 
Who moved by nature 

to hop here and there, 
Among the green branches 

their fongs fliall excel. 

1 3 The mountains to moift 
the clouds he doth ufe : 

The earth with his works 
is wholly repleat. 

14 So as the brute cattle 
he doth not refufe: 

But grals doth provide them, 
and herb for man's meat. 

15 Yea, bread, wine, and oyl, 
he made for man's fake. 

His face to refrelh, 

and heart to make ftrong. 

16 The cedars of Liban 
this great Lord did make : 

Which trees he doth nourifh 
that grow up fo long. 

1 7 In thofe may birds build 
and make there their nefts : 

In fir-trees the ftorks 
remain and abide. 

18 The high hills are fuccoUfS 
for wild goats to reij : 

Alfo the rock ftony 
for conies to hide. 

rp The moon then is fee 
her lej^ibns to run : 

The days from the nights 

thereby to difcern : 
And by the dcfcending 

alfo of the fun, 
The cold from heat alway 

thereby we do learn. 

20 \^l\(il 

Pfalm civ. 


to When darknefs doth come 

by God's will and powV, 
Then creep forth do all 

the beafts of the wood. 
a I The lions range roring 

their prey to devour : 
But yet it is thou, Lord, 

which giveft them food. 

22 Aflboii as the fun 

is up, they retire ; 
To couch in their dens 

then are they full fain : 

13 That man to his work may, 
' as right doth require, 

Till night come and call him 
to take reft again. 

The thsrdparf. 

14 How fundry, O Lord, 
are all thy works found ! 

With wifdom full great 
they are indeed wrought : 

So that the whole world 
of thy praife doth Ibund : 

And as for thy riches, 

they pals all men's thought. 

2 5 So Is the great fea, 

which large is and broad, 
Where things that creep fwarm , 

and beafts of each fort, 
a 6 There mighty ihips fail, 

and fome lie at rode : 
The whale huge and monftrous 

there alfo doth Iport. 

27 All things on thee wait, 
. thou doft them relieV^tt 

And thou in due time 
full well doft them feed. 

28 Now when it doth pleafe thes 
the fame for to give. 

They gather full gladly 
thofe things which thev need. 

Thou open'ft thy ham!, 

and they find fuch grac^. 
That they with good things 

are filled we fee. 
29 But fore are they troubled 

if thou turn thy face : 
For if thou their breath takCj] 

vile 'duft then they be. 

3 o Again, when thy Spirie 

frcm thee doth proceed 
All things to appoint, 

and what fha]i enfue : 
Then are they created 

as thou haft decreed : 
And doft by thy goodnefs 

the dry earth renew. 

3 1 The praife of the Lor^ 

for ever lliall laft. 
Who may in his works 

by right well rejoyce. 
3 2 His look can the earth mak0 

to. tremble full faft, 
And likewife the mountains 

to fmoke at his voice. 

3 3 To^this Lord and God 

fing will I always : 
So long as I live, 

my God praife will t. 
34 Then am I moft certaiii 

my words Ihall him pleafs 3 
I will rejoyce in him, 

to him will I cry. 

3 s The finners, O Lord, 

confume in thine ire 2 
Alfo the perverfe, 

them root out with fliams 3 
But as for my foul now, 

let it ftill defire, 
And fay with the faithful, 

Praife ye the Lord's Nafiie^ 


M t 

p SJ l'^^ 


Pfalm cv. 

Canws & Bajfm. P sa L m CV. Canterbury Tunc, 

Iv^e praifes unto God the Lord, and call upon his Name : 


Among the people all declare his works to fpread his fame. 


(jfve praifes un— to God the Lord, and call upon his Name: 

Among the people all declare his works to fpread his fame. 
Bajfm. _ VfJm lo^r. ^.3. Voc, 

(^Ivt praifes un-to God the Lord, and call upon his Name : 


Amon^ the people all declare his works to fpread his fame. 

1 Sing joyfully unto the Lord, 
yea, Sing unto him praife : 

And talk of all his wondrous works 
that he hath wrought always. 

3 In honour of his holy Name, 
re Joyce with one accord; 

And \tt the heart alfo be glad 
of them that feek the Lord. 


4 Keek ye the lioid, and feek the 
of his eternal mi^ht; 

And feek his face continually, 
and prefence of his fight. 

(hath done, 

5 The wondrous works which he 
keep ft ill in mindful heart : 

Let not the judgments of his mouth 
out of your mind depart. 

6 Ye that of faithful Abraham 
his fervants are the feed : 

Ye his eled, the children that 
of Jacob do proceed. 

7 For 

Pfalm cv. 



7 For \vh'f} 'tis he alone that 
the mighty Lord our 6od : 

And his moft right'ous judgmentsare 
through all the earth abroad. 

$ His promife and his covenant 

which he hath made to his, 
He hath rememberM evermore 

to thoufands of degrees. 
The fecond fart. 
^The covenant which he hath made 

with Abraham long ago, 
And faithful oath which he hath 

to Ifaac alfb : (fworn 

10 And did appoint it for a law, 
that Jacob ihould obey ; 

And for eternal covenant 
tolfrael alway. 

1 1 When thus hefaid, Lo, I to you 
all Canaan land will give, 

The lot of your inheritance, 
wherein your feed Ihall live. 

1 1 Altho their number at that time 

did very fmall appear ; 
Yea, very fmall, and in the land 

they then but ftrangers were. 

13 While yet they walkM from land 
without a fure abode, \to land 

And while from fundry kingdoms 
did wander all abroad. (they 

14 Yet wrong at no oppreflbr's hand 
he fufFer'd them to take : 

But ev'n the great and mighty kings 
reproved for their fake. 

15 And thus belaid, Touch ye not 
that mine anointed be : (thofe 

Nor do the prophets any harm 
that do pertain to me. 

16 He call'd a dearth upon the land, 
of bread dcftroyM the ftore : 

But yet againft the time of need 
did fen4 a man beforet 

The third parf. 
lyEv'nJofeph w^h had once been fold 

to live a Have in wo : 
Whofe feet they hurt in ftocks,whofe 

the irons pierced into. (foul 

1 8 Until the time came when his 
was known apparently, (caufe 

The mighty word of God the Lord 
his faultlefs truth did try. 

19 The king fent and delivered him 
from prilbn where he was : 

20 The ruler of the people then 
did freely let him pafs. 

21 And over all his houfe he made 
him lord, to bear the fway : 

And of his fubftance made him have 
the rule and a^ the ftay. 

22That he might to his will inftruft 

the princes of the land : 
And wifdom teach his fenators 

rightly to underftand. 

23 Then into the Egyptian land 
came Ifrael alfb : 

And Jacob in the land of Ham 
did Ibjourn to and fro. 

24 His people he exceedingly 
in number made to flow ; 

And over all their enemies 
in ilrengrh he made them grow. 

2 5 Whofe heart he turned, that with 

they did his people treat : (hate 
And did his fervants wrong fujly 

abufe with falfe deceit. 
The fourth part. 
16 His faithful fervant P^ofes then, 

and Aaron whom he chofe, 
He did command ro go to them, 

his melfage to difclofc. 

27 His wonderful and mighty figns 
among them he did fhow : 

And wonders in the land of H^m 
then did they work aUb. 
N 3 18 Dark. 


Pfalm cv, cvi. 

a SDarktiefs he fent^and made it dark 

in ftead of brighter day : 
And his commifHon and his word 

they did not difobey. 
spHe turnVt their waters into blood, 

and did their fifhes flay ; (place 
3 oTheirlandbroghr ^rogs ev'ninthe 

where their king Pharaoh lay. 
3iHe rpake,&at his voix:e there came 

great fwarms of noifom flies: 
And all the quarters of the land 

were fill'd with crawling lice. 
3 2 He gave them cold and ftony hall 

in ftead of milder rain : 
And nery flames within their land 

lie fent unto their pain. 
3 3 He fmote their ^es,&; all the trees 

whereon their figs did grow : 
And all the trees within their coafls 

alio did overthrow, 

34 He fpake, then caterpillars did 

and grafhoppers abound : 
3 5 Eating the grafs in all their land, 

and fruit of all their ground. 

The fifth part. 

l6 The firft-begotten in their land 

wiih death did likcwife Unit* : 
Yea, the beginning and firft-fruit 

of all their ftrength and might. 

3 7 With gold and filver caufed them 
from Egypt land to pafs : 

And ill the number of their tribes 
no feeble one there was. 

3 8 Egypt was glad and joyful then 

when they did thence depart : 
For terrour and the fear of them 
was fall'n upon their heart. 

a cloud he did difplay : (heat, 

And Are he fent to give them light 
when night had hid the day. 

40 They asked, and he caufed quails 
to rain at their requeft : 

And fully with the bread of heav'n 
their hunger he repreft. 

4 1 He opened the ftpny rock, 
and waters guflied out : 

Alfo the dry and parched ground 
like rivers ran about. 

42 For of his holy covenant he 
was mindful evermore ; 

Which to his fervant Abraham 
he plighted long before. 

43 He brought hi5 people forth with 
and his eled wifh joy, (mirth. 

Out of the cruel land where they 
had liv'd in great annt>y. 

44 And of the heathen men h^ gave 
to them the fruitful lands : 

The labours, of the people did 
they take into their hands. 

4 5 That they his holy ftatutes might 

obferve for evermore. 
And faithfully obey his laws : 
Praife ye the. Lord therefore- 


CanUfs & Bajjks, Psy^LM CVI. Sf, David's Turn. 

Raife ye the Lord, for he is good, his mercy lads alway; 


Pfalm cvL 183 

Who can exprefs his noble afts , or all his praife difplay ? 

Medius. Pfalm 106, ^.J,.Voc, 

ss~£ :::::z-:"z:z:s- jzix-Zizs-z- 3;-:::Ez|:z$::r 9 z:z-:_ i:: — izs:z z-.zrr:i::|] ~ 
PRaife ye the Lord , for he is good, his mercy lafts alway : 

i Who can exprefs his noble a^ls , or all his praife difplay ? 

A. 5. Voc. 

BaJJm, Tfalmio6, 


pRaife ye the Lord , for he is good , his mercy lafts alway : 
Who can exprefs his noble afts , or all his praife difplay ? 

3 They blefled are that judgment 
and juftly do alway : V^eep, 

4 With favour of thy peoplCjLord, 

remember me, I pray : 
And with thy faving health, 6 Lord, 
vouchfafe to viiit me : 

5 That I the great felicity 
of thine eleft may fee : 

And with thy people's joy I may 

a joyful mind pofTefs ; 
And may with thine ii^;:itance 

a chearful heart exp^Sfe 

6 Both we and our forefathers all 

have finned ev'ry one ; 
We have committed wickednefs, 
and very lewdly done. 

7 The wonders great which thou, O 

hafl done in Egypt land, (Lord, 

Our fathers tho they faw them all, 
yet did not underftand : 

Nor they thy mercies multitude 
did keep in thankful mind : 

But at the fea, yea, the Red-fea, 
rebelled moft unkind. 

8 Neverthelefs he faved them 
for honour, of his Na-me : 

That he might make his power 
&: fpread abroad his faeie. Cknown 

9 The Red-fea he did then rebuke, 
and forthwith it v/as dri'd : 

And as in wildernefs, fo through 
the deep he did the-m guide. 

loHe fav'd them from the cruel hand 

of their defpiteful io^:. 
And from their enemies he did 

deliver them alfo. 

N A. 


J 84 VCailm cvi. 

Th fecifid part. 
1 1 The waters did them over\vheIm, 

not one was left alive : 
i^Thentheybeliev'd his word, and 

in fbng they did hini gi'/e. fpraife 

1 3 But very jfbon unthankfully 
his works they clean forgat : 

^nd for his counfel and his will 
they did negleft to wait: 

14 But finned in the wildernefs 
with fond and greedy luft : 

And in thedefarts tempted God, 
the flay of all their truft. 

15 Who then their wanton minds de- 
did fulFer them to have : (fire 

But wafting leannefs therewithal 

into their fouls he gave. 
J 6 Then when they lodged in their 

ar Mofes they did grutch : (tents, 
Aaron the holy of the Lord 

they alfo envy'd much. 

3 7Therfore the earth did open wide, 

and Dathan did devour ; 
Ai;d all Abiram's company 

did cover in that hour. 
J 8 In their afTembly kindled was 

a hot confuming fire : 
And wafting flame did then burn up 

the wicked in his ire. 

19 Upon the hill of Horeb they 

an idol-calf did frame : 
And there the molten image they 

did worftiip of the fame* 
ao Thus to the likenefs of a calf 

which feedeth on the grafs. 
They turned all their glory, and 

their honour did deface. 

s I And God their only Saviour 

unrhankfuUy forgot, " ' 
W^achmany great & mighty things 
'- in Egypt land hzd wrought. 

The third part. 
2 1 And in the land of Ham fcr them 

moft wondrous works had done, 
And by the Red-fea dreadful things 

performed long agone. 

23 Therefore becaufe they lh«w'd 

forgetful & unkind, (themfelves 
To bring deftruftion on them all 

he purposed in his mind : 
Had not his chofen Mofes ftbod 

before him in the way. 
To turn av/ay his wrath, left he 

fhould them deftroy and ftay. 
24They did defpife the pleafant land 

that he to them did give : 
Yea,and the words that he hadfpoke 

they did no whit believe. 

2$ But in their tents with grudging 

they wickedly repin'd, (hearc 
Nor to the voice of God the Lord 

did give an heark'ning mind. 
26 Therefore againft them lifted he 

his ftrong revenging hand. 
Them to deftroy in wildernefs 

e*re they fhould fee the land : 

2 7 And to deftroy their feed among 

the nations with his rod, 
And through the kingdoms of the 

to fcatter them abroad, (world 
28 To Baal-peor they did joyn 

themfelves moft wickedly : 
The facrifices of the dead 

eating moft greedily. 

2pThus they with their inventions 
his anger did provoke : ' 

And in hislfbre enkindled wrath 
the plague upon them broke. 

3 o But Phinehas ftood up with zeal 

the fmners vile to flay; 
And judgment he did execute, 

and then the plague did ftay. 

J.. "3'.' 

Thg fourth part. ^ 
3 1 It was imputed unto him 

for right'oufnefs that day : 
And from thenceforth fo counted is 

from race to race alway. 
3 2 At waters called Meribah 

they did him angry make : 
yea, fo far forth, that Mofes then 

was punifli'd for their fake : 
3 3 Becaufe they vex'd his fpirit fb, 

that in impatient heat 
His lips fpake unadvifedly, 

his fervour was fo great. 

3 4Nor as theLord commanded them , 

did they the people flay: 
3 5 But were among the heathen mixt, 

and learn'd their wicked way ; 
36 They did their idols forve, which 

their ruin and decay : (was 

3 7T0 fiends their fons and daughters 

did offer up and flay. fthey 

3 8 Yea, with unkind and murd'ring 

the guiltlcfs blood they fpilt : (knife 

Yea, their own fons and daughters 

without all caufe of guilt, (blood 
Whom they to Canaan idols then 

ofFer'd with wicked hand : 
And fo with blood of innocents 

defiled was the land. 
39 Thus were they ftained with the 

of their own filthy way : (works 
And with their own inventions 

a whoring went aftray. 

^o Therefore againft his people was 
'• his anger kindled fore : 
And ev'n his own inheritance 
* he c^id abhor therefore. 

Pfalmcvi. igy 

41 Into the hands of heathen men 

he gave them for a prey, 
And made their foes their lords, 
were forced to obey, (whom they 
The fifth part. 

42 Yea, and their hateful enemies 
opprefs'd them in the land : 

And they were humbly made to floop 
as fubjeds to their hand. 

43 Full oftentimes from thrall had he 
delivered them before: 

But with their counfels they to wrath 
provok'd him evermore. 

Therefore they by their wickednefs 
were brought full low to M^ : 

44 Yet when he faw them in diftrels, 
he hearkened to their cry. 

45; He caird to mind his covenant 

v/hich he to them had fwore : 
And by his mercies multitude 

repented him therefore. 
4<5 And favour he them made to iinJ 

before the fight of thofe (land^ 
That led them captive from their 

tho they had been their foas. 

47 Saveus,6 Lord,thatartonr God, 
fave us, OLord, we pray : 

And from among the heathen folk^ 
Lord, gather us away. 

48 That we may triumph Sc rejoyce 
in thy moft holy Name: 

That we may glory in thy praife 
and founding of thy fame. 

49 The Lord the God of Ifrael 
be bleft for. evermore ; 

Let all the people fay, Amen, 
Praife ye the Lord therefore. 



Pfalm cviL 

Cantm & Bajfus, V saLM CVIL TVinchefier Tune. 

I'v'e thanks unto the Lord our God, for gra— ci~ous is he : 


And that his mercy hath no end all mortal men may fee. 


Me dim. Pfalm 107. A, 

(jjlve thanks unto the Lord our God , for gra— ci— ous is 

5. Voc, 
he; . 

And that his mercy hath no end all mortal men may fee. 

BaJJks. Pfalm 107. 

X 5. ^oc. 


(^Ive thanks unto the Lord our God , for gra— ci— ous is he : 
And that his mercy hath no end all mortal men may fee. 

2 Such as the Lord redeemed hath, 

with thanks Ihall praife his Name; 
And fhew how they from foes were 
$c how he wrought the fame. Cfreed, 

3 He gathered them forth of the lands 
that lay fo far about : f fbuth, 

From eaft to weft, from north to 
his hand did find them out. 

4 They wander'd in the wildernefS; 
4nd ftrayed from the way : 

And found no city where to dwell, 
that ferve might for their ftay. 

5Whofethlrft'& hunger was fo great 
in thofe defarts fb void : 

That faihtnefs them aflaulted, and 
their fouls greatly annoy'd. 

6 Then did they cry in their diflrefs 
unto the Lord for aid ; (ftate. 

Who did remove their troublous 
according as they pray'd. 

7 An4 

Pfalm cvii. 


And by that way which was mod 
he led them like a guide : 

That they might to their city go, 
and there alfo abide. 

Let them therefore before the Lord 
confefs his goodnefs then : 

Lnd fliew the wonders that he doth 
before the fons of men. 

For he their empty fouls fuftain'd, 

whom thirft had made to faint : 
Their hungry Ibuls w^^^ goodnefsfed, 

and heard their fad complaint. 
oSuch as do dwell in darknefs deep, 

where they on death do wait : 
aft bound to bear fuch troublous 

as iron chains do threat, (ftorms 

The fecond fart, 
iBecaufe againft the words of God 

.they proudly did rebel : 
deeming light his counfcls high, 

which do fo far excel. 

iBut when he humbl'dthem full low, 
they then fell down with grief: 

knd none was found that could them 
or give them fome relief, (help, 

3 Then did they cry in their diftrefs 

unto the Lord for aid : 
Vho did remove their troublous ftate 

according as they prayM. /^^ 

4.For he from darknefs broght them 
and from death's dreadful Ihade : 

Jurfting with force the iron bands 
which them before did lade. 

5 Let men therefore before the Lord 

confefs his kindnefs then : * 
\.nd fhew the wonders that he doth 

before the fons of men. (brali 
6 For he threw down the gates of 

with ftrong and mighty hand : 
f he iron bars in funder brake, 

aothing «ould him withfland. 

1 7 The foolifh folk great plagues do 

by reafon of their fm : 
And for their great tranfgrefTion 

which they continue in. 

iSTheir foul abhor'd all forts of meat, 

no relifli they could have ; 
Whereby death had them almoft 

unto the very grave. (brought 
ipThen did they cry in their diftrefs 

unto the Lord for aid : 
Who did remove their troublous ftate 

according as they pray'd. 

2 oFor then he {^Qnt to them his word, 
which health did fbon reftore : 

And broght them from thofedangers 
wherein they were before, (deep 
The third part, 

2 1 Let them therfore before the Lord 
confefs his kindnefs then : 

And Ihew the woaders that he doth 
before the Ions of men. 

22 And let them offer facrifice 
to him moft thankfully : 

And fpeak of all his wondrous works 
with gladnefs and with joy. 

23 Such as in fliips and brittle barks 
into the fea defcend, 

Their merchandife through fearful 
to compafs ahd to end : (floods 

24 Thoie men are forced to behold 
the Lord's works what they be : 

And in the dang'rous deep,the fame 
moft- marvellous they fee. 

25 For at his word the ftormy wind 
arileth in his rage, 

And ftirreth up the furges Coy 
that nought can them aflwage. 

16 Then are they lifted np fb high , 
the clouds they feem to gain ; 

And plunging down the depth until 
their fouls confume with pain. 

27 And 


Pfalm cvii. 

i7 And like a drunlcir d to and fro 
now here now there they ree], 

As men who had their reafon loft, 
and had no fenfe to feel. 

iSThen did they cry in their diflrefs 

unto the Lord for aid : (ftate, 
Who did remove their troublous 

according as they prayM. 

2p For with his word the Lord doth 

the fturdy ftorms to ceafe : (r^ge 
So that the waves from their great 

are brought to reft and peace. 

30 Then are they glad when reft is j 

which they fo much did crave : 
And to the haven by him arc broght, 

which they fo fain would have. 

The fourth part. 

3iLet men therefore before the Lord 

confefs his kindnefs then : 
And flievv the wonders that he doth 

before the fons of men. 

32 Let th^m in prefence of the folk 
with praife extol his Name : 

And where the elders do conver^t, 
there let them do the fame. 

3 3 The wildernefs he often makes 
with waters to abound ; 

And water-fprings he often turns 
to dry and parched ground. 


34 A fruitful land with pleafares 
full barren doth he makf : 

When on their Uns that dwell there- 
he doth juft veng'ance take? (in 

3 5 Again the wildernefs full rude 

he maketh fruit to bear : 
W '^'^ pleafant fprings of waters clear, 

tho none before were there. 

3 6Whcrein fuch hungry fouls ate fi 

as he doth freely chufe : 
That they a city may them build 

to dwell in for their ufe. 

3 yThat they may fow their pleafan 

and vineyards alfo plant, 
To yield them fruits of fuch increaf« 

that they may have no want. 

38 They multiply exceedingly, 

the Lord doth blefs them fo : 
Who alfo maketh the brute beafts 

in numbers great to grow. 

39But when the faithful are brough 

by the oppreflbrs ftout, 
Diminifhing through many plague 

that compafs them about : 


40 THien doth he princes bring to 
which did them fore opprefs, 

And likewife caufed them to err 
within the wildernefs. 

41 But yec the poor he raifeth up 
out of his troubles deep : 

Andoft-times doth his train augmen 
mucli like a flock of flieep. 


42 The righteous fhall behold this 
and alfd much rejoyce : 

Whereas the wicked and perverfe 
with grief fliall ftop their voice, 

43 But who is wife, that now full 
he may thefe things record ? 

For certainly fuch ihall perceive 
the kindnefs of the Lord. 
Gloria Patri. 

To Father^ Son^ and Holy Ghojf, 
immortal Glory be ; 

As 'ivafi is ?mvy and jhaU he ft ill, 
to all Btmiitie. 

P SA L k 

Pfalm cviii. 


zmm&BajJus. FsALM CVIII. 

Martyrs Tufse. 
God, my heart prepared is, my tongue is likewife fo : 


I will advance my voice in long, that I thy praife may fhow. 

Pfalm 10%. J.'^.yoc^ 

Q God, my heart pre— pa-red is, my tongue is likewife fo : 

I will advance my voice in fong, that I thy praife may fhow. 
*aj]us. T f aim I oS. ^,':^,Fcc, 


O God, my heart pre--pa-red is, my tongue is likewife fo : 
I will advance my voice in fong, that I thy praife may Ihow. 

Awake my viol and my harp, 

fweet melody to make : 
Lnd in the morning I my felf 

right early will awake. 

By me among the people, Lord, 

ftill praifed {halt thou be : 
\nd. i among the heathen folk 

will praifes ling to thee : 
[. Becaufe thy mercy doth afcend 

above the heavens high : 
\lfo thy truth doth reach the clouds 

within the lofty sky. 

$ Above the ftarry heavens high 

exalt thy felf, O God: 
Dilplay likewife upon the earth 

thy glory all abroad. 

6 That thy dearly beloved may 

be fet at liberty, (hand, 

Help, O my God, with thy right 
and hearken unto me. 

7 God in his holinefs hath Ipoke, 
I wherefore my joys abound : 

Siohem I will divide, and mete 
the vale of Succoth's ground. 



8 And Gilead fliall be mine own, 
ManalTes mine ftiall be : 

My head-ftrength Ephraim,and law 
. fhall Judah give to me. 

9 Moab my walhpot, and my Ihoe 
on Edom will I throw : 

Upon the land of Paleftine 
in triumph will I go. 

10 Who to the city ftrong fhall be 
leader and guide to me? 

Alfo by whom to Edom's land 
conveyed Ihall I be ? 

Pfalm cviii, cix. 

J I Is it not thou, O Lord, which laM 
' hadft us forfakert quite ? ^ 

And thou alfo,which with our hofti 
didft not go forth to fight ? 

1 2 Give us, O Lord, thy faving aid 
when troubles do aflail : 

For all the help of man is vain, 
and can no whit avail. 

13 Through God we Ihall do valiant 
and worthy of renown: (a^s, 

He fhall fubdue our enemies, 
yea, he fhall tread them down. 

Cant us & BaJ]us. PsALM CIX. Norwich Tune, 



N fpeechlefs filence do not hold, O God, thy tongue always : 

Ev*n thou, O Lord, becaufe thou art the God of all my praife. 

Medius, Pfalm I Q^. A.^.Voc 

JN fpeechlefs filence Ao not hold , O God, thy tongue always: 

Ev'hthou,0 Lord, becaufe thou art the God of all my praife. 
Baffuf. Pfalm 109. -^.3. Voe 

JN fpeechlefs filence do not hold , O God, thy tongue always : 

Ev'n thou, O Lord, becaufe thou art the God of all my praife. 

a Tlie 


a The wicked and the guilefuk'^ 

Cii me diiclofed be : 
And they with fitlfe & lying tongues 

h .1 V6 rpcken unto nie . 

3 They did befet me round about 
with words of hateful fpight: 

Without all caufe of my defert 
againft me they did fight. 


, For my good will they were my 
then I began to pray : Cfoes, 

My good with ill, my friendlinefs 
with hate they did repay. 

6 Set thou the wicked over him 
to have the upper hand : 

At his right hand, Lord, fufFer thou 
his hateful foe to ftand. 

7 When he is judged, let him then 
condemned be therein : 

And let the pray'r that he doth make 
be turned into fin. 

8 Few be his days, his charge alfb 

let thou another take : 

9 His children let be fatherlefs, 
his wife a widow make. 

I lo Let his offspring be vagabonds, 
and ever beg rheir bread : 

In places defolate and wafte^ 
let them feek to be fed. 

1 1 Let covetous extortioners 
get all his goods in ftore : 

I And let the ftranger fpoil the fruit 
of all his toil before. 

1 2 Let there be none to pity him, 
let there be none at all, 

That on his children fatherlefs 
will let their mercy fall. 

cix. 191 

The fecond part. 

1 3 Let his pofterity be quite 
deftroy'd, and never breed: 

Their name out-blotted in the age 
that after IhaJl fucceed. 

14 Let not his father's wickednefs 
from God's remembrance fall : 

And never let his mother's fin 
be done away at all. 

r 5 But in the prefence of the Lord, 

let them for ever ftay ; 
That from the earth their memory 

he may cut clean away. 

16 Since mercy he forgot to fhew, 
but did purJiie with fpight 

The troubled man, & fought to flay 
the woful-hearted wight. 

1 7 As he did curfing love, it Ihall 
happen unto hirp fo : 

And as he did not blefling love, 
far from him it fliall go. 

1 8 As he with curfing ^lad himfelf, 
lb it like water Ihall 

Enter his bowels, and like oyl 
into his bones Ihall fall. 

19 As garment let it be to hluij 
to coyer him withal : 

And* as a girdle wherewith h? 
always be girded ihalh 

2 o Let this be the reward from God, 

of him that is my foe : 
Yea, and of thofe that evil Ipeak 

againft my foul alio. 

2 iButthou,0 Lordjtkat art my Ged, 

deal graciouily with me : 
Deliver me for thy Name's laJce, 
I for great thy mercies be. 

a 2 Be 


12 Becaufe in depth of great diftrefs 

I needy am, and poor : 
Alfo within my pained bread, 

my heart is wounded fore. 
The third part. 

23 Ev'i\ To do I depart away, 
as doth declining fhade; 

And as the grafhopper, fo I 
am {haken off and fade. 

24 With fafting long from needful 
my bones enfeebled are : (food 

And all the fatnefs of my flefli 
is gone with grief and care. 

25 And I alfo a vile reproach 
to them am made to be : 

And they that did upon me look, 
did flialke their heads at me. 

26 Therefore, O God my Saviour, 
mine aid and fuccour be : 

According to thy mercies great, 
fave and deliver me. 

Pfalm dix, ct. 

2 7 And they fliall know thereby ,thaC 

is thy moft mighty hand : Cthis 
And that 'tis thou that haft it done, 
they well fliall underftand. 

a 8 Altho they curfe with fpite, yet 
Ihalt blefs with loving voice : (thou 
When they rife up,8c come to fliame, 
thy fervant fhall rejoyce. 

29 Let them with fliame be cloathed 
that are mine enemies : f all^ 

And with Confufion as a cloak 
be covered likewife. 

3 oBut greatly I will with my mouth 

give thanks unto the Lord : 
And I among the multitude 
his praifes will record. 

3 1 For he with help at his right hand 
will ftand the poor man by : 

To fave him from the man that 
condemn his ibul to die. (would 

Cantus & Baffus. "Psalm CX. London Tune*. 

I HE Lord did fay unto my Lord, fit thou on my right hand 



Till I have made thy foes a ftool whereon thy feet fliall fl:and. 

Medms, Pfalm no. -^. ;. ybc 

Th E Lord did fay un~to my Lord, fit thou on my tight hand : 


Till I have made thy foes a fto^l whereon thy feet fkiillfiiird. 


Pfalm ex, cxi, 

Tfalm no. 



XHE Lord did fay un«to my Lord, fit thou on my right hand: 
Till I have made thy foes a ftool whereon thy feet lliall ftand. 

2 The Lord fliall out of Sion fend 
. the fcepter of thy might : 

Amidft thy mortal foes be thou 
the ruler in their fight. 

3 And in the day on which thy reign 

and power they fhall fee : 
Then hereby freewill-off 'rings Ihall 
the people dffer thee. 

Yea, with an holy worfhipping 
then Ihall they offer all : 

The births-dew is the dew that doth 
from womb of morning fall. 

4The Lord hath fworn, & never will 
repent what he doth fay : 

By th'order of Melchifedech 
thou art a Priell: alway. 

5 The L^ thy God on thy right hand 
that ftandeth for thy ftay, 

Shall wound for thee the (lately kings 
upon his wrathful day. 

6The heathen he Ihall judge,andfiil 

the place with bodies d jad ; 
And over divers countries ihall 

in funder fmite the head. 
7 And he fhall drink out of the broofe 

that runneth in the way ; 
Wherefore he (hall lift up on high 

his royal head that day. 

Cantm & Baffus, 'PsALM CXI. Or to iioTfdmTme. 

^/ ^/ Ith heart I do accord , to praife and laud the Lord 

In prefence of the jufl. For great his works are found. 

To fearch them fuch are bound as do him love and truft. 

194 Pfalm cxL 

MediMS, Ff aim III. A.I^.Voc 


\^Ith heart I do accord, to praife and laud the Lord 


In prefence of the juft. For great his works are found. 

To fearch them fuch are bound as do him love and truft. 
BaJJUs. ' Tfalm 1 1 r. A.%, Voc^ 

W/^Ith heart 1 do accord , to praife and laud^ the Lord 
In prefence of the juft. For great feis works are found. 
To fearch them fuch are bound as do him love and trufl. 

3 His works are glorious, 
Alio his right'oufnefs 

It doth endure for ever. 

4 His wondrous works he would 
We ftill remember Ihould, 

His mercy faileth never. 

5 Such as to him love bear, 
A portion full fair 

He hath up for them laid : 
For this they fhall well find, 
He will them have in mind. 

And keep them as he faid. 

6 For he did not difdain 

His works to ihew them plain, 
By lightnings and by thunders : 

When he the heathens land 

Did give into their hand, 

Where they beheld his wonders, 

7 Of all his works ehfu'th 
Both judgment, right and truth. 

Whereto his ftatutes tend: 

8 They are decreed fure 
For ever to endure, 

Which equity doth end. 

Redemption he gave 
His people for to fave : ^ 

9 And hath alfo required 
His promife not to fail, 
But always to prevail ; 

His holy Name be fear'd. 

lo Whofo with heart fiill fain 
True wifdom would attain. 

The Lord fear and obey : 
Such as his laws do keep, 
Shall knowledge have full deep. 

His praife Ihdl laft alway. 

P S A L h 

Pfalm cxii. 


'2anttis & Bapts. Tsalm CXII Vroper Tune. 

B He man is bleft thatGod doth fear,& that his law doth love indeed: 

-^ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiliili 

His feed on earth God will up-rear, and blefs fuch as from him proceed. 

iiliiiiiiiii^iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , 

His houfe with riches he will fill, his right'oufnefs endure IhallftilJ, 

Medius, Tfalm 112. . A.-^^Voc. 

rHe man is bleft that God doth fear, and that his law doth love indeed : 


His feed on earth God will up-rear,and blefs fuch as, from him proceed. 

Hil houfe with riches he will fill, his right'oufnefs endure fliall ftill. 
Sajfm. _ _ ^^Jf^H^ilL j.:d.'JlP^' 

I*He man is bleft that God doth fear,aiid that his law doth love iadeed : 


His houfe with riches he will fill, his right'oufnefs endure fliall ftill. 

and mercy always Si his fight. 
5 Yea, pity moverh him to lend, 
Hedothw^^ judgment things expend. 

|.Unto the right' ous doth arife 
in tronbl* joy, in darknefs light : 
ompaflion is in his eyes, 

6 And 

Pfalm cxii, cxiii. 


6 And fuiely fucli fiiall never fail, 
for in remembrance had is he: 

7 Nor tidings ill bis mind afTail, 
who in the Lord fure hope doth fee. 

9 He did well for the poor provide, 
his right'oufnefs Ihallftill remain: 

And his eftate with praife abide, 
w^^^ wicked men behold with pain. 

8 His heart is fjrm,his fear is pafc, ioYea,gna{h their teeth thereat fhall 
For he ffiall fee his foes down caft. | Andfo confume & melt away, fthey 

Cantm & B(rjfm. PsjLM CXIII. Proper Ttme. 


E children w*^^* do fervetheL*^, Praife ye hisName w*^ one accord. 


Yea, bleffed be always his Name, Who from the rifing of the fun, 


Till it return where it begun , Is to be praifed with great fame. 
T!^ Lord all people doth furmount ; As for his glory we may count, 


Above the heavens high to be. With God the Lord who may compare 
Whofe dweliingsin the heavens are? Of fuch great pow'r and fc&ce is he 

Pfalm cxiii. 197 

Medius, Vpdm 113. L^. 3, Voc 


JE children w*^'^ do ferve the Lord,Praire ye his Name with one accord. 


Yea, bleffjd be always hisName, Who from the riflng ofthe fun, 


Till it return where it begun , Is to be prailed with great fame. 


The Lord all people doth furmount ; As for his glory we may count. 

Above the heavens high to be. With God the Lord who may compare, 

Whofe dwellings in the heavens are ? Of fuch great pow'r and force is he, 
Bajfm, Pfalm 11 :^. J,%J''cc. 

Ye children w<^^^ do ferve the Lord,Praife ye his Name with one accord , 
Yea, bleiled be always his Name, Who from the rifmg of the fun. 
Tin it return where it begun , Is to be praifed with great fame. 
The Lord all people doth furmount ; As for Iiis glory we may count. 
Above the heavens high to be. With God the Lord who may compare, 
Whofe dwellings in che heavens are ? Of fuch grer.t pow'r and force is he. 

o 3 on^ 


6 He doth abafe himfelf we know, 
Things to behold on earth bdow, 

And alfo in heaven above. 

7 The needy out of duft to draw, 
Alio the poor which help none faw, 

His only mercy did him move. 

P(^Im cxiii, cxiv. 

8 And fo him fet In high degree 
With Princes of great dignity, 

That rule his people w^h great ftme.^ 
p The barren he doth make to bear, 
And with great joy her fruit do rear: 

Therefore prajfeye his holy Name, 

Cant us & BaJJm. 



IVorcefier Tune. 

Hen Ifrael by God's command from Pharaoh's land was bent; 


And Jacob's houfe the ftrangers left, and in the fame train went : 

'Medlus, Vfalm 114. A. 5. Voc, 

"Vl^Hen If--ra-el by God's command from Pharaoh's land was bent; 

And Jacob's houfe the ftrangers left, and in the fame train went : 

^^Hen If-ra-el by God's command from Pharaoh's land was bent; 
And Jacob's houfe the ftrangers left, and in the fame train went z 


z In Judah God his glory fhew'd, 
his hoHnefs moft bright : 

So did the IfraMites declare 
his kingdom, pow'r, and might. 

Pfalm cxiv, cxv. rpp 

Ye rolling waves of Jordan's flood. 
Why turn'd ye fo fwifdy ? 

3 The fea it faw, and fuddenly 
as all amaz'd did flee : 

The roring fl:reams of Jordan's flood 
gave back immediately. 

4 As rams afraid, the mountains skipt, 

their ftrength did them forfake : 
And as the filly trembling lambs, 
their tops did beat and Ihake. 

5 What ailed thee, Q fea, that thou, 

fo fuddenly didft flee? 

6 Ye mountains,ev'n as rams afraid. 
Why did your ftrength Co fhako ? 

Why did your tops, as trembling 
for fear quiver 6c quake ? (lambs, 

7O earth,confefs thy fov'reignLord, 

and dread his mighty hand : 
Before the face of Jacob's God 

fear ye both fea and land. 

8 I mean, the God,whlch from hard 

doth caufe floods to appear : 
And from the ftony flint doth fen(J 

fountains of waters clear. 

Cantus&BaJJhs. Psjlm CXV/^ WefimlnperTuJte, 

O T unto us, Lord, not to us, but to thy Name give praife. 


3 T unto us, Lord, not to us, but to thy Name give praife. 
Both for thy mercy and thy truth that are in thee always. 

Medm, ' . Pfalm 11^, ' A.^^Voc^ 

]^0 T un-to us, Lord, not to us, but to thy Name give praife. 

Both for thy mercy and thy truth that are in thee always 



ioQ Pfalm cxv. 

Bajjhs, Tfalm 115-. ^. 3 . Voc, 

'^j^O T un~to us, Lord, not to us , but to thy Name give praife, 

Both for thy mercy and thy truth that are in thee always. 

aWhy IKall the heathen Icorners fay, 
Where is their God become ? 

3 Our Go'l I.e is in heav'n, and what 
he wiil'd, that hath he done. 

4 Their idols filver are and gold, 

works of men's hands they be : 
5They hive a mouth,& do notfpeak; 

and eyes, but do not fee. 

6And they have ears joyn'dto their 

but do not hear at all : ^ 
Nofes alfb they formed have, 

but not to fmell withal. 

(not ; 

7 And hands they have, but harwle 

and feet, but cannot go : (fame 
A throat they have,yet through the 
they make no found to blow. 

8 They and their makers are alike, 
and thofe whofe truft they be : 

9 O Ifrael, truft in the Lord, 

thy help and fhield is he. 

loO Aaron's houfe,truft in the Lord, 
that ftill defendeth thee : 

1 1 Ye that do fear him, truft in him, 
your fure defence is he. 

siTheLord hath mindful been of us, 
- and will us blefs alfo : 

On Ifr^el and on Aaron's houfe 
his bleflings he will fliow. 

13 Them that be fearers of the Lord, 
the Lord will blefs them all : 

Yea, he will blefs them ev'ry one, 
the great and alfo fmall. 

14 To you alway the living Lord 
will multiply his grace : 

And alfo to the children that 
(hall follow of your race. 

15 Ye are the bleifed of the Lord, 
ev'n of the Lord moft high ; 

Which both the heav n and earth did 
and fix immoveably. Cmake 

16 The heavens, yea, the hlgheft 
belong unto the Lord ; (heav'ns 

The earth unto the fons of men 
he gave of free accord. 


17 They that be dead do not with 
fet forth the Lord's renown : 

Nor any that into the place 
of filence% go down. 


18 But we will praife the Lord our 
henceforth for evermore : 

He only worthy is of Praife ; 
Praife ye the Lord therefore. 

P S J L M 

Pfalm cxvi. 


Cantm&Bajfm. VsALM CXVI. OrtoWpidforTune. 

I Love the Lord, becaufe my voice and prayer heard hath he ; 

ril e — ver call on him, becaufe he bow'd Mi ear to me. 

Ev*n when the Ihares of cru^el death a-bout be— iet me round : 

When pains of hell me caught, and when I wo and ibrrow found. 

Me dim, TJalm ii6. ji. ^.Foc, 

I Love the Lord, becaufe my voice and prayer heard hath he : 

I'll e — ver .call on hirn, becaufe he bow'd his ear to me. 
Ev'n when the fnares of cruel death a-bout be — (bt me round : 


I When pains of hell me caught,and when I wo and forrow found. 

%Q7 Pfalm cxvl 

BalfHS. Tfalm ii6, X i. Voc, 


I Love the Lord, becaufe my voice and prayer heard hath he: 

JUX e— ver call on him , becaufe he bow*d his ear to me. 

Ev'n when the fnares of cru— el death a~bout be»— fet me round : 
When pains of hell me caught, and when I wo and forrow found. 


4 Upon the Name of God my 
then did I call, and fay, 

Deliver thou my foul, O Lord, 
I do thee humbly pray. 

5 The Lord is very merciful, 
and juft he is alio : 

And in our God compaflion 
doth pkntifiilly flow. 

6 The Lord in l^fety doth preferve 

all thofe that limple be : 
I was in woful mifery, 

and he delivered me. (fafe, 

7 And now, my foul, fince thou art 
return unto, thy reft : 

For largely, lo, the Lord to thee 
his bounty hath exprefs'd. 

8 Becaufe thou haft delivered 

my foul from deadly thrall : 
My moiften'd tyes from mournful 
my Aiding feet from fall. Ctears, 

9 Before the Lord I in the land 
of life will walk therefore : 

10 I did believe, therefore I fpake, 
for I was troubled fore. 

The fecond part, 
III faid in my diftrels and fear, 

that all men liars be : 
1 2 What fhall I pay the Lord for all 

his benefits to me ? 
i3The wholjfom cup of faving health 

I thankfully will take ; 
And on the Lord's Name I will caH 

when I my prayers make. 

14 1 to the Lord will pay my vows 

with joy and great delight : 
Ev'n at this very prefent time 

in all his people's light. 
1 5 Right dear and precious in his fight 

he always doth efteem 
The death of all his holy ones, 

whatever men do deem. 

i6Thy fervant,Lord,thy fervant, lo, 

I do my felf confefs, 
Son of thy handmaid, thou haft broke 

the bonds of my diftrefs. 
17 Therefore I'll offer up to thee 

a facrifice of praife: 
And I will call upon the Name 

of God the Lord always. 


i8 I to the Lord will pay my vows 
within his temple bright, 

Ev'n at this very prefent time 
in all his people's fight. 

Pfalm cxvi, cxvii 


19 Yea, in the courts of God^s own 
and in the midft of thee, (houfe, 

O thoujerufalem: Therefore 
the Lord our God praife ye. 

Cantm&Bapts, VsALM CXVII. CamhridgeTune, 

^L W AH ye nations of the worldjpraife ye the Lord always : 

And all ye people ev'ry where fet forth his noble praife. 
Medim. Vfdm 117. A, '^.Voc 


V () All ye nations of the world, praife ye the Lord always: 

And all ye people ev'ry where fet forth his noble praife. 

Balp4s. Tfalmii^. A, 7. Foe, 


O All ye nations of the world, praife ye the Lord always 


And all ye people ev'ry where fet forth his lioble praife. 


a For great his kindnefs is to 
' his truth doth not decay : 


Wherefore praife ye the Lord our 
praife ye the Lord alway. 

f SA L U 


Pfalm cxviii. 

Cantm & Bajjus. TsALM CXVIII. Martyrs Tune, 

^ W Give ye thanks unto the Lord,for gra-ci-ous is he : 


Becaufe his mercy doth endure for e— ver towards thee. 

_ Tfalm 118. A, 5. Voc, 

Q Give ye thanks un-— to theLord, for gra— ci-ous is he : 

Becaufe his mercy doth endure for e-ver towards thee. 
Bafftis. Pfalm I iS, A.'S^.Voc. 



O Give ye thanks un--to the Lord, for gra-ci-ous is he : 
Becaufe his mercy doth endure for e— ver towards thee. 

2* Let Ifrael confefs, that his 
mercy doth ever dure : 

3 Let Aaron's houfe like wife confefs 

his mercy's ever fure. 

4 Let all that fear the Lord our God 

cv*n now confefs, and fay, 
The mercy of the Lord our God 
endureth ftill alway. 

5 la trouble and in heavinefs 
unto the Lord I cri'd : 

Which lovingly heard me at large, 
my fuit was not deni'd. 

6 The Lord himfelf is on my fide, 

I will not ftand in doubt, 
Nor fear what man can do to me, 
when God (lands me about. 


7 The Lord doth take my part with 
that help to fuccour me ; 

Therefore I Ihall fee my dedre 
upon mine enemy. 

S Better 

B Better It is to ttnfl: In God, 
than in man's mortal feed : 

? Or to put confidence in kings 
or princes in our need. 

10 All nations have enclofed me, 
and compafTed me round : 

But in the Name of God fhall I 
mine enemies confound. 

1 1 Tkey kept me in on ev*ry fide, 
and did me quite furround : 

But in the Lord's moft mightyName 
I'll caft them to the ground. 

iiThey came about me all like bees, 
but in the Lord's great Name 

I quench'd their thorns that were on 
and will deflroy the fame, (fire, 
The fecond part. 

1 3 They did with force thtuft (ore at 
that I indeed might fall : Cme, 

Pfalm cxviii. ^oy 

19 Set open unto me the gates 
of truth and right'oufhels : 

That I may enter into them, 

the Lord's praife to exprefs. > 

20 This is the gate ev'n of the Lord, 
which open ihall be fet : 

For good and right'ous men alway 

fliall enter into it. 

The third part. 
2 1 1 will give thanks to thee,0 Lord, 

and ever will praife thee, 
Who haft me heard,and arc become 

a Saviour unto me. 

22The ftone which e're this time a- 
the builders was refus'd, Cmong 

Is now become the corner-ftone, 
and chiefly to be us'd. 

2 3 This was the mighty work of God, 
this was the Lord's own faO: : 

But thro the Lord I found fuch help, And it is wondrous to behold 

that they were vanquilh'd all. 
i4TheLordis my defenceSc ftrength, 

my joy, my mirth, and fbng : 
He is become for me indeed 

a Saviour moft ftrong. 

1 5The right hand of theLord ourGod 
doth bring to pafs great things: 

He caufeth voice of joy and health 
in right'ous men's dwellings. 

16 The right hand of the Lord doth 
moft mighty things to pafs : (bring 
His hand hath the preheminence, 

his force is as it was. 
1 7 1 fhall not die, but ever live 

to utter and declare 
The mighty power of the Lord, 

his works, and what they are. 

I STheLord himf^lf hath chaftened, 

and hath correfted me : 
But not me given over yet 

to death, as ye may fee. 

with eyes that noble aft. 

24 This is the joyful day indeed, 

which God himfelf hath wrought : 
Let us be glad and joy therein 

in heart, in mind, and thought- 
2 5N0W help us,Lord,&: profper us, 

we wifh with one accord : 
26 Bleffed is he that comes to us 

in the Name of the Lord. 

2 7 God is the L*^ that Ihews us light, 
bind ye therefore with cord 

Your f .'-rifice to the altar, 
and give thanks to the Lord. 

28 Thou art my God, I will confeG, 
and render thanks to thee : 

Thou art my God, and I will praife 
thy mercy towards me. 

29 O give ye thanks unto the Lord, 
for gracious is he : 

iBeqaufe his mercy doth endure 
ror ever towards me. 



Pfalm cxix. 

Cantm & Baffks. TsALM CXIX. Trofer Tune, 

LefTed are they that perfefl: are, arid pure in mind and heart : % 




Whofe lives and cori-ver-fa—- ti~ons from God's laws never ftart. 

BlelTed are they that*give themfelves his ftatutes to obferve: 

Seeking the Lord with all their heart,and never from him fwerve. 

Medius, TJalm ji^. A. '^.Voc. 

BLefled are they that perfeft are, and pure in mind and heart: 
Whofe lives and con-vcr-fi — ti~ons from God's laws never ftart. 


BlefTed are they that give themfelves his ftatutes to obferve : 
Seeking the Lord with all their heart, and never from him fwerve. 

iPfalm cxix. 267 

hff^. Tfalm 119. X 1 . Voc. 

BLefled are they that perfeft are, and pure in mind and heart : 


Whofe lives and con-ver-fa— ti— ons from God's laws never ftart. 



Blelled are they that give themfelves his ftatutes to obferve : 


Seeking the Lord with all their heartland never from him fwerve. 

j Doubtlefs (uch men go not a- 

nor do no wicked thing ; 
Jut ftedfaftly walk in his way 

without any wandring. 
'Tis thy commandment & thy will, 

that with attentive heed 
rhy noble and divine precepts 

we learn and keep indeed. 

5 O would to God it might thee 

my ways fo to direft, 
That I might always keep thy laws, 

and never them rejeft. 
5 So fhould no fliame my life attaint, 

ivhilft I thus fet mine eyes, 
And bend my mind always tomufe 

on thy facred decrees. 


7 Then win I pralfe with upright 

and magnifie thy Name, f juft, 
When I fliall learn thy judgments 
and likewife prove the fame. 

8 And wholly will I give my felf 
to keep thy laws moft right : 

torfake me not for ever, Lord, 
but Ihew thy grace and might. 

The fecond part. 
9 By what means may a young man 

his life learn to amend ? (beft 
If that he mark and keep thy word, 

and therein his time fpend. 

I o Unfeignedly I have th^ fought, 

and thus feeking abid^ 
O never fufFer me, O Lord, 
from thy precepts to Hide. 


I I Within my heart and fecret 
thy words I have hid ftill , 

That I might not at any time 

oiFend thy godly will. 
i2We magnifie thy Name,0 Lord, 

and praife thee evermore : 
Thy ftatutes of moft worthy fame, 

O Lord, teach me therefore. 


1 3 My lips have never ceas'd to preach 
and publilh day and night, 

The judgments all w«^h ^{^ proceed 
from thy mouth full of might. 

1 4 Thy teftimonies and thy ways 

Imuch more my heart re Joyce, 
Than all the treafures of the earth 
yfzh worldlings make their choice. 

15 On 


Pfalm cxix* 


15 On thy precepts I will flill 
and thereto frame my talk : 

As at a mark, fo will I aim 
how I thy ways may walk. 

16 My only joy fliall be fo lix'd, 
and on thy laws fo fet : 

That nothmg fhall me fo far blind, 

that I thy words forget, 
^imef. The third part, 

17 Grant to thy fervant now fuch 
as may my life prolong : (grace, 

Thy holy word then will I keep, 
both in my heart and tongue. 

iSMine eyes w^^^ ^J^^Qr:t dim & ihut up, 
fo open and make bright, 

That of thy law & wondrous works 
I may have the clear fight. 

ip I am a ftranger in this earth, '^ 

wandring now here now there : 
Thy word therefore to me difclofe, 

my foc^eps for to clear, 
ao My foul is ravifh'd with defire, 

and never is at reft : (high, 

But feeks to know thy judgments 

and what may pleafe thee beft. 

a 1 The proud men and malicious 

thou haft deftroy'd each one : 
And curfed are fuch as do not 

thy laws attend upon. (fliame 
22 Lord, turn from me rebuke and 

which wicked men confpire ; 
For I have kept thy covenants 

with zeal as hot as fire. 

25 The princes great in council fat, 

and did againft me Ipeak: 
But then thy fervant thought how he 

thy ftatutes might not break. 
a4For why? thy cov'nants are the joy 

and folace of my heart : 
They are my faithful counfellorS; 

from them \\\ not depart. j 

Daletb. The fourth part. 

25 1 am, alas, as brought to grave, 

and almoft turn'd to duft: 
Reftore therefore my life again, 

as thy promife is juft. 

26 My ways when I acknowledged^ 
with mercy thou didft hear : 

Hi^ar now alfo, and me inftruft 
thy laws to love and fear. 

27 Make me,OLord,to underftand 
thy precepts evermore : 

Then on thy works V\\ meditate, 
and lay them up in ftore. 

2 8 My foul I feel fo fore opprefs'd, 

that it doth melt for grief: 
According to thy word therefore 
hafte, Lord, to fend relief. 

2pFrom lying and deceitful lips 
let thy grace me defend : 

And that I may learn thee to love, 
thy holy law me fend. 

3 oThe way of truth both ftraight Zt 

I chofen have and found : Cfurfl 
Before me I thy judgments ikt^ 
which keep me fafe and found. 

... V 

3 I Since then, O Lord, I.j^adily 

thy covenants embrace : 
Let me therefore have no rebuke, 

nor check in any cafe. 
3 2 Then will I run moft joyfully' 

where thy word doth me call : 
When thou haft fet my heart at 

and rid me out of thrdh flarge 
!^e. The fifth part, 

3 3lnftru3: me,Lord,in the right waj 

of thy ftatutes divine : 
And them to keep unto the end, 

my heart will I incline. 
34 Grant me the knowledge of thj 

and I iliall it obey : (law 

With heart 6c mind,& all my might 

I will it: keep alvvay. 

35 Ii: 

3 5ln the right paths of thy precepts 

guide me, Lord, I require : 
NJone other pleafure do I wifli, 

nor greater thing deflre. 
3 6lncline my heart thy laws to keep, 

and covenants to embrace : 
And from all filthy avarice, 

Lord, fhield me with thy grace, 
3 7 From vain defires and worldly 

turn back mine eyes and fight : 
Give me the fp*rit of life and pow'r, 

to walk thy ways aright. 
jSConfirmthy gracious promife,L'^, 

which thou haft made to me, 
iVhich am thv fervant, and do love 

and fear nothing but thee. 

\^ Reproach and fhame which I fo 

from me, O Lord, expel : 
For thou doft judge wijrfi equity, 

and therein doft excel, 
^.o Behold, my heart's deiire is bent 

thy laws to keep alway : 
Lord, ftrengthen me fo with thy 

that it perform I may. (grace, 
BJatl. The fixth pan. 

Thy mercies great and manifold 

let me obtain, O Lord : 
Thy faving health let me enjoy, 

according to thy word. ^^ 

; So fliall I ftop the {lan^iBil^ 

of lewdmenandunjuft: Cmouths 
For in thy faithful promifes 

Hands my comfort and truft. 


43 The \vord of truth within my 
i let ever ftill be preft : 
For in thy judgments wonderful 

my hope doth ftand and reft* 
44And whilft that breath within me 

this natural life preferve, (doth 
yea,till this world fliall be diiToiv'd; 

thy law will I gbferve, 

CXIX. i09 

45 So walk will I as fsz at large 

from dread and danger free, 
Becauie I ftudy how to keep 

thy precepts faithfully. 
4<J Thy noble afts I will defcribe, 

as things of moft great fame ; 
Ev'n before kings I will them blaze, 

and flirink no whit for Ihame. 

47 I will rejoyce then to obey 
thy jtift commands and will , 

Which evermore I have lov'd beit, 
and fo will love them ftill. 

48 My hands I will lift to thy laws 
which I have dearly fought s 

And praftife thy commandements 

in will, in deed, and thought. 
5atn. The feventh fart. 
49Thy promife which thou madft to 

remember, Lord, I pray : fme. 
For therein have I put my truft 

and confidence alway. 
50 It is my comfort and^y joy 

when troubles me affail : 
For were my life not by thy word^ 

it fuddenly would fail. 

jiThe proud &:fuch asGod cdnteirid 

ftill made of mt a fcorn : 
Yet woilld \ not thy law forfak*, 

as if I were forlorn: f works 

jaButcaird to mind,Lord,thy great 

ftiew'd to our fathers old ; 
Whereby I feel my joy furmount 

my grief an hundred fold. 

5 3 Horror hath taken hold on rofff 

becaujfe the wicked Aa 
Forfake thy right'ous law,and will 

have no regard thereto. 
54 But as for me,I fram'd my ibrigs 

thy fixtures to exalr. 
When I among the ftrangers dwelj, 

fmi^ grief did me aftauit. 

aio Pfalm cxix. 

5 5 I thought upon thy Name, O 

by night when others fleep : 
Thy law alio I kept always, 

and ever will it keep. 
$6 This grace I did obtain, becaufe 

thy covenants moll dear 
I did embrace, and alfo keep 

with reverence and fear. 
Ciierfl. the eighth part. 
57 O God,vvhichartmypart Sclor, 
' nly comfort and my ftay, 
I have decreed and promifed 

thy laws to keep alway. 
5 8 Mine earnefi: heart did humbly fue 

in prefence of thy face : 
As thou therefore haft promifed, 

Lord, grant to me thy grace. 

5P My life I have examined, 

and tri'd my fecret heart ; 
Which to thy ftatutes caufed me 

my feetJhftr.-'ight to convert. 
Co I did not flay nor linger long, 

£s they that flothful are : 
But haftily thy laws tolceep 

I did my felf .prepare. 

6i The cruel b^Mpds of wicked men 
have made of me their prey : 

Yet would I not thy 1^ forget, 
nor from thee go aft ray. 

^aThe right' ouslaws and judgments 
II fo very great and high, (are 

That ev'n at midnight I will file 
thy Kame ^ magniiie. 

€3 i am companion to all them 

which fear thee in their heart : 
And never will for love nor dread 

from thy commandments ftart. 
'64Thy mercies,L'^,moft plenteoufly 

the earth throughout doth till;. 
O teach me how I may obey 

thy ftatutes and thy wiSf ,^ 

Ceti}. The nhith part. 

6$ According to thy promlfe,Lord, > 

fo haft thou with me dealt : 
For of thy grace in fundry forts ^ 

have I thy fervant felt. 
66Teach me to judge always aright, 

and give me knowledge flire : 
For certainly I do believe 

thy precepts are moft pure. 

6j Before that I afflifted was, 

I err'd and went aftray : 
But now I keep thy holy word, ] 

and make it all my ft ay. j 

68T{iou art both good and gracious,* 

giving moft lib'rally : 
Thine ordinances how to keep 

therefore, O Lord, teaeh me. 
6"pThe protid and the ungodly have 

againft me forg'd a lie : 
Yet thy Corrvnandments ftill obfer ve 

with all my heart will I. 
7 oTheir hearts are fwoln w^^ world-, 

they are exceeding fat. (ly wealth, 
But in thy law do I delight, 

and nothing feek but that. 

7 1 O happy time, may I well fay, 

when thou didft me corti4£t : 
For as a guide to learn thy laws 
rod did me direft. 

fi^o that to me thy word and law 

is dearer manifold 
Than thoufands of gold and ftlver, 

or ought that can be told. 
^on. The tenth part. 

7 5 Thy hands have made & faflxion'd 

thy creature for to be : (me 

*^Ma|:e me to underftand thy law, 

and keep it faithfully. 
74S0 they that fear thee fhall rejoyct 

whenever they may fee : 
Becaule I have learn'd by thy wore 

to put my truft in thee. 

7^ Whd 


7 5 When with thy rods the world is 
I know the caufe is juft: 

So when thou doft correft me,Lord, 
the caufe right needs be muft. 

79 Now of thy goodnefs I thee pray 
fbme comfort to me fend : 

And as thou haft me hitherto, 

Lord, ftill me defend. 

77 Thy tender mercies pour on me, 
and I fliall furely live: 

For joy and confolation both 
thy law to me doth give. 

78 Confound the proud, who dome 
perverfly to daftroy : Iffeek 

But as for me, thy laws to know 

1 will my felf employ. 

79 Whofb With rev'rence'do thee 
to me ht them retire : 

And fuch as do thy cov'nant^know, 

and them alone defire. 
Jo My heart without all wavering 

let on thy laws be*bent ; 
That no confufion come to me, 

nor any difcontent. 
Capfl. The eleventh part. 
\ S I My foul doth faint,& ceafeth not 

thy faving health to crave : 
And for thy words fake ftill I truft 

niy heart's defire to have. .^ 

8 2 Mine eyes do fail with lookl^for 

thy word, and thus I fay, 
Oh when wilt thou me comfortjL"^ ? 
Why doft thou thus delay ? 

83 Like as a bottle in the fmoke, 

fo am I parch'd and dry'd : 
Yet will I not out of my heart ^ 

let thy commandments Aide. 
S4Howloag, O Lord, fhall I yet 

before I fee the hour, (live, 

That on my foes which me torment, 

thy veng'ance thou wilt pour. 

Pftim cxijc^ 211 


85 Prefuttlptuous men have digged 
thinking to make mefure: 

Thus contrary unto thy law 

my hurt they do procure, (true, 

86 But thy commandments are aU 
and cauflefs they me grieve : 

To thee therefore I do complain, 
that thou may 'ft me relieve. 


87 Almoft they had me clean de- 
and brought me quite to ground: 

Yet by thy ftatutes I abode, 

and therein fuccour found. 
8 8 Reftore me, Lord, again to life, 

for thy mercies excel ; 
And fo fliall I thy covenants keep, 

till death my life expel. 
iLameD. The tmlfth-part. 
85)In heav'n,OLord,where thou dofl^ 
thy word is ftablifti'd fure : (dwell, 
And ftiall to all eternity 

faft fettled there endure. 
poFrom age to age thy truth abldeS;, 

as doth the earth witfiefs: 
Whofe ground-work thou haft laid 

as no tongue can exprefs. (fo fure, 

9 r Ev'n to this day we may well fea 
how thou doft them preferve, 

According to thine ordinance, 
for all things do thee ferve. 

92 Had it not been that in thy law 
my Ibul had comfort fought, 

Long time e're now in my diftrels 
I had been brought to nought. 

93 Therefore will I thy precepts keep 
in memory full faA : 

Becatife that thou by them,0 Lord, 
my life reftored haft. 

94 No man to me can tide make, 
fori am only thine: 

Save me therefore, for to thy laws 
, XvXviQ ears «!nd heart incline. 
^' ? a 95Th« 

2ii P(alm cxixi 

5? J The wickecl men that feek my 

for me do lie in wait: 
But I will meditate upon 

thy teftimonies great. 
€^6 For nothing in this world I fee 

which hath at length no end : 
But thy commandment and thy word 

beyond all time extend. 
S!^em» The thirteenth parf. 
97 What great defire Sc fervent love 

unto thy law I bear : 
On it my daily ftudy is, 

that fo I may thee fear. 
5 8 Thy word hath taught metoex- 

in wifdom all my foes : fceed 
For they are ever with me, and 

do daily me oppofe. 

99 My teachers which did me in- 

in knowledge I excel : (ftrud, 
Becaufe I do thy covenants keep, 

and them to others tell, 
jooln wifdwn I do far furpafs 

the ancient- men alfo: 
And that becaufe I keep thy laws, 

and fo refolve to do. 

1 1 My feet I have refrain d llkewife 
from ev'ry evil way, 

That fo I might thy word obferve, 
and keep without delay, (fwerv'd 

102 I have not from thy judgments 
nor Ihrunk, as thou canft rell : 

For. why? thou haft me taught there- 
to live godly and well. (by 

I o 3 O Lordjhow fweet unto my tafte 

I iind thy words alway ! 
Doubtlefs no honey in my mouth 

doth tafte fo fwe-^t as they. 
io4Thy laws have me fuch wifdom 

that utterly I hate (learn"d, 

All wicked and ungodly ways 

in ev'ry kind or rate. 

i^un. The fourmnth fart, 

105 Ev'n as a lantern to my feet, 

£0 doth thy word fhine bright : 
And to my paths where-e're I go, 

it is a flaming light. (form 

1 06 1 have both fworn and will per- 

in truth and faithfulnefs. 
That I will keep thy judgmeftts juft, 

and them in life exprefs. 

107 Affli8:ion hath me fore opprefs'd, 
and brought me to death's door : 

O Lord, as thou haft promifcd, 
fo me to life reftore. fand voic© * 

1 08 The offerings which with heart 
moft freely I thee give, 

Accept, and teach me how I may 
after thy judgments live. 

1 09 My foul IS ever m my hand, 
great danger me aflail: 

Yet do I not thy law forget, 
nor it to keep will fail. 

I I o Altho the wicked laid their nets 
to make of me a prey, 

Yet did I not from thy precepts 
once fwerve or go aftray. 

I I I Thy law, O Lord, I taken have 
mine heritage to be : 

Becaufe fuch great delight and joy 
it doth afford to me. 

112 For evermore I have been bene 
thy ftatutes to fulfil : 

Ev'n fo likewife unto the end 

I will continue ftill. 
^anieffl. Ths fifteenth part. 

1 1 3 All thoughts that vain 8c wicked 
I do always deteft ; f ar« 

But for thy precepts and thy laws, 

I love them ever beft. 
ii4Thou art my hid and fecret place, 

my Ihield and ftrong defence : 
Therefore have I thy promifes 

look'd for with patience. 

115 There. 

^alm cxiK. 


1 1 5 Therefore ye eviJ-doers all 

away from me be gone : 
jFor the commandments will I keep 

of God my Lord alone. 
ii6As thou haft promis'djfo perform, 

that I may live, and ]be 
Never alhamed of the hope 

which thou haft given me, 

1 1 7 Uphold me, and I fiiall be fafe 

for ought they do or fay : 
And in thy ftatutes pleafure take 

will I both night and day. 
uSThou haft trod fuch under thy feet 

as do thy ftatutes break : 
For nought avails their fubtilty, 

their counfel is too weak. 

1 1$ Like drofsthou cafts the wicked 

where-e'er they go or dwell : 
Therefore can I as thy ftatutes 

love nothing half fo well, fthee, 
J 2o My flefti doth quake for fear of 

my foul is much difmay'd : 
By reafon of thy judgments great 

my heart is fore afraid, 
^fn. Th jtxteenih part. 

121 I do the thing that lawful is, 

and give to all men right : 
Refign me not to them that would 

opprefs me with their might. 
12? But for thy fervant furery be 

in that thing which is right: 
And never let the proud opprefs 

me with their rage and fpight. 


123 Mine eyes do fall with waiting 
thy health, which I do crave : 

And for thy right'ousproraife, Lord, 
whereby thou wilt mefave. 

1 24 Entreat thy fervant lovingly, 
and favour to him ftiow : 

And thy ftatutes moft excellent 
teach n:e alfo to know. 

1 2 jThy humble fervant,Lord,I am, 
grant me to underftand, 

How by thy ftatutes I may fcjiow 
beft what to take in hand. 

1 26 It is now time, Lord, to begin, 
for truth doth quite decay : 

Thy law like wife they have made 
and none doth it obey. (void, 

i27This is the caule wherefore I love 

thy laws much more than gold, 
Or Jewels fine which are efteem'd 

moft coftly to be fold. fjuft, 

128 1 thought thy precepts all moft 

and fo them kept in ftore: 
All crafty and malicious ways 

I greatly do abhor. 
5Pe. The feve?iPeentb part. 
1 2pThy cov'nants are moft wonder- 

and full of things profound : (ful, 

My foul therefore doth keep them 

when they are tri'd & found, (fure, 

130 The entrance of thy word doth 

to men a light moft clear: (give 
The fimple likewife underftand 

when they it read dr hear. 

r 3 1 My mouth I open'd,8c did pant, 
becaufe my foul did long 

For thy commandments,w*^'^ always 
do guide my heart and tongue. 

13 2 With mercy 6c compa{Iion,Lord, 
behold me from above, 

As thou art wont fuch to behold 
as thy Name fear and love. 

1 3 3 Pirc£l: my foptfteps by thy word, 

that I thy will may ki;ow ; 
And never let iniquity 

thy fervant overthrow, (harms, 
1 3 ^Ffom flandroustongues Zc deadly 

prefervc and keep me fure : 
Thy precepts then will I obferve 

with heart upright and pure. 




Pfalm cxix.^ 

x? 3 5 J hy countenance which doth 

t]xi fun in his bright hue, 
Let ihirie on me, and by thy law 

reach n e what to efchew. 
136 Rix^ers of water from mine eyes 

Gonrinually do fall, 
Becaufe I fee how wicked men 

thy laws keep not at all. 
^r ">?]?, Ths eighteenth part. 

13 7ln ev'ry pointXord,thouart jufl:, 
a-rho the wicked grudge : 

And when thou doftfentence pro- 
r' ou art a right'ouf judg. fnounce, 
3 i>To r end errightjSc flee from guile, 
are rwo chief points moft high : 

And fuch as thou haft in thy law 

• commanded us ftraitly. 

1 3 9 My zeal hath evenconfum'd me, 

and I am pin'd away, 
Becaufe my foes thy word forger, 

and will it not obey, 
i4oThy word's fo very puf«,thatit 

doth muMi my heart re Joyce : 
Therefore thy fervant nothing more 

can love or make my choice. 

14 * And tho I be nothing fet by, 

as one of bafe degree: 
Yet do I not thy laws forger, 

nor fhrink away from thee. 
141 Thy truth and right'oufnefs, O 

'for ever fhall endure : (Lord, 
Alfo thy law is truth it felf, 

mpfc conftant and moft pure. 

i45Troubleand grief have feiz'd on 

and brought me wondrous low : 
Yet do I ftill of thy precepts 

delight to hear and know. 
144 The right'oufnefs of thy judg- 

doth laft for evermore : (ments 
Then teac h them m.e,becaufe ia them 

my life lies up in ftore» 

Bopfl* ^ The •niiteteenth part. 

145 With fervent heartlcall'd and 

now anfwer me,0 Lord : (cri'd. 
That thy commandments to obferve 

1 fully may accord. 
146T0 thep,my God, I make my fuit, 

fave me, I humbly pray : 
Thy teftimonies then will I 

always keep and obey. 

147T0 thee I cry, ev'n in the mor 

before the day^ appear ; 
Becaufe I hoped in thy word, 

and thee alone do fear, fwatches 

148 Mine eyes prevent the night- 
before they call, I wake : 

That meditating on thy word 
I might feme comfort take. 


149 Incline thine ears to hear my 
and pity on me take : 

As thou waft wont, fo quicken me, 

left life ftiould me forfake. 
I JO My foes draw near,& greedily 

do after mifchief run : 
From thy law they are far gone back,' 

and wickedly it ihun. 


for need doth fo require : 
For all thy precepts are moft true, 

then help, I thee dejdre, 
152 Concerning thy command- 
have learned long ago, (ments, I 
That they remain for evermore, 

thou haft them grounded fo. 
iS eff h. The twentieth part. 
i S 3 My trouble and affliftion 

conftder and behold : 
Deliver me, for of thy law 

I ever take faft hold . (caufe, 

1 54 Defend my good and right'ous 

with fpeed fome fuccour fend: 
From death as thou haft promifed, 

Lord, ever me defend. 

I5J As 


15:5 As for the wicked, far are they 

fromfaving health and grace: 
Becaufe the way thy laws to know 

they enter .|$pt the trace, (grant, 
1 56 Great are thy mercies, Lord, I 

What tongue can them explain ? 
According to thy judgments good, 

let me my life obtain. 

1 57Th6 many men did trouble me, 

and perfecute me fore ; 
Yet from thy laws I never fhrunk, 

nor went afide therefore. 
i58The great tranfgrellbrs I beheld 

with great anxiety : 
IJecaufe they did not keep thy word, 

nor ever feek to thee. 

1 59 Behold, how I do love thy laws 
with a moft upright heart : 

Then quicken me, O Lord, forthou 
moft good and gracious art. 

160 Thy word from the beginning 
been ever true and juft. (hath 

Thy right'ous judgments ev'ry one 

always continue muft. 
^c!)in. The twe72ty firj part. 
i6i Princes have per&uted me 

without a caufe, but fiw 
It was in vain ; for of thy word 

my heart did ftand in aw. 

162 And furely of thy word I was 
more joyful and more glad,v 

Than he that of rich fpoiJs and prey 
,. great ftore and plenty had. 

163 But as for lies and-'falfities, 
them I hate and deteft : 

Becaufe thy holy law I do 

above all things love beft. (Lord, 

164 Ten times a day I praife the 
. lin gin g with heart and voice : 

Becaufe thy right'ous judgments do 
greatly my heart rejoyce. 

cxix» ^l^ 

16s Great peace and reft ftiall all fuch 

as do thy ftatutes love : (have 
No danger ftiall their quiet ftijp 

impair or once remove. 
i66My only hoalth and comfort,L^, 

I look for at thy hand : (things 
And therefore have I done thofc 

which thou didft me command. 

1 6jThY laws have been my exerclfe, 

which my foul moft defir'd: 
So much to them my love was bent, 

that nought qKq I requir'd. 
i58Thy ftatutes S: commandments 1 

have kept with heart upright: 
For all my dangers and my ways 

are prefent in thy fight. 
(iUlU , The t iv enty fecmjd part. 
I ^9 O Lord, let my complaint & cry 

before thy face appear: 
And as thou haft me promife made, 

fb teach me thee to fear. 

170 O let my fupplicaticn 
have free accefs to thee : 

And grant me, Lord, 4eliverance, 
as thou haft prcmis'd me. 


171 Then fhall my lips thy praifes 
after mo ft ample fort: (taught, 

When thou thy ftatutes haft me 
wherein ftands my comfort. 

172 My tongue fliall freely preach 
and evermore confefs, (thy word. 

Thy famous afts .ind noble laws 

are truth and right'oufnefs. 

i73^Stretch out thy hand, I thee be- 

and fpeedily me five : 
For thy commandments to obferve 

chofen, O Lord, I have. 
1 740f thee alone,L'^ , I crave health, 

for other I know none : 
And in thy law and nothing elfe 

I do delight alone. 

175 Grant 


ij$ Grant me therefore long days to 
thy Name to magnifie : Hive 

And of thy judgments merciful 
ht me the favour try. 

Pfalm cxix, cxx. 

175 For I was loft and went aftray, 
much like a wandring fiieep : ! 

Oh ! feek me, for I have not fail'd 
thy ftatutes for to keep. 

Cant^ & BaJJhs. VsA L M CXX. 



N trouble,& in thraI],unto theLord I call, & he doth me comfort ; 


De-li-ver me, I fay, from liars lips alway, and tongues of falfe report. 
'Medius. Tfalm 120. A. 3. Voc, 


' JN troubIe,and in thraIl,unto the Lord I call,& he doth me comfort: 

De-li-ver me, I fay, from liars lips alway, and tongues of falfe report, 
Bajfus. *. Tfalmizo, J.^.Fcc, 


JN trouble,and in thrall,unto the Lord I call,& he doth me comfort : 

De-li-ver me, I fay, from liars lips alway, and tongues of falfe report. 

3 What vantage, or what thing, 1 4 Thy tongue doth hurt, I ween, 
Gett' ft thou thus for to fling, No lefs than arrows keen, 

Thou falfe and flatt'ring liar? | Or hot confuming firf. 

5 AUsI 

Pfalm cxx, cxxi 

r Alas! too long I flack 
IVithin thefe tents fo black, 

Which Kedars are by name. 
3y whom the flock eled, 
\ndall of Ifaac'sfe£l, 

Are put to open Iharae. 


6 With them that peace did hate 
I came a peace to make. 

And fee a quiet life : 

7 But when my tale was told, * 
Caufelefs I was controul'd 

By them that would have ftrlfe. 

'atitm & Bajjlts. TsALM CXXI. TroferTme. 

Life mine eyes to Sion hill, From whence I do attend 

That fuccour God me fend. The mighty God me fuccour wiU, 

Vhich heaven and earth hath framed, And ev'ry thing therein named. 


TJalm 121. 


J Lift mine eyes to Sion hill, From whence I do attend 
That fuccour God me fend. The mighty God me fuccour will, 
Vhich heaven and earth hath framed, And evVy thing therein named. 


Pfalm cxxi, cxxii. 


121. X 3. Ko<?.f 




J Lift mine eyes to Sion hill, From whence I do attend 
That fuccour God me fend. The mighty God me fuccour wil), [E 
Which heaven and earth hath framed, And ev'ry thing therein named. 

3 Thy foot from flip he will preferve, 
And will thee fafely keep, 

For he will never fleep. 

4 Lo he that Ifr'el doth conferve, 
No fleep at all that can him catch. 
But that his eyes ftiall ever watch. 

5 The Lord is thy warrant alway, 
The Lord he doth thee cover 

As at thy right hand ever. 

<5Thefun fliall not thee parch by day ^ 
Nor the moon that's not half fo bright g 
Shall w^h the cold thee hurt by night 

7 The Lord will keep thee from di- 
And will thy life fure fave : (ftrefs, 
8 And thou ftialt alfo have 

In all thy bufinefs good fuccefs. 
Wherever thou go'ft in or out, 
God fure will thy things bring a- 

Cantm &BajJhs, P^^lm CXXIL Proper Time. 

I Did in heart re Joyce To hear the people's voice, 

In of—fe— ring fo wiUing — ly : For let us up , fay they , 

And in the Lord's houfe pray ; Thusfpake the folk fair lovingly. 


Pfalm cxxii. a 19 


Our feet that wander'd wjde Shall in thy Gates a— bide,| 


G thou Je— ru— fa— lem full fair, Which art fo feemly fet 

luch like a Ci-ty neat,The like whereof is not elfewhere. 

^edius. PJalm 122. -^.5. Vbc, 

J Did in ' heart re — Joyce To hear the peo— pie's voice, 

In of— fe— -ring fo wil-Iing-Iy ; For let us up , fay they, 
And in the Lord's houfe pray: Thus fpake the folk fail lovingly. 
Our feet that wander'd wide Shall in thy Gates a — bide, 

O thou Je — ru— fa-lem full fair, Which art fo feemly fet 

ach like a Ci— ty neat, The like whereof is not elfewhere. 


aio Pfalm cxxii, cxxiiL 

Baffu!. Pfalm 122. 'A,\,Vo 

J Did in heart re— Joyce To hear the peo-ple's voice^ 

In of— fe — ring fo wil— ling-Iy; For let us up, fay they, 

And in the Lord's houfe pray : Thusfpake the folk full lovingly. 

• Our feet that wander'd wide Shall in thy Gates a— bide, 

Ci~ty neat, The like whereof is not elfewhere. 

Much like 

4 The tribes with one accord, 

The tribes of God the Lord 

Are thither bent their way to take ; 
So God before did tell, 
That there his Ifrael Cmake. 

Their prayers fliould together 

5 For there are thrones erefl;, 
And that for this refpeft, 

To fet forth juftice orderly ; 
Which thrones right to maintain 
3*0 David's houfe pertain, 

His folk to judge accordingly. 

6 To pray let us not ceale 
Forjerufalem's peace, 

Thy friends God profper mightl 

7 Peace be thy walls about, 
And profper thee throughout 
Thy palaces continually. 

8 I wilh thy profp'rous ftate 
For my poor brethren's fake, 

That comfort have by means c 
pGod's houfe doth me allure, Ctht 
Thy wealth for to procure 

So much as lies in me. 


Cantus&Baffm, TsALM CXXllL WindforJfte, 

S W Thou that in the heav'nsdoftdwell,! lift mine eyes to the ( 


Ev'n as a fervant lifteth his, his mailer's hands to fee 



Pfalm cxxiii, cxxiv. 2it 

^ Tfdm i2g. A. ;.^. 

O Thou that in the heav'ns doft dwell , I lift mine eyes to'thee: "" 

^v'n as a fervant lifteth his , his mafter's hands to fee. **"" 

ijfm: Vfalm 125. A. 2. Vhc. 

O Thou that in the heav'ns doft dwell, I lift mine eyes to thee 

iv'n as a fervant lifteth his, his matters hands to fee. 

is handmaids watch their miftrefs 
fome grace for to achieve : ( hand 

i we behold the Lord our God, 
till he do us forgive. 

3 ,ord, grant us thy compalllon, 
iid mercy in thy fight : 

For we are fill'd and overcome 
with hatred and defpight. 

40ur minds are fhifF'd with great re- 
the rich and worldly wife (buke, 

Domake of us their mocking-ftock, 
the proui do us defpife. 

£anP^ & BaJ]m. VsALM CXXIV. Frofer Time. 

I ^ O W If— ra— el may fay, and that tru-ly , If that the 

^ ir^^iiiiiiiiiliiiipiiiiiiii 

Lordhad not our caufe maintained, If that the Lord had not our 
righ fuftain d , When all the world againft us fu— riouf—ly 
Mad their uproars, and faid, We fliould all die. 



Pfalm cxxiv, 

Tfalm 124. 

A, 3. Vt 

JsJOW If — ra — el may fay , and that tru— ly , If that the 


Lord had not our caufe maintain'd, If that the Lord had not our 
right fuftain'd , When all the world againft us fu—riouf— ly 

Made their uproars, and faid, We fhould all die. 

'Bajjus, Tfalm 12^. j4,^.Va 

J\[0 W If — ra— el may fay , and that tru-ly , If that thf 

Lord had not our caufe maintained, If that the Lord had noour 

right fjftain'd , When all the world againft 'us fu—riouf-ly 
Made their uproars, and faid, We Ihould all die. 

3 Now long ago 

they had devoured us all, 
And fwallow'd quick, 

for ought that we could deem : 
Such was their rage, 

as we might well efteem. 

4 And as the floods 

with mighty force do fall : 
So had they now 
cur lives ev'n brought to thrall. 

S The raging ftreams^ 

moft proud in roring noife 
Had long ago 

o'erwhelm'd us in the deep. 

which doth us fafely keep 
From blo^y teeth, 

and theiir moft cruel voice 
Which as a prey, 

to eat UiS would rejoyce. 


Pfalm cxxiv, cxxr. 

7 Ev' a bird 

out of the fowler's gin 
Efcapes away, 

right fo it fares with us 
35roke are their nets, 

and we have fcaped thus, 
8 God that made Heav'n 

and Earth is our help then; 
His Name hath fav'd 

us from thefe wicked men. 


Cantus '& BaJJus. Ps-*Z.M CXXV. ProferTunt, 


^ J Uch as in God the L^ do truft, As mount Sion fliall firmly Hand, 
And be removed at no hand. The Lord will count them right and juft : 


^' So that they Ihall be fure For ever to endure. 

Medics. Tfalm iiy. A. 7^, Voc. 

SUch as in God the Lord do truft, As mount Si--on fliall firmly ftand, 


And be removed at no hand.The Lord will count them right and juft: 
!F So that they fliall be fure For ever to endure. 

^34 Pfalm cxx\r. 

SUch as in God the Lord do ttuft, As mount Sl-on Ihall firmly ftand, 

And be removed at no hand.The Lord wi)l count them right and juft : 
So that they fhall be fure For ever to endure. ! 

a As mighty mountains huge & great 
Jerufalem about do cloft : 
So will the Lord do unto thofe 

Who on his godly will do wait: 
Such are to him fo dear, 
They never need to fear. 

3 For tho the right'ous try doth he 

By making wicked men his rod, 
Left they thro grief forfake theirGod, 

It fiiall not as their lot dill be. 

4 Give, Lord, to us thy light, 

Whofe hearts are true and right. 

5 But as for fuch as turn allde (fought, 
By crooked ways which they out 
The h^ will furely bring to noght, 

With workers vile they (hall abide ; 
But peace with Ifrael 
For evermore ftiall dwelL 

Cantus & Bajf^s. Another of the fame. Or to too Pfalm Tune, 

Homhat do put their confidence upon the L^ ourGodonly , 

■ iiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiliilpili 


And flee to him for their defence in all their need and mi~fe— ry : 


Medm, ^ .^ ^ ^ Pfalm t2f^. A.^.Foc. 

T^HoCq that do put their confidence upon thp Lord our God only, 


And flee to him for their defence in all their need and mi— le«-ry : 
Bafflis. ^ Ffalm 12^. A.'^.Focl 

I^Mofe that do put their confidence upon the Lord our God only , 


And flee to him for their defence in all their need and mi--fe— ry : 

■ Their faith is fure 
. , Still to endure^ 
Grounded onChrifl: the corner-flone; 
Mt^v'd with none ill, 
But ftandeth:fl:ill 
Stedfaft like to the Mount Sion; 

And as about Jferufalem 
The mighty hills do it compafs. 
So" that no enemies come to them 
To hurt that town in any caffi: 

So God indeed 

In ev'ry need 
His faithful people doth defend, 

Standing thsm by 

Aifuredly (end. 

Froni this time forth world without 

-Right wife and good is our L"^ God, 
. And will not fuffer certainly 
1 -The llnners and ungodJies rod 
7 To reft upon his family : 
Left they alfo 
From God ftxould go, 
Falling to (In and wickedne.fs- 
.P^ - 

O tprd, defend 
World without end (ne(s. 
Thy Chriftian flock thr6 thy good- 

O Lord» do good to Chriftians all 
That ftedfaft in thy word abide ; 

But (uch as from the Lord do fall. 
And to falfe doftrine daily Aide, 

Them will the Lord 
Scatter abroad fhell, 

With hypocrites thrown down to 
God will them fend 
Pains without end ; 
But, Lord> grant peace to Ifrael, 
Gloria Patri. 
Glory to God the father of mght^ 
And u the Soirmr Saviour ; 

And to the Holy Ghofl, whofe light 
Shim in our kearts, and tiS fitcfouri 

That the" right -way 
fram day to day 
tVe may vcMk^ nnd him gkrijie : 
With heart's dejire' 
All that are here 
\ Wixrjhi^ thirL^rdf and fay, Amen* 

Q P SJ t ii 



Pfalm cxxvi. 

CatJtus & BafffF. TsjLM CXXVI. . Proper Tune* 

Hen that the Lord again his Si-on had forth brought 


From bondage great, and al~{b fervitude extteam ; His work was 
fuch as didfurmount rjian s heart Sc thoghtrSo that we were much like to 


fhem that ufe to dream. Our mouths all Were with laughter filled, then; 

Alfo our tongues did fl^iew us joyful men 


Pfalm 126. A.'^.Foc 

W^ffen that the Lord again his Si— on had forth brought 

From bondage great, and al— fb fervitude extream; His work was 
fuch as did furmount man's heart & thoghr:So that we were much like to 



Pfalmcxxvi. %%j 


them that ufe to dream. Our nlouths all were with laughter filled then, 

Alfo our tongues did fhew us joyful men. 
BajJUs, Tf aim 126. \A,i,Vocl 

*; \\/'Hen that the Lord again his Si— on had forth brought 

From bondage great, and al— fo fervitude extream ; His work was 


fuch as did furmount mans heart & thoght;So that we were much like to 


them that ufe to dream. Our mouths all were with laughter filled then. 
Alio our tongues did fhew us joyful men. 

The heathen folk 

were forced then this to confefs, 
How that the Lord 

for them alfb great things had 
3 But much more we, (done. 

and therefore can confefs no lefs : 
i Wherefore to joy 
; we have good cauf» as we begun. 
i 4 O Lord, go forth, 

thou canft our bondage end : 
j As to defarts 

the flowing rivers fend. 

5 Full true It is, 

that they which fow with tears in- 
A time will come (deed, 

W'hen they Ihallreap with mirth Zc 
6 Th^y went and wept (joy; 

in bearing of their precious feed, 
For that their foes 

full oftentimes did them annoy. 
But their return 

with joy they fhall furely fee, 
Their Iheaves home bring, 

and not impaired be. 


F sj L at 


Pfalm cxxvii. 

Cantm & BaJJus. VsALM CXXVII. 112 VfaL Tune. 

Xcept theL'^ the houfe doth make, And thereunto dothfet his hand: 


What men do build, it cannot (land. Likewife in vain men UHidc»rt^ke 

Cities and holds to watch and ward,Except the Lord be their (afeguard. 
Baffus, Tfalmiiy, A.^^Voc, 


]£Xcept the Lord the houfe doth make, And thereunto doth fet his hand: 
What men do build, it cannot ftand. Likewife in vain men undertake 
Cities and holds to watch and ward,Except the Lord be their fafcguard. 

2 Tho ye n-fe early in the morn, 
And fo at night go fate to bed, 
Feeding full hardly w'^brown bread, 

Yet were your labour loft & worn ; 
But they whomGod doth love & keep, 
Receive all things with quiet fleep. 
(you fee 

3 Therefore mark well whene'er 
That men have heirst'en joy therland. 
It is the gift of God's own hand : 

For God himffclf doth multiply 
Of his great liberality 
The bleffing of poflerity. 

Pfalm cxxvii, cxxviii. 15L9 

4 And when the children com to age 
They grow in ftrength & aaivenelb', 
In perlbn and in comelinefs : 

So that a fhaft fhot with courage 
Of One that hath a moft ftrong arm, 
Flies not lb fwift,nor doth like harm . 

S Oh well is he that hath his qulv'r 
Furniih'd with fuch artillery : 
For when in peril he Ihall be, (fhiv'r 

Such on« ihall never quake nor 
When that he pkads before the judg 
Againft his foes that bear him grudg. 

^Canfus & Baffm. TsALM CXXVIII. London Tune, 


Lefled art thou tljat feareft God, and walked: in his ways : 

For of thy labour thou flialt eat , happy fliall be thy days. 

Medius. , FfalmriS. J.x.Voc, 

BLefled art thou that feareft God, and walkeft in his ways ; 


For of thy labour thou flialt eat , happy iliali be thy days. 


Bdffm, Tfahn 128. 

^LeiT^d art thou that feareft God, and walkeft in his ways : 

For of thy labour thou flialt eat , happy fliall be thy days, 

ft 3 

T ;!.- 

5 Like fruitful vines on thy houfe. 

fo doth thy wife fpring out : (fide, 
Thy children Hand like ^live-plants 

thy table round about. 
4 Thus art thou blefs'd that fearefl: 

and he ftiall let thee fee fGod, 

Pfalm cxxviii, cxxixV 

5 Thepromifedjferufalcm, 

and her felicity. 
6 Thou Ihaltthy children's children 

to thy great joy's increafe : Cfee, 
And likewife grace on Ifrael, 

profperity and peace. 

Cantus & Bapts. TsALM CXXIX. NorwichTune, 

F T they,now If— ra--el may fay, me from my youth aflaird : 

Oft they aflaird me from my youth, yet never have prevailed. 

Medius, Pf aim 12^, A.T^.Voc, 

QFT they, now If— ra— el may fay, me from my youth aflail'd : 

Oft they aflail'd me from my youth, yet never have prcvail'd. 
Bapts. Tfalm 129. A. ^.Voc. 

O^T they, now If— ra— el may fay, me from my youth afTail'd : 
Oft they aflail'd me from my youth, yet never have prevaiTd. 

3Upon my back the plowers plow'd, 

and furrows long did caft : 
4 The right'ous Lord hath cut the 
^ of wicked men at laft. ('cords 

jThey that hate me fliallbe afhamM, 

and turned back alfo : 
6 And made as grafsupon the houfe, 

which withVeth e're ic grow : 

7 Whereof the moWer cannot find 

enough to fill his hand ; 
Nor can he fill his lap, that goes 
to glean upon the land. 

8 Nor paflers by, pray God on them 
to let his blelUng fall ; 

Nor fay, We blefs you in the Name 
of God the Lord at all. 

P S A L ^ 

Pfalm cxxxi 


Canm&Bajfuf. . P^^>^LAi CXXX, 

Proper Tuve^ 


Ord, to thee I make my mone when dangers me opprefs: 


I call, figh, complain and grone, trufting to find releafe. 

H&arnow, O Lord, my requefl: , for it is full due time ; 

Let thine ears always be preft unto this pray'r of mine. 

Me dim, Tfalm 130. A. •^. Foe, 

LOrd, to thee I make my mone when dangers me opprefs : 

I call, figh, complain and grone, trufting to ijnd reJeafe, 
Hear now, O Lord, my requeft , for it is full due time: •- 

ili=iiPiiiEilliiiliiiliiii|!liiii thine :<^s pvell: unto this pray'r of mi-ne. 

Q. *. 


zji Pfalm cxxx, cxxxi. 

Bajfusl Tfalm i ; o. ,A,i. Voc. 

LOrd, to thee I make my mone when dangers me opprefs: 

I call, figh, complain and grone , trufting to find releafe. 


Hear now, O Lord, my requefl: , for it is full due time: 
Let thine ears always be prefl unto this pray'r of mine. 

3 O Lord our God, if thou weigh 

our fins, and them perufe : 
Who Ihall then efcape, and fay, 

I can my felf excufe? 
4 But, Lord, thou art merciful, 

and turn'ft to us thy grace, 
That we with hearts mofl careful 

fliould fear before thy face. 

5 In God I put my whole truH-, 
my foul waits on his will : 

For his promife is n^ioft juft, 
and I hope therein ftill. 

6 My (bul to God hath regard, 
wifiiing for him alway, 

More than they that watch and ward 
to fee the dawning day. 

7 Let Ifrael then boldly 

in the Lord put his truft : 
He is that God of mercy 
that his deliver muft. 

8 For he it is that muft fave 
Ifrael from his fin, 

And all fuch as furely have 
their confidence in him. 

Cantm & Bajpff, Ts^LM CXXXL WindforTune, 

m^ W Lord, I am not puff'd in mind, I have no fcomfuleye: 


I do not exercife my M^ in things that be too high. 

r Pfalm cxxxi, cxxxii. 233 

Medm, Tf aim 17^1, ^.j.Vbc. 


O Lord, I am not puff'din mind, I have no fcornful eye; 
I do not exercife my felf in things that be too high. 

[Es|i ii sip|igiP==aE=ig}pigp|| 


O Lord, I am not puff'd in mind, I have no fcornful eye : 


I do not exercife my felf in things that be too high. 

3 O IfraeT, trnfl: in the Lord, 
let him be all thy flay, 

From this time forth for evermore, 
ftom age to age alway. 

a But as a child that weaned is 
ev'n from his mother's breaft: 

So have I, Lord, behav'd my felf 
in lilence and in r«fl. 

Camus & Bajfm, TsALM CXXXIL Or to York Tune, 

Emember David's rr©ubles,Lord, how to the Lord hefwore, 

And vow'd a vow to Jacob's God , to keep for e — ver-more : 
I will not come within my houfe, nor climb up to my bed, 

Nor let my temples take their reft, nor the eyes in my head. 



i34 Pfalm cxxxii; 

l^edm. Tfalm i ; 2, A, ;. Voc, 

j^Emember David's troubles, Lord, how to the Lord he fwof e, 


And vowM a vow to Jacob s God , to keep for e — ver-more : 


I will not come within jny houfe, nor climb up to my bed: 


Nor let my temples take their reft, nor the eyes in my head : 
Medius. Tfalm 1 11. A, '^.Voc, 

j^Emember David's troubles, Lord, how to the Lord he fwore, 


And vow'd a vow to Jacobus God , to keep for e — ver-more: 
I will not come within my houfe, nor climb up to my bed, 


Nor let my temples take their reft, nor the eyes in my head : 

sTxIil have found out for the Lord 

a place to fit thereon : 
An houfe for Jacob's God to be 
an habitation. 

6 We heard of it at Ephrata, 
there did we hear this found : 

And in the fields and forefts there 
thfefe voices iirft were found. 

7 We will effay, and go into 

his tabernacle there, 
Before his footftool to fall down, 
. and worlhip him in fear. 

8 Arife, O Lord, arlfe, I pray, 

into thy refting-place : 
Thou & the ark of thy great ftrength, * 

the prefence of thy grace. 

^Let all thy priefts be clothed, Lord, 

with truth and right'oufnefs : 
Let all thy faints and holy men 

{mg wjch great joyfulnefs. 
lo And for thy fervant David's fake, 

refufe not, Lord, I pray, 
The face of thine anointed, and 

turn not thy face away. 


f -i 


Pfalm cxxxii, cxxxiii 

The fecwd part, 
' 1 iThe Lord to David fwoire in truth, 
and will not fhrink from it, 
Saying, The fruit of thy body 
upon thy feat ftiall fit. 

12 And if thy fons my covenant keep, 
that I (hall learn each one: 

Then fhall their fons for ever fit 
upon thy princely throne. 

13 The Lord himfelf hath Sion chofe, 
and loves therein to dwell, 

14 paying, this is my refting-place, 
I love and like it well. 

15 And I will blefs with great increafe 
her victuals ev'ry where : 

' And I will fatisfie with bread 
the needy that be there. 


id With my falvation 1 will 

her priefts for evermore : 
And all her faints likewife Ihall fing 

and fhout for joy therefore. 
lyThere will I fiirely make the horn 

of David for to bud : 
For there I have ordainM for mine 

a lantern bright and good. 

18 As for his foes, I will them cloath 

with ihame for evermore : 
But I will caufe his crown to ^ine 

more frefli than heretofore. 
7b Father J Son, and Holy Ghoft, 

all glory be therefore : 
As in b( ginning to as, is noiffy 

and Jhall be evermore. 

Cantus&Baps, VsALM CXXXIIL Wincheft^rTune, 

M W How happy a thing it is, and joyful for to fee, 


Brethren together faft to hold the band of a — mi~ty ! 

Medius. Vfalm 15:5. A. '^.Voc. 

Q How happy a thing it is , and joyful for to fee, 

Brethren together faft to hold the band of a— mi — ty ! 
BaJJm: Tf aim 1:1^7,, J, '^, Vbc. 

Q How happy a thing it is , and joyful for to fee, 
' Brethren together faft to hold the band of a— mi-ty 1 ale 


alt calls to mind that fweet perfume, 

and that coftly ointment, 
Which on the facrificer's head 

by God*s command was Ipent. 
It wet not Aaron's head alone, 

but on his beard did fall : 
And finally it did run down 

on his rich garments all. 

Pfalm cxxxiii, cxxxiv. 

3 And as the lowet gfouftd doth 

the dew of hermon hill, (drink 
And Sion with his filver drops 

the fields with fruit doth fill : . 
4Ev'n fo the L^rd doth pour on them 

his blefllngs manifold, (guile 
Whofe hearts and minds without all 

this knot doth keep and hold. 

Cantus&Bafm, TsALM CXXXIV. SouthwelTune. 

Ehold and have regard , ye fervants of the Lord, 

Which in his houfe by night do watch : Praife him with one accord. 

M^dim, Tfalm 154. ^. g. Voc. 

pEhoId and have regard , ye fervants of the Lord , 


Which in his houfe by night do watch : Praife him with one accord. 
^Ehold and laave regard , ye fervants of the Lord, 


Which in his houfe by night dq watch : Praife him with one accord- 

a Life up your hands on high 

unto his holy place. 
And give the Lord his praifes due, 

his benelits embrace. 

3 For why? the Lord, who did 
both earth and heaven frame. 

Doth Sion blefs, and will conferve 
for evermore the fame. 


Pfelm cxxxv. 


Cantus & Bapfs. Vsjlm CXXXV. Or to St. David's Tune, 
Praife theL'*,praire him,pralfe hlm,praife him w^^ o^e accord : 

O praife bim ftill all ye that be the fervants of the Lord; 


O praife him ye that ftand and be in the houfe of the Lord : 

Ye of his court, and of his houfe, praife him with one accord. 

MedlHT. Ffalm 135'. ^. ^.Vhc, 

Q Praife the Lord,praife him, praife him,praife him with one accorrd ; 
O praife him ftill all ye that be the fervants of the Lord: 
O praife him ye that ftand and be in the houfe of the Lord : 
Ye of his court, and of i>is houfe, praife him with on^ accord. 

238 Pfalm cxxxv. 

BajfHS. Tfalm 155'. ;^. j. I^qc^ 

O Praife the Lord,praife him,praife him,praifc him with one accord : 
O praife him ftill all yc that be the fervants of the tord: 

O praife him ye that ftand and be in the houfe of the Lord : 
Ye of his court, and of his houfe, praife him with one accord. 

3 Praife ye the Lord, for he is good, 
fing praifes to his Name : 

It is a comely and good thing 
always to do the fame. (chofe, 

4 For why ? the Lord hath Jacob 
his very one ye fee : 

So hath he chofen Ifrael 
his treafure for to be. 

5 For this I know,and am right (lire, 

the Lord is very great : 
He is indeed above all gods 
mofl: eafie to intreat. 

6 For whatfoever pleafed him, 
all that full well he wrought , 

In heav'n, in earth, and in the fiea, 
which ke hath made of nought. 


7 He lifts up clouds ev'n from the 
he makes lightnings and rain : 

He bringerh forth the winds alio, 
and norhir»2 made in vain. 

8 He fmote the Hrri-born of each 
in Egypt that took reft ; (thing 

He fpared there no living thing, 
the man, nor yec the beaft. 

9He did Ilkewife (hew wonders great 

on his inhabitants. 
Upon king Pharaoh, and alfb 

on his fevere fervants. 

10 He fmote then many nations, 
and did great afts and things s 

He (lew the great and mighti«ft 
and chiefeil of their kings. 

1 1 Sehoii king of the Amoritcs, 
and Og king of Bafan : 

He flew alfo the kingdoms all 
that were of Canaan : 

1 2 And gave their land to Ifra«I, 
an heritage we fee. 

To Ifrael his own people 
an heritage to be. 

The fecond part, 

1 3 Thy Name fhall ftill endure, and 
memorial likewife ^ (thy 

Throughout all generations 
that are, or fhiU arife. 

14 The Lord will furely now aveng« 
his people all indeed : 

And to his fervants he will (hew 
favour in time of need. 


15 The idols of the heathen which 

are in the coafts and lands, 
Of filver and of gold they t)^, , 

the work ev n of men's hands. 
i6They havetheir mouthsbut cannot 

& eyes that have no fight : (fpeak, 
xyAnd they hav ears but hearnothing, 

their mouths are breathlefi quite. 

i8 Wherefore all they are like to them 
that Co do fet them forth: 

And likewife thofe that truft inthem, 
or think they be ought worth. 

Pfalm cxxxv, cxxxvi. z^^ 

19 O all ye houfe of Ifrae], 
fee tliAt ye praife the Lord : 

Andye that be of Aaron's houfe,- 
praife him with one accord. 

29 And' ye that be of Levi's houfe^ 

praife, yo^likewife the Lord : 
And ye that (land in awe of him» 

praife him with one accord. 
it And out of Sion (bund his ptalic, 

the gteat praife of'theLotdv ' 
Which dw'illeth in Jerufalem:^^. ; 

Praife him with one accords - 

Canm&BajJks. Tsjlm CXXXyi. -' 100 fjairime. 

Raife ye the Lord^ for he is good, for his mercy cndur' th ever. * 

Give -praife iinto the God of gods, for his; mercy endur'th ever. 
Medhis. Pfalm 13^, J.'^.y'oc^ 


pRaifeye the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endar'rh ever. 
. , Give praife unto the God of gods, for his mercy endur'th ever. 

j^Raile ye the Lord, for he is good, for his m^rcy endur'th ever. ' 

Give praife unto the Qai of gods, for his mercy endutlth ever. 

5 Qvf9 



5 Give praife unto the Lord of lords, 
for his mercy endur'th ever. 

4 Which only doth great wondrous 

for his mercy, Sec. Cworks, 

5 Which by his wifdom made the 
for his mercy, 6cc. Cheav'ns, 

6 Which oil the waters ftrctch*d the 

for his mercy, &c. fcarth, 

7 Which made great lights to fiiine 
fot his mercy, &c. ^ (abroad, 

8 As fun to rule the lightfom day, 
for his mercy, &c. 

9 The moon and ftars to guide the 
for his mercy, &c. Cnight, 

I oW=^ fmote Egypt with their firft- 

for his mercy, &c. (born, 

II And Ifrael brought out from 
fot his mercy, &c. (thence, 

1 2 With mighty hand and ftretched 
for his mercy, Sec, (arm, 

13 Which cut the Rcd-fea in two 
for his mercy, 8cc. Cparts, 

14 And Ifr'el made to pafs there- 
for his mercy, &c. (through, 

1 5 And drowned Pharoah and his 
for his mercy, &c. fhoft, 


16 Through wildernefs his pctople 
for his mercy, &c. (led, 

1 7 He which did fmite great noble 
for hii m6rcy, &c. ; (kings, 

1 8 And which hathflain the mighty 
for his mercy, Sec. (kings, 

19 As Sehon king of th' Amorites, 
for his mercy, Sec. 

20 And Og the king of Bafan land, 
for his mercy, Sec. 

2 1 And gave their land for heritage 
for his mercy, &c. 

22 Ev'n to his fervant lirael, 
for his mercy, &c. 

23 Remembring us in bafe eftate, • 
for his mercy, &c. 

24 And from oppreffors refcu'd us, 
for his mercy. Sec. 

2 J Which giveth food unto all flefii, 
for his mercy. Sec. 

26 Praife ye the Lord of heav'n a* 
for his mercy, &c. • (bovc, 

27 Give thanks unto the Lord of 
for his mercy, 6cc. (lords. 

All that hath breath praife ye cheL**, 
for his mercy endur'th ever. 

€antm & B^jffks, Another of thefame» 1 48 Tfulm Tune, 

^L 9 Laud the Lord benign, whofe mercies ne'er decay : 


Give thanks, and praifes dng to God of gods alway. For certainly 



Pfalm cxxxvi. 2,4? 

His mercies dure both firm and fure eternally. 


Vfalm 116. A. 1. Foe, 

Q Laud the Lord benign, whofe mercies ne'er decay; 

Give thanks, and praifes fing to God of gods alway. For certainly 

His mercies dure both firm and fure eternally. 
\BaJJks, P film 1:^6, A^i.Voc, 

Q Laud the Lord benign , whofe mercies ne'er decay : 
Give thanks, and praiies Ung to God of gods ahvay. For certainly 
His mercies dure both firm and fure er-etrtally. 

3 The Lord of lords praife ye, 

■Whofe mercies ever dure : 
^ Great wonders only he 

Doth work by hi^ "great pow': 
For certainly 

His mercies dure ' ' ' 

Both -firm and fure 
i Eternally. 

5 Which God omnipotent 
By his great wifdom high 

Th^ heav^ily firmament 
Did frame as we may fee. 

For- ceruinly; &?c. 

6 Yea, he the heavy charge 
Of allthe earth did ftretch, 

And on the wafers large 

The fame he did oue-reacIt» , 

For certaihly, Sec. 


7 Great lights he made : for why? 
His mercy -bfts alway ? 

8 Such as the Sun we fee, 
To rule the lightfom d\^l 

For certainly j. 

His mercies dure 
Both firm and fure 

K 9 Alfa 

9 Alio the Moon fo clear, 
Which Ihineth in our fight, 

And Stars that do appear, ^ 

To guide the darkibm night. 
For certainly, &c. 

10 With grievous plagues and fore 
All Egypt fmote ye then : 

The fiill-born lefs and more 

He flew of beafts and men. 
For certainly, &:c. 

r I And froni amidft their land 
His Ifrael forth brought : 

1 2 Which he with mighty hand 
And ftretched arm hath wrought 

For ceitainly, Sec. 

J 3 The fea he cut In two, 
Which ftood up like a wall : 

■14 And made through it to go 
His chofen children all. 

For certainly, &c. 

J 5 But there overwhelmed then 

' The proud king Pharaoh, 
With his huge hoft of men, 

And chariots alfo. 
• For certainly, ike. 

16 Who led through wlldernefs 
His people fife and found ; 

Pfalm exxxvi, cxxxvii. 

1 7 And for his love ertdlefs 
Great kings he brought to gf ound. 

For certainly, &c. 

1 8 And with puKTant hand 
Slew kings of mighty fame % 

19 As of Amorites land 
Sehon the king by name. 

For certainly, Sec. 

20 AndOg (the giant large) 
Of Bafan king alfo : 

2 1 Whofe land for heritage 
He gave his people to. 

For certainly, &c. 

22 Ev'n unto Ifrael 
His fervant dear, I fay, 

He gave the fame to dwell, 

And there abide alway. 
For certainly, &c. 

23 To mind he did us call 
In our moft bafe degree : 

24 And from oppreffors all 
In fafety fet us free. 

For certanily, 8cc. 

2 5 All flefh in earth abroad 
With food he doth fulfill: 

26 Wherefore of heav'n the God 
To laud be it your will. 

For certainly, 8cc. 

Cantm & Baffm. TsAL M CXXXVII. Or to London Tune, 

Hen as we fat in Babylon the rivers round about, 


And in remembrance of Si — on the tears for grief burfl out. 

Pfalm cxxxvii. 2,4$ 

I We hang'd our harps and inftriiments the willow.trees upon : 

For in that place men for their ufe had planted many one. 
Me dim. VJalm i^j. J. i^Voc, 

\y Hen as we fat ih Ba — by— loit the rivers round about. 

And in remembrance of Si— on the tears for grief burft out. 

; We hang'd our harps and inflruments the willow-trees upon : 

;^^ For in that place men for their ufe had planted many an^. 
\BaJJus. Pfalm \yj, A ^, Voe, 

VyHen as we fat in Ba— bv— Ion the rivers round about, 


And in remembrance of Si—on the tears for grief burft out. . 

We hang'd our harps and inftruments the willow-trees upon : 

For in that place m^n for their ufe had planted many one. 

K a 3 Then 


3 Then they to whom we pris'ners 

faid to us tauntingly, fwere, 
Now let us hear your Hebrew fongs, 
and pleafant melody. 

4 Alas f faid we, who can once frame 

his heavy heart to fing 
The praifes of our loving God 
thus under a flrange king ? 

5 But yet if I Jerufalem 
out of my heart let Aide, 

Then let my fingers quite forget 
the warbling harp to guide. 

6 And let my tongue wirhin my 

be ti'd for ever faf}, (mouth 

-if that I joy before I fee 
thy full deliverance pa0. 

Pfalm cxxxvii, cxxxviii. 

5Therefore,0 Lord,remember now 

the curfed noife and cry 
That Edom's fons againft us made, 

when they ras'd our City. 
Remember, Lord, their cruel words, 

when as with mighty found 
They cried,Down,yea,down with ic 

unto the very ground. 

8 Ev'n fo fhalt thou, O Babylon, 

at length to dufl be brought : 
And happy fhall that man be calPd, 

that our revenge hath wrought. 
9Yea,bIefred fhall that»man becall'd 

that takes thy little ones, 
And dafheth them in pieces fhiall 

againfl the very flones. 

Cantmj&Baffm, TsALM CXXXVIII. Martyrs Tune. 

Heewilllpraife w^h my whole heart,myL'' my God always: 

Ev'n in the prefence of the gods I will advance thy praife. 
Medim. Tfalm 1%^. A, %,Voe, 


Jt Hee will I praife with my whole heart, my Lord my God, always: 


Ev'a- m the prefence of the gods I will advance thy praife. 



Pfalm cxxxviii, cxxxix. 

Pfahn 138. 

A. :;. Voc, 

'J*Hee will I pralfe with my whole heart, my Lord my God always: 

Ev'n in the prefence of the gods I will advance thy prai^v^ 

n Toward thy holy temple I 
will look and worfhip thee : 

And praifed in my thankful mouth 
thy holy Name fliall be. 

Ev'n for thy loving kindnefs fake, 
and for thy truth withal : 

For thou thy Name haft by thy 
advanced over all. (word 

3 When I did call, thou heardell: me^ 

and thou haft made alfb 
The power of incr'^safed ftrength 
within my foul to grow. 

; rftiall 

4 Yea, all the kings on earth they 

give praife to thee, O Lord : 

For they of thy moft holy mouth 

have heard the mighty word. 

jThey of the ways of God the Lord 
in finging Ihali entreat, 

Becaufe the glory of the Lord 
it is exceeding great. 

6 The Lord ishigh, but yet he dotk 
the lowly man refpe^t : 

Tiie proud he knows far off,& thena 
with fcorn he doth reject. 

7 Altho In midft of trouble f 
do walk, yet fliall I ftand 

Reviv'd by thee ; for thoUjO Lord^ 
wilt ftretch out thy right hand. 

Upon the wrath of all my foes, 

and faved {hall Lb e 
By thy right hand. The Lord God 

perform his work to me, ('wiH 

8 Thy mercy lafts for evermore^ 
Lord, do me notfosfake : 

Forfake m6*liot that am the work 
which thine own hand didmak^'^. 

Cantm & Baps. ? sa l m CXXXIX. Rochcjfier Time, 

Lord,thou haftmetri'd & known, my fining down doH" know, 





My rifing up, and thoughts far oft, thou underlb'.nd vc al-fo. 

^4^ Pfalm cxxxix. 

Medius. Tfalmi'i^, A.^.Voc, 


O Lord, thou haft me triM and known,my fitting down doft know, 
My riling up, and thoughts far oif, thou underftand'fl: al-lb. 

Q Lord, thou haft me tri'd and known,my fitting down dbft know, 
My rifing up, and thoughts far off, thou underftand'ft 

3 My paths,yea,and my lying down 
thou compafleft always : 

And by familiar cuftom art 
acquainted with my ways. 

4N0 word is in my tongue,0 Lord, 
that is not known to thee : 

5 Thou haft befet me round about, 
and laid thy hand on me. 

€ Such knowledge is too wonderful, 
and paft my skill to;f ain : 

It is {6 high, that I unto 
the fame cannot attain. 

7From fight of thy all-feeing Sp*rit, 
Lord, whither ftiall I go ? 

Or whither fiiall I fly away 
from thy prefence alfo ? 

8 To heav*n if I do mount aloft, 
lo, fhou art prefent there : - 

In hell if I lie down below, 
cv'n there thou doft appear. 

5Yea,kt me takethe m.orning wings, 
and ]Qt me go and dwell 

Ev'n in the very utmoft parts 
where flowing fea doch fwell : 

10 Yet certainly there alfo fliall 
thy hand me lead and guide ; 

And thy right hand Ihall hold me 
and make me to abide. (faft, 

1 1 Or if I fay. The darknefs Ihall 
fhroud me quite from thy fight ; 

Ev'n then the night that is moft dark, 

about me fhall be light. 
1 iThe darknefs hideth not from thee, 

but night doth fliine as day : 
To thee the darknefs and the light 

are both alike alway. 
The fecondfart. 
1 3 For thou poftefled haft my reins, 

and thou haft cover'd me 
When I within my mother's womb 

enclofed was by thee. 

i4Thee will I praife,made fearfully 

and wondroufly I am ; 
Thy works are marvellous,right well 

my foul doth know the fame. 
1 5 My bones they are not hid from 

altho in fecret place (thee, 

I have been made, and in the earth 

beneath I /h^ped was. 


Pfalm cxxxix, cxl 

S6 when I was formlers,then thine 

faw me ; for ia thy book (eye 
Were written all, nought was before 

that after fafhion took. 
lyThe thoughts therefore of thee,0 

how dear are they to me ! (God, 
And of them all how palling great 

the endlefs number be ! 

i8lf I fliould count them,lo,their fum 

more than the fand I fee : 
And whenfoever I awake, 

yet am I ftill with thee. 
ip The wicked and the ungodly 

mofl: furely thou wilt flay : 
^Therefore now all ye bloody men, 

depart from me away. 


20 For they agalnft thee,0 myGod, 

do fpeak full wickedly : 
They take thy Name in vai«, and 
. great enemies to thee. fare 

iiHate I not them that hatethee,L'^> 
and that in earnefl: wife ? 

Am I not grieved with all rhofe 
that up againfl: thee rife ? 

22 1 hate them with a perfe£l: hate, 
ev'n as my utter foes: (heart, 

23 Try me, O God, and know my 
my thoughts prove and dlfclofe. 

24 Confider, Lord, if wickednefj 
in me there any be : 

And in thy ways, O God my guide, 
for ever lead thou me. 

Cantm (p' BaJJits. FsJLM CXL. Glo,ce/I-erTm?e. 

I Ord.fave me from the evil man, and from his pride and fpighr, 

And from all thofe alfo which do in vi— o--lence delight. 
Me dins. Vfcilm 140. A,'>,.Voc, 


LOrd, fave me from the e— vil man, and from his pride and fpighr. 
And frorn all thole alfo which do in vi—o-lenc^^ delight. 


LOrd, fave me from the Cr-vil man, 2nd froai his pride and fpigh':, 

And from all thofe ^Ifo which do ia vi~o-leace dsjig'it. 

K^ Which 


Pfalm cx1, cx^ 

Perform not his ill thought, left he 
with pride be fet on fire. 

Which make on me continual war, 

their tongues, lo, they have whet 
3 Like ferpents; underneath their 

is adders poifon fet. Clips ' p Of them that compafs me about, 

the chiefeft of them all. 

4 Keep me, O Lord, from wicked 
preferve me to abide (hands, 

Free from the cruel man, that means 
to caufe my fteps to flide. 

5The proud have laid a fnare forme, 
and they have fpread a nee 

With cords in my path-way, &: gins 
for mc alfo have fet. 

6 Therefore I faid unto the Lord, 
Thou art my God alone : 

Hear me, O Lord, O hear the voice 
wherewith I pray and mone. 

7 O Lord my God, thou alone art 
the flrrength that Wv^tth me : 

My head in day of battel hath 
been cover'd ftill by thee. 

5 Let notjO Lord, the wicked have 
the end of his defire : 

Lord, let the mifchief of their lips 
upon their own heads fall. 

I oLet coals fall on them, let them be 
call in confuming flame, 

And in deep pit, fo as they may 
not rife out of the 'fame. 

r I For no backbiter fhall on earth 

be fet in ftable plight : 
And evil to deflruftion ftill 

fhall hunt the cruel wight. 

1 2 I know the Lord th'afflifted will 
revenge, and judge the poor: 

1 3 The j aft fhall praife thy Name, &: 
dwell with thee evermore, (fhall 

Gloria Patri. 
JU Glory ^ Honour, Pow'r, and Praife. 

to the Myfterioii4 Three : 
As at the fir f^ beginning wa^fj 

may 7iov9 and ever be. 

Cantus & Bajpfs. TsALM CXLI. Or toMndforTune, 

Lord, upon thee do I call, then hafle thee unto me; 


And hearken thou my voice when I do cry to thee. 



Pfalm cxii. 


As incenfe let my pray'rs ftill be di— re—fted in thine eyes: 

, And the up-lifting of my hands as ev'ning fa—cri — fice. 

Medius. TJalm 14T. X g. Voc. 

O Lord, upon thee do I call , then hafte thee unto me : 
And hearken thou un— to my voice when I do cry to thee. 
As incenfe let my pray'rs ilill be di — re-fted in thine eyes : 
And the up-lifcing of my hands as evening facrifice. 

BaJJus, Tfalm 141. ^.3. Voc, 

(3 Lord , upon thee do I call, then hafte thee un— to me : 
And hearken thou unto my voice when I do cry to thee. 
As incenfe let my pray'rs fliil be di—re — fted in thine eyes : 

And the up-lifcing of my hands rs ev'ning facriiice. 

3 For 

jFor guiding of my mouth,6 Lord, 
fet thou a watch before ; 

And alfo of my moving lips, 
O Lord, keep thou the door. 

^That I fhould wicked works corn- 
incline thou not mine heart : (mit, 

With ill men of their delicates. 
Lord, let me eat np part. 

^ ^Lord, 

5 But let the righteous fmite me, 
for that is good for me : 

Let him reprove me, and the fame 

a precious oyl fliall be. 
Such fmiting fliall not break my 

the time Ihall fhortly fall , (head, 
When I Ihall in their mifery 

make prayers for them all. 

6 Ani. when in ftony places down 
their judges (hall be caft : (caufe 

Then fhall they hear my words,be- 
t:hey have a pleafant tafte. 

Pfalm cxii, cxlii. 

7 Our bones about the graves mouth 

all fcattered and found : (are 

As he that heweth wood, or he 
that diggeth up the ground. 


8 But, O my Lord my God, mine 

do look up unto thee: 
In thee is all my truft, let not 
my foul forfaken be. 

9 Keep & preferve me from the fnare 

which they for me have laid: 
And from the gins of wicked men, 
whereof I am afraid. 

I o The Wicked into their own nets 

together let them fall : 
While I do by thy help efcap? 

the danger of them all. 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghojfy 

immortal Glory be : 
4f rvofy is noxPy and fhall he fiill, 

to all Eternitie. 

Cantus & Bajfm. TsALM CXLIL St, Mar fs Tune, 

H B N-to the Lord God with my voice I did fend out my cry : 

And with my ftrained voice unto the Lord God prayed L 


Me dim. Tfrdm 1^2. J.^.Voc, 


'UNto the Lord God with my voice I did fend out my cry : 

And With my ftramed voice untp the Lord God prayed L 


Pfalm cxlii^ cxliii. 

'Eaff74s\ Vfdm 142. 

UNto the Lord God with my voice I did fend out my cry : 


And with my ftrained voice unto the Lord God prayed L 

I a My meditation in his fight 

to pour I did not fpare : 
Arid in the prefence of the Lord 
my trouble did declare. 

3 Altho perplexed was my foul, 

my path was known to thee : 
In way where I did walk, a fnare 

they flily laid for me. 

4 1 look*d and view'd on my right 

but none there would me know ; 
All refuge failed me, and for 

my foul none cared now. 

% Then cried I to thee, and faid, 
O Lord, my hope thou art : 

And in the land of the living, 
my portion and my part. 

6 Hearkto my cry ,fQr I am brought 
full low, deliver me 

From them that do me perfecute, 
for me too ftrong they be. 


7 That I may praife thy Name, my 
from prifon, Lo^d, bring out : 

When thou art good to me, the juft 
Ihall prefs me round about. 

Cantus & Bajjus, FsALM CXLIII. M^nche(lerTune. 

I J Qrd,hear my prayV,and my complaint that I do make to thee : 


And in thy native truth, and in thy juftice anfwer me. 

Medius, Tffilm 143. A.%, Vgc, 

LOrdjhear my pray'r, and my complaint that I do make to thee: 
And in thy native truth, and in thy juftice anfwer me. 

:2,5^x Pfalm cxliii, cxliv. 

BalJks, Pfalm 14J. -^. 3. yoe, 

LOrd,hear my pray'r, and my complaint that I do make to thee: 
And in thy native truth, and in thy juftice anfwer me. 

a In judgment with thy fervant,L^, 

O enter not at all: 
For juftifi'd be in thy fight 

not one that liveth fliall. 

3 The enemy purfu'd my foul, 

. my life to ground hatn thrown, 
And laid me in the dark, like them 
that dead are long agone. 

4 Within me in perplexity 
was my afflifted fp*rit : 

And in me was my troubled heart 
amazed and affright. 

5 Yet I record time pafl, and on 

thy works I meditate: 
Yea, I do mafe upon thy works 

that thy hands have create. 
iS To thee, O Lord my God, do I 

ftretch forth my craving hands : 
My foul defireth after thee, 

as do the thirfty lands. 

^Hear me with fpecd ,my fpirit fails, 
hide not thy fiCQ, leil I 


Be like to them that in the pit 
fmk down, and there do lie. 

8 Let me thy loving kindnefs in 

the morning hear and know, 
For in thee is my truft ; Ihew me 
the way where I fhall go. 

9 For I lift up my foul to thee, 

O Lord, deliver me 
From all mine enemies: fori 

have hidden me with thee. 
I oTe^ch me to do thy wilI,for thotJ 

thou art my God alway : 
Let thy good fpirit to the land 

of mercy me convey. 

uFor thyNames fake with quickning 
alive do thou me make: (grace; 

And out of trouble bring my foul I 
ev'n for thy juftice fake. 

\ 2 And of thy mercy flay my foes, 
O Lord, deftroy them all 

That do opprefs my foul, for I 
thy fervant am, and fhall. 

C^wtm & Baffiis. P s,A L M CXLIV. Tork Tune. 

Left be the Lord my ftrength,that doth inftruft my hands to fight : 

The Lord that dorh my fingers frame to battel by his might. 

Pialm cxiiv. z^y 

Medm\ , ,_ Tfalm i^^, _ A.':^,Voc, 

^Left be the Lord my fl;rength,that doth inftrucl my hands to fighc: 

.The Lord that doth my fingers frame to battel by his might. 
BaJJus, Pfalm 1^4, A.i.Fbc, 


BLeft be the Lord my fl:rength,that doth inftruft my hands to fight : 
The Lord that doth my fingers frame to battel by his rpight. 

2 He is my hope, my fort, and tow'r, 

deliverer and ihield ; 
In him I truft ; my people he 
fubdues to me to yield. 

3 OLordjWhatthing is man,that him 

thou holdeft fo in price ? 
Orion of man, that upon him 
thou thinkeft in fuch wife ? 

4 Man is but like to vanity, 
lb pafs his days to end 

5 As fleeting fhade. Bow down,0 L^, 

the heavens, and defcend ; 

6 The mountains touch, &: they Ihall 
caft forth thy lightningflameCimoke; 
And fcatterthemfthine arrows Hioot, 

confume them with the fame. 

7Send down thy hand from heav'n a- 
O Lord, deliver me ; (hove, 

Take me from waters great, from 
of Grangers fet me free, (hand 

8 Whole fubtll month of vanity 
with flatt'j ing words do. treat : 

And their right hand is a right hand 
of falfiiood and deceit. 

^ A new fong will I fing, O God, 
and ringing v/ill I be 

On viol and on inilrument 
ten-ftringed unto thee. 

io Ev n he it is that only gives 

deliverance to kings : 
Unto his fervant David help 

from hurtful fword he brings. 
1 1 From flrangers hand me fave and 

whofe mouth talks vanity: (fliield. 
And their right hand is a right hand 

of guile and fubrilty. ^ 
izThat our fons may be as the plants 

whom growing youth doth rear: 
Our daughters as carv'd ccrnerT * 

like to a palace fair. (ftoiies, 

13 Our gamers fuU,and plentyfiiay 
of fundry forts be found : ('ilteetS' 

Our Iheep bring thoufands, in our 

ten thoufands may abound. --'- - 

14 Our oxen be to I?. hour llrong, 
that none do us invade ; 

There be no goings out, nor cries 
within o'ir ftreets be made. 

1 5 The people hh{(kd are that with 
fuch blefiings great are {lor'd; 

Yea, bleiTed ail the p2op]e are 
whoit: God i.5 God the Lord. 

P S J L M 


P(alm cxIrJ 

Cantm & BaJJui, TsA L M CXLV. Or to Martyrs Tune. 


^'"1 "'A 

I Hee will I laud,my God & King,and blefs thy Name^alway : ■ 

For e— tver will I praile thy Name, and blefs thee day by day. 

Great is the Lord, moft worthy praife, his greatnefs none can reach: 


From race to race they (hall thy works praife,and thy power preach. 

Medius. Pfalm 14^. -^. ;. ^oe. 

THee will I laud, my God and King, and blefs thy Name alvvay : 


For e— ver will I praife thy Name, and blefs thee day by day. 
Great is the Lord, moft worthy praife, his greatnefs none can reach : 
From race ta race they ihall thy works p»aif€,and thy power preach. 

Pfalm cxlv. , 2 5' J 

Bajjlis, ^ ^ Pfalm 145'. _ ^ !/^f 3. Voc. 

jfHee will I laud, my God and King, and blefs thy Name alway : 

For e— ver will I praife thy Name, and blefs thee day by day. 

Great is the Lord, moft worthy praife, his greatnefs none can reach : 

From race to race tjiey fhall thy works praife ,and thy power preach. 

5 I of thy glorious majefty 

thy beauty will record : 
And meditate upon thy works 

moft wonderfiil, O Lord. 
^ And they fhall of thy pow'r,and of 

thy fearful afts declare : 
And I to publilh all abroad 

thy greatnefs will not fpare, 

7 And they into the mention ihall 

break of thy goodnefs great : 
And I aloud thy right'oufnefs 

in finging fhall repeat. 
S The Lord our God is gracious, 

and merciful alfb : 
Of great abounding mercy, and 

ro anger he is flow : 

^Yea,good to all ; and all his works 

his mercy doth exceed : 
ioLo,all thy works do praife thee L** , 

and do thy honour fpread. 
liThy faints do blefs thee,& they do 

thy kingdom's glory fhow : 

The fecond part. 
And of his kingdom's majefly* 
to fpread the glorious praife. 
13 Thy kingdom, Lord, a kingdom is 

that doth endure always : 
And thy dominion through each age 

endures without decay. 
14 The Lord upholdeth them that 
' ■ '' flay, (fajl, 

their Hiding he doth 

15 The eyes of all do wait on thee, 

thou doft them all relieve : 
And thou to each fufficing food 

in feafon due doft give. 
i6Thou openeilthy plenteous hand,' 

and bounteoully doll fill 
All things whatever that do live, 

wirhglth of thy good will. 

17 Tiie Lord is jufl in sll his Ways, 
his works are holy; all : 

1 8 And he is near all thofe that do 
in truth upon him call. 

19 He the which they require 
that fear him will fulfil : . 

1 a And blaze thy powV,to canfe the | And he will he?u- rhem when they 
gfmentKypow'rtoknow. ffoasl andraveth'.?ma]lhewil}. (cry, 

20 lh4. 


Pfalm cxiv, cxivi. 

(him I ({peak 

20 The Lord preferves all thofe to j 21 My thankful mouth fhall gladly 
that bear a lovinj? heart ! the praifes of the Lord : 

But he them all that wicked are 
will utterly fubvert. 

All flefli to praife his holy Namfe 
for ever fhall accord. 

Cantus&BajJks. TsALM OYJJVl. Canter bur J Tune. 

I ▼ B ^ fouI,praife thou the L^ ahvays,my God I will confefs : 


While breath and life prolong my days, my tongue no time fliallceife. 

Medm, _^ Pfalm 1^6. J.i;'rVoc, 

^^Y ^^^ praife thou the Lord always, my God I will confefs : 

While breath and life prolong my days, my tongue po time fhall ceafa. 

_M Y foul, praife thou the Lord always, my God I will confeis : 
While breath and life prolong my days, my tongue no time ihall ceafe. 

3 Trufl: not in worldly princes 

tho they abound in wealth : 
Nor in the fons of mortal men, 

in whom there u no health. 

4 For why ? their breath doth foon 

to earth anon they fall : 
And then the counfels of their heaiC 

decay and jperilli all. 

5 BkfTeJ 

Pfaliii cxivi, cxlvii 


5 fijkfled; and happy is that 
• #hom Jacob's God doth aid : 
And he whofc hope doth not decay, 

but on the Lord is ftay'd. 

. ("deep, 

6 Who made the earth and waters 

the heavens high withal : 
Which doth his word and promife 
in truth, and ever ftiall. (keep 

7 With right always doth he proceed 
,\r for fuch as fufFer wrong : 
The poor and hungry. he doth feed, 
and loofe the fetters ftrong. 



8 The Lord doth fend the blind their 

the lame to limbs rellore: 
And he doth love the righteous, 
and juft man evermore, 

9 He doth defend the fatherlefs, 
and ftranger fad in heart : 

And quit the widow from diftrefs, 
and ill men's ways fubvert. 

10 Thy Lord and God eternally, 
O Sion, ftili (hall reign, 

In time of all pofterity 
for e\'er to remain. 

Cmm & Bafus. P sJlm CXLVII St, David's Tune, 

Raife ye the Lord, for it is good unto our God to fing: 

ilOfit Vu^^ Jl 

. For it is pleai'S^ir, and to praife it is a comely tiling. 



J, 2, Foe. 

rRaife ye the Lord, for it is good un-to our God "to fiT-T?" 
l^oxh is pliant, and topraile it is a comely thing,^*""" ' ' 


2yS Pfalm cxlvii. 

pRaife ye die Lord, for it is good un— to our God to ling: I 
For it is pleafant, and to praife it is a comely thing. 

i The Lord his own Jerufalem 

he bui]deth up alone : 
And the difpers'd of Ifrael 

doth gather into one. 

5 He heals the broken in their heart, 
their fores up doth he bind: 

4 He counts ihe number of the ftars, 
and names them in th^irkrnd. 


5 Great is the Lord, great is his 
his wifdom infinite, (throws 

6 The Lord relieves the meek, and 
to ground the wicked weight. 


7 Sing unto God the Lord with 
unto the Lord re Joyce : , 

And to our God upon the harp 
advance your fmging voice. 

S He covers heav'n with clouds,and 

the earth prepareth rain : 
And on the mouri tains he doth make 

the grafs to grow again. 

- ^He gives to beafts their foo/' " , 
young Ravc^tw'*-' , -'^^^^° 

".s-x ..enotmftrenthofhorfe, 

■^-^ 'por in man s legs doth lie. 

1 1 But in all thofe that fear the Lord, 
the Lord harh his delight, 

And fuch as do attend uuoii 
his mercies fliining light: ; 

The fecondpart. 

12 O praife the Lord, Jerufalem, 
thy God, O Sion, praife ; 

13 For he the bars hath forged fttong, 

wherewith thy gates he ftays. 

i4Thy children he hath bleft in thee, 

and in thy borders he 
Doth fettle peace,and with the flour 

of wheat he fiUeth thee. 

I $ And his commandement upon 
the earth he fendeth out : 

Alfo his word with fpeedy courfc 
doth fwiftly run about. 

i5 He giveth fnow like wooll,& frofl 
like aflies fcatt'reth wide : 

17 Like morfels cafts hisice,thercof 
the cold who can abide ? 

iSHe fendeth forth his mighty word^ 
and melt^^'fi them again : 

His wind;- e makes to blow>and then 
*L^^e waters flow amain. 

rp The doftrine of his holy word 

to Jacob he doth fliow : 
His Ihtutes and his judgments he 

gives Ifrael to know. 

20 With ev'ry nation he hath not 
fo dealt, nor have they known 

His fecret judgments; ye therefore 
praife ye the Lord alone. 


Pfalm cxlviii. 


Cant us & Bajpfs, VsALM CXLVIII. Trofer Tune, 

\^ ^ "T* Ive laud unto the Lord, from heav'n that is fo high: 


Praife him in deed and word above the ftarry sky. And alfo ve, 


His angels all, armies royal, praife joy-ful—Jy, 

Medius, Pfalm 148. J, %. Voc. 

(^Ive laud un — to the Lord, from heaven that is fo high : 

His angels all, armies royal, praife jof-ful— ly. 
B:iffus. Pfalm ij^S. A.i.Voc. 

(jlv^ laud mi— to the Lord, from heav'n that is fo high ; 

Hij ?ngels all, armies royal, praife joy-ful — ly. 

S a 

3 Praif« 

a (5a 


3 Pralfe him hoth. moon and fun, 
Which are fo clear and bright; 

The fame of you be done, 
Ye gliftring ITari of light : 

4 And you no lefs , 
Ye heavens fair, 
And cloud? of th' air. 

His hud expreft. 

5 For at his word they were 

All formed as we fee: 
At his voice did appear 

All things in their degree, 
^ Which he fetfafl:;.^ 

To them he made 

A law and trade 
Always to laft. 

7 Extol and praife God's Name 

On earth ye dragon's fell : 
All deeps do ye the fame, 
For ic becomes ye well. 

8 Him magnifie, 
Fire, hail, ice, fnow. 
And llorms that blow 

At his decree. 

9 The hills and mountains all, 

And aees that fruitful are, 
The cedars great and tall, 

His worthy praife declare. 
loBeafls and cattel, ^ 

Yea, birds flying. 

And worms creeping, 
That on earth dwell. 


1 1 All kings both mote and lefsr, 

With all their pompous train. 
Princes and all judges 

That in the world remain. 
Exalt his Name. 

1 1 Young men and maids, 

Old men and babes, 
Do ye the fame. 

1 5 For his Name fliall we prove 

To be mod excellent, 
Whofe praife is far above 

The earth and firmament. 

Exalt with blifs 

The horn of his, 
And help them all. 

I $ His faints all fliall forthtell 

His praife and worthinels. 
The children of Ifr'el 

Each one both more and lefs s 
i6 And alfo they 

That with good will 

His words fulfil, 
And him obey. 

Gloria Patri. 
Unto the Three in One, 

That bear Record t^bove. 
The Father, and the Son, 

jifjd Holy Sfrit of Lovti 
Be Glory high : 

^s fir ji begun. 

So fliall be dont 



Pfaim cxiix. 


C0^^f&Baffh, TsALM CXLIX. 

Martyrs Tune^ 


Ing ye un— to the Lord our God a new rejoycing fong : 


And let the praife of hitn be heard his ho--Iy faints among. 

Medius. Tfalmi^c), J. ';.Voc, 

5lng ye un— »to the Lord our God a new rejoycing fong : 


And let the praiftf of him be heard his ho-^Iy faints among. 
Baffus. Vfalm 149. A.i. Foe, 


3lng ye un— to the Lord our God a new rejoycing fong: 
And Jet the praife of him be heard his ho— ly faints aai'^ng. 

£ Let Ifrael rejoyce in him 

that made him of nothing : 
And let the Children of Sion 

be joyful in jtheir King. 
3Let them found praife with voiceof 

unto his holy Name : flute 

And with the timbrel and the harp 

fing praifes to the fame. 

4For why ? the Lord his pleafure all 

hatii in his people fet ; 
And by deliverance he will raife 

the meek to glory great. 

jWich giory and with honour now 
Ip ^Ji his faints rejpycf ; 

And now alcud upon their beds 
advance their finglng voice. 

6 And in their mouths let be the high 

praifes of God the Lord: 
And in their hands like wife a fiiarp 

and double-edged fword j 
7T0 plague the heathen,5^nd correal: 

the, people with their hands ; 
To bind their ftately kings in chains, 

their lords in iron bands : 

8 To execute on them the doom 

that written was before, 
This honour all his faints fhall haves 

P: a!r« ye the Lord clierefore. 
§ } '^ P S J ^ f4 


Pfalm cL 

Cantus & Bujjm. TsALM CL. London »ew Turn. 



leld unto God the mighty Lord prai{e in his fanftu'ry : 

And praife him in the firmament, that fhcws his pow'r on high. 

MeMm. Pfalm i5'o. A,^,Vac. 

Yield un-to God the mighty Lord praife in his fanftu^ry : 


And praife him in the firmament, that Ibews his pow'r on high. 

Yield un-to Goi the mighty Lord praife in his fanftu'ry: 
And praife him in the firmament, that fliews his pow'r on high. 

a Advance hisName,and praife him 

his mighty afts always: 
According to his excellence 

and ^rcatnefs give him praife. 

3 His pralfes with the princely noife 
of founding trumpets blow : 

praife him upon the viol, and 
upon the harp alfo. 


4 Praife him with timbrel and with 
organs and virginals : (him, 

5 With founding cymbals praife ye 
praife him with loud cymbals, 

6 Whatever hath the benefit 

of breathing praife the Lord : 
To praife his great 8c mighty Namc^ 
agree with one accord. 

The End of th Tfalms sf David in Metre, 


(x<j3 ; 

The Divine Hymns. 

Cant. & BaJJl At Confecration of Prieils. Or to joo Tf.Tme. 
■ Ome HoIyGhofl-,ourSouls infpiie,& lighten w*^^ celeftial fire ! 

V^ iiiiiPipgiiiliiiiilil 

Thou the Anointing Spirit art, who deft thy fev'nfold Gifts imjpart. 

Medim. Hymn. A. 7,.Voc. 

(^Ome Holy Ghoft, our Souls infpire, and lighten with celeftial fire ! 
Thou the Anointing Spirit art,who doit thy fev^nfold Gifcs impart. 


A. 5 . Voc^ 


C^"?^ ff^^y Ghoil, our Souls infpire, and lighten with celeftial fire ! 

Thou the Anointing Spirit art,yv'ho dofl thy rvv'nfold Gifcs impart. 

Thy blelTed Un£lion from above " 
Is Comfort, Life, and Fire of Lover 
jEnable with perpetual light, 
The dulnefs of our blinded fight. 

Anoint and clieer our foiled fjce 
With rhc abundance of Thy Grace. 
Keep far our foes,keep peace at home; 
WherThouart guide,r.o iii cancome. 

Tench us to kfiow the Father, Son, 
And Thee, of both to be but One ; 
Thatrhrough tljeAges all along, 
This flili may be our endlefs Song ; 
Prnife to Thy Eternal Merir, 
Fadier, Sw\, and Holy 5piric ; 
Hallelujnh , Tirif/elujah, 

$ 4 ' ymi 

(.164 ) 

dmtus & BaJJks. Veni Creator. Or toii^Pf Tune, 

B J Ome Holy Ghoft, e-ter-nal God, proceeding from above, 


Both from the Father and the Son , the God of peace and love. 
Vi— fit our^minds, and in — to us thy heav'niy grace inlpire : 


That in all truth and god— Ii~nefs we may have true defire. 

Afedm. Veni Creator. A. 3. Voc 

COme Ho'y Ghoft, e— ter-nal God , proceeding from above, 


Both from the Father and the Son, the God of peace and love. 

Vi— fit our minds, and in— to us thy heav'nly grace infpire : 

That in all truth and god-li-nefs we may have true defue, 


( i^f ) 

Baffuf. Veni Creator. "A. i. Voc\ 


iQOme Holy Ghoft, e-ter-nal God, proceeding from above, 


Both from the Father and the Son , the God of peace and love. 
Vi— fit our minds, and in — to us thy heav'niy grace in ipire: 

That in all truth and god— li — nefs we may have true defire. 

Thou art the very Comforter 

in all wo and diftrefs : 
The heavniy giftof God moflhigh, 

which no tongue can exprefs ; 
The fountain and the livejy fpring 
' of joy celeftial : 
The fire fo bright, the love fo clear, 

and unftion fpiritual. 
Thou in thy gifts art manifold, 

whereby Chrift's Church doth fiand: 
In faithful hearts writing thy law, 

the finger of God's hand. 
According to thy promife made, 

thou giveft fpeech of grace : 
That thro thy help the praife of God 

may iland in ev'ry place. 
P Holy Ghofl-, into our fouls 

fend down thy Heav'niy light ; 
Kindle our hearts with fervent love 

to ferve God day and night. 
Strengthen & fiablifh our weaknefs, 

fo feeble and fo frail : 
Thatneither devil, world, norflefih, 

againft us may prevail. 
Our enemies put far from us, 

and grant us to obtain 
Peace in our hearts with God & man, 

without grudge or difdaia. "' " ^ 

And grant,Q Lord, that thou being 
our leader and our guide, 

We may efchew the fn^res of fin, 
and from thee never Aide. 

To us fuch plenty of thy grace, 

good Lord, grant we thee pray, 
That thou may 'ft be our Comfbrtet 

at the laft dreadful day. 
Qf all ftrife and diflention, 

P Lord, diffolve the bands : 
Make faft the l^nots of peace & love 

throughout all Chriftian lands. 
Grant us, P Lord , thro thee to know 

the father moft of might : 
•That of his dear beloved Son 

we may attain the fight : 
And that with perfeft faith alfq 

we may acknowledge thee, 
The Spirit of them both alway 

one God in Perfbns three. 
All laud and praife to the Fatherj 

and to the Son equal, 
And to the Holy Ghoft alfo, 

one God cdeternal. 
And pray we that the only ^<ivi 

vouchfafe his Sp'rit to fend 
To all chat do profefs his Name, 

ev n uiito thi world's end. 


( i66 ) 

Cantm & Bajfm. Te Deum. Or to London new Tmei 

E praife thee,God,and theeconfefstheonlyLordtobe, 

And as e— ter-nal Father, all the earth doth worfhip thee. 

To thee all Angels cry, the heavens and all the powVs therein : 

To thee Cherpb and Se— ra-phin to cry they do not lin, 
Mei'ws. Te Deum. A. j. Voc, 


\^E praife rhee,God, and thee confels the on— ly Lord to be, 
And as e — ter-nal Father , all the earth d(Jth worfhip thee, 


To thee all Angels cry, the heav'ns and all the pow'rs therein ; 

To thee Chtrab and Se— ra--phin to cry they do not Vinj 


( 267 ) 
iaps. Te Deum. A.^.Voc. 


VI/'E praife thee, God, and thee confefs the on-ly Lord to be, 


And as e— ter— nal Father , all the earth doth worfhip thee. 
To thee all Angels cry, the heav'ns and all the pow'rs therein ; 

To thee Cherub and Seraphin to cry they do not lin. 

) holy, holy, holy Lord, 

of Sabbath Lord the God ; 
Through heav'n & earth thy praife 

and glory all abroad.- (is Ipread, 
rh'ApofUes glorio^4i^Gmpany 

yield praifes unto thee : 
The Prophets goodly fellowjfhip 

praife thee continually. 
The noble and viftorioushoft 

of Martyrs found thy praife : 
['he holy Church thro-out the world 

acknowledge thee always, 
ather of endlefs Majefty 

they do acknowledge thee: 
Thy Chrift thine honourable, true, 

and only Son to be. 
The holy Ghofl: the Comforter ; 

of glory thou art King, 
!) Chrift, and of the Father art 

the Son everlafting. 
Vhen finful man's decay in hand 

thou tookeft to reftors, 
To be inclos'd in virgin's womb 

thou diddeft not abhor. 
Vhen thou hadft overcome of death 

the fliarp and cruel might, 
rhen heav'ns kingdom didftopen 

to each believing wight. (let 

In glory ef the Father thou 
doft fit on God's right hand ; 

We truft that thou Ibalt come our 
our caufe to underftand. f Judge, 

L^, help thy fervants whom thou haft 

bought with thy precious blood. 
And in eternal glory (et 

them with thy faints fb good, 
O Lord, do thou thy people fave, 

blefs thine inheritance : 
Lerd, govern them, and alfb do 

for ever them advance. 

We magnifie thee day by ^xy^ 

and world without an end 
Adore thy holy Name : O Lord, 

vouchfafe us to defend 
From fin this day : have mercy, L^, 

have mercy on us all : 
And on us, as we truft ii thee. 

Lord, let thy mercy fall. 
O Lord, I have repofed all 

my confidence in thee ; 
Therfore let no confounding fl:iame 

my portion ever be. 
AU Glory ^ Honour, PajpV, and Praife, 

to the Mjfjieriow Three ; 
As at the fir ^ begiirning 'nas^ 

msy m-» and e^er be. 


( 268 ) 

Canity & Bapfs. Bencdidus. Or to Martyrs Ttme. 

H E only Lord of If-ra— el be praifed e— ver— more: 

For through his vi— fi— ta^ti—on and mercy kept in ftore, 

His people now he hath redeemed that long have been in thrall ? 

And fpread abroad his faving health upon his ferva^ts all. 
Medius. Benedic^us. ^. ^, Voc 


T^^ ^^V Lord of If—- ra—el be praifed e — ver— more; 
For through his vi-— ii ^ta-r^-ti— on and mercy kept in ftore. 
His people now he hath rQdeem'd that long have been in thrall: 
And ipread abroad his faving health u|J9n his fervants ^\l. 

C ^h ) 

\hjfus] Benedidu?* J^ 3. ybc, 


I XH E only Lord of If-— ra — el be praifed e— ver-more : 


For through his vi— fi— ta— -ti— on and mercy kept in ftore, 


His people now he hath redeemed that long have been in thrall : 
; And fpread abroad his faving health upon his fervants all. 

ijl David's houfe his fervant true, 
; according to his mind, 
!VndalfQ his anointed King, 
, as we in Scripture find. 
;fVs by his holy Prophets all 
oft-times he did declare, 
ifhe which were iince the world be- 
'■ his ways for to prepare. (gan, 

^rhatwe might be delivered 
I from thofe that make debate. 
Our enemies, and from the Iiands 

of all that do us hate. 
The mercy which he promifed 
I our fathers to fulfil, 
And think upon his covnant made 
I according to his will. 

And alio to perform the oath 

which he before had fworn 
To Abraham our father dear, 

for us that were forlorn : 
That he would give hrmfclf for us, 

and us from bondage bring 
Out of the hands of all ourfoss, 

to ferve oi^r heav'nly King. 

And that without all kind of fear, 

alio in right'oufnefs : 
And alfo for to lead our lives 

in fteadfaft holinefs. Thorn, 

And thou, O child, which now art 

and of the Lord eleft, 
Shalt be the Prophet of the High*% 

his ways for to direft. .>.i 

For thou (halt go before his face 

for to prepare his ways, 
And alfo for to teach his will 

and pleafure all thy days. 
To give them knowledge how that 

Salvation is near: Cthek 

And that remiflion of their Cins 

is through his mercy dear. • 

Whereby ths day-fpring from on 

is come us to vifir, (high 

And thofe for to illuminate 

which do in darknefj lit. 
' To lighten thofe that ihadowM be 

wich death, and are opprsft : 
And aUb foi co guide our feet 

the way to peace and reft. 


( 170 ) 

Cantas&BajJits. Magnificat. Or te St. David's Tune. 

Y foul doth magnilie the Lord, my fpirit evermore 

Rejoyceth m the Lord my God, which is my Sa — vi— our. 


And why ? becaufe he did regard , and gave refpeft unto 


The low eflate of his handmaid, and let the mighty go. 



A, J. Voc. 
J\JY foul doth mag-ni-fie the Lord, my fpi-ric e-ver-more 

Rejoyceth in the Lord my God, which is my Sa— vi-our. 
And why? becaufe he did regard, and gave refpeft unto 
The low ellate of his handmaid, and let the mighty go. 

( ^71 ) 

Baffus. Magnificat. A. ;. Voc. 


jyfy foul doth mag--ni-fie the Lord, my fpi— rit e-ver-more 
Rejoyceth in the Lord my God, which is my Sa— vi-oiir. 


And why? becaufe he did regard, and gave rcfpeft unto 


The low eftate of his handmaid, and let the mighty go. 

For now behold, all nations 

and generations all, 
jFrom this time forth for evermore 

fliall me right blefled call : 
Becaufe he hath me magnifi'd, 

which is the Lord of might ; 

Whofc Name be ever fan£HfiM, 

and praifed day and nignt. 

^r witKhij mercy and his grace 

all men he doth inflame, 
Throughout all generations 

to fuch as fear his Name, (arm, 
He fhewed ftr.ength with his great 

and made the pioud to ftart, 
With all imaginations 

that they bear in their heart. 

He hath put down the mighty ones 

from their fupernal feat, 
And did exalt the meek in hear|:_ 

as he hath thought it meet. ^-:~ 'i 
The hungry he replenifhed --^ 

with all things that were goodj _ 
And thro his pow'r he made the ricH 

oft-times to- want their food. 

And calling to remembrance his ' 

great mercy very well, 
Harh holpen up arfiftantly 

his fervant Ifrael. 
According to his promife made 

to Abraham before. 
And to his feed fucceflively, 

to Hand for evermore. 


( i7i ) 

Cantks & Baffkf. Nunc Dimittis. Or to Wlncbefier Tune. 

Lordjbecaufe my heart's deftre hath wiflied long to lee 


My on—ly Lord and Sa— vi~our, thy Son, be-fore I die: 
lihe joy and health of all mankind , de~(I^red long before, 
Which now is come ia--to the world , of mercy bringing ftore. 


Medim, Nunc Dimittis. A, 3. Vqc, 

(3 Lord, becaufe my heart's defire hath wiflied long to fee 
My on— ly Lord and Sa—vi — our, thy Son, be— fore I die: 
The joy and health of all mankind , de — 11— red long before, 


Which now is come in-to the world, of mercy bringing ftore, 


( 473 ) 

Nunc Dimittis. ji. ?. Foe, 

(3 Lord, becaufe my heart's defire hath wiihed long to fee 


My on— ly Lord and Sa—vi—our , thy Sdn, be-fore I die: 


The joy and health of all mankind , de— (i— red long before. 
Which now is come in«to the world , of mercy bringing ftore. 

Whom thou hsft mercifiilly {ct, 
of thine abundant grace, 

In open fight and vifible 
before all people's face, 

The Gentiles to illuminate, 
and Satan over-quell; 

Thou fufferefl: thy fetvrant now 

in peace for to depart, 
According to thy holy Word, 

which lighteneth my heart. 
Becaufe mine eyes which thou haft 

to give my body light, Cmade 
Have now beheld thy faving health, i Alfo to be the glory of 

which is the Lord of might. 1 thy people Ifrael. 

Cantus & Baps. The L O RD's Prayer. 1 1 1 TfTune. 

V»-i^ UR Father w^h in heaven art,thyName be hallo wM by each heart i 


Thy kingdom come^thy will be done in earth,as 'tis in heav n thy throne. 
Give us this day our daily bread, that fouls and bodies may be fed. 


T Uf(Un*^ 

i ^74 ) 
MJi^. The LORD'S Prayer. 

Our Father which in heaven arr,thy Name be hallow'd by each heart : 
Thy kingdom come,thy will be done in earth,as 'tis in heav'n thy throne. 
Give us this day our daily bread, that fouls and bodies may be fed. 

iapf. The L O RD's Prayer. ^. 3. ^^^« 


Our Father which in heaven art,thy Name be hallow'd by each heart : 

Thy kingdom come,thy will be done in earth,as *tis in heav*n thy throne. 

Give us this day our daily bread, that fouls and bodies may be fed. 

t^orgive our trefpafles, as we 
Forgive them where we trefpafsM be: 
To no temptation lead our will, 

But us deliver from all ill : 

for thine the kingdom,& the powV; 

And glory is for evermore. 

eantm & Baffuf. The Creed. St, Marfs Tune, 



N God the Father moft of might I do be— lievc aright, 


Maker of heaven and of earth, with all that there have birth: 


( ^7J ) 

iUedm, ^^ ^ ^^ The Creed 'J.^.P^oc; 

Jn God the Father mod of might I do believe aright , 

Maker of heaYen and of earth, with all that there have birth. 
Bafm Tlie Creed. J.j.l^oc. 

In God the Father moft of might I do believe aright, 
Maker of heaven and of earth, with all that there have birth. 

And Jefus Chrift his only Son, 
Whofe pure conception 
Did by the Holy Spirit cpme. 
Born in the Virgin's womb. 
He under Pilateicrucifi'd, 
Suffered for us, and di'd, 
Was buri'd, went to hell beneath 
The third day rofe from death : 
He into heaven did afcend, 
And fits at God's right hand *, 

From thence he flial come down with 
To judge both quick & dead: (dread 

I in the Holy Ghoft believe : 
The Cath'lick Church receive, 
The Saints in one communion join'd: 
That fms forgivenefs find : 
That thefe our bodies from the 
A Refurreftion have : fgrave 

And fhall enjoy a life of blifs. 
Which everlafting is. 

Cant. & BaJJl The Ten Commandments. Or to loo Pf.Tune. 

D fpake thefe words,! am the L^ who thee to liberty reftor'd: 



And did from Egypt's bondage free : i Thou ftialt adore noGod but me. 


T 3t Mifiim 

MecVm.^ ^^ The Ten Commandmetits.^ ^ '^A, 2 . Foe. 

(^OD {pake thefe words, I am the Lord who thee to liberty reftot'd : 

And did from Egypt's bondage free : iThou fhalt adore noGod but me. 
Bajpif. The Ten Commandments. ud.'^.Voc, 


God ipake thefe words, I am the Lord who thee to liberty reftor'd: 
And did from Egypt's bondage free : iThou fhalt adore noGod but me. 

a Thou fhalt no graven Image make, 
Nor any other likenefs take, 
In heav n or earth, or feas below, 
To w^^^thoumay'fl fall down 8c bow. 

For jealous of mine honour,! 
Unto the fourth pofterity 
Vifit the children for the fin 
Which hath by lathers aftcd been. 

Vet I my mercies heap in flore 
|"or thoufand generations more 
Of them that love me, whofe intents 
Walk after my Gommandements. 

^Thou fhalt byfwearing not profane 
Nor take thy Maker's Name in v^ainj 
For God will no man guiltlefs deem, 
Whodoth 6i^facredName bla'fphem. 

4 Remember that to reft and pray 
Thou holy keep the Sabbath-day : 
Six days thou labour fhalt, but this 
The Lord thy God's high Sabbath is-* 

N© kind of work fhall then be done 
liy thee, thy daughter, or thy fon j 

Nor fervants, cattle, nor the late 
Admitted flrangerto thy gate. 

For God in fix days all things made, 
And refl:ing on the feventh ftay'd : 
The Sabbath-day he therefore blcflj 
Appointing it a Day of Reft. 

$ Honour thy Parents, and obey 
What juft commands foe'erthey lay, 
Tharin the land thou longmaift live^ 
W^^ God doth for thy dwelling give. 

6 From bloody AGs and Murder fly, 

7 Commit no foul Adultery. 

8 Thoufhalt not fteal .pNor any where 
Falfe witnefs 'gainft thyNeibor bear. 

loThou fhalt not, mov'd by luft or 
Covet thy Neighbour's houfe or wife. 
Nor min, nor maid, noroxcof his. 
Nor what to hii» belonging is. 

1 He Sp'rit of grace grant us,0 L<*, 
To keep thefe laws our heartsreftosc; 
And caufe us all with one accord 
To magnifie thy Name therefore. 


Fer of out felves no ftrength we have 
To keep thefe laws after thy will : 
Thy might therfore,6Chrift,wecrave 
That we in thee may them fulfil. 

Lord, for thy Name's fake grant us 

Of the? to fpeed how Cbould we mii^. 
In whom our treafure doth confilt .? 

To thee for evermore be praife. 
With the Father in each refpefl". 
And with the Holy Sp'rit always, 

Thou art our ftrength,6SaviorChrift; I The comforter of thine Eleft, 

The S O N G of the Three Holy Children, Shadrach^ Mejhacb, 
znd ^hednego^ whiph were caft bound into the midft of the 
hot fiery Furnace by Command of King Nebuchad.nez,%,ar, 

Cantus & Baffus. 



m^ M All ye works of God the Lord, blefs ye the Lord ; 

Praife him, and magnifie him for ever. 

Medius, Benedicite. J, 5. Foe, 

O All ye works of God the Lord, blefs ye the Lord; 
Praife him, and magnifie him for ever. 


Saftis. Benedicite. _ -\^^^_:^^^^' 

Q All ye works of God fhs Lord, blefs ye the ]L.oid: 

fr^ife him, and njagqiSe him fpy ever. 



2 O y€ Angels of the Lord, 
blefsyc the Lord : Praife him, 
and magnifie him for ever. 

5 O ye the ftarry heavens high, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

4 O ye the waters 'bove the sky, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

5 O ye the powers of the Lord, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

COyt the fhlning Sun and Moon, 

blefs ye the Lord, &c. 
^O ye the glift'ring ftars of hcav'n, 

blefs ye the Lord, Sec. 

80 ye the fhowVs & dropping dew, 
blefs ye the Lord, See. 

9 O ye the blowing winds of God, 

blefs ye the Lord, &c. 
ic O ye the fire and warming heat, 

blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

1 1 Ye winter and the fummer tide, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec. 

12 O ye the dews and binding frofts, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

J3O ye the froftsand chilling cold, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec. 

14 O ye congealed ice and (how, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

15 O ye the nights Sc lightfbm days, 
blefs ye the Lord, &:c. 

j6 O ye the darknefs and the light, 
blefs ye the Lord, &:c. 

17 O yethe lightningsScthecIouds, 
blels ye the Lord^ &c. 

18 O let the earth eke bTefs the Lord, 
blefs ye the Lordj Sec. 

78 ) 

1^0 ye the moufttauis and the hills, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

20O all ye green things on the earth, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

21 O ye the ever-fpringing wells, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec, 

22 O ye the feas, and eke the floods, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec 

2 3 Whales, and all that in the waters 

blefs ye the Lord, Sec. fmove, 

24 O all ye flying fowls of th'air, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec. 

25: all ye beafls and cattle eke, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec. 

26 O ye children of mankind, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec. 

27 Let Ifrael eke blefs the Lord, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec. 

28 O ye thepri«fts of God the Lord, 
blefs ye the Lord, Sec. 

29 O ye the fcrvants of the Lord, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

3 o Ye fp'rits and fouls of righteous 

blefs ye the Lord, Sec. (men, 

3 1 Ye holy, and the meek of heart, 
blefs ye the Lord, &c. 

3 2 O Ananias blefs the Lord, 
blefs thou the Lord, Sec. 

3 3 O Azarias blefs the Lord, 
blefs thoti the Lord, &c. 

34 And Mifael blefs thou thoLordy 
blefs thou ^Q Lord : Praife him, 
and magnifie^'"^ for ever. 


( 279 ) 

Cantus & BaJJus, Humble Suit of a Sinner. Or to fFmdfor Tune» 

^L W Lord, on whom I do depend,behold my careful heart: 


And when thy will and pleafure is, releafe me of my fmart. 
Thou fee'il my fbrrows what they are, my grief is known to thee : 

And there is none that can remove, or take the fame from me; 

Medim, An Hymn. A. ;. Voc. 

Q Lord, on whom I do depend, behold my careful heart? 
And when thy will and pleafure is , releafe me of my fmart. 
Thou fee'ft my forrgws what they are , my grief is known to theej 
^nd tbsre js ijo^c that can temove; or t;;ke the fame from me ^ 

( aSo ) 
BaJJm An Hyrtin. 'A. j. Voc\ 

Q Lord, on whom I do depend, behold my careful heart: 
And when thy will and pleafure is, rcleafe me of myfmart. 
Thou fee'ft my forrows what they are , my grief is known to thee: 
And (iiere is none that can remove, or take the fame from me ; 

But only thou, whofe aid I cr^ve, 

whofe mercy ftill is preft 
To eafe all thofe that come to thee 

for fuccour and for reft. 
And fmce thou fee*ft my reftlefs eyes, 

my tears and grievous groan j 
Attend unto my fuit, O Lord, 

mark my complaint and moan: 

For fin hath fo Inclofed me, 

and compafs'd me about, 
Tliat I am now remedilefs, 

if mercy help not out. 
For mortal man cannot relea{e, 

or mitigate this pain ; 
But ev'n thy Chrift,my L*^ and God, 

who for my (ins was flain. 

Whofe bloody wounds are yet to fee, 

tho not with mortal eye : 
Yet do thy faints behold them all, 

and fo I triift fhall I. 
Tho fin doth hinder me a while, 

when thou fhalr fee it good 
I fiiall enjoy the fight of him 

who fhed for me his blood. 

And as thine angels and thy faints 

do now behold the fame : 
So truft I to polTefs that place, 

with them to praife thy Name. 
But whilft I live here in this vale 

where finners do frequent, 
Aflift me ever with thy grace, 

my fins ftill to lament : 

Left that I tread the finners trace, 

and give them my confent 
To dwell with them in wickedneis, 

whereto nature is bent. 
Only thy grace muft be my ftay, 

let that with me remain ; 
For if I fall, then of my felf 

I cannot rife again. 

Wherefore this is yet once again 

my fuit and my requeft. 
To grant me pardon for my fin, 

that I in thee may reft. 
Then fhall my heart &: tongue alfb 

be inftruments of praife, 
And in thy Church & houfe of faints 

fing Pfalms to thee always. 

( x8i ) 

Cantus & Bajjm, Lamentation of a Sinner, Martyrs Tune, 

Lord,turn not thy face away from him that liesproflrate, 


Lamenting fore his fmful life before thy mercy gate. 


Medium. An Hymn. J.i, Voc, 


O Lord, turn not thy face away from him that lies proftrate, 

Lamenting fore his linful life before thy mercy gate, 

■^l^i' _ ^ An Hymn. • ^.7,. Voc, 

Q Lord, turn not thy face away from him that lies proftrate. 
Lamenting {ore his finful life before thy mercy gate. 

W*^^ gate thou open'ft widetothofc 
that do lament their fin : 

Shut not that gate againft me,Lord, 
but let me enter in. 

And call me not to ftrift account 

how I have lived here : 
For then I know right well,0 Lord, 

how vile I fliall appear. 

I need not to confefs my life, 
I am fure thou canft telJ : 

What I have been , and what I am, 
I know thou know'ft it well. 

O Lord, thou know'ft ^hat things 

alfo the things that be : 
Thou know'ft alfo what is to come, 
nothing is hid from thee, 

Before the heav'ns and earth were 
thouknowft what things were then, 
And all things elfe that have been 
' among the fons of men. (fince 


An^ can the things that I have done 
be hidden from thee then ? 

No,no,thou know'ft them aII,6Lord, 
where they were done,and when. 

( i8x ) 

Defiring metcy fo? my fiit, 
to heal my deadly wound. 

Wherefore v.'ith tears I come to thee 

to beg and to intreat, 
Ev'n as the child that hath done ill, 

and feareth to be beat. 

So come I to thy mercy gate, 
where mercy doth abound, 

O Lord, I need not to repeat 
what I do beg or crave : 

Thou know'ft, O Lord, before I ask, 
the thing that I would have. 

Mercy, good Lord, merey I ask, 

this is the total fum : 
For mercy, Lord, is all my fqit, 

Lord, let thy mercy come. 

Cantm & Bajpfs. A Penitential Hymn. Orto^x Vf.Tane. 

Lord, in thee is all my truft,give ear unto my woful cry : 


Refufe me not that am unjuft, but caft on me thy heav'niy eye. 



Behold how I do ftill lament my fms, wherein I dp offend : 

Shall I for them have punilhmenr, fmce thee to pleafe I do intend ? 



( i83 ) 
'Medius. An Hymn. '^. j. Voc. 


Q Lord, in thee is all my truft, give ear unto my woful cry: 


Refufe me not that am unjuft, but caft on me thy heav'niy eye. 
Behold how I do ftill lament my fins, wherein I do oiFend ; 


Shall I for them have punilhment,finc^ thee to pleafe J do intend ? 
Bafuf. An Hymn. -^. ;. Foe. 


Q Lord, in thee is all my truft, give ear unto my woful cry: 
Refufe me not that am unjuft, but caft on me thy heav'niy eye. 


Behold how I do ftill lament my fins, wherein I do offend : 
Shall I for them have punifhment, fince thee to pleafe I do intend ? 

No, no, thy will is not fo berit 
to deal with finners in thine ire : 

But when in heart they Ihall repent, 
thou grant'ft w ^ ^^ fpeed their juH de- 

To thee therfore ftill will I cry, (fire, 
to wafti away my finful crime : 

Thy blood, O Lord, is not yet dry, 
but that it may help me in time. 

Hafte thee.O Lord,hafte theej fay, 
to pour on me thy gifts of grace , 
That when this life Ihall pafs avyay, 
inheav'nw^'^theel may have place: 
Where thou doft reign eternally 

with GodjW*'*' once did down thee 

WherAngeisfing continually (fend, 

to thee be praife world without end. 


i84 ) 

Cantm&Baffm. After the H. Communion. OrtoMartp-sTune. 

A iiiilliiiiiiiailiiiliiiilili 

A«% LL glory be to God on high, and peace on earth likewile. 

Good will to men e— ter-nal-Iy, byChrift his facrifice. 

A. ;. Voc. 


^LL glo-ry be to God on high,and peace on earth likewife. 

Good will to men e.-ter-naUly, by Chrifl: his facrifice. 
Baffm. An Hymn, A. 5. VbtCi 

j\LL glory be to God on high, and peace on earth lilcewile, 


Good will to men e-ter-nal-ly , by Chrifl his facrifice. 

O God the Father, heavenly King, 
we praife, we worfiiip thee : 

We glorifie thee, we give thankSj 
J^ord, for thy great glory. 

Otord, Lord God, O JefqChrin-, 

the Father's only Son : 
Only begot, the Wifdom true, 

by whom all things were done. 

P Lamb of God that tak'ft away 
the fms of all the \vorld, 

By guiltlefs death on curfed crofs, 
have mercy on us. Lord. 

O thou that tak'ft away the fins 
and errors of the world, 

By guiltlefs death on curfed crofs, 
have mercy on us, Lord. 

O thou that tak'ft away the (Ins 
and errors of the world. 

By guiltlefs d^ath on curfed crofs, 
receive our pray Vs, O Lord. 

( i8^ ) 

O thou that (it*ft onGofd's right hand, 

the Father eternal, 
And doft our weaknefs under ft and, 

have mercy on us all. 

For thou only deferv'ft the Name 
of Ifrael's Holy One ; 

Thou holy art, thou art the Lord, 
thou, even thou alone. 

And thou only, O Jefu Chrift, 
thou with the Holy Ghoft^ 

In glory of the Father, arc 
highly advanced moft. 

Cantm & BaJJm. An Hymn for Sunday. Or to St.D.^^id's Tune, 
\^\ Ehold we corne,dear Lord,to thee,and bow before thy throne s 


We come to offer on our Vnt^ our vows to thee alone. 

An Hymn. A. 2. Foe. 

^Ehold we come, dear Lord, to thee, and bow before thy throne : 

We come to offer on our knee our vows to thee alone. 
B^jjhf. An Hymn. J. 5. Voc 

REhold we come, dear Lord, to thee, and bow before thy throne : 


We come to oifer on our knee our vows to thee alone. 

Whatever we have, whatever we are, 

thy bounty freely gave : 
Thou doft us here in mercy (pare, 

and wile hereafter fave. 

But O ! can all our ftore afford 
no better gifts for thee! 

Thus we confefs thy riches, Lord, 
and thus our poverty. 


( %%6 ) 

*Tis not our tongue or knee can pay 

the mighty debt we owe : 
Far more we fhould than we can fay, 

far lower than we bow. 

Come then, my foul, bring all thy 

and grieve thou haft no more : 
Bring ev'ry day thy choiceft hours, 

and thy Great GOD adore. 

But above all, prepare thy hearc 

ovi this his own bleft Day, 
In its fv^eettask to bear thy part, 

and Sing, and Love, and Pray. 
Gloria Patri. 
To God the Father^ and the Son, 

and Holy Ghoji therefore ; 
Eternal Honour let be done 

henceforth for evermore. 

Cantus & BaJJus, A Morning Hymn. i oo Ffal. Tune, 

O w that the Day-ftar doth arife,beg we of God with humble cries, 

All hurtful things to keep away,while we devoutly fpend the day. 

Melius. An Hymn. ^. i, Voc, 


ISTOwthat the Day-ftar doth arife,beg we of God with humble cries. 
All hurtful things to keep away , while we devoutly fpend the day. 


Bulhfs An Hymn. ^, 2, yoc, 


J^Ow that the Day-ftar doth arife, beg we of God with humble cries, 

All hui cfal things to keep away,while we devoutly fpend the day. 

Our tongues to gui Je,fo that no ftrife | To fliut and clofe the wandring ey«. 
May breed dlftinki h\ all our life : 1 Left it doth let in vanity. 


( 187; 

To keep the heatt moft pure & fr«e 
From fond and troubled fantafie 1 
To tameproud flefli,while we deny't 
A too full cup and wanton diet. 

That when the day-light fliall go out, 
Timt bringing on the night about, 

We may, by leaving worldly way.?j 
Negleft ho time our God to pi aifc. 

Gloria Patri. 
T$ Father f Son^ and Holy Ghoji, 

One hkjfid confuhfl/mtinl Three / 
M higheji Praife^ all humbleft Thanks, 

May norOy and fi ill for ever be. 

Cant,& Baf. On the Divine Ufe of Mufick. Or to 1 06 Tf.Tune. 

£ Jtng to thee^vohofe Wifdomformd the cnriemOrgan oftbcEar ; 


And thou toho gav'ji us Voices , Lord, our grateful Songs in kindnefs Jkar. 

deditis. An Hymn. A.^.Voc, 


yi^E Jing to thee, whofe Wifdom forrrid the curiow Organ of tJoe Ear : 
Jnd thiu who gav'Jf m Voices ^ Lcrd, our grateful Songs in kindnefs hear. 

Bafftis. An Hymn. A. 5. Voc, 



£ Jing to thee, rohofe Wifdom for/nd the mrio'M Organ of the Ear : 
And thm who gav'fi us Voices, Lord, our grateful Songs in kindnefs hear. 

Wei joy in God, who is the jf ring 
of laxpfuljoy and harmlep Mirth : 

IVhofe ioundltjs Love is fitly c^Wd, 
Tkf Harmony of Hi^Vn and Earth. 

Thofe Praifss, dearejl Lord, aloud 
our humble Ji Sonnets P)ftll rehear fey 

Which rightly TurCdy are rightly Jly I'd, 
The MU5ICK of the Umvsrfe. 


( a§8 ; 

"^Jiid whilfi wejijtg, weU cmjecrate 
that too too much prophaited Artf 

By offering up with evry Tongue 
in ev'ry Song n flaming Heart, 

We^l haUow Pleafure, and redeem 
from ^vulgar ufe oar preciow Voice : 

ifnfe Lips vphich wantonly have fang, 
jballfernje our turn for nobler Jtys> 

Ihfii we win imitate on Earth 
poor Mtrtshf dill the heavnly ^iresi 

And with high i^oteSj ahove the Clouds 
we I fend with words more raised dejires* 

And that Above we may be fur e, 

when we come there, our part to kmwi 
fVhilfl we live here, at Home and Church 

vi^UpraSfife Singing oft below. 
Gloria Patri. 
Glory and Praife be given moft, 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft s 

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, 

HaHelujah, Hallelujah., 


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